Leslie Jones Got Stand-Up Advice From Jamie Foxx | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Published on September 15, 2022

Leslie shares how Jamie Foxx’s stand-up advice helped shape her comedy career. https://link.chtbl.com/CONAFLeslieJonesFoxx

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  • Roscoe Muttley 7 months ago

    Jamie Foxx might be the most talented American at this time. He is the best. Leslie is damn cool, too. I just want to hang around them and feel the cool

  • Chirpy Mike 7 months ago

    Oh, THAT’S why her comedy specials are so popular…oh wait..

  • Rhambutan 7 months ago

    I love how she was just talking with honesty and not trying to make the whole thing a ‘bit’. I actually really enjoyed the raw thoughts and insights.

  • Lupin3rd 7 months ago

    Sona: 🧐

  • Xploration 7 months ago

    Here’s the best advice for her. Don’t do it. You’re not funny.

  • EROK X 7 months ago

    Whatever advice he gave her she didn’t take it

  • Jack 7 months ago

    Now Conan is pretending this person is funny??? At least she knows she shouldn’t have been accepted to college…

  • bert1913 7 months ago

    it would have been really funny if Jamie told her to quit

  • tealvampyre 7 months ago

    I always felt that Leslie was underutilized on SNL. And when she talked about having to find jokes that fit you, that’s exactly true. The writers apparently weren’t working with her to fit jokes and skits around Leslie. Its like she was there just because she was a black woman and they could check off a box. However, she is a strong black woman that shouldn’t be type casted. She is down to earth and relatable. That’s one of her charms.

  • darthmarticus 7 months ago

    Never really seen any videos of her before but damn she is funny.

  • Miguel Juanez 7 months ago

    I love how this really made it sound like a mini (yet not generic enough) blueprint for comedic success. And really this could apply to success beyond Comedy because I like how everything revolved around gaining life experience.

  • Even Flow Steven 7 months ago

    She’s awesome!

  • GSW645 7 months ago

    Jamie Foxx is a year younger than her, so how was his advice to get life experience? She’s older than him, how could he have more experience than her at that point?

  • Jim Kirk 7 months ago

    WHAT a racist!! EVERY comedian she talks about is black. I’m a white guy and I agree Pryor and Foxx are fantastic but Murphy and Goldberg are mediocre.


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