Published on February 9, 2019

Glenn Close wowed our host this week, and she wasn’t the only one to stun. Stephen met the magical Marie Kondo, went live with the hosts of CBS This Morning, talked Legos with Chris Pratt, and Spike Lee stuck around to say “goodnight!”

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  • El Gamer Pro 2 weeks ago


  • Mohammad Feghhi 2 weeks ago

    My name is jeff

  • Mohammad Feghhi 2 weeks ago

    And I dobt what am I saying

  • Jay Kay 2 weeks ago

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  • Miles Tenscher 2 weeks ago

    u bring happiness to this dark time in the government thank you Stephen Colbert like if you agree

  • Kuryux 2 weeks ago

    So close to first, yet so far

  • nineteen sevenseven 2 weeks ago

    Man, how I love this Colbert!

  • 2 weeks ago

    ooh I love these

  • Akshay Anand 2 weeks ago

    More behind the scenes, especially in the control room!

  • Jim's videos 2 weeks ago

    Good on you for giving the folks in the back a shout out; the show doesn’t work without them.

  • ry jo 2 weeks ago

    You should have given Katie kondo the cinnabon!!!! Just sayin. U never screw up untill that moment. Sorry colbert. I have to apologize cause I’m canadian

  • Emmanuel Alejandro 2 weeks ago

    Glad to see the live taping. It was a marathon. But it was so fun to be there.

  • T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 2 weeks ago

    Ⲙⲩ ⲙⲓⲛⲇ ⲓ𝛓 𝓡ⲓⲕⲉ ⲙⲩ ⲱⲉⲃ β²ƒκž…β²Ÿβ²±π›“β²‰κž…. 19 ⲧⲁⲃ𝛓 β²κž…β²‰ β²Ÿβ²£β²‰β²›, 3 β²κž…β²‰ π“―κž…β²Ÿβ²β²‰β²› ⲁⲛⲇ β²’ ⲏⲁ𝓿ⲉ β²›β²Ÿ ⲓⲇⲉⲁ β²±β²β²‰κž…β²‰ ⲧⲏⲉ β²™πŒ΅π›“β²“β²₯ ⲓ𝛓 β²₯β²Ÿβ²™β²“β²›π“° π“―κž…β²Ÿβ²™.

  • Hepinghu 2 weeks ago

    Anyone knows the title of the song, please? πŸ˜›

  • Janice L 2 weeks ago

    Freezing To Death In DC….!!!!!

  • IXCat 2 weeks ago

    For anyone wondering what the pics on the wall at 0:08 are. The one behind him is a Polaroid of his first day at Second City, and the one next to him, it’s from The Colbert Report when he had his head shaved on the show, before going to Iraq to entertain the troops.

  • s21972012145525 2 weeks ago

    Really endearing how he looks at the camera in the beginning…for someone who has been taping daily for many years now, he looks at it with such humility and surprise. Love him 😍

  • Russ The Troubadour 2 weeks ago

    Liam Neeson was scheduled to be a guest on the Friday show but was scratched due to his recent admission about an incident revolving around a friend of his some 40 yrs ago.

  • Celena Newell 2 weeks ago

    What I love about Colbert, is you can tell the crew love him too!! πŸ’ He’s such a great person!! πŸ’•


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