Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: UK Labour Party (HBO)

Published on February 23, 2015

The UK’s Labour Party has painted a campaign van pink in an attempt to attract women voters. We are glad they didn’t keep going with that strategy.

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  • ThoesAssasinBasterds 4 years ago

    Hey guys lets care about the colour of a fucking bus rather than what the
    labor party is actually trying to do. Because that makes sense

  • Kelly Davis 4 years ago

    So glad that John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight got renewed for two more
    He deserves it. Informative and very funny content at the same time :]

  • m3gal0z3r 4 years ago

    time for me to get back to clopping.

  • GdoubleWB 4 years ago

    The Pretty Princess Pony campaign: Appealing to women and certain creepy
    middle-aged men.

  • synapse 4 years ago


  • danehb89 4 years ago

    But what is the other party’s policy on pretty princess ponies?

  • ABitSillyPony 4 years ago

    Why not a crime solving pony!?

  • R. H. 4 years ago

    The should have painted the van 50 shades of grey.

  • CloudCuckooCountry 4 years ago

    No one complains that the ribbons sold to raise money and awareness for
    breast cancer are pink.

  • AIRburst95 4 years ago

    This seems like a case of reverse discrimination on the media’s hands to
    me. What exactly is wrong with a having a pink colored political van that
    has an association with women voters? Are you saying that the van can’t be
    colored pink? Which colors wouldn’t be acceptable to associate with women?
    Fuck it, let’s just live in a black and white society where we censor and
    nerf everything for the sake of political correctness… That sounds so
    much more fun than not giving a shit about the color or a van.


  • 1upclock 4 years ago

    It’s not pink. It’s light-ish red.

  • All You Had To Do Was Follow The Train, 4 years ago

    What color was that baby dressed in from head to toe when that woman spoke
    out about how patronizing the color pink is?

    Oh, hmmmmm

  • Frederick Abel 4 years ago

    Please do an episode on feminism propaganda.

  • Michael Black 4 years ago

    Who the fuck cares what colour the van is? Does it really matter? I mean,
    what colour should they have painted it? 

  • Adrian Duran 4 years ago

    Why is pink seen as such a feminine colour?

  • winslow103 4 years ago

    Both parties…

    Yup only two of them, definitely only two, despite the conservatives
    needing the liberal democrats to remain in power. Parties are having to
    fight an election against rapidly growing smaller parties with expanding
    support from voters

    If you are inclined to vote, and i’d highly recommend it, there are many
    choices beyond business as usual, with the only actual alternative being
    the Greens. Universal basic income, £10 per hour minimum wage by 2020 and
    no more tuition fees to name but a few reasons to vote Green in 2015

    I mean yeah UKIP like to pretend to be of the people and they keep banging
    on about European election success, but lets be honest: winning a majority
    with a voting turnout of less than 35% just proves that the far right will
    always come out to vote.

  • G Robinson 4 years ago

    wow……..the fact that most of the youtube folks are sad little geeks who
    hate women because they can’t get one is showcased here…….I mean how
    DARE women have an opinion?! It’s not like they are WHITE MEN ™

  • archlorddestin 4 years ago

    Who cares if it’s pink?
    Pink has always been a feminine colour?

    Now the stuff about the kitchen table, I understand that but the pink bus?
    Who cares?

  • Deadmanwalking 4 years ago

    It’s a bit embarrassing for Labour, when they are the progressive party and
    are normally very feminist. 

  • Zane Huseth 4 years ago

    Please explain the British political systems (parties, dynamics, etc) in
    one of your episodes this season. It would be interesting, maybe link it in
    comparison to American politics in some way.

  • flintmakesmusic 4 years ago

    Okay, John Oliver didn’t point out the obvious problem: why the fuck is
    there a “woman bus” in the first place?! The whole concept is founded on
    one idea: “Women are not really into politics so we have to try especially
    hard to get their attention!” It’s as if there was a commercial targeted
    towards men going: “We know you’re just into sports and drinking that’s why
    we got something special for you: BOOBS! Vote labour!”

    It’s normal that politicians reach out for some group before elections but
    this has to happen in a respectful way. The colour pink is a stupid cliché
    just like that line about the kitchen table and the boardroom table. Think
    about the example for men I gave some seconds ago: yes, most men like
    sports/drinking/boobs but when a politicians wants to appeal to us, we want
    someone who takes us seriously and not just reduces us one some primal
    aspects of our life.

  • Tiberian Fiend 4 years ago

    Their right-wing party is called Labour? What kind of bizarro country is

  • Thomas Morrisey 4 years ago

    Wow even John Oliver got sucked on by this pointless Tory sideshow that
    they are using to distract from their terrible policies 

  • lenrat117 4 years ago

    Both parties? I know you’ve been gone a while, John, but it’s a three party
    system over here. 

  • Abram Stein-Freer 4 years ago

    To all the haters crying out reverse discrimination! This is why this is
    messed up: It’s supposed to be about politics, and yet this is a pink van
    where women can talk like they are in a kitchen. I bet guys would be
    equally annoyed about a baby blue van with video games being played on the
    side. “where men can talk about politics playing video games like they’re
    at home in the basement, or at their mom’s house, not around a board room

  • duo1666 4 years ago

    How to damage control; “Yeah, its pink. So what? You dont like pink? I like
    pink, and its my car.”

    Congratulations, problem solved. Denial doesnt work.

  • The Phantom Gazz 4 years ago

    This is stupid! Its Pink. Its a color, would they be all over the news if
    they made a one for men that was blue. NO! Who gives a shit. What color
    were they suppose to make it? White, Green, Red, Blue and Yellow are out
    because they are being used by the other parties. This is a pathetic
    distraction from the real issues conveniently timed to take the heat away
    from the HSBC scandal with Tory backers and Tax Evasion.

  • Jonathan Newman 4 years ago

    Its a fucking bus! Tories are killing the NHS and fucking over the poor and
    disabled but this is what we concentrate on? 

  • toongrowner1 4 years ago

    I think they are confusing woman with bronies and bronies with idiots. 😛

    Besides that… the thing is pink… and? Pink is a good colour and I’m
    pretty sure it was not made pink to say something like “woman ony like pink
    and pretty stuff” and all that. A bit overreacting in my opinion. That why
    this woman struggles at the interview, she has to defend something for that
    there is no real reason to defend.

  • randomguy8196 4 years ago

    The pink van is dumb but I don’t see anything wrong with their “reach out
    to the kitchen table”.

    Some women are homemakers. No reason for them to be excluded from politics
    – they are citizens of the UK regardless of their chosen occupation. 

  • pencilpauli 4 years ago

    Piss off John
    Off all the problems in UK politics and you pick up on this.

  • theybot522 4 years ago

    If that’s his idea for labour, I would love to see his reaction to ukip

  • MrMassivemeatlog 4 years ago

    What about ukip?

  • deutschesmaedchen 4 years ago

    I’m still waiting for your sketch on UKIP. That party is a continuous
    walking joke. A fascist one. 

  • Its7up 4 years ago

    So what happened to ‘freedom of speech’ that we so valued when Charlie
    Hebdo attacks happened?

  • Óisín 4 years ago

    This is gold!

  • ksthebest 4 years ago

    Do an episode on Anita Sarkeesian/ other feminazi propaganda machines! 

  • thevoxdeus 4 years ago

    Maybe in the UK this is patronizing, but in the US, women’s groups often
    choose the color pink specifically because of its cultural association with
    femininity. So is this a case of a cultural difference, is it just
    offensive because Labor isnt an exclusively female party, or is this just
    finding offense in a political setting where it doesn’t really exist?

  • Lewis Turner 4 years ago

    Vote UKIP

  • Jake Mcpersonson 4 years ago

    Pink is a color typically associated to females, is there anything wrong
    with that? Seriously, a whole shit-fest over a pink bus? 

  • Alyssa Schiffman 4 years ago

    I like how the comments are full of men wondering how this could possibly
    be patronizing and some even claiming reverse discrimination. I’ll kindly
    explain it to you then. Bright pink is associated with small children, it’s
    a little girl color. We are grown-ass adult women, and they are using the
    same tactics they use to sell a child a barbie doll to get women to vote
    for them. THAT’S whats so patronizing about it. It’s not that it’s pink,
    it’s what the color pink represents; that women essentially have the
    thinking capacity of small children. (Don’t even get me started on the
    kitchen remarks…)
    Would they ever try to get more male constituents to vote for them by
    sending out a blue van? NO. That would be stupid. For 1, they wouldn’t have
    to as male constituents are not put in a special category that politicians
    try to target, they’re just called constituents. For 2, that would be
    STUPID. Everybody knows a grown man won’t be attracted to a political party
    because they painted their van the color assigned to young children of
    their gender. So why would women?

  • Matthew Reyrocksall 4 years ago

    I’m sorry, but if your biggest problem is the color of a fucking VAN, get
    the fuck over it.

  • pereiramariana35 4 years ago

    its a bit childish to find pink offensive, no one bitched when they choose
    the pink ribbon for breast cancer.
    however everything else does show that they are a terrible party and dont
    now what they are doing, but for me the colour of the van gets a pass

  • Naveen 4 years ago

    The Labour Party has abandoned working men & women by refusing to give the
    people a referendum on EU membership. The EU has killed millions of jobs in
    Britain with insane regulations from olive oil and vacuum cleaners to
    fishing and energy. The poor are suffering from skyrocketing energy prices
    and more costly food. Vote UKIP to regain British independence!

  • Awkward Catfish 4 years ago

    ISIS is beheading people on the daily basis and people are complaining
    about the color of a fucking van….think about that for a second.

  • SuperMandelson 4 years ago

    is John Oliver being paid by Tory HQ?

  • John Schwalb 4 years ago

    The kitchen table line is used by all politicians when talking about family
    or being down to earth. Going to a place that everyone was for familiar
    with and comfortable with until recent years. Now it’s some how a demeaning
    term for women? Making it to where you can’t talk to women like you talk to
    men is sexist not fighting for women’s rights. 

  • lee raeside 4 years ago

    Well Labour has won my vote.

  • Bob Jones 4 years ago

    So is pink a sin now? Pink is traditionally associated with females,
    instead of rejecting it, why not make it stand for something strong? Its
    like those Asians who are ashamed of being Asian and want to be White. I
    can understand them being upset about it being called the “Barbie Bus”
    though; however, even Barbie was starting to be marketed as a “strong
    woman” in the companies later years.

    And I know a lot of you people don’t want to hear this but traditionally
    “feminine” roles are very important roles and someone HAS to do them. I’m
    also really sick of all this scorn on traditional femininity. I’m all for
    women empowerment but if you like being traditionally feminine than you can
    still be that way and still be a “strong woman.” Heck, you can be a full
    time housewife and still be a “strong woman,” I just wouldn’t recommended
    being entirely financially dependent on someone else.

    This is one of the reasons, albeit one of the very minor ones, why feminist
    movement disgust me.

  • Andrea Borgia 4 years ago

    #facepalm #mirrorclimbing

  • Mark Korompay 4 years ago

    Fact: It costs twice as much to appeal to female voters as it does to male
    ones, 100% Ubisoft confirmed.

  • mattsucks6 4 years ago

    I genuinely don’t understand why the colour of the van is insulting.

  • Robert T. Best 4 years ago

    Women of the UK: Vote Labour and pet the “Pretty Princess Pony”.

  • Kimberly Chapman 4 years ago

    I will admit that I haven’t been paying that much attention to the piles of
    election flyers coming in the mail slot. I can’t vote here (at least not
    yet) so I haven’t sat down to figure out which party speaks to me. I mean
    obviously I’m never voting Tory because I am not an idiot. But I haven’t
    really sat down to look at issues yet and see whether it’s Labour or the
    LibDems I should be paying attention to, or someone else.

    I can’t say that this is exactly making me lean towards Labour very much at


    (And if you’ve noticed my posting pattern today, why yes, yes I am catching
    up on John Oliver while ill on the couch…and he’s making me feel better
    so yay for him!)

  • MeltedFlakes 1 4 years ago

    So the Labour Party is basically the UK version of the Republican Party?

  • StevieWho 4 years ago

    You want to solve the problem, Labour? Repaint the fucking bus. Don’t stand
    there trying to pettyfog on what specific shade of pink you think it may or
    may not be, just make it a different colour. Repainting vehicles isn’t
    difficult, I’m sure you could manage it.

  • Ragtatter 4 years ago

    I don’t see why they’re calling it pink. It’s clearly lightish red.

  • Nirmal Sadasivuni 4 years ago

    I don’t understand… Why is this an issue, when a huge campaign against
    women’s breast cancer is fully pink? If they’re trying to push women
    rights, i dont see the problem with the pink bud… Then again, I’m a guy.
    Can anyone pitch in?

  • QueenofAntarctica 4 years ago

    Veering slightly from this specific issue, I don’t like how being feminine
    has become offensive. Sure, tons of women don’t like pink but tons do.
    Unfortunately, if a woman likes pink and likes princess ponies, she’s seen
    as silly, unintelligent, weak, ext. Traditionally female things have become
    demonized and women are only seen as intelligent if they act like a man.
    Instead of making women feel like their traditional culture is silly and
    traditional male culture is the ideal, both should be embraced. Like
    whatever you like, the pink van will appeal to some people. They should
    make ALL their vans pink, heck, make um glitter pink! Maybe that will
    appeal to the women who like that and also to the men who like that.
    Politics doesn’t need to be glamorized for some people, but for some it
    does. It is offensive to say that this would appeal to ALL women, but it is
    also offensive to say that a pink van is offensive. If it doesn’t appeal to
    you then you’r not the target audience. It doesn’t make you less
    politically minded if a pink van does appeal to you.

  • saulpaulus 4 years ago

    Worth noting that the Labour MP featured in this video, Gloria DePiero, was
    one of the few Labour Members who actually won last Thursday. Someone tried
    to ambush her with 30 year old nude pics and it backfired. In the end, even
    some Tory MPs were taking her side.

  • Josh O'Brien 4 years ago

    Well, having some sort of special campaign for women voters as if they’re
    more important than other voters, is ridiculous. Colouring it pink just
    shows the idiotic tokenism that it’s created as.

  • Jimmy Sanders 4 years ago

    So Milliband is a brony. That explains everything.

  • Joseph Thompson 4 years ago

    I think the pony thing would get more votes from 30 year old fedora wearing
    obese males who live with their parents.

  • MegaRazzzz 4 years ago

    Damn! Now I want a princess pony..

  • Lai Frank (TheFrenchRussian) 4 years ago

    PONIES, laughed so hard

  • Jane Daniels 4 years ago

    They forgot to put an apron around the grille and clip a diaper bag to the
    back wiper.

  • Gabriel Grey 4 years ago

    As a Labour party member I found this utterly cringe worthy.

    You’re a party of the working class, cut out the awful PR bullshit.

  • Alexander Cummins 4 years ago

    at 3:14 what is the woman trying to do shoo away the pony with her butt?

  • Funkhouser 4 years ago

    I think the real problem isn’t the color, but that it is named after a toy
    for little girls.

  • Bailey Beifong 4 years ago

    I mean… it’s a pink van. I don’t really see the problem, I think it’s a
    cool color. Maybe they were pandering towards women but there are more
    important things to worry about than a pink van.

    The bit with the ponies was funny as hell though.

  • Sutawut Abata 4 years ago

    It funny how the government looks really uncanny when they trying to appeal
    to people

  • Erik Norén 4 years ago

    Can’t help thinking: Put it this way, what is the color that no one will
    confuse as speaking to males?

  • IoEstasCedonta 4 years ago

    You know, if you showed me that bus and asked me what color it was, I’m 90%
    sure my first answer would be “magenta,” maybe “pinkish purple” or “reddish
    purple,” but definitely not “pink.”

  • SuperBob909 4 years ago

    John Oliver pioneering micro aggression comedy.

  • bandmanager007 4 years ago

    Sorry, I think this one was a bit over the top. Who cares if it was pink?
    As a woman, I don’t care. Too many more important things to worry
    about. This is why people don’t take people on the left seriously.

  • EnigmaDrath 4 years ago

    PET THE PRETTY PRINCESS PONY!! Or else we’ll set the Mean Pony on you!!

  • Anna Presman 4 years ago

    How can you not vote for a party that has a pony, though.

  • Yoda Senpai 4 years ago

    They could have just owned it. Its Pink not an insult.
    But barbie bus ? Really?

  • fkujakedmyname 4 years ago

    well feminism is not for smart women never has been sense rockefeller
    hijacked it in the 1870’s and created prohibition

  • Mark Pickard 4 years ago

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: UK Labour Party (HBO)

  • MegaAkamara 4 years ago

    Why do I feel the need to wanna own that pony.. And I’m a guy. There’s some
    potential I see in that pony but idk what

  • H Bo 4 years ago

    That thing has the color of german Telecom, also known as one of the most
    hated companies in the country, since nothing ever happend on time or the
    way you wanted it. Great choice!

  • Rayn Dad 4 years ago

    women take feelings over facts.
    politicians taking this fact into consideration offends women
    because women don’t like how that fact makes them feel.
    the layers of irony is staggering.
    only thing to do is call in the white knight brigade
    to validate women’s feelings and vilify the politicians.

  • DerpNerd 4 years ago

    Is a pink bus really the biggest problem of women in the UK? ._.

  • Magnus Amundsen 4 years ago

    Is it just me or is the thumbnail really weird…

  • TheLogicJunkie 4 years ago

    How horrendously sad that women and females in general have been
    conditioned to hate themselves for ever liking the color pink, or any other
    traditionally feminine thing like knitting, romance novels and even
    kitchens. These things are not ALL women are, but they’re not even allowed
    to feel good or even okay about liking those things, if in fact they
    actually do like them.

    This planet’s been taken over by unnatural miscreants who seem to get off
    on twisting people into wretchedly incomplete versions of themselves. It’s
    yet another reason to turn off the modern media and learn to reconnect with
    all the reasonable natural impulses you actually do have in your heart of

  • carschmn 4 years ago

    Hey a giant pile of yarn and romance novels is how I spend my Friday

  • phil green 4 years ago

    The labour party are history. They’re finished. and a good thing too.

  • parejj 4 years ago

    i mean you gotta hand it to them: ponies are frickin awesome.

  • Alasiyan Man Avraamides 4 years ago


  • funstuff81girl 4 years ago

    But…let’s be real, that’s one pretty ass pony. Soft fur, mmmhm, fat too.
    You don’t see ponies that pretty erryday, they put in work.

  • scyx 4 years ago

    So, basically “Woman, if you want to have a conversation, you best do it
    from the fucking kitchen” in a British hooligan voice. Genius…if the goal
    was handing the election back to the other party. xD

  • Ruby Doomsday 4 years ago


  • Caleb 4 years ago

    Face palm!

  • nGon- 3 years ago

    I would totally have voted Labour if they used the Pretty Pony Pony Pony
    advert xD

  • PKSkeith 3 years ago

    Serious question, what would a better color have been? I mean Breast Cancer
    Awareness things are pink (at least here in America), and that’s a pretty
    serious adult women’s issue. Don’t see any complaints about that. You could
    literally argue that any color they slapped on that bus would have been a
    bad choice.


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