Lesli Linka Glatter Cradled Claire Danes’ Babies on the Set of Homeland

Published on February 11, 2020

Claire Danes talks about bringing her children on set while shooting the final season of Homeland and running into Seth Meyers backstage at Sesame Street.

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  • Subhashree Mishra 8 months ago

    First comment. Kind of an achievement for me as I haven’t had any for a while.

  • Seriously Sketchy 8 months ago

    Damn, the title of this video is a tongue-twister

  • New Message 8 months ago

    Note sure Cookie Monster is the best choice for that diaphragm talk.

    “Myam myam myam myam…. Dis cookie taste funny.”

  • ProjectFlashlight612 8 months ago

    Glatter’s work on Ray Donovan, Twin Peaks and On The Air was top notch. An unsung talent, imho, despite her success

  • Marius Thefaker 8 months ago

    Never mind the film set. If you want to traumatize your 7yo, tell him what’s going on at the REAL Homeland Security these days…

  • JAGExecutiveServicesInc 8 months ago

    Katherine Brewster

  • Mary Rose Kent 8 months ago

    I love that she used broad to describe her friend—it’s such a great old fashioned word.

  • Nalijay 8 months ago

    She has such a youthful face.


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