Lauren Boebert’s Jesus Christ Superstar: Coming Soon To Broadway

Published on June 17, 2022

This is definitely not the Jesus Christ Superstar you know and love. #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • C Row 1 year ago

    She thinks Jesus was a materialistic hedonist like her.

  • Hayley Bonnell 1 year ago

    Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

  • Autum Breeze 1 year ago

    Just when we thought she couldn’t say anything more offensive… she found a level of offensive I didn’t even know existed

  • Blue Malibu 1 year ago

    Being a resident of CO, it’s an embarrassment and disappointment to know she represents our state. I hope they kick her a$$ out.

  • Chas O.T.E 1 year ago

    I always find it funny that, if Jesus were around, he’d be against most of what the GOP is preaching lol

  • Phil 1 year ago

    Hilarious parody, it went straight over little Annie dopey,s head , hey she can escort j.c. around Galilee

  • 1SaG 1 year ago

    Damn those Roman, big government thugs. Outlawing assault rifles 2,000 years before they were invented!

  • Dann Marceau 1 year ago

    Good Gawd, if ever there were a twit.

  • Jackson 1 year ago

    Oh my god! American’s are ridiculous.

  • Michael Clark 1 year ago

    She used to be a hooker and had 2 abortions. Look it up.

  • Robert Hartmann 1 year ago

    Republicans always use religion. But always become false prophets . They want to take your medical and SSI/SSDI income away from you. Their all into hatred for the people. They want to take your democracy away from you.

  • Omer Galor 1 year ago

    I don’t think she’s reading the bible right.
    Also, if Jesus would have had an AR-15 wouldn’t the Romans have some also?

  • Shirley Senkler 1 year ago

    Lauren is forgetting that Jesus purpose was to die for our sins. Has she ever read the Bible?

  • Richard Marcus 1 year ago

    Her FedEx driver should deliver her bullets one at a time.

  • Baribrotzer 1 year ago

    Makes sense to me. You’ve got to understand: The Republican Base (Deplorables subset) are the most fervent Christians in the US. Maybe not the best Christians, but the most fervent. Their lives center around religion, they believe in the absolute Truth of every word in the Bible (as their Born Again pastor interprets it for them) and prefer it to all logic or the evidence of their own senses, and they’re more strongly on God’s side than anyone else. So, since they’re more strongly on God’s side than anyone else, God has to be more strongly on their side than anyone else. And He has to support all their cultural touchstones, including guns and homophobia. How could He not?

  • Joanne Entwistle 1 year ago

    “Those who live by the sword (insert weapon of choice here) shall die by the sword (insert weapon of choice here).”

  • samsbro1952 1 year ago

    That was brilliant. Can’t wait for the whole show featuring Kyle Rittenhouse as Pontius Pilate.


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