Let’s Talk This Out – Bryan Cranston’s Controversial Casting in “The Upside” | The Daily Show

Published on January 13, 2019

Trevor talks about how a well-written post from an actor who uses a wheelchair changed his perspective on who should portray people with disabilities onscreen.



  • JokoCi 1 year ago

    People want to make successful movies. Whenever you cast a nobody you accept an additional risk. There are fewer jobs for disabled people simply because most stories do require regular people. Simple economics dictate that acting is not a “good” job for disabled people.

  • flor wast 1 year ago

    I don’t know the person in the wheelchair, but Bryan Cranston is a better actor than he is…

  • DrBraxy Gilkey 1 year ago

    I actually think Trevor would make a great Rafiki. The only perfect casting done in the new Lion King movie is John Oliver as Zazu.

  • Zamir 1 year ago

    I love that movie. I saw it in School, in my English class, and I was actually surprised to how good that movie is, can’t wait for the new version

  • T V 1 year ago

    By this logic a non-alcoholic actor playing a character with alcoholism should also be offensive.

  • Zara Amir 1 year ago

    So the whole ‘straight people shouldn’t play gay people’ or ‘cis people shouldn’t play trans people’ is actually bullshit. But in this case, I completely understand why able bodied people shouldn’t be playing disabled people. I also don’t think Bryan Cranston did anything wrong, however. It’s an important conversation to be had.

  • Adgomen Nemogda 1 year ago

    well, they might be actors on wheelchairs, but they are not BRYAN F****NG CRANSTON

  • Patrick Veldhuis 1 year ago

    That’s not how you pronounce untouchable, the french didn’t give their movie an english title. untouchable is an french word

  • Da_Most_Shady 1 year ago

    So they are supposed to give a role to someone who can’t act over an award winning actor because of a disability? It’s not enough that they get all of the best parking spots in the world?

  • Jerry C 1 year ago


  • Carol Meisel 1 year ago

    I frequently like your “between the scenes” more than the show. You add such value to the world. Thank you.

  • Ansh Bindroo 1 year ago

    Is it ironic that John Oliver got a role in The Lion King but Trevor didn’t?

  • Dildi Pinkoos 1 year ago

    maybe an unpopular opinion but i dont think actors should be picked based on their disabilities. give a disabled actor a fair chance? sure. prefer a disabled actor over a better actor simply because of his disability? no way.

  • ptviwatcher 1 year ago

    Professor Xavier in X-men could have been a disabled person…

  • shawn gardner 1 year ago

    so if i have a biopic for an athlete i can only use athletes who also act?
    when i do spy movies i have to go find real spies?
    when i make a holocaust movies i have to use ONLY JEWISH white people?
    if i make a movie on mexico can i use mexican-americans who have never been to mexico?
    are all the sci-fi alien movies we made just “interstellar racist/ black face” for having humans play aliens?
    are men supposed to flood the internet everytime they destroy a franchises history by haphazardly making a female reboot(what did we run out of male actors in hollywood?

    i just need to know where this madness stops? because if the only cons/negatives here are some actor (whether they are disabled or not) didnt get a call back for a fucking movie against an A-list Celebrity then they need to grow up. the whole thing we have been taught in society about people with hysical and mental disabilities is to treat them like one of us. SO, SORRY YOU DONT GET ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT, ABLE BODY WHITE MEN HAVE BEEN PLAYING EVERY ROLE SINCE THE ADVENT OF MOVING PICTURES. they have been cars (transformers), bugs (bee movie), emotions (inside out), aliens (every sci-fi movie), every foreign race from dark african to pale asian, taller, shorter, richer, poorer, they even cgi on mustaches or bring back entire white men from the dead ( like in that star wars movie) NO DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/CASTING AGENCY has any obligation moral or legally to cast in a view that makes you feel some sort of way. what are we going to ostracize the entire cast of HAMILTON THE MUSICAL for being all people of color to portray a white historical piece?

  • Roger H Werner 1 year ago

    It took a while for me to warm to Trevor Noah…I mean Treavor did replace Jon Stewart. I have indeed warmed to him! This segment is just brilliant.

  • Vegancy 1 year ago

    this is why I love Trevor! he is so open-minded and intelligent!

  • Brian Cossey 1 year ago

    I think they hire the right person for the job, the other man may be an actor and he may be handicapped but Cranston had the personality they wanted for the movie

  • E L 1 year ago

    I’m confused by the “They never call people with wheelchairs in to play able-bodied people.”
    Isn’t that because they aren’t able-bodied to begin with?

  • M C A 1 year ago

    They never call people in wheelchairs to play able bodied people because they’d fall down.

    Thought I’d let you know


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