Late Night’s Timeline for Robert Mueller’s Investigation

Published on May 22, 2018

Seth reveals the full timeline for Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation.


  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 1 year ago

    You guys forgot President Putin’s inauguration as US president

  • ChasdielOfTheEnd 1 year ago

    One day of questioning for Trump? Have we already forgotten that it took them 4 hours to finish asking 2 questions?

  • e.g John 1 year ago

    Every time i need to do something , i ask my self “ would an idiot do this” ?
    And if the answer is yes, i do not do that thing.

  • Big Wig 1 year ago

    Keep dreaming snowflake

  • TSK 1 year ago

    I dunno but I think Trump will get his way out of trouble and complete his four years term. Some goons or family members will be the scapegoat.

  • Knock Out 1 year ago

    “Begin investigation of President Pence” – Cannot wait. Pence is in it up to his neck (but only Mother can see below it) and he’s not innocent or blameless. He’s just as corrupt and would not in any way be a better president than the Dumpster. I hope Mueller takes the lot of them down.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Believe me.. Eric’s been broken all along.

  • 19thHour 1 year ago

    All these comments saying that it would take more than a day to question Donald forget that he only needs to be asked one question:
    “Colluder says what”
    “Open and shut case.”

  • Benmore Peak 1 year ago

    The investigation of Richard Nixon lasted more than two years. But then he was an actual president.

  • A Wee Scots Dog 1 year ago

    Opiodal Diction (aka Trump’s Dictatorial “Lets I Con”)

    It is true that he left some words out
    Of that there can be little doubt
    But he also injected
    Some that perfected
    A heightened state meant “but what-about?”

    Trump’s underlying predilection
    Was his notorious addiction
    For mixing up words
    Until they were absurd
    So raising consciousness to fiction

  • Telecastvids 1 year ago

    I do sometimes wonder what the alternative reality would be if Trump did not fire James Comey. Would there still be such interest, would there be as much evidence as there is now, would James Comey be as good at this investigation as Mueller.

  • SONG HENGSABAY 1 year ago

    The Buddha always sat the truer statement .
    Monks usually recite the prayer early in the morning.
    Buddhists often revive the 5precepts.

  • Brian Beeler 1 year ago

    This is 2018. They won’t convert the pee-pee tape to blu-ray. It will be streamed on the ‘net. =)

  • No need to worry about my username 1 year ago

    “the investigation will be over by September”

    Trump: “Wake me up〜 when September ends〜”

  • Andre Cabezas 1 year ago

    September 1st should be a national day.

  • GREY Wolf 1 year ago

    It has been a great year+ for billionaires like the Koch brothers, getting their well deserved 24% tax cut. Everyone bow down and thank King Trump.


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