Late Night’s News of the Week: Biden’s COVID-19 Relief Plan, Trump’s Attorneys Quit

Published on February 5, 2021

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of February 1.

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  • x Pancake Guy x 1 year ago

    A Star Wars Lego Microfighter costs $15 not $150. Where do get your facts, Qanon?

  • Robbie 333 1 year ago

    You should retire Seth .. not remotely funny anymore. Really!

  • Stephen Eee 1 year ago

    I guess without trump, mainstream media’s comedy is dead

  • Stephen Eee 1 year ago

    Is the sky real though? Is it???

  • jd wii 1 year ago

    Screw Q’anon barbie!

  • London Sparrow 1 year ago

    It’s so good to have you guys back in the real world.
    Sorry, just had to say that.
    You just have the regular crazies to deal with now.
    We, meanwhile, have the most corrupt and incompetent government ever seen in the UK. Another 3 years (groan).

  • nathaniel underwood 1 year ago

    Space Lasers, standard issue of Space Force.

  • Fady Zaher 1 year ago

    You hear this? Crickets crickets crickets.

  • Rychy St. Vincent 1 year ago

    Margorie, I’m with you all the way with a “snap, and a neck roll”.  You, Jeffrey Dahmer, Steve King, Poppa John, and Paula Deen have all been mistreated by the media.  Hell, no one should be held responsible for
    what they did 9 hours ago.  Richard Nixon was totally ostracized for some crap more that 24 hours old. Crazy, Huh?

  • Michael Gutt!an 1 year ago

    OJ Simpson, not a Jew……..ish lazer

  • melek twelve 1 year ago

    Funny except for the Ben and Jerry’s joke (seriously lame)

  • Cooldad42069 1 year ago

    If you use all your lottery winning to buy lottery tickets, you can probably win the lottery again

  • Jones 1 year ago

    I’m so sorry but she still look’s like a wrestler who would not be allowed to compete with women. And please! keep her away from Fauci.

  • B Coo 1 year ago

    😃Funny thing is ,34RTH is flat. Plane T. Sky is absolutely real, but it’s a cover for the Plane. It turns , we don’t. .. I’m sure it sounds bizarre, when all we’ve been taught is just as bizarre. Flying around a Sun that’s flying around a universe. 🧐 where’s the proof for!I like science but it has its limits.

  • Martin Patt 1 year ago

    Oh by the way, I love your potatoes 🙂

  • Jess Stuart 1 year ago

    Well, there’s always the insanity defense…

  • Fazal Syed 1 year ago

    You are getting boring

  • 3dfreak2000 1 year ago

    Carlson can get a job as My Pillow’s testing dummy.

  • James Denny 1 year ago

    NO, it’s donald tRump… 🤣🤣


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