Let’s Talk About Reagan For A Second

Published on September 22, 2015

Stephen wants to know if Ted Cruz will be like Reagan, particularly when it comes to amnesty.

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  • TheAboriginal 5 years ago

    Colbert is the man. Cruz is right about State’s rights. Good interview.

  • seinfan9 5 years ago

    A guy against totalitarianism, and the progressives hate him. Fuck you,
    commie assholes!

  • butterflycaught900 5 years ago

    Really impressed with how he’s choosing to handle these interviews. Asking
    real questions. Having tact. No other talk show host can legitimately do

  • nenafan1 5 years ago

    I think I can sum up my opinions on this clip thusly:

    Hallelujah Stephen, speak the truth!

    Screw you, Ted Cruz, you slimy SOB!!

  • nenafan1 5 years ago

    Dang….. Even more respect for Stephen for telling his audience not to boo.

    Granted, I was ready to boo Ted too. But Stephen is classy. Colbert late
    night #1 host!

  • Christopher Reibold 5 years ago

    These people are out of there mind – they are actually cheering for the
    government to reach into their wallets and take MORE of their money? Holey
    shit. Liberalism is insanity.

  • r4hul101 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is the Ted Cruz of politics.

  • Danny McMillan 5 years ago

    The Supreme Court is vital because unlike politicians, They cannot be
    swayed by term limits, poll numbers, or interest groups. They look at the
    law and decide on issues that States will bicker over from here to Kingdom
    Come. Just because they made a decision on something Cruz didn’t like
    doesn’t mean he should get rid of them. Especially since unlike Cruz, they
    READ the constitution.

  • SirVladHarkonen 5 years ago

    Fucking audience sheep cookie cutters brain washed idiots.

  • TehMorbidAtheist 5 years ago

    I’d boo him too, the idiot doesn’t know which planet he lives on. If he
    doesn’t understand simple ABCs of life, then he should get booed and
    humiliated. He’s had his chance to grow a brain.

    Also, his interpretation of the 10th amendment is wrong. It’s not the “if
    it’s not in the Constitution, then it’s up to the States” – the 10th cannot
    limit something that the States didn’t have to begin with.

    The States rights advocates are the ones that used to say that interracial
    marriage should have been left up to the States as well.

    State law also cannot supersede federal law.

    Computers are also NOT in the Constitution, should the States decide
    whether computers are Constitutional?

  • Andrew Williams 5 years ago

    He was right.

  • fudgesauce 5 years ago

    Cruz is a lawyer. He absolutely knows why there is a Supreme Court, even if
    it is imperfect. His “why allow five guys in robes decide what is right for
    320 million people” is an idiotic argument that, unfortunately, plays well
    with many people.

    (1) the constitution, which he just said he reveres and we need to adhere
    to, grants the supreme court the power to decide how the constitution is to
    be interpreted.

    [ if you just said in your head “NO! The constitution must be read and
    followed, there is no need for interpretation”, you are a deluded, ignorant
    fool ]

    (2) cruz is happy to rely on the decisions of the supreme court in cases
    that he doesn’t disagree with

    (3) handing over decision power from the supreme court to a state supreme
    court hardly solves what he claims is a problem. Now a collection of robed
    lawyers will decide what is right for 1 – 30 million people (whatever
    happens to be the case for a given state)

    Pandering. This is just Cruz trying to pander. It shocks me how people like
    him can rail about “elites” – if going to princeton and harvard and being a
    senator don’t make him elite, then nobody is elite.

  • ecbaxter2 5 years ago

    Kruz is mistaken about same-sex marriage being a state issue and more
    generally that minority civil rights should be determined democratically.
    One of the principal purposes of the Constitution and federal governance is
    to protect minorities equally from the tyranny of the majority.

  • Nick “TNFox” Rhodes 5 years ago

    Cruz just schooled Colbert on the Constitution. Gay marriage is a question
    of the state. Gotta hand it to him on that one. Unfortunately the crowd
    don’t know their rights or their Constitution and boo out of pack

  • bert smith 5 years ago

    Colbert’s audience appears to be packed with rude individuals. Typical
    young liberals shouting out and booing and thinking it is entirely okay.
    Quite immature.

  • Michael Smith Jr. 5 years ago

    Class is an understatement. TAKE NOTES EVERY OTHER LATE NIGHT SHOW HOST
    AHEM AHEM Jimmy Fallon Lol

  • 14Schofield 5 years ago

    This guy is such a scumbag, ugh.

  • michaeljacksonator 5 years ago

    Love seeing Republican propaganda being tested on network television. That
    will never happen on CNN.

  • SkyrimEs5 5 years ago

    Two questions, is Colbert going to do this for every candidate and if so
    when is Rand Paul?

  • Rob Bates 5 years ago

    Reagan was not responsible for the economic boom.
    Private sector innovation (e.g. technology) was the biggest driver through
    the early 2000s, and is still an important piece of the economic puzzle
    today, but other countries import less technology from us now.

    If you want to see the same growth you saw during the Reagan years, then go
    invent something.

  • nothingemo 5 years ago

    No one will vote you into office at the ballot box, you damn Canadian

  • xxxFUxxxx 5 years ago

    Judges aren’t making laws – – they are interpreting existing laws. There’s
    a difference. They “interpreted” that the law against same-sex marriage was
    unconstitutional, they didn’t create it. Judges’ (local, state, and
    federal) jobs are to prevent Congress from creating laws that are
    unconstitutional and/or illegal in nature.

  • rrpjdisc 5 years ago

    I think the fundamental reason why I just can’t hold a
    republican/conservative ideology is their thinking the constitution is some
    immaculate perfect document that we need to follow down to the letter. They
    are too resistant to change, to their own detriment. Change is inevitable.
    (And honestly it’s extremely bizarre to me that people are so resistant to
    change, considering that the literal survival of our species has 100%
    depended on our ability to adapt to changing environments.) The
    constitution, our laws, etc. HAVE to change and update with the times if we
    want to ensure the survival of our nation in the long run.

  • Guille 5 years ago

    Cruz is wrong. The difference between democracy and dictatorship of the
    majority is that democracy protects minorities.

  • Kira1Lawliet 5 years ago

    2:40 “When others throw rocks and insults, I don’t respond in kind”
    That’s because you’re too stupid to find a rock to throw, Ted.

  • Kim Woods 5 years ago

    Colbert for president.

  • Robert Merrill 5 years ago

    I can’t believe people are booing him just because he has a different
    opinion. Ted doesn’t seem like an asshole. Now if that were Trump up there
    making his usual ridiculous and sometimes offensive remarks then maybe a
    boo would be acceptable but this man, Ted Cruz, is simply stating his
    opinion in a very civilized manner. But that’s the majority of the left for
    you; if your opinion doesn’t conform to their expectations and how they
    feel then you’re not allowed to have an opinion.

  • David James 5 years ago

    Cruz is totally disconnected from reality moron who has no chance of being
    elected Potus

  • The Exile 5 years ago

    From 2008 to 2012? Oh, you mean that time when everyone was panicking and
    lost their money due to unregulated banking?

  • Mary Walters 5 years ago

    God help us if Cruz is ever elected. He’s my senator and one scary guy.

  • Pete Moyer 5 years ago

    “I believe in democracy.”
    Audience: BOO!

    Colbert did a good job stepping in here to make sure his audience didn’t
    come across like idiots booing democracy.

  • SaintClare Entertainment 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz was born in Calgury. Where have the birthers gone?

  • Ben K H 5 years ago

    I’m just overwhelmed with Stephen Colbert as interviewer of a candidate he
    obviously would never vote for. when he made the crowd stop booing him I
    was amazed ….

  • Amber F (Skychild) 5 years ago

    he has nail polish on..

  • donfolstar 5 years ago

    “Why would you possibly hand over the rights of 320 million Americans to 5
    lawyers in Washington… that’s the way the Constitution was designed.”
    See, Ted Cruz makes perfect sense if you ignore half of what he says.

  • Danish Muhammad 5 years ago

    He is right. Lawyers and The Supreme court should not dictate and feed the
    rulings about what to do and what not to. Supreme court is there just to
    define it and give meaning to the laws constituted by the legislature.

  • Monkey See 5 years ago

    Mr. Colbert., Thanks for asking engaging questions to your guests and not
    just throwing soft balls all the time. Thanks for having guests on your
    show that are relevant to today’s political and technology sphere.

  • dabidoe 5 years ago

    Stephen should just tell this guy he’s a moron and have his chair trapdoor
    into a dunk tank

  • qixxxz 5 years ago

    That is not how the Constitution, was designed. It was designed to allow
    our representatives, to be democratically elected. Ben Franklin said ”
    democracy is how two wolfs and a sheep decide whats for lunch”. Cruse has
    it backwards. The Constitution, was designed so that the minority, could
    not be dictated to, by the majority. Liberty ring a bell Cruse?

  • alex tworkowski 5 years ago

    Ballot box? What the hell is that. We get to vote every 970 yrs and then
    the guy we elect lies all over the place. We need a circuit breaker. We
    need a ripcord. We aingot shit. Don’t patronize us. We ain’t that ignant.

  • Jeremiah Newell 5 years ago

    Yeah, tell them man and woman is marriage. That line worked in the past.

  • Corey I. 5 years ago

    The reason why we have the Supreme Court is to protect constitutionally
    guaranteed individual liberties from the threat of democracy and to prevent
    governments at all levels from violating the constitution.

  • mrklawonn 5 years ago

    i would agree with ted cruz if this were a political issue but this is a
    social issue about granting people basic human rights and that is not
    something we should have to vote over, especially when we have the southern
    states which didn’t even legalize interracial marriage until 1967, and even
    then it was due to a supreme court ruling.

  • Thomas Coughlin 5 years ago

    damn that was a classy move colbert.

  • Sand Wich 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is a sociopath and Dominionist.

  • Lou Scunt 5 years ago

    Ted has the most punchable face

  • TheJordanpe 5 years ago

    The amnesty program was for immigrants who could prove that they were in
    the country for more than 5 years, and were law abiding citizens. It wasn’t
    a goddamn free for all.

  • roc too 5 years ago

    but he’s ok with the 5 unelected lawyers in washington when they voted in
    citizens united to give him unlimited corporate money

  • Christian Neihart 5 years ago

    What worked for Reagan’s time doesn’t necessarily mean it will work today.
    A democracy survives by adapting.

  • Potato Battery 5 years ago

    The thing I’m still confused about is why exactly is Cruz allowed to run
    for President in the first place? I thought one of the requirements was
    being born in the US, and it’s on public record that he was born in Canada

  • busboy207 5 years ago

    Colbert showing dat class.

  • akaElleLatham 5 years ago

    This guy is the worst. There should really be some kind of concrete
    criteria in order to run for President. You should have to pass some kind
    of intelligence test. Seriously. People like this idiot, Mike Huckabee and
    Dr. Ben Carson would be disqualified immediately.

  • Bobby Zurad 5 years ago

    i hate ted cruz

  • route99 5 years ago

    I disagree with Colbert telling the audience not to boo, especially if
    you’re going to allow people to applaud what he said as well. I understand
    that Senator Cruz was his guest, but the idea that you can only support
    what a guest has to say or keep your opinion to yourself is just wrong.

    Gay marriage is not some issue we can “agree to disagree on”. This is not a
    debate of whether to raise taxes by 3% or cut taxes by 3%, this is a debate
    over whether millions of Americans will be treated with basic human
    dignity. Cruz is for letting the masses decide whether their neighbors get
    treated with basic human dignity and that is intolerable position for
    potential leader of our nation to take.

  • David11 5 years ago

    Cruz is the slimiest politician to ever exist, he makes my skin crawl.

  • fasthotrod440 5 years ago

    STEPHEN COLBERT FOR PRESIDENT ANYONE?Better than electing trump or Kanye
    west.!!!!COLBERT2016 and beyond!!!!

  • Abe S 5 years ago

    People talk about Reagan like he was God. The bottom line is the top 1% in
    this country saw their wealth jump by 170% under Reagan, and the middle
    class(working poor) saw theirs only rise by 2.4% over those same 8 years.
    Basically the republicans have been lying to the Americans. Once the baby
    boomers are dead and gone hopefully we will never elect another one of
    these GOP fucksticks ever again.

  • SethMacMillan 5 years ago

    So, if you become president elect Mr. Cruz can you confirm to me that you’d
    never suggest a chief justice that’d vouch for your beliefs and values?
    Seeings as, they may not be elected they (the Supreme Court Justices) are
    confirmed by those who the people voted to represent them. It’s indirect
    democracy, in essence.
    However, I do see what you are saying. The 10th article, I hope I’m using
    that right, in the Bill of Rights gives states powers not directly
    mentioned in the Constitution. At the same time, is it not the job of the
    Supreme Court to interpret the law in the Constitution? Which outlines
    judges powers to, when it’s a problem involving citizens of the country,
    declare something to be a legal standing in order to protect the rights and
    liberties of the people.
    Forgive me if I’m totally out of left field, just trying to see his point
    of view on that.

  • dwood520 5 years ago

    The democrats back stabbed Reagan on both the taxes and amnesty. According
    to his son, on his deathbed he regretted raising taxes because the Dems
    didn’t live up to their side of the deal.

  • Jay Lee 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz. Under whom we’ll have 2 branches of government, not 3.

  • mprulez 5 years ago

    At 4:04 huge respect for Stephen.

  • zed1207 5 years ago

    Disgusting theocrat.

  • Echoes and Ghosts 5 years ago

    When he told the crowd to hush I got a rumbling in my pantaloons

  • Zotz Crew 5 years ago

    all politicians are diabolical. let’s be real. you gotta be somewhat sleazy
    to get anywhere in politics

  • Bravo Delta 5 years ago

    “Go the ballot box and win at the ballot box.” Hey, didn’t they try that in
    California with Prop 8? How did that turn out? Oh, yeah, it went before a
    homosexual judge. How did it turn out? Anybody know?

  • cali4tune 5 years ago

    Conservatives should boycott the Tonight Show. They will only be mocked and
    undermined when appearing on this not very funny show.

    Take for example the focus on, “compromise”. Where is this with Obama and
    democrats? Yea they will never be told to compromise.

  • TheSilverPhoenix100 5 years ago

    Except for when have the Republicans ever done that with their issues, He
    says it should be up to the states to approve Gay Marriage but Republicans
    are more than happy to pass federal bans on Planned Parenthood

  • Brett Benson 5 years ago

    Colbert is a Democratic National Committee Tool…

  • Julie M 5 years ago

    I want colbert’s show to be like this. I want it to dig deep but be funny
    at parts, hes GOOD at that. No one wants to see intelligent people
    downgrade and softball questions to important people or do bubblegum
    segments, yeah theyre funny, but everyone does that! Colbert is too smart
    to stoop to old late night show games ALL THE TIME. Humor with an edge is
    what hes so good at.

  • Ryan Carroll 5 years ago

    Who let the Penguin from Batman Returns talk to Stephen?

  • frank jones 5 years ago

    I never expect Ted Cruz’s voice. It’s like Lindsey Graham’s, you don’t
    associate that weird high-pitched “Sethun Hozpitality” voice with that

  • Ryan Breaker 5 years ago

    I have no idea why people boo’d him. “I believe in Democracy-” *Booooooo*
    Really people? Props to Colbert for keeping it cool and putting those
    people down.

  • Shubhankar Chakravorty 5 years ago

    Interestingly enough, the GOP wouldn’t have had any problem with five
    un-elected people deciding for 320 million if the decision was in their

  • Homero Mendoza 5 years ago

    Shocked You can tell Colbert is a pro.

  • KW eightthree (You) 5 years ago

    What an idiot. The founding fathers set up the government so that the
    supreme court would work as it does now. The whole point is if states make
    laws that do affect a certain set of Americans
    negatively/unconstitutionally the Supreme court will overturn it. The
    federal government, not the church issues/recognizes marriage licenses for
    Americans citizens, regardless of faith, skin color or sexual orientation.
    LBGT people still get the same federal rights as straight people because
    they are still American citizens who the constitution applies to at the end
    of the day.

  • Hector F. 5 years ago

    Good job, Stephen.

  • Jessica McGinley 5 years ago

    I like that he hit him with tough questions and defended him against the
    crowd’s booing.

  • kay jay 5 years ago

    What a disgusting demagogue. Basic rights are not to be put up for a vote.
    Thankfully, this idiot will NEVER be President. The only chance the GOP has
    left is to nominate Rubio, but he is a Rino…so that is out of the

  • Adam Ross 5 years ago

    Ummmmmm… Actually… The Constitution allows for the Supreme Court to
    make interpretation of law… The permission of Gay Marriage is not one of
    condoning it, but one of denying the government the power to say who the
    right of marriage applies to!

  • Dayton Reed 5 years ago

    Interestingly this matter of balance between state vs federal rights
    regarding citizens should have been settled when over 600,000 Americans
    died on the battlefield. Yet here we are again. It is a duty of the Supreme
    Court to review state laws which may be deemed unconstitutional. Obergefell
    v. Hodges decided that states anti gay marriage laws were indeed
    unconstitutional and discriminatory.Do we really need a President who
    doesn’t understand the checks and balances system? Do we really need a
    President that doesn’t understand that BY DESIGN there are checks set in
    place that minorities can appeal to for protection and that that is a good

  • Jesus Rivera 5 years ago

    colbert is the man

  • GeorgieWise 5 years ago

    Yeah, but Cuban Canadian Cruz had a dish washing daddy. That’s enough to be
    President, right?

  • Tony Tiger 5 years ago

    colbert has to be able to invite guests on the right wing… and if he
    attacks them, they will not appear. so he has to ask them pointless
    questions, and evade topics that may corner them…. its sad, but i think
    colbert could have ripped apart a lot of his guests… but he wont.

  • Caleb Crowe 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is so fake. I absolutely love Stephen Colbert

  • Bonnie B 5 years ago

    Cruz showed his intelligence in the fact of the gotcha questions, he didn’t
    say anything that was so terrible that even a leftist should be respectful.
    Shame on the ignorance of the audience, the baiting of Colbert and kudos to
    Cruz for handling this so well. Cruz was right that marriage is a state
    issue, it always has been – each state sets age requirements and other
    requirements and each state should make that determination. It is not, and
    never has been, a constitutional issue. Frankly. I am FOR gay marriage – I
    have a gay brother, several gay relatives and many gay friends – but I am
    fiscally conservative because I want a future for ALL of us. Under the
    present policies, we’ll be lucky if we last until the 2016 elections. We
    have the same amount of people working as were working in 1978 – that isn’t
    progress. And that figure comes from the BLS. (bureau of labor statistics).

  • chowful89 g 5 years ago

    he was born in Canada how can he ran for President lmao SMH

  • Giby86 5 years ago

    This is probably the time I’ve been the most impressed with Colbert. He was
    just PERFECT, it couldn’t have handled it better. And I really don’t think
    there’s anyone on tv right now who could have done a job even remotely
    similar to his. Just wow. You can see when he ends the interview, he’s
    actually saying, to Cruz and to the rest of TV journalists, “this is what
    an interview to a politician looks like, get used to it”.

  • Trent Sanders 5 years ago

    “No no, guys. However you feel, he’s my guest. Please don’t boo him.”

    We all need to be more like that.

    Disagree with respect.

  • jeremypascall 5 years ago

    I gave my thumbs up for 4:00 🙂 Stephen is the best

  • Sean Cauffiel 5 years ago

    Won’t accept booing to live guests. Stephen Colbert is silly, but still =
    class. Appreciate.

  • freddythecanine 5 years ago

    Fucking libturds

  • slang1984 5 years ago

    I wish the late show would be more neutral.

  • Carl Christensen 5 years ago

    It’s such hypocrisy — if he was able to get a Supreme Court vote 5-4
    making abortion illegal all over the US — he and Huckabee et al would be
    screeching the greatness of the Supreme Court and how they constitutionally
    banned abortion for all etc etc.

  • Ben Ward 5 years ago


  • Zzara Zzarafile 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is so scary!! All I hear is Suess Green Eggs & Ham being crushed.

  • Spo8 5 years ago

    I really wanted Stephen to bring up the fact that civil rights issues
    weren’t mentioned in the Constitution, either. But we saw fit to fix that
    crazy injustice by amending it to make sense for the time we live in and
    for the supreme court to pass sweeping judgments on a national level.

    Was that wrong? If Cruz says it wasn’t, then what’s suddenly different
    about marriage equality?

  • jakob187 5 years ago

    1. Cruz is dead in the campaign after this. Colbert took him away from his
    rehearsed bullshit answers and put him on the spot. Cruz cracked and showed
    he can’t have an original idea to save his life.

    2. Respect to Colbert for getting onto his audience about booing.
    Seriously, that was a classy move for your guest all around. Well played,

  • George Touros 5 years ago

    That must have been one of the best Colbert moments in history!


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