Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (HBO)

Published on May 4, 2015

American students face a ridiculous amount of testing. John Oliver explains how standardized tests impact school funding, the achievement gap, how often kids are expected to throw up.

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  • Sack Mustache 4 years ago

    What actually needs to be talked about is the amount of bullshit that is
    taught. They’d rather kids learn about leaves and Genghis Khan than what a
    mortgage or taxes are. It’s never been about the learning or the kids, its
    about getting good grades and getting out so you can move onto an even more
    corrupt system, college.

  • Kenneth Bruce 4 years ago

    I guess YOU can do better as President of the USA?? John Oliver??

  • Mary Monticello 4 years ago

    My state has MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System). It’s
    absolutely no surprise that many kids refer to it as the Massachusetts
    Child Abuse System in the elementary schools. We spend half the year
    learning how to write open responses specifically for MCAS grading
    standards. And for five years, I have struggled with those tests. I am a
    good student and I’ve always done very well in class, but I got 2s and 3s
    on those sections of the tests. They are so hard, and stressful, and they
    make us start taking them in 3rd grade.

    We’re lucky, because we haven’t had to switch to the PARCC test, but they
    did try it out at our school with randomly selected students. It was
    torture for them and most of them didn’t finish within the 3 1/2 hour
    testing session. For some states, like RI, that is the standard test.

    Speaking as a student, the test are so stressful and it’s awful to take
    them. We start taking them in third grade, with two days of ELA and two of
    Math. Fourth grade has two ELA days, two Math days, and one day to write a
    Long Composition essay, which is expected to be about 2 1/2 pages long.
    Fifth grade has two ELA, two Math, and two Science days, where students are
    tested on subjects that they’ve learned over the past three years. Sixth
    grade has two ELA and two Math sessions, seventh grade has the same ELA,
    Math, and another long composition essay. Eighth grade is the same as fifth
    grade with the ELA, Math, and Science testing. In tenth grade, students
    take it again, with ELA, a long composition essay, Math, and Science.

    And ours is easy in comparison to the PARCC testing.

    I really hope this video has some type of positive effect for us students
    because we spend so much time trying to be ready for testing. So many
    classes are spent in preparation when we could be focusing more on actually
    Perhaps this will change, but I don’t know, because I’m only a student.

  • Matthew Gibellato 4 years ago

    One thing John forgot to take into account are the other test taking
    systems that are just as bad as common core, if not worse like the sols 

  • Ximena Olarte Castillo 4 years ago

    When I was applying for a PhD position in different US Universities, I had
    to present the GRE (for general knowledge and English) and the TOEFL (for
    English). It was almost 500 Euro together and I had to present one after
    the other (in consecutive days)… at the end I was just tired and checking
    any answer, but the last point was about writing an essay…. OMG… It was
    terrible to just get a position based on these kind of (expensive)
    standarised tests. Little to say I am studying in Germany……

  • Mare Clydesdale 4 years ago

    ?! Since WHEN were these tests optional? How the hell did I miss that? Is
    it different for kids in New York, cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a
    choice when I was in school.

  • Andrea Borgia 4 years ago

    Vedo che i test sono una rogna anche oltreoceano :P

  • Nick Laugen 4 years ago

    As a Florida high school student, with my closest friends having ANXIETY
    ATTACKS over these stupid standardized tests, let me tell you: they don’t
    work. My teachers are stressed. My friends are stressed. I’m stressed. The
    worst part is that WE STUDENTS AREN’T LEARNING! If I were to theoretically
    become an engineer, I’d be hapless. Yeah, I passed all math requirements,
    but this is NOT due to my ability as a student. We’re all being taught how
    to take Standardized Tests, tests that may total 30% of our overall grade
    AND determine our teachers’ fates. I’ll be the first to admit, under the
    mandatory curriculum, I’m not learning how to do anything applicable. I’m
    being taught how to take a test. And, last time I checked, there’s no
    multiple choice in real life.

  • Black Vulcan 4 years ago

    It’s funny when you don’t live in America and laugh at how broken there
    education system is then you realise that the conservatives got back into
    power and we’re all fucked

  • Arwyn Carpenter 4 years ago

    And every year teachers get to slap one parent

  • FarmersAreCool 4 years ago

    Standardized testing leads to standardized thinking. Easier to control
    people who all think the same.

  • RedZephyr 4 years ago

    I’m beginning to hate my own country when I see bullshit like this. You can
    quote me on that NSA. 

  • Gord Birch 4 years ago

    One of the best ranters – US Education – time to get rid of standardized

  • LostScarf 4 years ago

    3 minutes in. Jebus, I only took 1 standardized test a year when I was in
    Elementary and HS. (San Diego, CA) The hell happened?

  • Phillip Lindsay 4 years ago

    John Oliver destroys standardized testing and the entrenched industry
    monopoly that is destroying the American education
    system.@pearson#education #standardizedtesting 

  • John Miller 4 years ago

    Below I will provide some sample answers that show what the state of
    American education was around 2006 to 2008, when I graded these
    standardized tests. Mind you, like the graders in the clip (what show were
    those clips taken from anyway?), we just graded these answers on a
    computer, about 1 every 2-3 minutes on the long end, and on the short end
    up to as many as 15 per minute, all on varying scales from as narrow as
    1-3, to as “wide” as 0-6. WE had no connections to your kid, only thought
    about their answers the minimal amount necessary to give them a grade based
    on cookie-cutter rubrics, not the actual amount of thought, effort or
    intelligence that went into an answer, and we most certainly didn’t care
    about the specific issues outlined in these answers, for how could we?
    Which prompts the question, what the hell is the point of all this?

  • Tess Random 4 years ago

    Here’s the pineapple and the hare question:

    In the olden times, animals could speak English, just like you and me.
    There was a lovely enchanted forest that flourished with a bunch of these
    magical animals. One day, a hare was relaxing by a tree. All of a sudden,
    he noticed a pineapple sitting near him.
    The hare, being magical and all, told the pineapple, “Um, hi.” The
    pineapple could speak English too.
    “I challenge you to a race! Whoever makes it across the forest and back
    first wins a ninja! And a lifetime’s supply of toothpaste!” The hare looked
    at the pineapple strangely, but agreed to the race.
    The next day, the competition was coming into play. All the animals in the
    forest (but not the pineapples, for pineapples are immobile) arranged a
    finish/start line in between two trees. The coyote placed the pineapple in
    front of the starting line, and the hare was on his way.
    Everyone on the sidelines was bustling about and chatting about the obvious
    prediction that the hare was going to claim the victory (and the ninja and
    the toothpaste). Suddenly, the crow had a revolutionary realization.
    “AAAAIEEH! Friends! I have an idea to share! The pineapple has not
    challenged our good companion, the hare, to just a simple race! Surely the
    pineapple must know that he CANNOT MOVE! He obviously has a trick up his
    sleeve!” exclaimed the crow.
    The moose spoke up.
    “Pineapples don’t have sleeves.”
    “You fool! You know what I mean! I think that the pineapple knows we’re
    cheering for the hare, so he is planning to pull a trick on us, so we look
    foolish when he wins! Let’s sink the pineapple’s intentions, and let’s
    cheer for the stupid fruit!” the crow passionately proclaimed. The other
    animals cheered, and started chanting, “FOIL THE PLAN! FOIL THE PLAN! FOIL
    THE PLAN!”
    A few minutes later, the hare arrived. He got into place next to the
    pineapple, who sat there contently. The monkey blew the tree-bark whistle,
    and the race began! The hare took off, sprinting through the forest, and
    the pineapple …
    It sat there.
    The animals glanced at each other blankly, and then started to realize how
    dumb they were. The pineapple did not have a trick up its sleeve. It wanted
    an honest race — but it knew it couldn’t walk (let alone run)!
    About a few hours later, the hare came into sight again. It flew right
    across the finish line, still as fast as it was when it first took off. The
    hare had won, but the pineapple still sat at his starting point, and had
    not even budged.
    The animals ate the pineapple.

    And the two questions:

    1. Why did the animals eat the pineapple?
    a. they were annoyed
    b. they were amused
    c. they were hungry
    d. they wanted to
    2. Who was the wisest?
    a. the hare
    b. moose
    c. crow
    d. owl

  • BrianQuest64 4 years ago

    Call me stupid but if you dont test children at school then what else do
    you do?

  • hello here 4 years ago

    Did anyone listen to the weeping girl who was asked to leave her advanced
    language class? She said, “every year I do good in school”. Well perhaps
    the FCAT has a point about her poor language skills… Someone should
    teach her that what she said is not grammatically correct. It should
    be”every year I do well in school”.

  • Techni Myoko 4 years ago

    I’ve never even used some of the symbols in that equation! And I’m a
    computer programmer. In fairness, I also know how to limit a number to the
    maximum value a test could be.

  • John Braddock 4 years ago

    This is why I go to a private non-government funded school, where test are
    not optional but they do not decide whether you pass or fail, rather what
    they are supposed to do, see how you rank among other kids in the nation.

  • Jonathan Mahan 4 years ago

    “Every year I do good in school”
    No you don’t.

  • Ashley Flynn 4 years ago

    I’m having trouble with the advanced language arts student telling a crowd
    full of people she “does good” in her classes every year.

  • BrotherofHavok 4 years ago

    F*** Pearson! Middle school, high school, UNIVERSITY! Every instance where
    I have had some form of interaction with Pearson has royally screwed me
    over! From tests being “lost” by scoring centers to getting tests with 13
    out of 43 questions thrown out of the grading due to having “no correct
    answer.” Pearson, and all its programs are horrible.

    I may have already made this comment, well I’m still so mad years later
    that I’ll add another comment.

  • 100Hasake 4 years ago

    I take a UK based test written and marked by Edexcel. Who are also owned by
    Should I be worried

  • Dogyphil 4 years ago


  • Han Zhang 4 years ago

    Education is a matter of paramount importance to any human society. The
    responsibility of teaching the next generation should be one of the most
    important government tasks, and yet… it’s handed off to a private
    company? Why does north america hand off transportation, education and
    telecommunications to private companies? They’re all indispensable PUBLIC

  • RxMExS 4 years ago

    Dude, I took that pineapple one. I looked through the questions and
    searched through the story of the answers. Most of the time I ended up

  • square enix 4 years ago

    Home school your kids…enough said. 

  • DaN00b1 4 years ago

    Long rant from a newly finished Junior in high school.
    TL;DR Standardized testing is killing schools and the schooling curriculum.
    I could honestly write a book on this but the following is just my
    unorganized rant.

    I have always been a good student. I have always had straight A’s, always
    in the A honor role throughout Elementary and middle school. But when I got
    to high school I hit a brick wall.

    It’s not bad enough that I’m forced to take classes that I have no interest
    in at all but then to be told that my future and me moving on to my next
    grade level depends on me learning random fucking things like stochiometry
    in chemistry class or how to answer 60+ questions on a stupid 45 minute
    test in time is bonkers.

    I’ve lost my drive to do well in school, I always do well in the class due
    to me being a fairly intelligent person (or so I’ve been told) but I don’t
    study for tests anymore, I’ve lost my interest in school entirely, a place
    that I USED TO ENJOY, until i came to high school. I’m tired of constantly
    being stressed out over one of the EOC, FCAT, SAT, ACT, class tests, Mid
    terms, AP exams, etc. I’m tired of learning material just to “pass the
    test” teach me shit I need to know. Give me a class to learn real life
    adult shit like how to do finances and how to not be a retarded adult and
    stop teaching me about dumbshits that buy 60 watermelons at the local super

    I just finished my junior year in high school. My high school is supposedly
    one of the top 100 high schools in our great county yet it honestly doesn’t
    feel like it. School has become a place where we learn enough to pass the
    test, get bogged down with homework every night, go to sleep, wake up and
    repeat. Literally every class I’ve had this past year STOPPED TEACHING ME
    after we took their stupid final tests. Mind you these tests were mainly
    taken a month in advanced ESPECIALLY our END OF COURSE EXAM. How they want
    us to take a EOC before the end of the year is beyond my comprehension.
    After these tests school literally became a full on day care where I
    watched a movie in nearly every class until the end of the school year.

    I know this is scattered and not well put together but I really hope some
    people smarter and more influential than me see this and can help us
    students out. The current school system is so broken and it has ruined the
    way I see schooling. Something my teachers tell my classes over and over
    again is that our parents need to write in to the school board giving them
    a piece of their minds.

    Help us get schools back to the way they are supposed to be, this isn’t
    cool, this doesn’t make us “more smarter”, this doesn’t accomplish anything
    but piss a lot of people off that are stuck in this bogus school system.

  • Warren NZ 4 years ago

    @10:00″Every year I do good in school….”
    How can you “do good in school” if you can’t tell an adjective from an
    adverb at her age?

  • Nerdsown 4 years ago

    7:06 – That maths equation (aka integral) is completely wrong. Like not
    even remotely close to being correct.

  • Matt Powell 4 years ago

    Advanced Language Arts? “Every year I do good in school”

  • vau0807 4 years ago

    9:57 I really do feel for her. But in the global game of Capitalist Musical
    Chairs, there are only so many open seats in the Middle Class, and the
    total number of seats allocated to the United States is shrinking. Instead
    of complaining about the speed of the music and the number of chairs, let’s
    ask: *Why play the game?* Why is the western world and its proxies so
    obsessed with private ownership of capital? As long as we have capitalism,
    *some* decent, hard-working teenager who aspires to join the middle class
    will have to be told “Sorry, no more spots available.”

  • RoxyLuffer 4 years ago

    I keep watching this show…and I keep wondering how ANYONE in the USA
    actually thinks that America is the best country in the world….

  • J XD 4 years ago

    Asians are still trying to get to America because they have so few and such
    easy tests.

  • Lai Frank (TheFrenchRussian) 4 years ago

    Pearson in medical testing. WHY ME?!?

  • Jodice Edwards 4 years ago

    am in college. My professor used Pearson for Business Math. In one chapter
    All the answers were wrong on the homework and test…. Because the skipped
    a chapter in programming. So while we were learning Chapter 8- we were
    being quizzed, tested, and homework for CHAPTER 9. Fuck you Pearson

  • Karan Chaphekar 4 years ago

    But if you don’t have tests then how you are going to evaluate? Are you
    going to give same ranking to smart and dumb kid? In india we give around 8
    tests a year and our 10 and 12th is by body of education called boards.
    Problem in india is bit different if you dont get very high marks you are
    considered a failure and kids have not given opportunity to master there
    other talents nor given idea that there is world outside getting good marks
    and becoming engineer doctor ca or mba

  • EnigmaDrath 4 years ago

    I don’t get it. American universities consistently rank as some of the best
    in the world, so how can their lower education system be such a mess? What
    is with all these tests?? Am from the Netherlands and as a kid I only had
    to sit one (what I guess was a) standardize test: the CITO test, which all
    Dutch students take at the end of primary school to determine which level
    of secondary school will be best suited for them. What, exactly, are they
    testing all these US students on, anyway? Isn’t that the whole point of
    grades/marks in school? Students study the material, and you test them on
    THAT. From what I’ve gathered, US standardized tests … are mainly used to
    compare individual student’s grades to the nationwide average(??) … but
    why? If a student, at the very least, is doing well enough to get passing
    grades, what does it matter if they’re not in the top echelon of academic
    achievement? Am I missing something here??

  • Bill Harbron 4 years ago

    I thought you may find this thought provoking and humorous.

  • SeljD 4 years ago

    Slovenia has 2 tests that only matter if there is number limit for next
    school student is going to. A test on the end of primary school 15yo and
    Matura end of highschool 19 or 20yo

  • Mauro Tamm 4 years ago

    If pineapple has three legs, how many colors does it take for him to reach
    moon on a boat, considering he was eating BBQ three days later on the

  • Joosejpr 4 years ago

    Near perfect score in her advanced language arts class?? If I had a
    student stand in front of the school board – my bosses – and say “I do good
    in school,” I’d bloody kick her out of the advanced class too! Bahaha!

  • Quick Attack Films 4 years ago

    Seriously, it’s half the reason school sucks balls. These tests just make
    you BS through it the entire time. I can’t count how many times I was
    forced to write about my stance as to whether or not school uniforms should
    be implemented… and you have to fill X amount of words, so odds are the
    paper starts out with something stupid and drawn out like “I strongly
    believe that the issue surrounding whether or not school uniforms should be
    implemented in my school is an important topic of discussion.”. That’s 24
    friggin words already and I’ve said NOTHING. I can do this ALL DAY,

  • Harrison Cash 3 years ago

    Not to scare anybody….but Pearson is the company that gives emts,
    advanced emts, paramedics, pharmacy technicians, nurses and much much

  • Katieintherealworld 3 years ago

    And this is why every single student that I have known will always
    “Christmas Tree” the first test so that way no matter what the teacher
    should do better.

  • Sam Seolas 3 years ago

    This makes me question why i live in the US

  • Jordyn M 3 years ago

    I know public school is good and all because they provide education to
    everyone but I would strongly recommend sending your child to public school
    if you have the means to. I have gone to both public and private schools
    and the private schools are significantly less affected by these tests than
    public schools because they don’t recieve government funding so there
    aren’t as many regulations. In my private school we took a standardized
    test every other year and the teacher’s job didn’t depend on how well we
    did. Every other test that we took was either looked over to make sure
    there wasn’t mistakes or absurd questions or written by the teachers who
    taught us that class.

  • Donald Rumerz 3 years ago

    could you make your videos length at a maximum of 5 minutes! and please
    only put the best of the best funny stuff. cut cut cut

  • Markku Siironen (Make) 3 years ago

    We don’t have tests (at least if you compare to this videos message). The
    student’s don’t get grades before 5th or 6th year. Our nation has been in
    the top 5 of those PISA stats for some years, even leading them at least 3
    years. On our scale I’m not very educated because I’ve got no occupational
    degree. English is my 3rd language and I can speak or at least understand 2

    I think our view to these things is quite different. We do not compete
    against each other (school vs school, teacher vs teacher) we compete
    against our former level. We get praised when we accomplish and we are
    allowed to make mistakes.

    Our teachers are very respected part of our society. They are well paid and
    have benefits that others only dream of. They are handpicked from many
    applicants. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I guess something like
    1/10 get to that “education path”.

    All above is just expression of gratitude for our system and explanation of
    why I think I should be heard (read) in here.

    Then to my pointers:
    1) Why does someone think that kids should be evaluated in any other means
    than a) needs help b) can do c) could manage advanced education? What value
    is in having 0.5 points more than a classmate in a test? What do those kids
    get from being graded? If you can answer to these without the word
    competition, my hat is off for you. In my opinion competition is for people
    who can handle winning and losing. I know that some see life as a one big
    competition, but it shouldn’t be that for little kids (or even teenagers –
    you can remember how hard that was).

    2)There are great teachers in every school in the U.S. (I’ve seen couple of
    classes being taught). Why aren’t you letting them teach? It’s a waste of
    talent if they have to do their teaching by strict curriculum. These tests
    take considerable time from their already hectic jobs, time from planning
    and from self improvement. Also teaching by other peoples methods instead
    of your own is like putting a soldier to do a police officers work (I mean
    close but not quite there).

  • Carl Lee 3 years ago

    I’m from China and I find this hilarious because 113 tests that US students
    take during 12 years of school is less than half the amount an average
    Chinese 12 grade student take in one year.

  • S.K. Guiney 3 years ago

    I’m in fucking 8th grade. Pearson has ruined my life and I wish everyone
    involved in the SOL tests and other standardized tests dead. I CALL FOR A
    REVOLUTION! COME ON AMERICA!!!! We have the worlds most powerful military
    but we can’t even find a good way to teach our kids. Have fun keeping that
    rep up for long.

    My friends have purposefully stayed home from school sick to avoid these
    tests. I usually do well on them but they make me nervous as all hell. if
    you so much as look away from your screen you get a scowl if not convicting
    you of cheating. I’ve liked my teachers but when I’m in the “Secure Testing
    Facillity” they turn into Demons. Demons straight out of hell. And I’m not
    saying this is how everybody feels about these tests, but that’s how I and
    the people around me feel. I hope we do something about this.

  • Qrow Let's Plays 3 years ago

    The only testing that is fun is the tests from Aperture science. The mantis
    test though ahh….. it changer after a few… “complications”

  • Roldy 3 years ago

    Lib: “America is dumb. Look how low we score among other developed
    countries. America’s racist, too. We should be more like Scandinavia.”

    Non-lib: “You just admitted to being a racist.”

    Lib: “Excuse me?”

    Non-lib: “You just highlighted the higher test scores from countries which
    are 95% white before ironically accusing your much more diverse country of
    being racist. It’s easy to infer from what you just said that you believe
    America would score higher if it had a greater density of whites.”

    Lib: “………………………”

  • Anna Fowler 3 years ago

    3 people that need to become president; Andrew Hussie, Onision, and John
    Oliver. X’D

  • HOLyP | Gaming 3 years ago

    The fucking what now? Testing industry? Is there any-fucking-thing in that
    royal fuckup of a country that is not commercialized?

  • Erica Tigrett 3 years ago

    john Oliver. i have always loved you…i have had problems with my son
    since he was in preschool. we put him up to tests and he cleared them. then
    they reevaluated my son to “fix” the test and he again didn’t test positive
    for special education. my son had top test scores. it took me moving to a
    suburban area that made them have my son advance…fcuk Connecticut. they
    fcuked me over when i was younger. they did the same to my son and all i
    can thank was bush’s no child left behind which is what started all of this
    now anyways

  • Gert Meyers 3 years ago

    Watching a few episodes of Last Week tonight actually makes me kind of glad
    I’m not from the US. We never take standardized tests and I saw my country
    was ranked way above the US on that list.

  • mohith reppale 3 years ago

    though the testing is over done, schools need to prepare kids for college
    which is almost all testing. However the tests need to be improved
    especially the English tests which are too subjective and confusing.
    Perhaps use literary excerpts from respected authors and works such as
    Shakespeare, Dickinson, and twain instead of creating literary works from
    scratch just from the test.

  • alittlebitlocohere 3 years ago

    HA, you guys are cute. Drop by Singapore if you have some free time, our
    country practically worships standardized testing.

  • Dark Gentleman Caller 3 years ago

    Pearson is fucking garbage.

  • OrangeOreo 3 years ago

    Is this to Canada too? Im going into grade 9 and have only taken one
    standardized test in my life and that was to test whether someone was
    “gifted” or not.

  • Taliyah Johnson 3 years ago

    Last year my school had to take some knew test i’m pretty sure it was that
    common core thing. A lot of people got out of it, but those of us who did
    take it never got our results.

  • Reese Ingraham 3 years ago

    I don’t know how it is everywhere else, but the only standardized tests
    that affected my grade in California were the quarterly benchmarks. Our
    STAR test had no bearing on our grades, only on the amount of funding the
    school receives (which is also terrible, don’t get me wrong).

  • Elle Hart 3 years ago

    Wow I’m glad I only have five standardized tests in all my years of high
    school. I guess there is a reason Canada is number two in education.

  • Ash Ketchup 3 years ago

    For real. This past year my district made it so you only had to pass 3 of
    the standardized tests you take in high school to graduate because so many
    people literally weren’t qualified to graduate after failing too many.
    Then again the tests really are quite easy but everyone in my area is
    totally (pardon my french) retarded and can’t do the simplest task, but

  • tedd17 3 years ago

    I am currently a postgrad student from the US at an internationally ranked
    university in Australia and the common grading policy around here is the
    bell curve. Basically no one can get the true grade they deserve because
    the higher ups force teachers to match everyone’s scores to a theoretical
    distribution. If I get a perfect score but “too many” others do as well,
    one of us is going to get our score knocked back in order to fit the curve.
    Its complete bullshit.

  • Danielle Jewell 3 years ago

    At my school, we take the PARCC. The test for Geometry had some Calculus
    questions on it! The system needs to be fixed.

  • Christie Franz 3 years ago


  • Jarod Benowitz 3 years ago

    Standardized testing has eroded our educational system. The premise is that
    they act as a sufficient metric in measuring aptitude, but the correlation
    between high scores and success in academia is statistically insignificant.

  • Jose Melendez 3 years ago

    I actually liked standardized testing.

  • Macie Patton 3 years ago

    Kinda sad that he didnt point out how long the tests are, ever since third
    grade Ive had to take standardized tests called EOGs (End of Grade tests)
    that can range from about 2-3 hours of silent test taking. 3-5 grade when
    we were done we couldn’t do anything at all, we couldn’t even lay our heads
    down on our desks. They made us sit with our feet on the floor, back
    straight, and hands on the table when we were done. Treating us like
    criminals in an interrogation room…

  • Ayush Kandoi 3 years ago

    Thats nothing! Come to South East Asia!! You kids are gonna shit your

  • Harry Hurt 3 years ago

    So basically go watch Season 4 of the Wire and get this same message :).
    Our education system is so broken and it is why I hate when I hear about
    people cramming before a final exam. If you haven’t learned the stuff over
    the course of the year then you are doing something wrong.

  • Kwaku Poku 3 years ago

    Let’s see. In high school I had the eocts that were taken at the end of
    each semester individually for each class, the crct which i barely
    remember, and of course the sat which wasn’t mandatory but I remember
    counselors and teachers telling us we should consider taking it to get into
    a good college. I look back at these tests now and I don’t get the point of

  • Brianna Isola 3 years ago

    I was the year of the “pineapples don’t have sleeves” test. Everyone got up
    to that section and my testing room couldn’t stop giggling

  • Chance Bocelli 3 years ago

    i took the pineapple test

  • Matthew Warren 3 years ago

    all these tests and we still have 0 guarantee that we get a job when we
    finish school

  • Simon Keel 3 years ago

    “It barely works as a doors lyric” That is genius

  • amoscarmel 3 years ago

    I really hope that when people in the USA would rather go to India for life
    saving operations not because they’re cheaper but safer. I certainly would
    think twice letting an American doctor recommending to pull the plug on my
    life support system…

  • John Ellis 3 years ago

    Am Floridian; I do despise the FCAT. I fucking hate it. FCAT made me
    depressed in Middle School and throughout High School.

    I’m fine now, but the FCAT is an issue.

  • CrypticApathy 3 years ago

    Living in Florida my class was the test class of this (01). Its no wonder
    so many people drop out now and get a GED.

  • Michael Adrian 3 years ago

    Man…every time I see a smart american I think to myself: how the FUCK did
    he manage to squeeze through the labyrinth of sick bullshit that is America
    and become and stand up guy.

  • TransgenderAceWithTheGayestOfGrace 3 years ago

    I was just tested by a school and got above average scores in my literacy,
    comprehension, and reading skills; I have been writing for four years and
    have read and understood Shakespeare, so that should be a good visual. Only
    two years ago I was tested in my reading and got one of the lowest scores
    in my entire class. I was put in a class for readers that needed help, and
    let’s just say the kids in that class had trouble reading picture books. It
    was so bad, and I was really sad, because I had been recognized as a good
    reader my entire life, and that was the only moment someone had believed

  • Thu Win 3 years ago

    SAT isn’t Pearson.

  • Emily Wisniewski 3 years ago

    The best part of the international tests is that people don’t know that the
    United States have no filter for who is taking these tests. There are many
    countries that will only have their best math students to take the math
    test and their best language students to take the language tests. The US
    has a random selection of who can take these tests. This means that the
    best and worst and the in between will take the international test. Of
    course we aren’t scoring as high as other countries. If Sally is a Special
    Education student who needs accommodations in the classroom, but Sally is
    not allowed these accommodations on these tests, how do you think Sally is
    going to do? She’s not going to do well. Then you rank her to the highest
    achieving student in other counties? We based the whole standardized
    testing movement into a rigged system.

    And the funny apart of all of this, is countries that score the highest on
    these tests, use to look at the US’s education because we produce more
    Nobel Peace Prize winners, Poet Laureates, ect., then any other country.
    Yet, we are trying to become more like the countries that do better on
    these tests. It’s all backwards.

  • Isabella Thayer 3 years ago

    In Ohio we used to take the OAA we called it Ohio officials Are Assholes,
    that was until I was in 6th grade, in 7th grade we took the PARCC test,
    this year Ohio banned parcc but we still have common core, fuck you

  • chandler galusha 3 years ago

    0:46 I would be kicked out of school soooo fast if that was my teacher holy

  • nGon- 3 years ago

    2:57 Why did they ever implement so many tests. In the Netherlands, and I’m
    assuming many more other countries, they just use one standardised test at
    the end of primary school (with more tests in secondary education, mainly
    school exams in the second half of sec. education and central exams in the
    final year), and they scored highest in the 3rd international maths and
    science test.

    Sure it’s a bad idea to have everything rely on one test, I’ll agree with
    that. I actually had a score that would normally get me in ‘havo’ education
    (one below vwo) but on my teacher’s advice I could still get into gymnasium
    (vwo is divided into atheneum without classics and gymnasium with classics,
    similar to grammar school in the UK). So I don’t see why they can’t have a
    similar system in the US. It’s not like having them take more tests is
    gonna increase their chances of getting higher grades, it’ll only do the

    And why does Pearson have to hire graders? Aren’t their tests scanned by a
    computer, I thought that was the reason why they’re all multiple choice and
    everyone has to use a No. 2 pencil. Or do they need people to check the
    test for errors? (Because that would mean they’re doing a terrible job at
    it if so many questions are invalidated).

  • Rebecca Sullivan 3 years ago

    I just finished public high school, and the idea of no longer taking
    county/state/national standardized tests literally makes me laugh aloud
    with joy. They’re dumb, they’re boring, they don’t measure anything
    worthwhile, and they give my friends anxiety attacks. Happy to be through
    with them!

  • BJ Lincoln 3 years ago

    Years ago when my son was in grade school, he passed the ‘practice’ test
    with flying colors except one part of the english portion. He was not
    required to re-take any of the passed parts but he did have to take to
    english part again. While everyone was taking the tests, he was forced to
    sit and work on homework and what ever the teacher could find to keep him
    busy. I could not just keep him home because that would count as an
    unexcused absence. He failed the english part again. When I approached the
    teacher and asked what we could do to help him, she told me “Nothing”. I
    asked what that part of the test was about so I could help him at home and
    she couldn’t discuss it. When he failed for the 3rd time and was told he
    may not pass to the next grade even though he has great grades and had
    passed the entire test in practice, I was livid! I went to the Principal’s
    office and let her know in no uncertain terms that my son WILL be passing
    with his class. I let her know that not being able to help him pass this
    part of the test was bull shit and I would not stand for any more crap
    based on these tests. He never passed that part of the test but he did get
    passed on to the next grade level with his friends.

  • jhectstudios 3 years ago

    I always feel weird when I hear about this stuff, i have always gotten A’s
    or B’s on the paarc test/ sat

  • Gerald Sallier 3 years ago

    Hey, the answers are: B, C, D, A, D, C. Hire a smarter staff.

  • ALLIED7621 3 years ago

    I find it amusing that people who bash America are blissfully ignorant to
    the fact that this nation they say is so stupid and full of idiots and so
    backwards dominates the world in all facets of power. Economically,
    militarily, culturally etc. I would say don’t deny it, but of course you
    will and you will respond with typical anti American vitriol and some 13
    year old American in a 3000 sq ft air conditioned house on the internet
    will agree with you about just how awful the U.S. is. Thank God for the men
    and women of the world who actually possess a modicum of sense. None is to
    be found on the youtube comments section. Sincerely an American Audiologist
    “stupid Americans”

  • Jonathan Wiltzius 3 years ago

    I believe my school is attempting to switch to this. Instead of counting
    homework and tests into your grade, it will only be the tests and homework
    wont even be graded. They say that its supposed to show what we know in the
    class but I’m not sure it’ll help us learn in the first place if there’s no
    real incentive to try.

  • Josiah Popp 3 years ago

    meanwhile in China kids take the notorious gaokao

  • ciaranfitzgerald1 3 years ago

    I took maybe 3 standardised tests when I was about 14 (2 reading age ones
    and a form of an IQ/Ability test) and that was it besides annual tests for
    levels of difficulty in maths and English.


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