Lex Luthor Joins Republicans In Calling For Unity

Published on January 12, 2021

Moments after ordering Mr. Freeze to freeze the Capital, Lex Luthor thought it was indeed a time for the nation to come together. #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

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  • Jt Thomas 2 years ago

    Funny thing is this is actually happening in the comics

  • Could Be Dreaming 2 years ago

    Why are they talking about him as if he’s a child? He isn’t. He may behave like a toddler, and therefore probably should never have been given the nuclear codes, or a packet of matches, but he is actually an adult. Has been for a long time

  • Andrew Pierce 2 years ago

    When you can’t handle a duality of electoral choices, a plurality of people voting, or the reality of election results, it makes sense to call for unity. Heck, that’s the essence of fascism.

  • Maxamillian Steele 2 years ago


  • just a ghoul in the world 2 years ago

    Dr Chaos “come on man”

  • Practice What You Preach 2 years ago

    This isn’t about the Republicans saving face. It’s about them saving their collective asses. Don’t even try to deflect and bring other protests or riots ibto this conversation. No matter which side they were on, 5 people died duribg this assault. 5 people gone forever. All because of Trump and a group of defiant congressmen. Even after they reconvened these ones still objected to a decision that had already been made constitutionally. There is no redemption for what Trump and those that sided with him did. What were the two words used after 9/11? “NEVER FORGET”

  • Fifthelement203 2 years ago

    Let me tell u something. Say what u want. But the republicans are masters at messaging. They all say the exact same thing and are on the exact same page every time. The democrats should take
    Notes. Cuz they look stupid every time

  • Jeremy Toh 2 years ago

    Republicans responses for gun massacre : thoughts and prayers, it’s too soon to talk about, don’t try and make it political

  • Leigh OBrien 2 years ago

    Ugh TRAITORS!!!!!

  • Mark Dowse 2 years ago

    @ 0:20 It is NOT about “unity”…..

    It is about holding people to account for their CRIMES !!!

  • Larry Baley 2 years ago

    Wow what dumb thinking. I can seeing him talking to a family rape victim . Saying , Oh don’t make such a big deal out of it ? Your just making it more difficult for family to be friends again. In time maybe, But justice comes first. Law and justice demand steps be taken before healing can begin.

  • doug randall 2 years ago


  • Marq Brown 2 years ago

    Well played good Sir 👍

  • Topher The12th 2 years ago

    Republicans are calling for unity? The United States is now firmly unified with Japan and Germany. That was a process that started in 1945. First, inflict a defeat that is soul-crushing, humiliating, total, and destructive. Then, occupy, and reform the society. That is how you unify. You can’t unify before you crush, defeat, and humiliate.

  • Sean Patrick 2 years ago

    “Now the Democrats are going to try to remove the president from office just 7 days before he said to leave anyway . . .”
    . . . It’s not like he’s molesting student athletes or anything.
    — Jim Jordan R-OH
    Insurrection supporter
    Mob-Boss-in-Chief enabler
    Molestation enabler
    Potential Medal of “Freedom?” recipient

  • wakajumba 2 years ago

    It’s getting to the point where it’s not funny anymore. Remove the maniac in the WH. …NOW

  • Anzelmas Matutis 2 years ago

    “Let him go .. maybe next time he will succeed” 😛

  • tarnim 2 years ago

    “let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who”
    – King of Swamp Castle, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  • Space Force Commander, General ‘Stabled Genius' : 2 years ago

    We all know that T****** is stupid enough to touch the hot stove again.


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