Lindsey Graham’s Absurd Afghanistan Prediction

Published on September 7, 2021

When Lindsey Graham told a reporter that the only way to protect against potential threats from Afghanistan is to send troops back in, a man with a chihuahua stuck to his crotch agrees.

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Clip air date 09/07/2021

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  • Keith Ramsey 2 weeks ago

    Spoken like a f*ckin’ guy who would never have to go.

  • Rusty Shackleford 2 weeks ago

    “Oh, my nuts!” Lmao

  • cmdraftbrn 2 weeks ago

    send his kids, grand kids, and his great grand kids in the first wave. front of the line. oh wait… he’s single. send his ass in first then.

  • Freedom From Religion 1 2 weeks ago

    He probably knows that the billions stolen 20 years ago in Iraq are easy to steal back for his pocket

  • Laura 2 weeks ago

    Well he is in with trump and trump sent pompeo over there maybe he knows something we don’t

  • Dreaming Pain 2 weeks ago

    They have have to, because they invest in fear

  • U R Getting Trolled 2 weeks ago

    Spoken like a true warmonger…

  • William Eichner 2 weeks ago

    So that’s it YouTube only gets cartoons no more Late Show just cartoons!!!

  • Nick Martin 2 weeks ago

    Another made up money maker bogeyman just like border

  • hup lim oon 2 weeks ago

    Did I just watch a cartoon guy get bitten on the dick by a cartoon dog?
    Oh Stephen!

    And since when does what Lindsey have to say is relevant?

  • Susan Muench 2 weeks ago

    Lindsay you go first.

  • Jon Liston 2 weeks ago

    I never thought I’d say this but Lindsey Graham is actually right. We probably will go back *but* just like instances he put forth it will solve absolutely nothing. Aside from the probably very accurate conspiracy of just wanting oil from the region, us going there to fight “terror” is always just a shitty bandaid and the second it comes off we get the same results as if we never put the bandaid on in the first place if not worse. “America first!” ….unless we can profit from a nation’s instability, then fuck american lives and all lives just get in there and make some money happen

  • graphosxp 2 weeks ago

    Then this means that Lindsey Graham opposes Trump’s Republican nomination for 2024. I’ll believe THAT when I see it!

  • Fortitudine Vincimus 2 weeks ago

    It’s strange that Lindsey, and all the other Republicans, didn’t object when Trump proposed bringing the troops home from Afghanistan. But when Biden actually did it, all the Republicans cried foul. If Biden didn’t follow through, bringing the troops home, then all the Republicans would be pointing their fingers calling him a “warmonger”. It’s pretty plain to see that Republicans don’t actually give a crap about our troops at all.

  • barchenko 2 weeks ago

    I am sure US will sooner or later end up in/cause/prepare grounds for another war, especially if there will be another republican president. That future war as most others after WWII will not be because of “threat to the country”. wars make a lot of money for some people in the “country”. It is very simple.

  • Mark Dowse 2 weeks ago

    The unfunny thing is that Graham’s ‘prediction’ may come true at some time in the future….. 🕰
    That’s the very nature of open predictions.

    M 🦘🏏😎

  • Nathaniel Hellerstein 2 weeks ago

    He’s addicted to forever war.

  • BroAnarchy 2 weeks ago

    I miss Stephen Colbert…. 😒

  • Satori Mystic 2 weeks ago

    Mmmmm … bacon bits 😛

  • BLEEB BLOOB 2 weeks ago

    Here we go again, same ol shit again 🎶


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