Late Show Me More: Backstage with Mariah Carey & Alicia Keys!

Published on December 9, 2022

Two musical icons graced our stage this week at #Colbert! Mariah Carey sat in the hot seat for #TheColbertQuestionert, and Alicia Keys brought some holiday cheer with her performance of “Santa Baby.” Plus, Naomi Osaka, John David Washington, Kumail Nanjiani and many more joined us in this star-studded week! Your all-access VIP pass is here in this edition of #LateShowMeMore! #BehindTheScenes #MariahCarey #AliciaKeys


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  • Sumit Shrestha 2 months ago


  • Jay Lee 2 months ago


  • Heidi Gone 2 months ago

    I wish Frank Zappa was still alive.

  • EILEEN Ca 2 months ago

    Colbert = interview perfection!

  • Antonio Jones 2 months ago

    Colbert always seems like he’s having even more fun than the guests or the audience. That level of joyful energy and enthusiasm is uniquely infectious, as is always shown by the way the guests and audience respond to it, and him.

  • New Message 2 months ago

    More ain’t enough!

  • Yashish Desai 2 months ago

    I find Mariah Carey really annoying. The nerve of that woman to crown herself as queen of christmas. She even filed a trademark calling herself queen. Deplorable.

  • Kiefer Johnson 2 months ago

    Since Mariah is the Queen of Christmas, I asked an AI to write a story about Stephen saving Christmas. Here it is…

    “Stephen Colbert is busy preparing for his annual Christmas special when he receives a distress call from the North Pole. Santa Claus is in trouble – a group of mischievous elves have taken over the workshop and are causing chaos, threatening to ruin Christmas for children all over the world.

    Without hesitation, Colbert springs into action. He gathers a team of his trusty sidekicks – Jon Stewart, John Oliver, and Samantha Bee – and sets off for the North Pole in a high-tech sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer.

    When they arrive at the workshop, they find the elves running wild, tossing toys and decorations everywhere. Colbert and his team quickly come up with a plan to take back the workshop and restore order.

    Colbert faces off against the leader of the elves, a mischievous little fellow named Jingle, in a fierce snowball fight. With his quick wit and sharp tongue, Colbert outsmarts Jingle and the other elves, regaining control of the workshop and saving Christmas.

    In the end, Santa Claus thanks Colbert and his team for their bravery and quick thinking. And as they fly back to New York, they can’t help but feel the joy and magic of Christmas all around them.”

  • Derek Reuter 2 months ago

    “rather fail by honor than succeed by fraud”

    Stephen Colbert and The Late Show support theft and slavery, for they have not paid for work received and profited from despite agreement to do so. Would rather report that he is honorable and pays debts but stealing and supporting exploitation is what I have to report as the standing fact.

  • Lefty Friendy Neighbor (Slava Ukraini) DM ME 2 months ago

    Stephen Colbert everyday is growning his legendary status. What we can’t do with you, we love ❤️ buddy.

  • jujitsujew23 2 months ago

    huh thought Eddie might’ve said something funny backstage

  • 1Jerry Camacho 2 months ago

    new colbert game: what’s behind my desk. monologues and segments include props hidden behind stephen’s desk that he pulls out during his skits. this can open up prop comdey callbacks 😛


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