Liam Neeson’s Racist Confession – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Daniel Bathen 3 years ago

    Isn’t it sad that people look to comedians to logically explain something that shouldn’t need explaining? Trevor is a wise and sensible young man, but the fact that someone asked him that dumb question, like bruh really

  • Number Eight or Nine? 3 years ago

    People want to harm all sorts of people, skin tone is a lazy excuse to do it. The hyperfocus is skin tone. Glad the rapist wasn’t mentally challenged, pretty sure looking for retards to kill would have been a bit harder for people to swallow.

  • God Father 3 years ago

    Ask trevor why he wont hire african americans to work for him?

  • arnold oliver 3 years ago

    Trevor love your show

  • megatron 3 years ago

    black people can be racist to at times.

  • Millicent Koranteng-Yorke 3 years ago

    Can I just say that there’s literally no one whose opinion I wanted to hear more than Trevor’s? Because as soon as I heard the news, I came to YouTube to look for this video. Thanks to the audience member who finally asked the question

  • Sky Light 3 years ago

    Imagine how many cops have the mind of Liam Neeson and how far they have gone.

  • Erika Garibay 3 years ago

    And that’s why I love trevor more

  • José de Jesús Jiménez 3 years ago

    I want to kill some random white guy because one of them rape a friend.

    Sounds stupid? that’s racism.

    Think about it!

  • Daniel Mitchell 3 years ago

    1:55 Tom Hanks would NEVER

  • Reeljoy 3 years ago

    I still love qui gonn

  • Adriano 3 years ago

    *Why are people so comfortable in talking about killing innocent black people? Why is it ok?*

  • Anand Nair 3 years ago

    Very prudent analysis of something that has been taken out of context. God!

  • A Thug By Choice 3 years ago

    God I love this show!

  • theugliestART 3 years ago

    trevor good job. but pause…what did she mean she thinks it was a black guy???

  • GODs SON 3 years ago

    Well a lot of my friends have been abused by WHITE cops. Ima go walk the streets n wait for a WHITE Bastard to show his face.

  • nuber10 3 years ago

    Digging way to into it, and the story about Liam is not even that bad. He was being honest and true about his experience.
    This nation is going to sensitive, this is why dumbasses are following trump.

  • Daniel Edström 3 years ago

    Liam also used to be a boxer. So unlike Tom Hanks he can actually fight.

  • Mickey The maltipoo 3 years ago

    Funny how I got a cold pursuit commercial for Liam Neeson’s next movie

  • Cafe Noir 3 years ago

    Lmao. Comfort for Liam being racist, internet goes crazy at Idris Elba playing Bond.


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