Late Show Me More: Backstage with Michelle Obama!

Published on November 18, 2022

Grab your digital VIP pass because we’re taking you backstage at the Ed Sullivan Theater! This week, we welcomed the one and only Michelle Obama who stopped by to take a family meeting! First-time #PICKLED champions Dierks Bentley & Phil Keoghan brought their trophy, and our friend Jon Stewart jammed out with our band. You can catch our full lineup of stars in this week’s #LateShowMeMore! #Colbert #BehindTheScenes #MichelleObama


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  • RIXRADvidz 1 year ago

    Please Gawd Stephen Please Hold On, We need a sane voice in the noise we need a light in the darkening hours we need to laugh to break the tears from all day long Please Stephen PLEASE Hang On.

  • Rick Tanega 1 year ago

    Did Big Mike show you more of his,,,,,,,.?
    Hey, let’s go get some Adrenochrome Shooters.

  • Robert Lindsay 1 year ago

    Nothing But The Best!

  • Brenda O'Neill 1 year ago

    Love Michelle…I loved her gold nails lol

  • 여행을떠나요 1 year ago

    Michelle is a gem.

  • J* 1 year ago

    Two really handsome men

  • Leanne Vande Kew 1 year ago

    He went to church 14 times in 4 years as president… as ex president he has been in church once.. that was for Ivana funeral ..
    the pastor at marble said in 2019
    I was
    @realDonaldTrumps pastor for 5 years @MarbleChurch
    . I assure you, he had the “option” to come to Bible study. He never “opted” in. Nor did he ever actually enter the church doors. Not one time.

  • Grant Brown 1 year ago

    l love these “end of week” cuts. This reminds me of Seth Myers “corrections”

  • Pharr Rhoades 1 year ago


  • DiversityProductions 1 year ago

    maybe and more should have been added to the title, since this shows many guests


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