Lena Waithe – Making Urgent Art About the Black Experience with “Queen & Slim” | The Daily Show

Published on November 28, 2019

Writer and producer Lena Waithe shares the inspiration for her film “Queen & Slim” and speaks to the complex nature of being a black person in the United States. #TheDailyShow #LenaWaithe #QueenandSlim



  • Tamara Thomas 8 months ago

    Talk about the gorgeous lighting!!!

  • True Black Knight 8 months ago

    Yeah this is a rain inspiring interview hopefully her theory works & cop stop shooting us cuz I’m beat I’m tired everytime I’m riding on the freeway or driving on the freeway and I see a cop lurking on the highway & I start thing is this going to be today he going to pull me over and shoot me ???????????????????

  • Noz-e8tr 8 months ago

    Trevor I don’t know if you will actually see this, but if you do, Beau has some truly eye opening observations and I think he would make an outstanding guest on your show. I encourage you and your fans to watch and subscribe


  • Ziad Obaid 8 months ago

    I usually skip the interviews but this was beautiful

  • Tody Rodgers 8 months ago

    What! It is a lady!

  • joseluis lopez 8 months ago

    Royalty? No. Glorifying Trap and hip-hop that propagates “hood” deeds, is bs. That interaction that young women and men have with destructive ideas is what’s keeping them in that hood mentality. And those that follow suit end up corrupting the rest of society. It’s a cycle that no one stands up to. Or make films about

  • Ebby C 8 months ago

    I often say I respect people, but I respect this woman.
    Can’t watch the whole interview yet (damn), have to see the movie first. Already know too much about it.

  • Kevin Skipper 8 months ago

    Upcoming Titles That White Supremacist Establishment & Its Puppets Would Rather You Didn’t Read

    ·Open Season on Black Identity

    ·Open Season on Black Family Structure

    ·Open Season on Black Common Sense

    ·Open Season On Critical Thinking by Blacks

    ·Open Season on Thirsty Black Media Jockeys Being Willing To Question the Narrative

    ·Open Season on Honorable Black Womanhood

    ·Open Season on Honorable Black Manhood

  • Adrienne Reed 8 months ago

    Lena Waithe is my hero

  • Christien Mabotja 8 months ago

    American systems are sh*t?
    I know South Africa ain’t stable but its better than this?
    But at least the movie addresses the issues

  • Ç Jenkins 8 months ago


  • Jade 8 months ago

    Man that comment about the black smile was so sweet… And I love that there are finally dark skinned leads

  • Myra J 8 months ago

    I’m not a huge movie goer but Lena & Trevor, I will go see this one this weekend. Gotta support great art!??

  • Shane Omac 8 months ago

    So many shades of grey… That’s a coloured living in South Africa. Thank you so much.

  • Red Daniel 8 months ago

    The movie sucks. Just like this show. Garbage for trash people

  • A Andrus 8 months ago

    “We didn’t take any notes from white people on this one.” ????? This white woman applauds this whole concept. I can’t wait to see this film!

  • Kendra Stuckey 8 months ago

    Amazing interview! Thank you Lena and Melina for creating this incredible movie!????? I love Daniel Kaluuya anyway!?

  • Sabrielle Musa 8 months ago


  • Pom Kittipat 8 months ago

    I’m not black but so proud of you guys. God bless you, we have to come together.

  • Analise Ferguson 8 months ago

    I had to pause this video to comment on the fact that they spoke to the fact that dark-skinned people are hardly every showcased, much more placed in the forefront. Thank you!


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