Late Night Writer Dina Gusovsky on Why Everyone Should Be Raised By Immigrants

Published on June 26, 2019

Late Night writer Dina Gusovsky compares her experiences being raised by immigrant parents with American “snowplow parenting.”

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  • BillyWitchDoctor 1 year ago

    Your writers are awful.

  • Christine M 1 year ago

    That picture was so cute! I think she is very charming.

  • Brendan Skinner 1 year ago

    Svetlana = Ling ling

  • Brotha in Beijing 1 year ago

    Well that top hat and tux, out does my parents forcing me to wear a blazer and tie my first day at a US high school in NYC. The funny thing, the high school had no requirements for ties and blazers. A skirmish with another student, who promptly grabbed my tie and nearly choked me to death, is why I think NYC high schools have no school tie requirement.

  • Lilly Fitzgerald 1 year ago


  • M.M.E. V. 1 year ago

    In the Netherlands, we call these kinds of parents ‘curling parents’ because they shove all of their kids’ problems out of the way for ‘smooth sailing’ through life.

  • Mikayla Bansie 1 year ago

    Yes ikr. We’re skilled at everything???

  • New Message 1 year ago

    My Dad was taught to swim by his immigrant father, by throwing him into the lake, and expecting him to swim home. The other kids who were skating seemed to think it was a bit much, but Gramps thought ahead, and tied Dad in a nice warm sack first.

  • Tamales21 1 year ago

    Everything about this is adorable and funny


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