Lester Holt Says All Bets Are off in the Trump Impeachment Trial

Published on January 29, 2020

Lester Holt talks about President Trump’s impeachment trial, the pace of the news cycle and what it was like interviewing Trump when he was the host of The Apprentice. 

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  • Mr W 8 months ago

    His hair lining makes Stephen A lining look like a young will smith hair lining

  • ihave35cents 8 months ago

    The Dems must love losing.They do it so often

  • Cosmic Charley 8 months ago

    Since when did Late Show entertainers” become these “wise men” , that have to educate us with an agenda, Carson wasn’t like that…

  • Mondo Shredder 8 months ago

    Earlier corrupt administrations (W./Cheney/Rumsfeld, Clinton & Co., Bush Sr., Reagan & his cronies, etc.), each hit with a few scandals, but there was time enough to absorb them and understand the meaning and potential consequences of them all. Trump & his thugs bombard us on an almost daily basis with their crap, that it’s like another Watergate every 7-10 days.
    That’s just far too much for people who think, and the media attempting to cover it all.

  • Greg M 8 months ago

    There needs to be 67 votes to remove Spanky McBoneSpurs. I do NOT believe that 20 Republikkkans will vote to remove Spanky McBoneSpurs.

    This November, VOTE the Republikkkans out of office.

  • Martin Taper 8 months ago

    This president is already out of work – he never started “work” (in any usual and accepted definition of the word).

  • Subham Das 8 months ago

    What an amazing voice Lester Holt has..!! Did anybody else think that he could mimic Will Smith..!?

  • Branislav B. 8 months ago

    Today, the reason, facts and truth are mixed with the internet news or ‘news‘, with convoluted or totally made up stories that nicely fit a non inteligent brains.
    This is the age of trumpism and it was supposed to happen.
    It shall pass.

  • teduppercut 8 months ago

    Hopefully you will be covering his criminal sentancing

  • Steve Sinner 8 months ago

    Time for the Republican Sinister SINATORS To Vote To Allow JOHN BOLTON As A  Witness  To Allow Boltons Testimony
    》》》   https://youtu.be/zCGOyZGv8ns
    DEMS WIN !!!
    》》》    https://youtu.be/bLg6XLBkb7o

  • Total Control 871 8 months ago

    Lester baby I got a couple of questions for you. First of all are you fucking Kate Snow? 2nd, if it wasn’t for that helicopter scandal do you think that you would still be playing second fiddle to Brian Williams? 3rd, do you feel that black people are given equal opportunity in corporate media?

  • Twilii 8 months ago

    Side note, If you need Tl:dr of anything related to these current issues, look up Robert Reich. He has done many videos deeply explaining most of these issues in a short formal format.

  • Kt Sargent 8 months ago

    Lester Holt looks like a bald man with a gray beanie falling off the back of his head

  • GourmetGilda 8 months ago

    Think for yourself question authority ,vote ,make politics part of your daily lives ,you are in control of your government not the other way around!!

  • S N 8 months ago

    One of the greatest voices

  • Carol Davis 8 months ago

    I really can’t take another year of Trump the lying drama queen.

  • hamid malik 8 months ago

    If Lester inhaled some helium he would sound just like Seth

  • J S 8 months ago

    Finally an interview which js not cut in half for no reason.

  • N. Sidor 8 months ago

    “A different way,a bolder way” ?!? What the F**K
    Lester !?!
    (Closet Trumpublican)
    Ol’ Les. He loves him them fat TAX BREAKS $$$

    “and remember, a lot of people like what’s going on too.”
    Arrrgh Da F**K Lester !?!

  • Pam Timmins 8 months ago

    They better have witnesses especially after Impeached trump’s defense team saying “he did it but so what”, wtf? trump is IMPEACHED FOREVER AND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE NOW!


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