Lily Collins Found Parisians Loved Seeing Emily

Published on January 5, 2022

James welcomes his guests Lily Collins and William Jackson Harper who tells James about his big bout on New Years Eve that very much impressed his girlfriend. And after Lily Collins tells James how she found herself swimming with whales, the “Emily In Paris” star recalls how Parisians reacted to seeing the actress who plays Emily in Paris.

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  • la ophiilie 2 years ago

    Worst dresser

  • Rosemary 2 years ago

    I was recommended to watch this show by two French men living in Japan!! And I am loving it! I’ve already watched three times of season 2!!!

  • Sophie Herbert 2 years ago

    As a German living in Paris, I’m loving this show ! Emily in Paris is hilarous.

  • SkoczMiNaPukiel 2 years ago

    whatever she does, seeing her I will always think of the horrible show “Emily”, I could never be her fan after that.

  • Bonghune Zhou 2 years ago

    Lilly (of “Mirror Mirror” some years back) has a good sense of humour. But…the French folk in Emily In Paris ought to speak French among themselves, _oui_ ?

  • EvilTurkey 2 years ago

    I did NOT know that she was the daughter of Phil fucking COLLINS

  • Saabriinii 2 years ago

    sorry, but I love emily in paris. it’s just such a light show, I can watch in every mood

  • mohin pat 2 years ago

    How is she speaking in American accent when she’s the daughter of Phil Collins…..

  • Samuel Li-A-Sam 2 years ago

    Lilly Collins has to be my celebrity crush

  • maria rahel varnhagen 2 years ago

    How many “Immenentlys” have you got ?

  • Jessica Chamand 2 years ago

    I am Parisian and I like this show. It’s nice to see all the spots of the city on TV and some high end places I could never afford to try. The intrigue is kinda middle school (as so many other shows) and yes it is totally an airbrush, rose bubble view of the life in France, full of stereotypes. Isn’t the same with any other location? I wouldn’t say it’s good, but when bored it’s definitely entertaining and I wouldn’t waste my time bashing on it.

  • Amazing world 2 years ago

    She says my husband

  • Tinka 2 years ago

    After all the backlash, of course, they had to cherry-pick something. Most Parisians hate this show

  • strawberry pie 2 years ago

    I’m Italian and I would love to see Emily in Milan or Rome…it’d be full of stereotypes but who cares..


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