Let’s Make a Deal: Mexico Edition | The Daily Show

Published on June 10, 2019

Donald Trump spins a previous immigration enforcement deal with Mexico as a new trade agreement and teases an additional win for the U.S. from the agreement while staying close-lipped on what exactly it is.



  • MrUlloa1 2 years ago

    Actually Trevor, this time, you are not really right. Mexico did agree to new deployment of troops to the south of the border, to a revision on the deal in 90 days (which could mean more pressure to Mexico), holding the immigrants to seek asylum for at least two years and to buy agricultural products from the US. We got fucked (I’m Mexican :/)

    But if our president had resisted, Trump would have had to back down…

  • Psiberzerker 2 years ago

    “Tell you what, I’ll stop insulting you lazy filthy people, and you’ll pay for the wall, deal?”

  • Wilmrbadguy 2 years ago

    President Donald Trump is the NEW AGE HITLER. Trump & any1 who supports him are TRUE FUCKTARDS. Check out my YouTube page…Wilmrbadguy

  • Pat Pat 2 years ago

    The 51 state … omg! We will be the most powerful and richest nation of all times!

  • Not A RealPresident 2 years ago

    ☝ Make a deal for Mr Collusion Donald Dunce to leave this planet America is tired of suffocating ? from the buffoonery , corruption & stench from # 45 ?

  • the walkin dude 2 years ago

    Ok, trump has gone too far! I’m ok with destroying the world economy and starting wars with literally everyone in the world, im ok with the criminal stuff and the idiot dictatorship at hand, but I draw the line at taco Tuesday!
    You can have my tacos, when you pry them from my cold, greasy fingers!!
    They may take our lives, but they cannot take our TACOS!
    Give me tacos or give me death.
    I got pages of this stuff…

  • JG 46 2 years ago

    We should buy Mexico . Everyone wins. And then we can kick China’s ass

  • Jose Lopez 2 years ago

    This like that movie idiocracy lmaoo

  • James Yap 2 years ago

    Now where’s the WALL??? We’re still waiting for the WALL!!! I want my WALL! We want our WALL! America wants our FUCKING WALL!

  • Eddy M 2 years ago

    Trump is the most stupid president in the whole universe, he mixes immigration
    with trade tariffs two different things. God have pity of this great country, lock him up,
    he is a clown.

  • Paul Duarte 2 years ago

    Sources on the white house says its a piñata !! We on Mexico say its true

  • Raging Fanatic 2 years ago

    Mexico welcome to the United States hahaha!!!????? that wood be awesome

  • Mini Meesh 2 years ago

    That quinceañera joke tho
    Trump is even a laughing stock here in Mexico with that “new deal” (and our president is not even better than Peña Nieto… and y’all – and we -were always mocking him lol)
    Your Mexican accent was on point btw

  • Jarrod Baniqued 2 years ago

    5:05 favorite bit

  • ThePstjtt 2 years ago

    On the plus side, if we annex Mexico the our new southern border becomes waaay smaller. That Trump — he’s always thinking.

  • A I 2 years ago

    A secret deal ? Ffs how does this guy still have supporters? You’d have to be a brainless monkey to believe half the crap he tweets and and even dumber than that to believe half the crap he says.

  • Oklahoma City 2 years ago

    Leave trump alone

  • Mlogan11 2 years ago

    History keeps repeating:
    1) Trumps makes an absurd demand (Dems must pay for Border Wall;Mexico must SOLVE immigration problem).
    2) Trumps back it up with an big threat that can nuke the economy (Govt shut down; Tariffs).

    3) Negative sentiment of people and businesses start scaring rest of GOP, who fear being voted out.
    4) GOP warns Trump that he’s gone too far and will join Dems in voting against demand.
    5) Trump realizes he’s about to be big time embarrassed/humiliated by a veto-proof thumbs down.

    6) Trump makes up BS story about the problem being solved and “winning the fight” and cancels demand.

  • NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP 2 years ago

    ?Dictators always make up some sort of War either being trade war or physical one

  • SHUAI QIU 2 years ago



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