Let’s Talk About Bathrooms

Published on April 27, 2016

If you’re obsessed with who’s using what bathroom and what they’ve got downtown, you’re the weirdo.

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  • カスタル, MKDS リオン 4 years ago

    Perfect comeback line at the end. (also, first or w/e? idgaf)

  • TheDarthmitch 4 years ago

    Finger my butthole?

  • WF4L 4 years ago

    Restrooms should all be individual

  • ChillChannel 4 years ago

    So my 10 daughter is using a public bathroom and then comes in this man in
    a dress and a wig and lipstick… Seems about right, that’s the country
    that people fought for.

  • victor martone 4 years ago

    bathroom humor is beneath you

  • tntbandit5 4 years ago

    THANK-YOU STEPHEN!!!!!!!!! I’ve been saying this since this first started!
    For goodness sakes people it’s the PUBLIC RESTROOM…they’re disgusting
    anyways, why are you in there long enough to know what the hell someone
    else has got going on?!?!? Just do #1 or #2 (which it often smells like in
    there) and LEAVE! No one TRANS male or female is going to attack you in
    there…if a MAN or WOMAN goes into the opposite bathroom to attack
    someone…that’s a PREDATOR..not a TRANS person…if a MAN or WOMAN goes
    into the opposite bathroom to attack a child…that’s a PEDOPHILE…not a
    TRANS person.
    If you’re scared that someones going to attack your child in the public
    bathroom, why are you sending them in there alone to begin with? Because I
    assure strict signs on the door don’t stop sexual predators. And if you’re
    child is wondering why the person next to them is peeing standing up then
    YOU ARE SICK because WHY are you next to the person anyways? You take a
    child in the stall WITH YOU to keep an eye on them, are you leaving them
    standing outside the door? Sounds more like neglectful parenting than
    anything else. Trans people aren’t after you, they don’t care about you
    they want to do the same thing you want to do pee/poop and get the hell out
    of these nasty bathrooms!

    One more thing…. honestly if you’re looking that hard at the person in
    the bathrooms with you at what they have going on UNDERNEATH their clothes
    and underwear…YOU’RE THE PERV! So many things in America we need to be
    worried with and we’re stuck in the damn bathrooms? Give me a break
    America. And for the record, I’m not trans nor LGBTQ. I’m just an adult who
    sees people making a giant issue out of absolutely nothing that we needed
    to worry about it the first place. You want stricter bathroom laws? Charge
    a fine for people who use the handicap restrooms when they’re not, there ya
    go, there’s something! Rant Over!

  • CeetjeBeetje 4 years ago

    Well said, man!
    I hate that we’re currently living in the age of being offended.
    Everybody wants to make a big deal out of anything.
    You can’t do or say anything anymore, because there’s always someone gonna
    be offended, and making a big deal out of it.
    Example: Here in the Netherlands we have this annual kids holiday. It’s not
    like someone came up with the holiday recently, it’s been around for ages.
    But suddenly people feel the need to be offended by it and spoil it for
    If we all could just mellow out. It will all be ok.

  • Arend Vogel 4 years ago

    Women poop! Wtf Stephen!

  • SentinelPrimek 4 years ago

    We should all just go to the bathroom in a huge artificial sinkhole. Smfh
    at these social justice warriors. It’s like everything is illegal nowadays.

  • Tim Schwenke 4 years ago

    does that mean that I could use the Womens bathroom in…lets say


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