Lie Witness News – Trump Watergate Edition

Published on November 20, 2019

A new tell-all book called ‘A Warning,’ written by an anonymous Senior White House Official, was released today. The saddest part about the book and these impeachment proceedings, is that Trump’s hardcore supporters don’t want to know what he has done wrong. They will support him no matter what. So to prove it, we went out on the street, found people who are fans of Donald Trump, and we asked them how they felt about a bunch of stuff Trump has done. Except none of it was stuff Trump has done, all of the events we described were about Watergate and Richard Nixon.

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  • Genee Garcia 3 years ago

    This reporter sucks

  • Star S 3 years ago

    It makes me really sad to share the same species with these people

  • Jeremy Hutchinson 3 years ago

    “face palm”

  • Alpha male 3 years ago

    Stealing documents from the dnc, is this OK??

    Trumptard: Yeah.

  • UberLummox 3 years ago

    These vapid, souless, amebas are breeding. That’s the scariest part.

  • Ethan Fiske 3 years ago

    A “rich hunt.” I like that term.

  • A K 3 years ago

    These are the stupidest people on Earth, no wonder Trump is President? Jesus…

  • selick 3 years ago

    Trump supporters (not republicans) are beyond stupid

  • Alex Delgado 3 years ago

    These DEPLORABLES are definitely born out of INCEST. WE NEED TO STERALIZE THEM.

  • Charles Phillips 3 years ago

    Shows what complete idiots Trumpstards are.

  • cyberwolfy37 3 years ago

    I can feel my soul and hope for humanity being slowly crushed by a hydraulic press while watching this.

  • Bill Eichert 3 years ago

    If nothing else, Trump has shown us how stupid America is…and who they are.

  • Monica Tovar 3 years ago

    Notice they’re all white

  • Synch 3 years ago

    The woman with the curl cones or whatever they’re called is very bright even if you try confusing her.

  • Dean Massrer 3 years ago

    All of Trump supporters here couldn’t manage to produce – combined – 120iq

  • James Spivey 3 years ago

    Oh I wish I could be picked for this! I would so troll them in the era of trolling

  • Ismael Hermosillo, Jr. 3 years ago

    SMFH. I see this less as a Trump issue and more an American one. I’ve seen similar clips at democratic rallies w/ people who don’t have a clue WTF they’re talking about lmao

    It could also be edited though to have the dumbest people lolol

  • Lukas Dvorok 3 years ago

    This video should be broadcasted on all US news, not on YouTube. To show people how far they live and vote from actual reality.

  • Joanne Devine 3 years ago


  • Aida Roman 3 years ago

    1:03 She is a joke, right?


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