Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – How Is This Still a Thing?

Published on February 16, 2015

We’ve noticed that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue still exists but can’t quite figure out why.

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  • dirtbag1234567 4 years ago


  • That Guy who had that long ass Username 4 years ago

    170-Club how though are ya?

  • Kyle M Green 4 years ago

    800,000 copies sold is how that’s still a thing. Sex sells is still a
    thing. Guys liking attractive women is still a thing. Pretending you’re not
    buying porn in public because it’s really a “sports” magazine and therefore
    side stepping any shame (at least in your own eyes) is still a thing. How
    is asking silly questions still a thing?

  • Colin Sales 4 years ago

    I like the swimsuit issue. Yes, I’m a guy. But I don’t find it to be
    objectifying women. All the women are models or athletes and they all
    consent to it. Nothing wrong with it. Just like all the male fitness models
    and underwear models that woman love looking at. It’s natural. This segment
    shouldn’t be, “How is SI Swimsuit addition still a thing?” it should be,
    “how are magazines still a thing? ” that’d be a much more appropriate topic

  • Haiiry Cake 4 years ago

    You know perfectly well why it’s a thing.
    Don’t be silly now. It’s not like you gave any reason for why the magazine
    should stop making it.
    And the people buying it? Maybe they feel like the magazine has extra value
    with a pretty woman on the cover. Men like women, who knew. (Some women do

  • Papa Woody 4 years ago

    Masturbation Material without and internet connection or embarrassing looks
    from mates and newsstand attendants. And yes, this year’s cover is
    appalling. Boycott Sports Illustrated until they stop this douchebaggery.

  • ankurama 4 years ago

    “The book feels good to jerk off to when held in the hand compared to the
    digital bullshit”

    – Typical Pretentious hipster.

  • Crabcakes125 4 years ago

    You have to be honest, we ALL KNOW why this is still a thing, and it’s
    stupid to act like you don’t understand.

  • Joel Vega 4 years ago

    Did anyone else go on google and typed “naked ladies”?

  • Daniel Cofour 4 years ago

    People having a problem with men looking at boobs. How is this still a

  • funkyromero 4 years ago

    It is still a thing because the magazine understands that the mind if the
    most important part for sexuality. Leaving some for the imagination in
    these days is more sexy then going all out everything spread out for the
    world to see. Afterall it adds value and worth, just the way our minds work

  • WillTheMallet 4 years ago

    So 800,000 copies sold and apparently a decent chunk of the people who
    bought a copy decided to comment on this video to defend their honour and
    choice in buying a copy. Interesting. I also find it interesting that
    people are using “feminist” and “social justice” as insults now. 

  • Ainsel's_Aegis 4 years ago

    its still a thing cause even the best countries can have that devastating
    emergency where the power is out and simultaneously wifi goes out

  • 2tiburon3 4 years ago

    OH NO, women being objectified!? Someone call a white knight… WAIT never
    mind don’t call one because that would also be objectifing women.
    I guess the women have to get themselves out of this pickle…. WHAT’S
    THIS; women actually go into this of their own will? Obviously they are so
    helpless that they aren’t “truly” doing this out of their will! But
    remember no white knighting unless you want to be a misogynistic pig. Oh I
    see you’ve now sit down and aren’t doing anything to ease women’s pain on
    this matter; God damn you truly are a misogynistic pig!
    Remember ladies:
    If you don’t show off your bodies, patriarchy is keeping you down because
    it’s “forcing” you to hide your true self.
    If you do show off your bodies, patriarchy is keeping you down because it’s
    “forcing” you to degrade yourself.
    What is that? Again with the free will thing!? You poor poor souls. 

  • Kristi Winters 4 years ago

    Here is an idea for them. Have an SI cover of nearly naked men with their
    asses pointed at the camera, and in other sexy poses. Let’s see how men
    feel when women’s and gay men’s masturbation material is treated as
    mainstream, not just hetro men.

  • danehb89 4 years ago

    Is there not also a male version of this? Like oiled up firefighter
    calendars and whatnot?

  • Kalsonic 4 years ago

    Why would it NOT be a thing? These women are beautiful and sexy. Of course
    it’s gonna be a thing. Try having a sense of aesthetics.

    And then there’s the case of having a more analogue feel than a digital

  • Sage Water Dragon 4 years ago

    It’s still a thing because some people like it. It’s the same reason why
    Playboy still exists – selective screening is a far better way of getting
    quality than hopping around 144p, 35 minute videos.

  • lukus black 4 years ago

    Never been attracted to the type, and I’m no sports fan. I never really
    understood the appeal when there was such a thing as Playboy… unless you
    still lived with your parents.

  • TheGiantBunnysaid 4 years ago

    Old farts and dumb asses who don’t know how to use the internet to their
    advantage is why this is still a thing.

  • TheReelCorner 4 years ago

    They need to balance it up: hot men please?

  • Sheikhoo 4 years ago

    It is still a thing because 800,000 people in America don’t have internet!

  • sportlol 4 years ago

    sex is still taboo in the US. While I still haven’t seen a boob in the
    “walking dead”, looks like there’s no problem to show an extreme
    gore-violence in each episode. classic hypocrite american double standards.

  • Goldenhand The Just 4 years ago

    Remember guys, liking boobs = Muh soggy knee, and when retards fall for
    blatant controversy bait it’s DEFINITELY not the fault of the retards that
    bite the bait.

  • Chuck Steak 4 years ago

    This is why I love/hate this show. It’s 95% brilliant material, with
    occasional feminist bullshit thrown in. It’s like enjoying a really good
    burger, then suddenly finding a pube in it. Maybe your next episode should
    be “Feminism: How Is This Still a Thing.”

  • Gina Drayer 4 years ago

    Between the swim suite issue and the ESPN’s Body issue, are people even
    interested in sports magazines any more?

    SI should just take the plunge and go full skin magazine. 

  • Shadow47 4 years ago

    wow, is this real? I never heard of this magazine before and now I’m
    absolutely despise it.

  • xavosix 4 years ago

    So you can actually search for naked ladies on google?? Holy shit!

  • Eric Jones 4 years ago

    I had a small amount of air miles that were going to expire recently, and
    the only thing cheap enough to use them on was magazine subscriptions. I
    signed up for a few different ones, including SI. Just got the swimsuit
    edition and was wondering the same. How is this still a thing? I was super
    excited about the issue when I was a 12 year old. Is that who buys them
    now? I would have assumed they just use Google. 

  • Drake Sigar 4 years ago

    Why do people still buy gaming magazines? Or books in general? The feel of
    the paper obviously makes them comfortable to jerk one off. 

  • Chakib Tsouli 4 years ago

    This is not sexist. But a scientist who have just landed a robot 500
    million kilometers away on an asteroid flying across space at 75 000 Km/h
    in a 10 years mission, is wearing a shirt with manga drawings in it, THIS
    IS sexist.

    Sometimes, america gets too stupid it becomes funny.

  • ROFLMAOtheNARWHAL 4 years ago

    It’s 2015 and people buy softcore porn. That’s the only point I don’t

  • Revanaught 4 years ago

    Holy shit, so many commenters have written paragraphs defending Sports
    Illustrated and have clearly not watched the video. So many people assume
    it’s some feminist video saying men are pigs for looking at women in
    bikinis. It’s not, the video is saying that the swimsuit edition doesn’t
    need to exist anymore because you can see more, for free, on the internet. 

  • Blake Guthrie 4 years ago

    This is the best kind of gender equality discussion. It’s funny, shrewd,
    and isn’t preachy while still getting the message across. It’s not all,
    “naked women = sexism” but, rather, food for thought. 

  • DeeDah 4 years ago

    If she hadn’t had a Brazilian, you see a shitload of pubic hair on this
    years cover. Smart photographer though. It’s AMAZING how the eye goes right
    to the pubes.

  • Stew Pid 4 years ago

    I feel so bad for the women on the sports illustrated cover. Getting payed
    thousands of dollars to have your picture taken? What an evil patriarchal
    society we live in. .

  • John D. 4 years ago

    Considering the relative sales, the real question is, “Why are Non-swimsuit
    issues of Sports Illustrated still a thing?”

  • TheBadFred 4 years ago

    Who pays actually money for that?

  • Danny Dang 4 years ago

    Pornhub is free.

  • Honor Knight 4 years ago


  • Andrea Borgia 4 years ago

    It’s a good question… Want pr0n? It’s the only thing that rivals kittens
    on the Internet and that means a fucking lot!

  • bboyagua 4 years ago

    The problem is that SI is NOT men’s masturbatory material. Maybe a few
    grandpa’s still covet a glossy semi-erotic photograph instead of actual
    sexuality. The point is SI is the weakest of weak tea and it pushes on the
    impulses of otherwise decent decision makers via contrived scandal and
    branding bullshit. I would love it if hetero and gay men’s masturbatory
    material was actually mainstream and our Puritan roots were finally

  • Scott Thomas 4 years ago

    Because men are dumbasses.

  • ds37 4 years ago

    “People could now type naked ladies and see what Google throws at them”

    Yeah I asked women who went to see Fifty Shades about why they’re willing
    to pay for bad soft core porn and I still had no convincing answer as well.

    But I guess that sex sells, that’s it.

  • nameless 4 years ago

    I’ve only got a subscription because the rad sneaker-phone!

  • Annie Sophos 4 years ago

    THANK HEAVENS someone of this quality of argument and professional
    criticism has finally noticed something like that magazine, honestly, why
    is it still a thing? i get that sports magazines should go on because
    they’re entertainment and at least helps others keep up with reading, but
    swimsuit edition? that’s just for the cover girl to brag about and earn
    more money by showing herself in a ”look at me i’m fit and slim and curvy,
    just how women are supposed to be!” shallow attitude.

  • Jaedo Youn 4 years ago


  • The Salty Spittoon 4 years ago

    You can buy fully automatic fire arms in america with no effort whatsoever
    but some magazine of half naked women is what you have a problem with? 

  • white guilt 4 years ago

    How is John Oliver still a thing? All he does is bash men and conservatives.

    As a woman I love Sports Illustrated, but maybe that’s because I grew up in
    a household that promotes the beauty of woman and that god made us to be

    Unlike my liberal female feminists who hate their bodies and hate any woman
    that looks like a super model.

    I’m starting to think John Oliver is secretly gay, and feminists are simply
    tom-boys who wish they were men.

  • Kimberly Chapman 4 years ago

    This is still a thing because women are still objects for male gaze more
    often than not.

    This is still a thing because people buy it.

    This is still a thing because sad, immature manbabies want it to be a thing.

    And this is still a thing because women judge each other on size,
    swimsuits, and all sorts of crap that needs to be left behind but then how
    will they justify their own painful fad diets and ridiculous shopping
    addictions if they don’t have other people to use as yardsticks?

    It speaks again to that thing I keep harping on: women need to stop
    dieting, dressing, and debilitating themselves for anyone’s pleasure by
    their own. If you like to starve yourself and wear the latest bikini
    fashions, fine, that’s your prerogative. Leave those of us who are at the
    Y pool with our kids and perfectly happy to wear a one-piece,
    classic-style, plain swimsuit alone. We’re not there to have our bulges or
    stretch marks or cellulite graded by anyone else. We’re there to cool off
    with our kids.

    So yeah, this is still a thing because too many people want it to be. The
    key to making it stop is to start by making it stop for yourself, because
    you can’t control what other people are going to do or say or think. Stop
    treating your body as someone else’s viewscreen. Be yourself, be
    comfortable, be happy.

  • Keith Wilson 4 years ago

    How is the *Sports Illustrated* swimsuit edition still a thing? In 2013
    over 800,000 copies were bought *on the newsstand* compared to about 60,000
    newsstand copies for a regular issue. What’s up with that? We live in an
    era where a Google search can bring you all the scantily-clad women you
    could possibly want to see, so why do people still get the swimsuit edition
    of *Sports Illustrated*? What’s the appeal?

  • Ryukachoo 4 years ago

    its still a thing because it outsells a regular issue ALMOST 12 FOLD
    literally 1:52

  • 卍OM卐 4 years ago

    Jesus christ.

  • XZDrake 4 years ago

    Who the fuck even wants soft core porn?

  • Lilly B 4 years ago

    How is this still a thing?

  • PhantomAct 4 years ago

    One of the last bastion of male freedom! Look I understand that there are
    unusually lots more of homos these days but don’t force your sterile
    lifestyle and dislike for gorgeous women on us. The race still has to be
    procreated by us normal heteros. So leave our magazines alone!

  • Interior Crocodile Alligator 4 years ago

    Are you trying to shame people for being attracted to gorgeous women
    wearing next to nothing by saying “Ewww” whenever they state their
    attraction? Seriously? You’re trying to label them perverts because they
    are attracted to beautiful women and like it when they get to see them on a
    magazine they buy?

    Are you seriously suggesting that if a popular trashy women’s magazine had
    one version a year in which they had near-naked male models on the cover
    that they wouldn’t have the same reaction?

    What an absolute disgrace. This is disgusting. It’s not sexist to have
    beautiful near-naked women on the front of a magazine. Sure, it’s making
    the magazine seem desperate to keep sales up, but which magazine isn’t?
    Next we’ll be shaming people for watching porn or having sex.

  • blackm4niac 4 years ago

    I think they just answered their own question:
    “How is this still a thing?”
    Well, because it sells a metric shitton of copies, that’s why.

  • msgundam2 4 years ago

    John Oliver is right exploiting the female body is wrong. I am now going to
    watchGame of thrones and jerk it to that naked crazy red head.

  • Sarah S 4 years ago

    The funny thing is, more female models have featured on the cover of *Sport*
    Illustrated than a female *athletes*.

  • Permagrin187 4 years ago

    1. Even in this day and age we don’t always have an internet connection.

    2. I think you know the other reason…

  • CrashBash 4 years ago

    s episode made me go watch porn.

  • bigraviolees 4 years ago

    republicans dial up is a little to slo

  • Nikolay Mitev 4 years ago

    Just torrented thru 2013 and 2014. Almost all of the models are just “meh”
    and din’t bother with a second/third picture. Still, there were 1-2 WOW 0_0

  • pugfugly1989 4 years ago

    I’m alright with the swimsuit edition, but they could really go with a
    50/50 perspective on genders just to widen their demographic. Everyones a
    pervert, not just old guys who don’t know what the internet is, when I
    worked at a gas station in highschool, more women bought stuff like that
    than men did.

  • ImperatorRom 4 years ago

    You guys fail to see that there are people that prefer paper, nostalgia is
    still an issue as well xD Also, a magazine is easier to get to the WC, and
    while tablets and smart-phones are competing with that… a magazine
    doesn’t need a battery or internet connection xD

  • hawaiidkw 4 years ago

    As a matter of principle, I *hate* anything that teases nudity without ever
    actually delivering. When I saw that cover, my response was immediate and
    fierce: *trying too hard*. And since I already *know* she’s never going to
    go the last two inches, all that makes this is a worthless half-baked
    knockoff of everything where they *do*. I’m supposed to pay for this crap??
    There’s no such thing as “naked enough” here. It’s absolute black and
    white. So either man up and go all the way, or put them in swimsuits that
    are *practical* and that women might actually consider spending money on.
    Geez. (For the record, I’ve never understood the appeal of Maxim and its
    ilk either.)

    And Playboy is fighting for its life right now. I just don’t get this
    nation sometimes.

  • MiotaLee 4 years ago

    I see comments. Look, it’s not about America being afraid of sex. It’s the
    exploitation of female sexuality to make sales… which is inherently
    disparaging and sexist.

  • Italo Talocchino 4 years ago

    Micro Bikini’s

  • tron kon 4 years ago


  • sarcastic bowl of cornflakes 4 years ago

    Alright, this video is saying two separate things. The first half of it
    really does seem to imply that there’s something wrong or inherently sexist
    about SI doing a softcore porn issue, and the second half is incredulity
    about the magazine existing in the age of the internet.

    Both of these themes are present in the clip. To those of you unaware of
    either theme… Be kind. Rewind.

  • ELizabeth Orsini 4 years ago

    If people ask “how is this still a thing?”, they are either gay men or
    straight women.

  • Tr4newreck 4 years ago

    the 800,000 sales are the collective of all our old grandparents/dad’s that
    STILL haven’t learned how internet porn works

  • don edward 4 years ago

    this was a mag all us teen boys in the 80s and 90s jerked off to before the
    internet came along, even the porn video industry is losing money to free
    internet porn.

  • HASEnoncorperated 4 years ago

    bet you didn’t know that this is narrated by david kaye, the voice of beast

  • Albertus Vergilius 4 years ago

    How is it still a thing because of objectification, or the fact that its
    mostly free on the internet – don’t go after small fish and then claim to
    be against sexism.

  • TymeTwyster Last 4 years ago

    Why is it still a thing?

    Because mock it all you want, S.I. doesn’t have any risks of a virus wiping
    your computer out attached to it.


  • John Dodge 4 years ago

    You get a better bang for your buck with a real smut mag. They aren’t
    cluttered up with space wasting sports stuff. Left page bikini, Right page
    some sweaty beat up dude, waste. Don’t waste your time with any P.C
    comments about Bi sexuals and equality blah blah. I don’t care, It’s MY
    mag. Peace

  • Gamer God 4 years ago

    Its still a thing cus u can hid it under ur mattress and your parents or
    girl wont think to look cus she thinks the porn is on da pc and phone

  • chendaddy 4 years ago

    The people who buy this issue are the same people who say they read Playboy
    for the articles and go to Hooters for the wings, i.e. people with no
    original thoughts in their heads or clue as to how Google works.

  • Mark Pickard 4 years ago

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – How
    Is This Still a Thing?

  • Capital King 4 years ago

    One word: Pornhub

  • Andrew Cleasby 4 years ago

    “How is this still a thing?” And your next line is “it makes them all the
    money”… you answered your own question

  • waddledee5399 4 years ago

    it’s still a thing because it’s only buyers are old men who’s wives refuse
    to have sex with them anymore, and they don’t know what pornhub is.

  • Sergiu Pop 4 years ago

    Women that enjoy and want attention profiting from it?! Someone, light the
    bras of Minas Tirith! Alert the feminists! 

  • kreehomel 4 years ago

    Because guys who can’t afford internet can only get caught so many times in
    the public library before they require more private spank material.

  • wiiagent 4 years ago


  • sillygrl23 4 years ago

    Yeah, I was there for one those “controversies” basically my job was to put
    out magazines for different retailers and the company I worked for and the
    store, Wal-Mart (obviously it’s run by fucking old white dudes, so what you
    expect?) okayed them to be displayed.

    And then the next week we got a email saying that a few customers were
    complaining about them being on the shelves, so my colleague and I had to
    scour the magazine racks and pull ALL the Swimsuit issues we could find and
    return them, making TWO trips when I could have been at home relaxing and
    at they STILL fucking send not only SI but Maxim (GQ is okay, because it
    has more male gaze and suit porn on there than actual women in bikinis so
    it’s cool) as well, to the point I go:”You know what, fuck you guys, I am
    not wasting my fucking gas mileage having to pull these off the shelf, I am
    not putting these magazines out.” And I did. No one cared or complained at
    the store.

  • Conor Fitzpatrick 3 years ago

    Should do another episode on religion, How is that still a thing?

  • Might be Lux 3 years ago

    I agree it shouldn’t be a thing anymore but also the Swimsuit Issue was
    what made me realize I was not straight

  • nosferotica 3 years ago

    Beautiful women sell regardless of the medium.

    Who knew?

  • Daren Clare 3 years ago

    Oh F*** OFF Already!

    It’s a men’s magazine & the majority of which are hetero in orientation
    which should equal the glaringly obvious answer to the question “Why Is
    This Still A Thing?”

    Because heterosexual men still like to look at scantily clad women you PC
    Nazi twit!!


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