Law & Order: Impeachment Unit

Published on February 10, 2021

Even the narrator is feeling the frustration. #Colbert #FreeBritney #ColdOpens

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    Thanks you 🤗

  • Wikan Saktianto 12 months ago

    Let sue Mr. Trump 10 Trillion Dollars for ruining a country.

  • Ming Choi 12 months ago

    Wait til you see the upcoming spinoff, Law and Order: Military Tribunal. The pilot episode will feature a who’s who of despicable people forced to answer for their actions by the military – Trump, all the people who served in his administration, all the people associated with him, and all the GOP nutcase Congressmen who conspired with Trump and the alt right mob in their attempt to overturn the election.

  • Chris 12 months ago

    *GOP: You can’t send the robber to court if he’s already left the 7/11!!*

  • Addie Alexander 12 months ago

    That was almost very good but then you had to hack it up with the B word.

  • javonpryce 12 months ago

    Comedy gold

  • Ann van de Kew 12 months ago

    Trump already has a note from a doctor to get out of the Senate trial:
    Voice Spurs.

  • Ann van de Kew 12 months ago

    Amazing how quiet the pizzagate crowd got,
    until January 6th.

  • Ann van de Kew 12 months ago

    Drain the swamp;
    Trump moves to a Florida.

  • Ann van de Kew 12 months ago

    Have you heard that since losing the election,
    that Trump’s new favorite food
    is Banza pizza;
    he heard it’s made of chick pea.

  • Guy De Vos 12 months ago

    Trump sent an angry, fascist mob to kill senators. Republican senators too. Explain how that is not impeachable.

  • Richard MacLean 12 months ago

    Revoke Republicans’ citizenship
    Takes away their vote

  • Abigail Slaughter 12 months ago

    fun fact…yes, you CAN continue impeachment AFTER President leaves office…
    that’s why Nixon needed the pardon, Jesus Christ does the MAGAT CULT think we’re stupid?

  • Katherine Uribe 12 months ago


  • Seth Chambers 12 months ago

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  • halflanding 1 12 months ago

    He was impeached while in office AND *it was the then Republican Senate who said they want to do it after the inauguration to be done properly*

    And THEN they argue now it’s unconstitutional to try him after he’s left. I mean what does that tell you about their integrity?

  • D4Y Z33 12 months ago

    Republicans who don’t vote to convict want an autocracy. So Biden should do away election in 2024! See how they like it!

  • Squirrel Gray 12 months ago

    You joke now but when Free Britney Unit Law and Order comes out in 10 years who will be laughing then?!?!

  • Godfrey Pigott 12 months ago

    As a Republican, I empathise more with Anarchy and Disorder: Kickback Unit.

  • Richo 12 months ago

    Convict or be complicit forevermore!


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