Lilly Singh?! #NotMyCarsonDaly

Published on September 16, 2019

Lilly Singh’s monologue from Monday, September 16 highlights the “bawses” who came before her and tackles how some people are afraid that minorities are taking over. And maybe… they are.

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  • L E X I. 10 months ago


  • Lebron James 10 months ago

    NPC is trash.

  • Diplomatic Introvert 10 months ago

    Ugh, Lily ?dang girl… I used to watch your YT show when you were – funny. You made self deprecating videos. You made cute videos about your parents. You were interesting and funny. You spoke about how you had depression but making these videos made you feel better. I even remember when you spoke very openly and proudly about being a virgin. Your spoke about your sweet traditional parents wanting you to get married (to a man) and have a family. Your poor, poor parents must be mortified with how you’ve turned out. ?You packed your bags and moved to LA. That was it for me. I quit watching all together. You changed and not for the better. You signed w CAA and you can’t get more deviant and dark than that cult. You’ve lost your way. You’re so lost and seem hopeless. Your whole shtick is pathetic. RIP that girl who had a cute show on YT long ago. I mostly feel bad for your parents, though. What they must say at night together when you’re not in ear shot.?
    You’ve swallowed all that coolaid and your sjw mind controlled self is just a shell.

  • Fred Funkledunk 10 months ago

    “The white fans in this audience are uncomfortable because all the other hosts are white men, and I’m not!”

    *all 10 zombies in the crowd?*

  • Lawrence says 10 months ago

    As an Asian conservative this ? is a no for me.

  • Alberto Gutierrez 10 months ago

    Here we go, again! I am a man of color, and this woman of color does not impress me. I am bored. I miss Joan Rivers.

  • Lebron James 10 months ago

    “bawses” and those ghetto braids are cultural appropriation.

  • Bunny Monkey 10 months ago

    you know what this show needs… a house band… background music… i think that would make it seem more alive/more three dimensional

  • mysterious 1* 10 months ago

    Bruh her joke are always about race?

  • Ramesh Fire 10 months ago

    I think you need to go get a real job and stop being a dumb stupid idiot on TV I think a donkey will do better on TV than you

  • Simran Ansar 10 months ago

    Guys she isn’t dividing white and brown ppl.all she is doing is expressing herself

  • Millie Ikel 10 months ago

    oh god this sounds so scripted

  • chris cupp 10 months ago

    I’m not scared… this show is gonna be canceled very soon.

  • Joshua Smith 10 months ago

    How is the like to dislike ratio contrary to the comments??? ?

  • Sherwin Fernando 10 months ago

    She makes me ashamed to be brown

  • SwaziHawk 10 months ago

    Lilly….Shut the fuck up

  • Raman Dhindsa 10 months ago

    Thank the lord for white people. White people have made the world a 1000× better, stop hating on them!

  • Mario Ulises 10 months ago

    Well this absolutely sucked. Talk about woke TV lmao. Late night race baiting. Like we dont have plenty of these already lol

  • HeiT_Echo 10 months ago

    Just because you cant accept the fact that people dont find you funny, because you’re not. Doesnt mean you can play the fake victim card. Your ego makes you believe it’s because your a woman of color/ bisexual. No one cares who you are, who you like, if youre funny people will like you.


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