Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Turkey Pardoning (Web Exclusive)

Published on November 23, 2014

Turkey pardoning is a weird tradition.
They’re basically all guilty…of being delicious.

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  • Nathan C. 4 years ago

    Does that mean we should pardon butternut squash and brussle sprouts from
    having any part of Thanksgiving? They’re clearly innocent of being proper

  • Nathan C. 4 years ago

    here’s the other

  • Pinkcaddy 4 years ago

    Song name?

  • Pie A La Mode 4 years ago

    The vegans are gunna hate this one..

  • Matthew Reyrocksall 4 years ago

    Oh how I wish this was on EVERY week.

  • Honest Tech Reviews 4 years ago

    John I want my baby inside of you. I am a person but my baby is a turkey
    and I will personally feed him to you as you and I do thinds to you with a
    turkey baster usually reseved for lesbians who want a baby, but have no
    idea how conception works.

  • KUTTR- 4 years ago

    February. must be nice.
    ehh , can’t be too bitter, all that time off will get you riled up again
    and ready to expose the stupidest of the ridiculous once more!
    religion not paying taxes but having political influence would be a GREAT
    topic :X

  • Ryu 4 years ago

    “We’ll be back in February.” Just subtly slipped that in there. Are you
    shitting me man, how hard is your job that you have to take two months off?
    I don’t care if the stupid “season” has ended, get the hell back to work
    after the first week of January you lazy piece of s**ts!

  • bballercheetahfan3 4 years ago

    Are you serious…he only has to make one show a week but he still needs a
    3 month vacation. Jon stewart makes shows whole year round without ever
    need more than 2 weeks off at once. Cmon Jon Oliver

  • GARGANCHUA 4 years ago

    wait. why is the audience cheering? did he make people come to cheer him on
    a 2 min youtube vid?

  • Cosmo Vedder 4 years ago

    How awesome would it be, if that Turkey pulled out a sharpened toothbrush
    from under his wing and shanked Obama. Said “Fuck ur pardon!” then
    committed suicide by throwing itself into a deep fryer.

  • Cash Money 4 years ago

    Is John Oliver Gay?

  • matthew mojoodi 4 years ago

    Wait what they’ll be back February noooo who will fill the void of a
    British man yelling about American problems 

  • Laurel Norman 4 years ago

    Now all vegetarians LOVE you… *says sarcastically with a single raised
    eyebrow whilst looking over glasses*

  • gordogunso 4 years ago

    John oliver you guys better talk about whats going on in Mexico, and an
    update on ferguson!

  • Alaa Alaeddin 4 years ago

    Yes. The vegans will not like this video and I am one of them. I love
    John’s work but those turkeys’ suffering is real and they have to endure it
    until their premature death. I am not trying to convince you all to go
    vegan, I only weep for any animal that suffers further due to the
    glorification of their murder.

  • Skyshroud3 4 years ago

    I can abide the show being on hiatus until February as long as they keep
    giving us a steady trickle of content like this.

    Also, where are they getting a live audience for a two-minute segment?

  • Rake Man 4 years ago

    how does this have more likes than views…

  • Sapphire Crook 4 years ago

    I wonder if they pardon the same turkey every year, or if it’s just a
    procrastination of the inevitable?
    Or are turkeys too subject to the ‘can’t be tried for the same crime twice’
    kinda deal? 

  • Abdulaziz A. (Aziz Mansour) 4 years ago

    why death to Turkey, Turkey is a great country !

  • maxrland 4 years ago

    It’s been two weeks since they uploaded a video and now it will be another
    two MONTHS??! :,(

  • math 4 years ago

    I get that this is just a talking head with a team of writers, but
    something about hearing a British dude crack a joke about watching the
    Lions on Thanksgiving reminds me of how disingenuous and pointless these
    comedy news shows really are.

  • robo2000nitro 4 years ago

    Just come back. Fuck the hiatus shit. You’re the best source of truthful
    news reporting out there today. We need you!

  • lasschesteven 4 years ago

    My grandpa had some turkeys once. He sentenced them to death for attempted
    murder on his chickens and peacocks.

  • Bad Raptor 4 years ago

    Hopefully by the time February rolls around, HBO will let us give them our
    money to watch this on HBO Go.

  • Daniel Korolev 4 years ago

    I literally thought for a second that Turkey finally decided to officially
    apologize for Ottoman Empire and the spread of Islam. Got damn it, it’s
    only thanksgiving. 

  • Antonio Belicena 4 years ago

    I cant believe it they are indeed pardoning a turkey in thanksgiving i
    thought it only happened in the movie “free birds” pardon me im not
    american, i dont celebrate thanksgiving, so im little appalled about this.

  • Liga Lee 4 years ago

    This tradiction reminds me of hunger game.

  • Clinton Collum 4 years ago

    So the white turkey gets a pardon, but all the black turkeys can get killed
    and no one cares? That is racist! #Handsupdontshoot

  • mychonnyfan47 4 years ago

    A message for the vegans: WHAT MAKES YOU THINK, US AS THE HUMAN RACE WILL

  • Ryan Peteranna (RatherRyan) 4 years ago

    This makes me hungry for some roasted dead bird carcass.

  • darikai219 4 years ago

    @bballercheetahfan3 well,to be fair, Jon Stewart has been at this for a lot
    longer then John Oliver, although this John has been on Jons show
    repeatedly, I’d say he hasn’t exactly sat in the big chair long enough to
    handle all that weight just yet. Perhaps he had other projects he was
    working on. Who knows?

    Maybe sitting in the big chair for the first time was overwhelming. Idk.
    I’m falling asleep as im typing this out. Imma stop.

  • Hannu Marijarvi 4 years ago

    Is he mocking the president, endorsing eating turkey or mocking people who
    eat turkeys? Or everyone?

  • emanf9 4 years ago

    i don’t understand… if this is a web exclusive why is there an audience?

  • Sagnik Banerjee 4 years ago

    Hey John… this was in poor taste..Even though I am not a vegetarian
    myself, the fact that 46 million birds are slaughtered for a single holiday
    makes me uncomfortable. To make light of this gruesome tradition is
    reprehensible. Would you have a similar funny take on sharks and whales ?
    Of course not, as they are hunted by Asians and its not acceptable in the
    Western world!

  • EpicDO 4 years ago

    Is that a pyramid on the background in the right?

  • Shawn Purvis 4 years ago

    You hurt me when you stay away, #JohnOliver. Hurt me real bad.

  • Arutemisu 4 years ago

    Oh gosh. I’m feeling the withdrawal already. Current side effects include
    (but are not limited to): ignorance of what is going on around the world,
    lack of laughter and checking youtube for any other source of

  • Mojo Jojo 4 years ago

    Fuck all vegetarians. I will eat meat that humans have slaughtered the way
    I want too. They taste so damn good, fuck not eating them. FUCK YOU

  • Brixton Atkinson-Banner 4 years ago

    I know that Americans think us Brits are wierd and everyone looks, sounds
    and acts like Benny Hill. But wow Turkey Pardoning? really? At least we
    just watch the Queen’s speech and fall asleep halfway through “The Sound of

  • AV 57 4 years ago

    Poor turkeys. They’re not hurting us.

  • Serena Darling 4 years ago

    Wait,is this show cancelled

  • Neosaigo 4 years ago

    Hey, turkey are people too, just like corporations.

  • largelysubatomic 4 years ago

    This is a clear case of executive overreach. His Excellency, King Obama, is
    stabbing Congress in the back to make this unilateral decision that can
    only result in encouraging other turkeys to flagrantly flout the law of the
    land. Democracy died America cried. RIP USA 1776-2008

  • Colin Sands 4 years ago

    *Sigh* Come on guys, this is a comedy video. Why the hell are there even
    people spewing hate about muslims in the comment section? This is freaking

  • Justin Vavala 4 years ago

    Vegans and Vegetarians are the most self important and condescending people
    in the world. I have many opinions/ideals I think would vastly improve the
    planet if everybody adhered to them, but it’s not my place to go around
    bullying people or pushing my agenda on them at every opportunity I get.
    I’m an atheist for example, but I don’t drool waiting for Easter to hop on
    a pulpit and tell everyone else they should be like me. It’s really
    obnoxious. To each their own.

  • ExplodingwithHappy 4 years ago

    John Oliver’s getting quite popular…
    He’s only the second “John” in the YouTube search bar after “John Legend”,
    pat yourself on the back because you’ve finally hit the big time!!

  • Zach Couch 4 years ago

    I have not seen John oliver in two weeks. Where has he been?

  • queluu 4 years ago

    When is the new season coming? 

  • buxxi90 4 years ago

    Good evening, fellow YouTubers 🙂

    I’m German and I love these clips of John Oliver on YT. Sadly, the uploads
    stopped three weeks ago. Does somebody have any info about why that
    happened? Maybe I just can see newer ones due to national restrictions or
    what so ever… Also, some other questions: How often does the show air?
    And is everything put to YT or just some highlights? I would love to see so
    much more, but I can’t find anything about it.

    Please be so kind to help me out. Thanks in advance :)

  • Ilyas Abasov 4 years ago

    The next episode should be about the North Korea attacking Sony company and
    forcing the American cinemas of declining the “Interview” movie. 

  • Milestone Mike 4 years ago

    798 vegetarians

  • Roi Zarochinsky 4 years ago

    Dear John,
    can you please return, news is boring… you might be english but this
    american TV, you can’t work for 2 months a year and rest the other 10…
    this is not UK!!

    Roi (from Israel)

  • jpheitman 4 years ago

    He who passes the sentence should swing the cleaver.

  • Nigel Pennynickel 4 years ago

    Why does this guy even try?

  • 2009ajAJ 4 years ago

    Do you know what the sad thing is, we could be laughing at North Korea
    right now!
    John, you and your fucking hiatus!

  • Billay649 4 years ago

    Why are you gone!? My weeks have lost so much structure… Sadness

  • natasha gupta 4 years ago

    Just gonna stalk all the old videos because I, the internet person, am
    lonely and sad and alone without you – you who is not even a person but a
    lot of persons. Writing this on Christmas because what else could be
    sadder? We miss you our holy champion, o saviour of the nerds! Come back,
    come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack….

  • EARTHOS 4 years ago

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Turkey Pardoning (Web Exclusive)

  • VikSil 4 years ago

    I just discovered this channel a few hours ago and am now binge watching
    every single episode. I don’t know who you are, John Oliver, but thank you
    for proving oce more (and once more, and once more) that USA is a nuthouse.
    Boosts my European self-esteem sort of speak.

  • Easton McDonald 4 years ago

    Mr.Oliver, Where have you been lately? I’ve seen every video clip you’ve
    made and keep checking back to see more. Your videos are works of art
    really like the way the show is setup. Miss the show can’t wait for whats
    in store for next year. Happy Holidays.

  • Mordant Victor 4 years ago

    Vegetarian: “You eat meat? Ew how disgusting, you know how they kill those
    poor animals? You’re a cruel person blah blah blah.” Snubs nose at you*

    Normal Person: “Wow, what a snobby asshole.”

  • JaggSauce 4 years ago

    John Oliver is missing the point about WHY the PRESIDENT spares 1 turkey…
    its always a unique turkey who is spared, and the owner gets a nice money
    boost and is told to breed it, so that future turkeys will be as good (if
    not better) than the one that is spared… thus packing more meat on the
    species yearly… we call it “selective breeding”
    you see the point?

    i am super high atm… lol.

  • Katie Rockhill 4 years ago

    Just tried – I got free Castle Clash gems here! Get
    yours too in less than one minute!! (7wnD0YJcPV)

  • MrHockeybuff 4 years ago

    how does he have a live audience when they are not on air? I’m confused

  • namekman01 4 years ago

    i just know there’s a turk going “i feel a disturbance in the force”

  • Tammy McDaniel 4 years ago

    Food, good food done right.

  • Willie Aquino 4 years ago


  • Andrew Frost 4 years ago

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  • CleverWire 4 years ago

    I forgot how funny these videos are.

  • Nick Romack 4 years ago

    February can’t come fast enough. I love this man

  • Benjamin Judson 4 years ago

    Eat the bird! Put the silly act of pardoning the turkey behind us!

  • EmmittBrownBTTF1 4 years ago

    Speaking of turkeys, how about those guys that put Ted Cruz in charge of

  • jyn veras 4 years ago

    his dimples are so adorable

  • 龚思璇 4 years ago

    Does anybody know that how can I watch a full episode online??If it is free
    that would be better.

  • Tyler Farzam 4 years ago


  • Kilgore Trout 4 years ago

    I am Turkish and I am offended by this video.

  • Lola Lee 4 years ago

    I’ll have you anytime John Oliver.

  • CodenameJD 4 years ago

    I am not a fan of turkey. I force my way through it on Christmas, but
    chicken is just better in every way.

  • Will Am 4 years ago

    869 turkeys disliked this

  • Oielvert 4 years ago

    The President should do a Game of Thrones reenactment of Ned Stark’s death
    complete with a King Joffrey impersonation. The turkey being Ned Stark, of

  • NotAnAntelope NorASerialKiller 4 years ago

    *Oliver waves his hands around himself* Yes, John, you are pretty hot.

  • NotAnAntelope NorASerialKiller 4 years ago

    The country of Turkey is being sentenced to death for having delicious bird

  • Silverfox 4 years ago

    Death to turkey…well that surely cant be misunderstood.

  • Marshall Lee 4 years ago


  • gspendlove 4 years ago

    Reminds me of the West Wing turkey pardoning episode.

    CJ: “One of them gets a full life at a children’s zoo, the other….gets

    President Bartlet: “If the Oscars were like that, I’d watch.”

  • Pao Lee 4 years ago

    I rather be a turkey than ISIS.

  • Tyler Downey 4 years ago

    I love you, Jon Oliver.

  • Tyler Downey 4 years ago

    Oh, wait, that doesn’t look right. I’m not a dude! I’m a chick, and I
    love you, Jon Oliver.

  • Mert Okatan 4 years ago

    And I was hoping this was about the Armenian Genocide…

  • S miles 4 years ago

    oh, i see, it’s funny because instead of doing the ethical logical thing,
    John Oliver is advocating for being a complete piece of shit. cool cool.
    yeah… fuck treating other sentient beings with respect.. that would be
    ridiculous… we should just keep killing for the lolz and under no
    circumstances question our actions or beliefs. that makes sense, right?

  • Clyde 4 years ago

    “He who passes the sentence, must swing the sword.”

  • Amanda Persing 4 years ago

    The turkey goes to a park called Frying Pan. No joke, it is on frying pan

  • Yoda Senpai 4 years ago

    the man who says the sentence should swing the sword

  • Kris Bayk 4 years ago

    *obligatory vegan comment*

  • Paul Stack 4 years ago

    #JustSayNoToTurkey : )


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