Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda Chart Their Individual Paths to Feminism

Published on March 10, 2023

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin weren’t born as feminist icons, they each found their way to the movement via different paths and at different parts of their lives. Watch Lily and Jane in their new film, “Moving On,” which opens in theaters on March 17th.

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  • Alex Rice 1 year ago

    These ladies are my favorite.

  • TAO TOLOGY 1 year ago


    You can definitely be a feminist and be in a relationship.

  • TAO TOLOGY 1 year ago

    Anyone who hasn’t watched it yet should see Tomlin’s film All of Me that she made with Steve Martin back in the day.

  • Jude Irwin 1 year ago

    If Jane had had any more plastic surgery, her ears would be behind her head.

  • David D. 1 year ago

    Hanoi Jane

  • Nora S. 1 year ago

    The dynamic duo have been my favorites for years!!!

  • Abraham Ornelas 1 year ago

    Did it matter, hold a torch,?

  • Tom S 1 year ago

    I like how Jane is always so ‘appropiate ‘ and direct and Lily gives the same message with dry humour. Smart witty people – that’s what I always like.

  • MasterOfDarkness 1 year ago

    Booooooo Hanoi Jane! We will never forget.

  • sevenirises 1 year ago

    What a great interview. I love these two wonderful ladies in how they complete each other. Can’t wait to see their movie. Have missed them so much since Grace and Frankie.

  • larry785 1 year ago

    CLIMATE CHANGE DON’T CARE about Lily Tomlin or Jane Fonda

  • Andrea Galvin 1 year ago

    Hearing Loss is interfering in the conversation

  • Courtney 1 year ago

    This conversation reminds me of holidays past when we all got together and had a good time. Did wisdom begat age or did age begat wisdom……..

    edit: I could have used another word, but I heard ‘begat’ twice in one hour this morning sooo…. THAT’S a sign!

    edit2: did i mention I am micro-dosing?

  • Marc F. Nielssen 1 year ago

    The old feminist is happy.
    The recent feminist is angry.

  • Scixxy's Greater Shows 1 year ago

    I hope one day they do something with Dolly again

  • Me Disallusioned 1 year ago

    My fondest memory of Jane Fonda when she was with her husband were walking into a mtg and I was selling a socialist newspaper to others after she or Tom Hayden said I would never buy that rag. So others hearing her or him say that bought my raggy Militant newspaper in spite of their lame comments. She is such a phony Progressive-Democrat and I can now see why she divorced him as he was Anti-democratic. Jane is in denial about her role in the Anti-democratic marriage? Maybe projecting her own anti-democratic crap onto Tom? Wait they both were actually anti-socialist. Couln’t handle the critical pov of those on the left who opposed,Tom Hayden’s selling out the left?

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Was that ‘it was hard…” the end of the commercial break convo about the lap sitting?


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