Lindsey Graham’s Words Used Against Him

Published on September 22, 2020

If there is one thing known about Sen. Lindsey Graham, it is that he’s a man of his word. #Colbert #LindseyGraham #ColdOpens

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  • Badguy10472 2 years ago

    There’s a reason they are called CONservatives

  • Sythia Dawn 2 years ago

    Love it!

  • Jim M. 2 years ago

    When Trump built his tower in the 80’s, he was told anything over a 2 million dollar contract, he would have to use ‘mob’ controlled cement contractors. He learned from the Genovese family and Capo ‘Fat’ Tony Selerno how to make people disappear quickly.
    Trump learned well.
    3 years ago Graham was intimidated and bullied into a 180. Trump knew if he could ‘turn’ one of his most fervent detractors, he’d have a lock on the party.

  • Tracey McNeel 2 years ago

    That is exactly what homeland is doing to my words about the truth of accountability of those living on the high hog

  • Stefan Thorpenberg 2 years ago

    You’re asking for conscience from fascists?

  • Justin D 2 years ago

    The Democrats are weak and the Republicans are ruthless. Democrats want a whole loaf 🍞 but start The negotiation at a half a loaf. Republicans want a whole loaf and start negotiation at two loafs 🍞. It shows just how weak and gullible to think that the Republicans wouldn’t do this. I knew if they got the opportunity they would do this. Republicans are the the biggest flip floppers and hypocrites of all. I think Democrats should start all negotiations at four loaves of bread now. Maybe then we’ll actually get something we want. Everything they complained about Obama Trump’s turn 10 times worse.

  • Joshua Washington 2 years ago

    Made my day

  • noonster55 2 years ago

    Anyone surprised this disgusting piece crap lied? Is it just me, doesn’t this guy make you want to punch him in his disgusting mouth every time he speaks?

  • Mat Broomfield 2 years ago

    He’s a loathesome worm. One of the vermin in GOP politics that I would really love to see with brain cancer.

  • ChrisHCollier 2 years ago

    ROFL. 😂😂😂

  • aidan mcdonald 2 years ago

    Dispicable Lindsey.

  • labtob 2 years ago

    Did Lindsey Graham ever recover from that ruptured ovary?

  • Orion Reed 2 years ago

    The RNC made the US just as corrupt as any third-world banana republic. If you need any proof other than this – you are hopeless.

  • Michael Hultzapple 2 years ago

    That was awesome!!!!!!

  • Jack of all Trades 2 years ago

    Two face Lindsey 🤣

  • Pablo Beach 2 years ago

    Amazing please use this as an ad in South Carolina

  • russell campbell 2 years ago

    How could anyone support this pathetic prick?

  • george in-virginia 2 years ago

    Under Republicans the Supreme Court will no longer represent the majority opinion of the American people and will be regarded as a facist enforcement of religious plantation Capitalism.

  • swisso in OZ 2 years ago

    Nice one.

  • mlebrooks 2 years ago



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