LATE SHOW ME MORE: Shall We, Maestro?

Published on January 25, 2020

It’s been a legendary week here at The Late Show as Stephen Colbert sat down with entertainment icons Dick Cavett, David Alan Grier, Patrick Stewart, John Mulaney and Jon Stewart- just to name a few! Take a peek behind the curtain in this edition of Late Show Me More!

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  • sawsan al-obaidi 2 months ago


  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama 2 months ago


  • A Wee Scots Dog 2 months ago

    Ghouls Crypt – Don’s Attaché Cha!
    By Skid Knee Crawl (Aka Rudy Giuliani in a Zoot Suit)

    There’s a fentanyl spy going round
    Turning his joints upside down
    Jools skids on, a cha cha cha
    He’s an old wreck, Don won’t even pay
    Now he’s hacked, no one’s safe
    School kids Don? a cha cha cha

    If you want to appear to be a spy
    It’s no big deal, tell a massive lie
    So Julie told one and in return
    He discovered what it meant to burn
    With the maximum of surety
    Despite laughter, drastic perjury
    His eyes can’t conceal the lies in his file
    ‘Cos he always squeals, cos’ he has no guile

    There’s a Giuliani going around
    Turning his tapes upside down
    Spool Mitch – fawn! A cha cha cha!
    This old vexed con, while trying to sway
    Now redacts the truth to say
    “Cool fibs Don! A cha cha cha!”

  • Macky * 2 months ago

  • Mark Dowse 2 months ago

    As an Aussie, I hate this “Maestro” thing. ANYWHERE. EVERYWHERE.
    Also, it’s irrelevant & NEGATIVE if I have no idea who any of the persons are…..

    On AUSTRALIA DAY, I would rather fight for and support the reality of life here in OZ.

  • Oh snap ooo 2 months ago

    These videos should be on a different channel ..ill totally watch this

  • Nishu 2 months ago

    Omg it’s like my wishes are getting granted
    I ask for more Mulaney content with Colbert and it keeps happening!

  • J. Parrish 2 months ago

    Let the GOP Senate vote privately.

    They have been threatened to vote against so why not vote privately??

  • New Message 2 months ago

    What we needed more of this week was a Friday show!

  • Evette McCollum 2 months ago

    I could use this show 7 days a week!!!?

  • Truth Willout 2 months ago

    OMG. Dick Cavett is a living legend! ?


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