Leslie Jones Wants Oprah to Run for President

Published on January 17, 2018

Leslie Jones reveals how she prepared to play Oprah on SNL, the reason why she wants her to run for president and the one celebrity she wants to meet the most.

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  • Archer Sterling 2 years ago

    Leslie is the best.

  • Claire Knight 2 years ago

    The crazy thing is…I actually think if Oprah ran she’d win. But winning isn’t everything, we still would need someone to govern well after an election. I don’t like the precedent Trump set.

  • Matt Savage 2 years ago

    She knows if Oprah does run for president and she does a decent job of doing that parody her SNL contract will be set in stone for the next six years.

  • S. G. 2 years ago

    Presidential Debates 2020:
    Oprah (Leslie Jones) –
    Trump (Alec Baldwin)
    Please make it happen.

  • Rosi Aguirre 2 years ago

    Selena T-shirt

  • chokinonashes61 surname 2 years ago

    Love Leslie but it would be terrible if Oprah ran. I don’t know why people are so enamoured of Oprah. She was massively in favour of the Iraq war too.

  • k20 2 years ago

    Course she those, look at her

  • MomoTheBellyDancer 2 years ago

    No. Just no. Oprah is a terrible person. Not as terrible as Trump, but still terrible.

  • DSAEWE09 2 years ago

    If Trump can do it why not Oprah

  • Peter-john De Jong 2 years ago

    Winning is one thing, running a country another, we dont need more racial division , we need someone who is above race and not affected by it.

  • Laurence Hirst 2 years ago

    Whaaaaat!! Oprah..For President?..Oh no! Not another intelligent black person! The white bible wavers aint a’gonna lark thayet! Because if she did run..There’s a better than even chance she just might win!

  • CJonesApple 2 years ago

    Get this Leslie off my screen. Cringe is too minor a word.

  • darthekul1 2 years ago

    Oprah was in support of the iraq war, gave people like dr.oz a platform , and if you think she doesnt have a massive ego, just google oprah . all of her pictures are photoshoots designed to forward her image and brand , while there is no problem with that , she is a woman who puts her name on literally everything , and if it is idiotic when trump does it , she doesnt just get a pass because she seems like a warm thoughtful person

  • Rex Thibodeaux 2 years ago

    Would white women come out for Oprah? They didn’t for Hillary.

  • pitu toup 2 years ago

    You clearly do not take fascism seriously.
    You could not even handle the Millo kid.

  • Brian Kim 2 years ago

    Clueless SNL neoliberal Democrats…

  • Trent Bell 2 years ago

    Why is the monkey clapping so often?

  • NexisFilms 2 years ago

    Dave Chappelle said it best people : Stop worshiping celebrities !
    I mean what’s next, Justin Bieber for 2020 ? Christ !

  • Necroglobule 2 years ago

    Oh come on, let’s face it she just wants to star in SNL’s cold open every week. Presidential impressions are instant job security on that show. I don’t think Oprah should run although I do think she’d be a step up from the current president. Hell, any of us would, Trump set the bar to the halfway point from here to Hell. This country needs a leader, not another celebrity billionaire. Support Corey Booker or Chuck Schumer or Bernie or Kamala Harris or literally anybody else who would provide this country with stable, sane and competent leadership.

    Now, if STEPHEN COLBERT were to announce his candidacy, I’d be all in.

  • SuperAnnalise234 2 years ago

    Look at Leslie’s Selena shirt!!!!!


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