Lindsey Vonn – More Adventures After a Thrilling Career on the Slopes | The Daily Show



  • Exterioris-vallem 5 months ago

    America, where the tv host has to say: Don’t jump out of the car!…

  • fbass2000 5 months ago

    I’m from Slovenia and Lindsay Vonn had been the biggest rival of our woman ski champions for years.. She’s a legend!

  • Dietmar Steinhaus 5 months ago

    So beautiful, thoughtful, funny, likable. She is a gorgeous woman.

  • Tia H 5 months ago

    Wasn’t she with Tiger Woods🤷

  • True Black Knight 5 months ago

    I think it’s really crazy and cool what she’s been doing and it’s no way she can just chill at home and make sandwiches for her man you should be making sandwiches for her if you want her to stay home and she taking care of all this major shit I mean like who is he is he somebody famous with a lot of money or she just doing it because she loved him because she doing some world-changing things that he wanted her to come home and make sandwiches hey you know what she a real one is she willing to do that though I’m just saying why was saving the world and it helping a fellow African-Americans from being shot by the police and my girl was asking me to come home I’m probably laughing her on the phone and go back to doing what I was doing 💯

  • nZe 5 months ago

    Trevor’s reaction to the question about him skiing is hilarious

  • Isaac Gyekye 5 months ago

    She seems to enjoy the show

  • Papergaery 5 months ago

    A really cool movie star in the making who can do her own stunts …
    I don’t know how many bones I have broken:
    meet the future Jackie Chan of the west 😉

  • shindean 5 months ago

    The original Captain Marvel to rock the colors! This woman broke her body, and dragged herself to finish lines….one of the best champions in history🌟

  • Bambang Catur Pamungkas 5 months ago

    85 what? 90 what? 😀

  • Charles Baylor 5 months ago

    She’s a Legend

    She Also Loves *Black Cock*

  • Marie Carroll 5 months ago

    😹😹😹 Have you ever skied? No that’s white people things. hahahahaha

  • JK L 5 months ago

    Trevor: I have no business on the slopes. *Naughty

  • Gigs 98 5 months ago

    As an Austrian these American interviews with ski racers are always pretty funny when it comes to questions about the sport. Like, they try to use the fact that Vonn has won 8 world championship medals to show how great she was despite the fact that for her whole career Vonn was always underachieving at world championships and there are quite a few skiers with a better record at world championships, even in Vonn’s generation. It’s like trying to explain to someone who has no idea about basketball how great LeBron is by saying he has won 3 championships. Like yeah, that’s great, but that’s not why people consider him the greatest of his generation.

  • Brett Shepherd 5 months ago

    She love the brothas…white boys are mad

  • Dofutofu 5 months ago

    Petition to have Lindsey Vonn back for a special where it’s just her teaching Trevor how to ski.

  • job kazi 5 months ago

    I fell in love the first time I saw Lindsay skiing. I am a big fan of the sport ever since. Such a gorgeous woman!

  • Exodus 4:22 5 months ago

    Still having a hard time figuring out why Tiger Woods let her get away??

  • shelovesdutchy 5 months ago

    *Heyy I love this upload from TREVOR NOAH and Am a small yutbr to the other small let’s support each other here*
    ⬇️ *Let’s show love* ❤

  • Yoshiiro 5 months ago

    Am I the only one feeling that seeing
    “Lindsey Vonn : Olympic skier”
    would be like
    “Freddy Mercury : Pretty good singer” ?


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