Laura Benanti Thinks Melania Trump Represents America

Published on March 21, 2018

Laura Benanti talks about filming The Detour, how raising a kid in New York has changed her perception of the city and what it’s like playing Melania Trump on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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  • Mercenary Marine Corps Veteran 2 years ago

    How does she represent America?

  • Living Abstraction 2 years ago

    Laura is such a Goddess. She has amazing range. Loved her when she was on Supergirl.

    But unfortunately since the show is on CW that Pretty much kills any chance of her coming back.

  • Grim Reefer 2 years ago

    For someone that seems so smart, she is an idiot! Melania is just another one of tRumps trophy’s!

  • 18matts 2 years ago

    Melania doesn’t represent anything.

  • R Garlin 2 years ago

    Ha ha! I too hate new-parent-math! When I ask you how old your baby is, I’m just being polite, OK? I don’t really care what the exact answer is, and I certainly ain’t interested in doing your duodecimal tests.
    “Thirteen months”? “Twenty-two months”? ? What the heck is wrong with “just over a year” or “almost two”? I mean really…?

  • rewer 2 years ago

    Can you guys watch the whole clip first before comment?

  • New Message 2 years ago

    This lady is one of the best things on TV. I want to see her on her own show… sketch comedy maybe. She’s a complete natural.

  • TSK 2 years ago

    She is beautiful.

  • Serie26 2 years ago

    As a rule of thumb, watch the videos prior to commenting. Let me save you some time: 4:32.

  • Sarge Scum 2 years ago

    React after watching the video. She said that she represents America like us all. She’s married to him and don’t really wants to be, like America having to deal with this man as a president.

  • Dragonetta 2 years ago

    Melania and America both have one thing in common: We’ve both been fucked over by Donald Trump.

  • Danny O 2 years ago

    Boring baby talk ends at 4m20s

  • Alternative Spicer 2 years ago

    OMG Melania just escaped White House and her cover is amazing. Almost didn’t recognize her.

  • Whatever Happened To Fun? 2 years ago

    Watch the all video or jump to 4:50 , don’t judge before you got the facts!
    So you went in a coffee shop where there was Laura Benanti and all you can say is “I’m still waitin’ for my coffee”… You have big problems….
    I don’t like children and Beyoncè but there was Laura… one of the classiest lady of the TV… you have just to adore her!


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