Lighting Up & Burning Down | DeSantis Humiliated | George Santos: Congress Is Like “Mean Girls”

Published on April 20, 2023

It’s marijuana’s big day, Elon Musk’s latest rocket blew up, Florida’s governor went to D.C. seeking endorsements and came away empty handed, and Rep. George Santos says he’s the Lindsay Lohan of Congress.

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  • Patrick Nabors 8 months ago

    Oh my … It would be such fun to watch Disney leave Florida, and grab some popcorn and enjoy the show as Meatball Ron tries to convince people that it’s a good thing… This is what passes as leadership in the modern Republican party…

  • Jeremy Stokes 8 months ago

    Any apology for your disgraceful use of an immensely significant cultural icon for First Australians as a sight gag?

  • Brandy Severin 8 months ago

    4:19 Holy sh!t! It’s Ned Flanders!

  • Kr Vi 8 months ago

    Ron practice your best mickey voice and lose some weight.. maybe disney give you mickey costume job then they vote you out

  • QuasInfinity 8 months ago

    Title suggests Santos coverage, bit I’m left feeling like I 420ed too hard

  • TheWhiteCrest 8 months ago

    please let Stephen wear those long curly moustache from the 1800’s, that would look great on him! XD

  • Moondance Jackson 8 months ago

    You are on fire, Stephen! Thanks for making me laugh at the madness!

  • sfurules 8 months ago

    Ok look….LOOK…I used to be an Elon fan boi. I am not proud of it…I should have known better when he tweeted about “coup-ing whoever he wants”….but I have changed my opinion of him because he’s…well…an a$$.

    This had an effect on my opinion of SpaceX too. I struggled with it and even spoke with friends about it. And over time I have come to realize that it’s not fair for me to dislike SpaceX because of Elon Musk. The engineers at SpaceX have done things that were thought impossible until they did them. These result came from the people who went to college and learned and studied and failed over and over, not the wealthy blood-diamond-inheritor-child. Let’s not forget how much Starlink has help Ukraine in the war too, which is a direct consequence of the engineers )and at SpaceX

    Finally…this launch was a major success. Nobody who knows even the smallest amount about this thought there was a chance it would actually succeed on an (mostly) orbital launch on the first attempt. When it cleared the launch tower I was STOKED, which took about 10 seconds…that was my personal milestone. Starship made it through maxQ and even initiated the weird-ass role maneuver to separate (which is where the failure occurred). Quite frankly, this launch was only about 5 steps away from an actual hard water landing North of Hawaii.

    I am very, very left politically. Like actually…but I am not an idiot. What the people at SpaceX have done is unprecedented and they deserve praise in spite of Elon’s idiotic antics.

  • Rob the God 8 months ago

    So if you are gay in high school you it is against the law to talk about it. What if two boys want to date. Theoretically no one can date then.

  • Ollie 8 months ago

    Mike needs to be scheduled.

  • Shigemi Notoge 8 months ago

    $750,000?! x’D BAHAHAHAHAHHA, do they have any idea how many BILLIONS it would take to completely tear down and rebuild Disney World in another state?

  • Mark Miller 8 months ago

    Dude, stop poking Arby’s. Their stuff isn’t that bad!

  • Brandon 8 months ago

    Ron DeSadtis

  • John Smith 8 months ago

    Colbert sounds like either a cheese or an ice cream now that i think of it

  • Tim Beaton 8 months ago

    Why was Ted Lasso holding a pillow? I’m confused…


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