Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO)

Published on February 16, 2015

Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. John Oliver explains how tobacco companies are keeping their business strong overseas.

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  • lolpauve 4 years ago

    Raise your hand if you are from a western country and do not know that
    smoking is bad for your health.

    No one? Oh alright then. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of big
    corporations but this sounds to me like people who don’t consider
    themselves to be responsible for their own actions. Did the marlboro man
    come to your house and force you to start chain smoking? Did peer pressure
    get to you at age 17? Well, too bad. It’s *your* mistake to be using
    something that not only costs a lot of money (smoking one pack a day in
    Finland totals around 2200€, or 2600$ a year) but is also dangerous to your

    We know it’s dangerous yet we, or specific individuals, make the decision
    to start smoking.

  • jump oricakle 4 years ago

    cigarettes are just a product no one forces you to buy them so why is this
    such a big deal. 

  • Ari Liu 4 years ago

    To everyone screaming that the anti cigarette movement is violating your
    personal rights, PUBLIC HEALTH takes president over personal choices.
    Smoking endangers you and OTHER PEOPLE around you. You might as well say
    that the stairs in your house shouldn’t have to have handrails because it
    doesn’t go with the decor, or paint companies should be allowed to add lead
    to their paint again because it’s the customers’ choice to use it, even if
    they are ignorant to the affects it will have on their children. When you
    put others in danger, you are VIOLATING their right to be in a safe

  • duo1666 4 years ago

    ….. Well, im all for the rage against drug users…. but that plain
    packaging law seems to be too discriminatory for my tastes. Cigarette users
    arent going to want to see malformed organs and shit every time they smoke,
    and its a blatant attack on them, especially if you want to argue that they
    have an addiction to them and have no real choice in the matter. You can
    find a better way thats not what PETA does, since as we all know, PETA has
    never done anything right. Dont be PETA.

  • Jeremy Stire 4 years ago

    I’m 17 and smoke, I try not to do it around people and especially kids. I
    know the risks and why it is so bad, but they’re risks I’m willing to take
    because I enjoy smoking, is that so bad?

  • Green Man 4 years ago

    And yet tobacco is legal. Well, at least it’s not cannabis…

  • Syed Hassan 4 years ago

    The tobacco industry should be able to sell their product without having to
    put any of those disgusting photos on as this is incredibly unfair for
    them… Mcdonald’s does not put obese kids on their products and Coca-cola
    does not have to market men with low sperm count even though they both
    slowly kill you on the inside.

  • flaxs33d 4 years ago

    Tobacco is a necessary evil. People need to die.

  • Gabriel Chagas 4 years ago

    tobacco is disgusting, how can a person smoke that shit ? they smell bad,
    taste bad and will probably kill you, people are just plain stupid.

  • Yui Hirasawa (Sekkenya Fangirl) 4 years ago

    Is it just Phillip Morris or all companies? I’d happily switch brands.

  • Edge80000 4 years ago

    That was not an image of Uruguay at 10:58 the country highlighted was

  • Maphisto86 4 years ago

    I have to say that plain packaging on tobacco products but not junk food or
    alcoholic beverages seems like a double standard. Though I am typing this
    while drinking so what do I know. :P

  • Demitrium 4 years ago

    The Google image thing actually worked…

  • James Gardner 4 years ago

    6:50 mentions Australia’s “plain packaging” law, which makes me wonder –
    what do American cigarette boxes look like? Because Canada has had this law
    for at least 2 decades (my lifetime). The cigarettes must have a massive
    photo matching those Australian ones, with a small description in English
    (French on the other side) describing the effects depicted in the photo,
    with the name on the top flap.

    Do American cigarette packs still have company-chosen mascots on the boxes,
    or are they just plain?

  • Ja “Mi” Le 4 years ago

    Hate to be that guy, but at 10:56, it’s pointing at Paraguay, not Uruguay.

  • Conor7734 33 4 years ago

    Vaping is better than smoking!

  • Kyran Sawhill 4 years ago


  • Leonardo Lee 4 years ago

    Who else realized at 11:00 that the highlighted country was Paraguay

  • Andree Althaus 4 years ago

    … so insane… that its even possible a foreign company can sew a fucking
    company interests should step back behind state interests exspecially the
    peoples interests in every case… their goal to earn money worth a shit….
    in my country i would beat their agents to death..

  • Victor Sullivan 4 years ago

    Those togo people were just happy they got a shirt

  • Bottle of Rakija 4 years ago

    Does anyone else think that putting those pictures on cigarette packaging
    is a touch fearmonger-ish and hypocritical,i mean you do not see bottles
    of alchocol putting pictures of people doing stupid shit with a
    caption”this is you in about 3 hours” or fast food packaging putting
    pictures of morbidly obese people saying”this is you if you continue with
    this diet” and also you have ads that say “drink responsibly” or “eat fast
    food in moderation” is it that much of a stretch to ask the same for

  • buxxi90 4 years ago

    That awkward moment when you want to be anti cigarettes, but all your stuff
    has been financed by the biggest tobacco seller on the market…

  • Cameron Moore 4 years ago

    what he doesn’t tell you is that tobacco price also went up 200 percent at
    the same time.

  • Nicolas del Puerto 4 years ago

    That isnt fucking Uruguay, wait…

  • suparush 4 years ago

    Your a fucking prick john

  • No60508 4 years ago

    interestingly the smoking kid is also obese maybe there’s a bigger
    education problem. I mean being a fat white smoking american is barely
    uncommon.Also as to plain packaging – that just leads to teenagers making
    their own packaging.

    BTW I am a reformed smoker – however nothing makes me want to smoke more
    then anti-smoking ads.

    And relying on Australia to prove your point is terrible given their rather
    errr “authoritarian” view on being a grown ups.

  • Outlawzand1 4 years ago

    Only old people should be allowed to smoke tobacco.

  • Nemanja Dicic 4 years ago

    Every year, all around the world, 600 000 people die of lung cancer after
    being passive smokers. That is a GENOCIDE if you ask me.

  • EnigmaDrath 4 years ago

    Look, it’s no secret that smoking is bad. We’ve been bombarded with all the
    warnings for years now. If smokers don’t care anyway, then I’m not going to
    lose any sleep over their health problems either. HOWEVER, don’t come
    smoking that shit around those of us who don’t smoke. Am talking to you,
    people who light up in public places, blowing that disgusting smoke over
    the rest of us, including children, and yet have the nerve to look
    annoyed/offended when asked to move downwind. Inconvenient for you? Not my
    problem. Health comes before habit. Smoking is not a must. Breathing clean
    air is.

  • James Barnes 4 years ago

    Who the hell is Austrailia to steal and change a private companies
    property, that does not put a gun to anyones head to use its products?
    Smoking is bad, that is well known…Stopping someones freedom to choose to
    do something, by putting disgusting shit on someone elses private property
    is criminal and tyrannical…

  • Apollo Diomedes (Captain) 4 years ago

    The anti tobacco movement in the US is really out of hand. Why can
    Budweiser reserve countless advertisement blocks claiming how much better
    your party will be with their product? Why can Bacardi claim elegance of
    their rum on television and on billboards? Oh that’s right, no one wants to
    be told not to drink their precious alcohol. But cigarettes? Who cares,
    only a few hics and douche bags smoke. Who ever believed in tyranny of the
    majority anyway?

    Why are there no “alcohol free” campuses (barring a couple Baptist
    universities)? Alcohol can greatly interfere with study, causes many
    driving deaths, can be just as unhealthy and expensive as smoking, etc. But
    for whatever flippant reason, smoking is unequivocally persecuted. I laugh
    whenever I hear people complaining about the sudden rise of cigarette
    litter at CU after the smoke ban. Maybe they shouldn’t have uprooted all
    the cigarette urns in their crusade. Maybe, just maybe, they should have
    compromised and established convenient smoking areas away from doorways and
    thoroughfares. But why should they do that? The anti smoking lobby at CU
    and other campuses hold the power and don’t see any reason to give the
    slightest freedom to the minority.

    Next time you order a Big Mac, crack open a beer, don’t bike to work, or
    consume an animal product, be glad a majority of the people in the country
    (and by extension, all levels of government) don’t try really fucking hard
    to stop you from making a conscious decision to consume what you want to

  • The Epic Gamer 4 years ago

    that was an, lets call it, ‘brigth’ ending…

  • Frankie Rosales 4 years ago

    Did anyone else notice he called Australia a country at 7:40?

  • p0xy 4 years ago

    In this comment section:

    Random Guy – “I like to smoke what’s so wrong”

    This is how about 99% of these comments have devolved to, let that sink in.

  • matt carpenter 4 years ago

    Obviously smoking is terrible for you and don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan
    of tobacco companies, however, it is unconstitutional for the government to
    require tobacco companies to remove all branding on their packages.

  • Kyle S 4 years ago

    as a smoker, this motivates me to quit smoking

  • Darío Cevallos 4 years ago

    I recently took up smoking. And honestly, I’d be happy to se the industry
    go down

  • Steven Bowser 4 years ago

    I can’t believe people could be offended by their right to hurt themselves
    being restricted. That’s like being offended that pipe cleaner says “don’t
    drink this” on the bottle.

    I wonder how many people would be offended if the government cracked down
    on cigarettes and tried to gradually eliminate them completely. I sincerely
    hope that we can eliminate smoking. Everyone knows it’s horrible and kills
    thousands, so why do people even continue to do it?

  • Adam Nahari 4 years ago

    I like Malboro, I tried to stop smoking, managed to stop smoking for 50
    days, then back to smoke again. any advice on how to distract myself from
    needing nicotine ?

  • Mark G 4 years ago

    The people who want to smoke should be able to, but I even as a smoker
    agree that no one new should be lured in . I would not want my kids to
    smoke, but I think making something illegal is wrong as well .The drug war
    proves this point. Advertising, however, is not something that should be
    protected by law.

  • fardin mahid 4 years ago

    but i did notice that that was Uruguay

  • Rob QQ 4 years ago

    My mother hasn’t smoked a cigarette in about 10 weeks, and it makes me
    extremely happy to know that she stopped. To think she could just stop
    smoking after 44 years, with no problem is shocking to me. No patches, no
    gum, nothing. Whenever I even bring it up to family or friends she says
    it’s because of me. That when she had to get a tooth removed recently that
    was messed up from smoking, and couldn’t smoke for 3 days, I said try and
    quit off of that headstart, and here we are. Australia, Togo, and Uruguay
    have their shit right.

  • Sir Fur 4 years ago

    I didn’t even know Togo existed and I saw this video before!

  • Joshua Lopez 4 years ago

    Good news is that all the cool kids from high school probably have cancer

  • Doom Video Vault 4 years ago

    Are those billboards still in Uruguay?

  • Kai Sea 4 years ago

    On Australian Cigarette packaging: You forgot Brian. Who supposedly died
    from lung cancer. (He didn’t, he died from Aids.) So the photos are
    misleading, like with frostbitten toes and whatnot. So after a while the
    gruesome photos lose effect. It was still a good law. Even if it made it a
    pain to quickly locate the brand the customer wanted.

  • kdawg860 4 years ago

    This is why International courts shouldnt exist. Smaller countries lose
    their sovereignty to wealthy corporations and their lawyers.

  • Fabrizio Aldonne 4 years ago

    They ought to ban alcohol commercials next.

  • Nicolas Ysla Cazorla 4 years ago

    hi from Peru! I thing you should make a video about the stupid persecusion
    made by goverments around the world (ex. USA, Spain, Argentina, etc.) to
    vaping (electronic cigarettes). There’s a lot of studies that proves that
    vaping is the best way to stop smoking, and is almost inocuos, almost as
    you taking a cup of coffee. Please don’t let the tabaco companies stop the
    tecnology that is actually saving ex-smoker’s lifes. Thanks!

  • frantz yo 4 years ago

    that’s nice

  • wiiagent 4 years ago

    Nice smoke effect! lol

  • Eric Anderson 4 years ago

    This is why I grow and roll my own tobacco. And save a Ton of money on my
    habit. I will not contribute to the international conglomerates of these
    companies. And I actually know what is in my cigarettes with pure tobacco
    unlike the tons of added poisons these companies inject into their product
    to make it even more addictive than it is.

  • eddy1229 4 years ago

    people need to mind their own fucking business.

  • Christopher Donlan 4 years ago

    why didn’t you show the star wars psa with r2 smoking?

  • patriotbarrow 4 years ago

    Interlacing? On my Youtubes?

  • Matthew Warren 4 years ago

    So does this mean the TPP already exists and we just didn’t know about it?

  • Homini Lupus 4 years ago

    SMokE WeED ERRY daY!!!!!!!11!!!eleventyone

  • Chandler M 4 years ago

    when a baby turns 4 in a smoking home they have inhaled smoke equivalent to
    100 cigarettes. smoking can’t be illegal right now, because it is not
    practical for many reasons, however thousands of people are dying from
    second hand smoke every year. As an asthmatic who lives around people who
    smoke, I always have to be fearful. statistically, my life has already been
    shortened by this. I don’t know what we can do, but it’s not fair for me.

  • redeyed32 4 years ago

    I agree with johns comments, but one thing we and he forgot is….what
    about the person who wants to smoke? I know it is not good for you, but
    lets be honest, there isn’t to much out there that is. If the people want
    the cig’s then let them have it, candy will rot your teeth if you eat
    enough but I dont see the same busybody response as cigarettes get thou.
    As long as a person contaminates themselves with smoke, it should not be
    anyone business.

  • Thomas Lace 4 years ago

    i want to give this man a hug

  • don edward 4 years ago

    the only thing that can be done,is to keep overall smoking to a small
    percentage of people. you will never see it go away completely. look at the
    history of prohibition in the 20s.

  • pkrisnin 4 years ago

    This is what trade agreement do. They take away countries rights.

  • Prani Acharya 4 years ago

    +Last Week Tonight with john Oliver JOHN OLIVER I LOVE YOU. I HAVE A HUGE

  • GetMeThere1 4 years ago

    Think of a group of people (a company) very EAGERLY and ARDENTLY SELLING
    DEATH — and particularly selling it to those unable to UNDERSTAND that
    it’s death they’re buying. Really, it’s not a lot different from selling
    jack-in-the-box toys to children which blow up with the force of a bomb
    when the jack pops up — and the kids don’t know that’s going to happen. It
    should be a free world: you can sell a jack-in-the-box toy to somebody
    which actually blows up — as long, JESUS!, as the buyers are in a position
    to KNOW that it blows up!

  • .50CalRounds 4 years ago

    I never understood the anti smoking ads. If someone doesn’t care about
    their health which neither do we why put up the ads? No one cares that
    people choose to smoke which is the key word CHOOSE they want to smoke let
    them stop bashing them they know the dangers it’s just annoying that they
    bash on adult choices.

  • Uleczka Kropeczka 4 years ago

    Brilliant show :-D

  • The_Scarf_Ace 4 years ago

    you should see some Canadian smoking packs. My favorite is the toilet full
    of blood

  • Lord Vetinari 4 years ago

    This. This. This is fucking gold, my friends!

  • nilspin 4 years ago

    Wow. Thanks for the video.
    I should grow a pair and just quit.

  • Enderstalker72 4 years ago

    That ending was amzing

  • Professorvapes 4 years ago

    ex smoker and must admit Jeff Rocks

  • dIRECT0R 4 years ago

    Ha! Screw you, Oliver: I’m going European, I knew that was Paraguay. To be
    sure, Americans had no idea, but you’re on YouTube now :)

  • tjzx3432 4 years ago

    The “Kanye West approch” made a dedicated viewer of me Mr.Oliver, that was
    fucking brilliant.

  • Louis Vayo 4 years ago

    This is fantastic.

  • TheOperaGhost 4 years ago

    I enjoyed a lovely, robust La Gloria Cubana while enjoying this segment.

  • Justin Walters 4 years ago

    i love how the warning label in the maybe ad was in a different fucking

  • TheGoodFella J 4 years ago

    gotta give credit to us shows…they dont give a flying f%$# about big

  • paramortalics 4 years ago

    Gah, I started coughing in reflex every time they put B-roll of a smoker on

  • Matthew Grimshaw 4 years ago

    I was worried when I heard about Jon Stewart leaving–I didn’t know about
    John Oliver yet. My worries are gone now.

  • Anthony Nachor 4 years ago

    I thought I saw a visual fail… go towards the 11-minute mark and notice
    the country highlighted versus the one John is explaining.

    The country highlighted in yellow is Paraguay, not Uruguay. Uruguay is the
    one on the coast, sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil. Yes, Paraguay is
    also sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil, but it also has a border with

  • Maxx Kroes 4 years ago

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!!!!!!!!!

  • Karine Fonte 4 years ago

    Indonesia? Uruguay? Togo? You should see here in Portugal: despite the
    changes in packages, the country had the very same problem on reducing
    advertising, no matter how well it should – it’s almost a nightmare to
    dodge the smokers everywhere, and there’s not a week I don’t see families
    hapilly together enjoying tobacco (parents smoking around their children
    down the street, granddadies or momies strolling their toddlers while
    puffing a nice cigarrete…)

  • Howlow Millan 4 years ago

    JEFF HA!

  • Marcos Hernandez 4 years ago

    I was taking a bong hit at the beach when a man came up to me and said
    don’t be smoking Tharp around my kids, and this guy goes and pulls out a
    cigarette and puffs away by his own children. I laughed at the fact he’s
    gonna die sooner than most of us:)

  • azureATC 4 years ago

    It’s pathetically sad when corporations can control government discourse.
    It even happens in the U.S., in the form of lobbyists.
    Of course, if certain lobby groups are willing to send a few favors my
    way… Maybe I’ll stop complaining about it. *hint hint*

  • TheSSVNormandy 4 years ago

    I wish smoking was permanently banned everywhere, inside or outside, I am
    so tired of smelling it, having it blown in my direction or having people
    smoking inside even though there are signs that say “NO SMOKING”

  • Brian Kirchgessner 4 years ago


  • Nicholas Belz 4 years ago

    I think smoking is incredibly dumb. No matter what it is, cigs, cigards, or
    weed. However, cannabis oil, thats genius.

  • akeron1an 4 years ago

    Just searched Malboro on google, Jeff was the first image! You have
    succeeded, John!

  • franco VALDES 4 years ago

    what? aren’t these the job creators?!?! isn’t this the free market we all

  • Corporal Cal 4 years ago

    A lot of these talk show hosts will talk about why issues are bad, but they
    don’t do jack about it. John Oliver actually launches full on hilarious
    smear campaigns, that’s what I’m talking about!

  • shadowvalcon 4 years ago


  • Zelle D 4 years ago

    We have reached the point of extreme capitalism where powerful and rich
    companies have more power than elected officials. Scary.

  • davefigthe3rd 4 years ago

    “Pat then punch…pat punch…they need a pat punch…little pat, big

  • Coolio ajp 4 years ago

    I am a smoker and I think that we should have more pictures of the health
    risks posted on cigarette packs. Just watching this show has seriously
    made me think about the terrible health risks I am taking every time I

  • bbomg02 4 years ago

    Jeff scares me a little…


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