Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education (HBO)

Published on August 10, 2015

Sex education varies widely between school districts, leaving many teens without comprehensive information. We made a video that covers what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

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  • abdou salem 4 years ago

    so some people here in america are abstinent until marriage! i respect
    that. i could’ve done that if i wasn’t such a weak piece of trash.

  • Casey5693 4 years ago

    I learned about sex from my parents…They told me what it was and what
    other things were. I don’t see anything wrong with learning that way.

  • Azure Fieldstone 4 years ago

    When I was taking sex ed the coach and outside sex educator who came to the
    school warned us to never shave! She gravely said it could lead to
    infections! After 4 different courses in it in Atlanta during the past 12
    years, no one ever said to pinch the condom or not use oils! It was so
    absurd. My doctor even was sarcastic when I asked her if shaving was okay
    years after.

  • Clay Bransom 4 years ago

    I had a friend who went to a Catholic school, the nuns use to tell them
    that sex is bad, you get AIDS, you get some girl pregnant, then both your
    lives are ruined, having premarital sex will damn you to hell, all that.

    Then watch the priests go around having sex with teen boys.

    The point being he was scared to have sex then college came around, all
    hell broke loose

  • Mike Smith 4 years ago

    the shoe and tape examples are pretty accurate tough. the more partners a
    woman has the less she is worth.

  • Toby Benedict 4 years ago


  • Boystan Toytle 4 years ago

    Can I get stds from oral sex?

  • Thirdy Summer 4 years ago

    We had sex education back when I was in my third year of high school (I
    went to a catholic high school). All I remember is condom can still get you
    pregnant because they have microscopic holes. Then they show us pictures of
    STIs. I didn’t learn much and I have to go to the internet to satisfy my

  • Lucas Ramos 4 years ago

    There are so many different types of “No”s…I just wish that people use
    and understand them correctly. One night I hooked up with a girl and we got
    into her car…even though we were making out kinda hard, she was saying
    ‘no’. I kept pushing, just by the feeling that she was really into it, but
    she wasn’t giving in completely. At some point I just got tired and was
    about to leave without even getting her number. I just tried a last push
    kissing her legs, she said ‘no’ once, twice…and FINALLY gave in! We had
    the most amazing car sex ever and stood up all night talking about movies
    and music. Now we’re about to complete 7 years dating and I just can’t
    imagine my life without her…I’m just pretty thankful to my ‘stubborn but
    reasonable’ behavior that night.

  • Nathan Franks 4 years ago

    Personally, I wouldn’t want a girl who has been with like 8+ people….I
    don’t think there is anything “wrong” with that, but I Just want a girl
    that hasn’t been all about that. I don’t think people should be verbally
    shamed by everyone, but being “used” is definitely a word I think of and
    everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  • Brandyn Gallagher 4 years ago

    Irony: Having Laverne Cox participate in a sex ed video that says IUDs go
    inside women’s bodies to prevent pregnancy. Because, you know, it’s not
    like trans guys can get pregnant or anything. Speaking of people
    desperately needing better sexual health education that consistently fails
    to prepare them for reality.

  • Taco1011 4 years ago

    I laugh when I hear the words Penis, Butt or Vagina. I’m 18 years old.

  • Halbinoni 4 years ago

    Nothing about eye to genital :

  • whuzzzup 4 years ago

    Oh americans, you are funny people.
    At least when viewed from a safe distance from developed countries.

  • Kendrix Havlik 4 years ago

    Another thing about this abstinence BS is that teenagers are supposed to
    become adults eventually – Sex ed, like any kind of education, is meant to
    prepare you for life. They might not have sex yet, but apart from the
    occasional asexual or extremely career focussed person, most of them will
    have sex *eventually*.

    Filling a developing person with shame about their emergent sexual feelings
    isn’t going to lead to an adult who can relaxedly enjoy screwing their

  • farrel farrelb 4 years ago

    After the sock thing I was like “That’s what she said”

  • 8DX 4 years ago

    Who is the bearded dude in the lumberjack shirt? (probably heard is voice
    somewhere I’m just not good on US actor/celebrity names…)

  • Ashton B 4 years ago

    Now on the other end of the spectrum, i will be honest about my numbers, i
    have had sex with 34 girls, received and given oral with well over a
    hundred and as i look back on my short time on this planet, i can hardly
    remember a thing about many of those. It is the ones i truly cared for, the
    ones that meant something that i look back on with fondness. And in this
    world that is all we truly get is the memories we take with us down the
    road. Do not treat sex lightly, it comes with a great responsibility, it
    should be cherished and held dear and not just tossed around on a whim. Of
    course it is fun, it feels simply amazing, but just like everything else in
    this world, moderation is key. Please be who you want to be, live the life
    that makes you happy, but know that in time, you will look back on those
    immature decisions and wonder, what the fuck was i thinking!

  • Zach Hayes 4 years ago

    Coming from a conservative upbringing in which the tape analogy was used- I
    think you misunderstood her point. She wasn’t saying the woman is damaged
    with every partner, not in a physical sense. The ‘sticking power’ is
    supposed to refer to the ability to emotionally bond. The idea being that
    if you sleep around, you won’t be able to connect as well with your
    eventual spouse, and the relationship will be less ‘real.’
    It’s a frikkin stupid idea, but it’s a different stupid idea than what you

  • Lucas W 4 years ago

    5th grade: lived in Maryland, learned about puberty. 6th and 7th grade:
    learned about the body parts, abstinence and STIs. Cue to 11th grade: lived
    in Florida, learned about body parts, vague talks about condoms and STIs.
    Also abstinence. 3rd year of college: Lived in Maryland, finally learned
    about safe sex bs unsafe sex

  • Doorstop1227 4 years ago

    She forgot anus to genital contact.. telling people off homosexual sex
    and/or anal is one thing, but not even admitting it exists is a whole
    ‘nother… -_-

  • Lauren Stephenson 4 years ago

    An IUD goes inside a uterus not a “woman’s body”

  • HamelinSong 4 years ago

    This is strange to me. In Italy we have a very poor sex education in
    school, and still we never had social problems like teen pregnancy and
    stuff. And abstinence is not “a thing” here!
    I wonder how this works…

  • Lune Vermeil 4 years ago

    For years my school had no sex ed, and capitulated. Eventually getting a
    married couple to come and tell us we were all dirty dirty sinners.

    The woman had gone on about how when she was having sex she felt like she
    was worth less than a dollar, and how any of the girls should feel the same.

    I stood up in the middle of church (yeah they had this talk at church, to
    make it weigh more I guess.). I walked forward and asked her, while holding
    out a dollar, if she had change. Saying there is a closet just this way.
    Then I walked out the back exit.

    The room was dead silent, a little while later the special assembly was
    dismissed in stunned silence.

    The look of impotent fury on the husbands face was so profound. I thought
    he’d have a stroke.

  • Thomas 4 years ago

    What happened before schools taught sex? How did people know how to have
    babies? How did people know NOT to have babies, but still have sex? Good
    thing we have all this taught to us now.

  • Torben Rudgaard 4 years ago

    America come on!! You got teen pregnancies and STD levels to match a 3rd
    world country. You need to drop the religious prudeness and teach kids
    about how the body works and how to protect yourself when having sex. Last
    I was in LA I was sitting behind 3 young boys (9-11 year olds) who were
    googling “snapchat nude teen girls” and browsing porntube on their ipads.
    So they are just as exposed to porn as European kids. So wouldn’t it be
    better to teach them correct protection in schools to make SURE they know
    how to protect themselves? Or do you want your kids to learn “how to do
    it” from Porn movies? (they do NOT use protection in porn movies!!). In
    Europe we start sexual education from age 8. which is why we have almost
    zero teen pregnancies and the lowest STD among youth in the world!!! Think
    about this!!
    Or do you believe American kids follow religious people advising them about

  • fernando torrera 4 years ago

    Sex Ed should not be in high school it should be an outside class that is
    optional to attend at a clinic with nurses and a doctor. Sex Ed needs to be
    more in depth about menstration and hormones answers someone working in
    medicine can provide.

  • PureElixir 4 years ago

    Don’t be puritan snowflakes. “No means Yes, Yes means anal” is funny.

    Stop being anti-boys and start educating people to learn how to socialize
    and empathize with one-another. Demonizing woman saying they are whore is
    horrible, so is demonizing mans saying they are uncontrollable sex-crazed.

  • Astra9lua 4 years ago


  • MurtezaAFG 4 years ago

    I just wish John Oliver wouldn’t be an ass and insult God like that.

  • Hiro Fox 4 years ago

    Here in Canada, there was an update to the sex-ed programme during the past
    year, and people flipped their shit. They were so stupid, they actually
    thought that their kindergartners would be taught how to perform anal.
    There were protests over it.

  • Zeus Demi 4 years ago

    Am I the only one curious as to what butt-vagina would look/be like?

  • Karl Schafer 4 years ago

    This is all very true. I was never taught how to use a condom and am kinda
    worried that I don’t know how. The campaigns for abstinence are everywhere
    and are really getting hammered in. At my school a lot of us laugh at them
    because of how ridiculous they are. Girls are getting hit with this the
    worst. They are constantly told that they are weak and worthless when it
    comes to sex. And guys are told that they are rapist who can’t control
    their penises and rape anything that can fit their dicks. I once knew a
    girl who wouldn’t date me cause she wasn’t ready to have sex. Like “who the
    fuck said anything about that?! I just wanted to take you to a dinner and
    make awkward small talk in the hope that I can call you my girlfriend and
    hangout more!”(age 17). There is way to much fear campaigning going around
    about stuff like this and it needs to stop. Come on America, don’t make
    your youth all power fearing idiots who don’t know a condom from a balloon.

  • Nazmus Saquib 4 years ago

    Why is it okay to have sex before marriage, outside of marriage, or have
    multiple sex partners? “We are living in 21st century” logic is pathetic.
    Even hundred years ago, what seemed to be completely out of the norm is
    pretty commonplace these days. And just because everyone is doing it
    doesn’t make it moral.

    We live in an age where medical advancement has reached at it’s highest
    peak so far. But don’t we have more STD’s than our ancestors? Don’t we have
    become more sexually variant? We focus more on instant gratifications, and
    we don’t value love as much as we value lust. How did our ancestors have
    their sex eds? Or how do the vast majority of people in the world, who
    doesn’t have an access to internet or tv, get their’s? Are (or were) they
    less happier than the us?

    Morality is like a burden to a lot of people and soon enough, it will be
    thing to laugh at. First we were taught that having sex before marriage and
    outside of marriage is okay. Then we were taught homosexuality is okay. I
    can guarantee all of you that within 10 years, polygamy would be okay too.
    The next step would be incest. And so on. In fact, let’s not forget the
    logic when people say, “We’re just making love, not war, So why the hell
    not? We’re adults here.”

    And the 18 years age for giving consent for sex is laughable. When the
    average age for people losing virginity is 17, that number is nothing but a
    joke. So yeah, this 21st century is a century where everything is accepted.
    Everything our ancestors did are ‘old fashioned’. Within 2050, we will have
    sex with robots like we go for groceries. I hope some day we wake up and
    start thinking about the consequences of our actions.

  • David Andrews 4 years ago

    Dear USA,

    Grow the fuck up about sex, for fuck’s sake!

  • Bader Mubarak 4 years ago

    People are so horny, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  • Gordon Thomas 4 years ago

    Can someone please tell me if all or most of this is completely factual?
    Because we seriously need to do some shit about this and while I’m on it,
    John Oliver seems too good to be true. Every single one of his videos is so
    powerful and eye opening that I just cannot believe it can all be true. Can
    someone tell me if John Oliver has a political/moneymaking agenda or is he
    really shedding light on the dark problems in the world slash United
    States? Because if so he honestly might be the second coming. I believe

  • Gawrila Ghul 4 years ago

    John Oliver should do an episode about: “How chri$$tian tards spend their
    money.” :)

  • tumatauenga ahau 4 years ago

    i am so fucking thankful i don’t live in america. in my opinion it’s by far
    the worst country in the world, the people are so full of themselves and
    for the most part, uneducated and moronic as fuck. fuck america!

  • Fabio De Santis 4 years ago

    8:17 I laughed so hard they called the police

  • NotTotallyHopeless 4 years ago

    I got the dirty toothbrush thing in middle school. I then asked the teacher
    if, as a toothbrush I have something else to bring to bring to a
    relationship besides sex and was kicked out of the classroom

  • Bonobo3D 4 years ago

    No wonder the routine genital mutilation of infant males gained a
    stronghold in America.

  • Sir Fur 4 years ago

    Apparently, Pam Stenzel (source: Wikipedia) was a rape baby. Rape is made
    more possible by sexual repression and a lack of knowledge of how sex
    actually works. I see a bit of a conflict of interest here, because she’s
    creating the conditions where people like her are created.

  • wtfbomb153 4 years ago


  • Miki Seius 4 years ago

    Is it only because im from Sweden or is this fear of sex just absolutely

  • James Young 4 years ago

    I live outside Richmond, VA and I can say as a 17 year old senior that the
    methods of abstinence Sex-Ed in Virginia is appalling. The ordinary nurses
    that taught us students, they would shame absolutely anyone that ever spoke
    out about using safe sex methods and/or any other variant from the “only
    method”. The current system doesn’t try to protect us students, it only
    cares about a strict system that has been proven not to work

  • Jakob P 4 years ago

    it doesn’t feel right to hear the voice actor from a children’s TV show
    swear… (Kristen Schaal)

  • Beck Nielsen 4 years ago

    I’m form Utah, and I recognize that lady who was yelling about genital
    contact from a video shown at my school lol

  • vriley2000 4 years ago

    And don’t fall for this “Consent is sexy” crap…

    Consent is mandatory. Which makes it boring, yes. But non-negotiable.

    Enthusiasm… that’s the sexy part. You get that from your partner…
    you’re all set.

  • Nishant Nagdeve 4 years ago

    wait… did he just say our ejaculate is gods tears?!? lol… cum running
    down gods face… definitely going to hell for imagining that and laughing
    at it.

  • Clayton Robert-Stephen Nelson 4 years ago

    Just wow.
    This is so reminiscent of the sex-ed we had at my Christian high school.
    Main premise: fuck after marriage, and don’t masturbate because it makes
    the angels cry.

  • SheepFaceTV 4 years ago

    In my school we have a day about sex health where seniors (volunteers) plan
    a day for the freshmen. First a lady comes in and talk about masterbation
    for almost an hour, she talks about how it’s good and people shouldn’t be
    ashamed. Next groups of kids go from class learning about different parts
    of sex (protection, disease, sexualities, etc). I had a really good sex
    education where we looked at many different types of protection (I had no
    idea there was so many), how to use them, what they were, and how effective
    they are. We could even write questions on paper and put it in a box that
    the teacher would answer in a judgment free zone.

  • burazfly 4 years ago

    If you cant endure thru temptations and change partners often you are
    wasted and used. There would be no need for condoms if people are
    responsible. Not to mention how much condom industries earns from
    irresponsible people.
    Selling sex and curing diseases is profitable. If people changed less
    partners insecurity in someones health would not be questionable same as
    unwanted pregnancy’s and abortions, profits of lobbyists would shrink as
    well .

    At end of a day sex is businesses that brings entire society more problems
    than pleasure. As itself is egoistic need of one individual to pleasure it
    self on cost of someones expense. Why people don’t want to resist
    Its mental weakness same as food, drug, cigaret… its addiction and world
    is full of addicts.

  • Jon Herring 4 years ago

    Liberals are pedophiles. If a child is too young to have sex then what is
    the point of teaching them? How many liberal parents would be happy to send
    their daughters out into the community to fulfill whatever sexual desires
    they and that community would have? Not such a natural and good thing when
    you say it like that? Because being a whore is neither.

  • Dorian Stern vukotic (Pigsaw Kykbuttowsky) 4 years ago

    Question: how can the average number of partners be different from male to
    female population, assuming homosexual relationships aren’t involved ? Or
    is it median ?

  • Grace Gary 4 years ago

    My parents asked if I needed the talk and I told them I Googled it a long
    time ago. They said okay, be sure to ask if you’ve got any questions.

    Unfortunately, I thought that this was an okay way to learn, however to
    this day, I haven’t a fucking clue which is the right way to put on a
    condom. And is there supposed to be air at the top?? Depending on who I
    ask, there is for the sperm or it’ll break, or there isn’t because in the
    middle of sex the air pocket will pop. WHICH ONE IS IT???

  • Albertus Vergilius 4 years ago

    If she undresses, that’s not consent?

  • Kenneth Pace 4 years ago

    I guess, for the left, the only sex education needed is “yes, and don’t
    worry about any consequences, there’s always welfare. Oh, and democrats.”

  • Anna Fowler 4 years ago

    Wait, is that the girl who voices Mabel Pines?

  • Moby Dick 4 years ago

    Don’t have sex. Cause you will get pregnant… and die. Don’t have sex in
    the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up… jeez… don’t do it,

  • RainAngel111 4 years ago

    I’m a christian and I have decided to be abstinent until marriage. But good
    sex education is absolutely essential.

    No matter what we teach, some kids are gonna have sex and we should be
    trying to reduce the consequences of that. As well, a lot of abstinence
    teaching can bring a lot of really harmful shame.

  • Hromovlad1 4 years ago

    Mabel and Axe Cop teaching sex-ed
    that’s pretty cool

  • Drew Baker (RoxRock) 4 years ago

    “No parent wants to talk to their kids about sex, and no kid wants to talk
    to their parents.” THERE. RIGHT THERE is the problem. Because it SHOULD be
    the parent’s job! Schools are supposed to educate kids not raise them!

  • zanzuu12 3 years ago

    bruh some porn and trial and error is how teen learn lol

  • Coolidge Dollar 3 years ago

    To be fair, I think confusion over sexual consent is more due to modern
    feminism than abstinence-only education.

  • Bart Bols 3 years ago

    whats up with the image showing a bird and a wasp… does sex ed in the US
    sting that bad???

  • GamingTec101 | road to 1k 3 years ago

    They forgot…feet, boobs, and ears :)

  • Hanna Maye 3 years ago

    Isn’t flirting pretty much persuading someone? People who play hard to get?
    I don’t think consent should be that strict because sex involves two
    people. Even if one person is 60% sure, they still participated in sex
    willingly. they still said yes. Consent doesn’t have to be enthusiastic or
    100% sure, it just has to be safe and the person must agree to it. If a
    person is being persuaded (not coerced or pressured), having sex is
    completely their own free choice still.
    Regarding the ‘not sure/sure if the other person want to have sex w/ you’
    thing, sex is again, an act that involves two people. If person A is not
    sure if person B wants to have sex, person A is then also unsure if sex is
    a good choice. Both parties are therefore unsure.

  • Hugo Lalumiere 3 years ago

    That is so irresponsible to dilute and confuse your sex ed. WE are the
    fucking adults! They rely on us for support and I can’t believe some adults
    will just either bail out or lowball our teenagers with NEED-TO-KNOW
    information. Some adults, and in this case, persons in charge deserve a
    motherfucking bitchslap!

  • Stuart Doblin 3 years ago

    The two-word phrase, “sex education”, is in fact a contradiction in terms,
    a modern ‘oxy-moron’ – WHICH IS : “THE PROBLEM!!!!”

    Unfortunately, the use of oxymorons to explain : ‘anything’ : indicates
    that we are dealing with the psychological development of between eight and
    twelve; the Moronic Level of Psychological Development.

    “Hulu Programming” have : ‘Masters of Sex” .

    Sex is not to be ‘Mastered”.

    Sex is to enjoyed.

    Let me explain.

    A Master of an Art or Sport such as Serena Williams from within the Sport
    of Tennis, is the ‘”PRIME” Candidate’ capable of ‘Moving the Sport of
    Tennis Forward.

    In Sex however, each of us are PARTICIPANTS, and anyone of use can improve
    the sex lives of ALL others through what we learn individually during ‘sex’
    and then, through ‘in-form-ing’ the rest of US.

    This is not the case with Masters.

    Tennis Master, Selena Williams, is the Primary tutor that can exhibit
    Excellence (for the now) and demonstrate it’s enhanced performance for the
    rest of us. This is what makes Selena or any other Master, A Master of
    Their Art (and Play).

    In a sexual encounter, two individuals who do love each other and have
    little experience with sexuality can have a great time together, sexually.
    Whereas a married couple of fifty years who have refused to engage in
    constant and ever-present-dialogue can have an extremely disappointing
    sexual event.

    So, what does improve, SEXUAL Satisfaction.


    Now : “Education” requires : : “Effort” :. Learning or educating oneself
    requires concentration – that’s EFFoRT!

    Sex requires the ability to enjoy oneself without effort (or concentrating
    AlL ON Just ONE Thing).

    Thus, in brief conclusion: the two-word phrase, “sex education”, is in fact
    the disguised oxymoron : “Effortless – Effort” : .

    Like a “non professing – professor”, Garbage Speech – Garbage Intelligence
    : A Bastard Child.

    What can be offered is : “Sexual Information” – as a guide – the rest is up
    to experience to Lead Beyond informing. IMHO

  • Kindiah 3 years ago

    You just lost my respect puppet

  • Richard Williams 3 years ago

    This typical liberal cannot resist male bashing in his videos.

  • yoji0 3 years ago

    “Those are the things we do not want to be taught in our schools. Those are
    things that should be taught in your home.”

    And what if we DON’T teach them at home?

  • Max Roman 3 years ago

    I live in Mississippi and the reason our Sex Ed rules are so stupid is the
    same reason our state is not involved with Obamacare. We are ruled by idiot

  • Dan R 3 years ago

    Sex ed in schools is fine, provided the information is accurate and
    realistic. That being said, I feel like the ultimate responsibility should
    be on parents, not schools. If your kid attends a school that promotes
    abstinence-only sex ed and you disagree with that (which you totally
    should, btw), then it’s your responsibility to talk to your kid and make
    sure he/she is properly informed. Or, y’know, get your kid into a school
    district that’s not run by fundamentalist loons. And yes, that means I sort
    of agree with John Valentine; believe me, I’m just as disgusted by that as
    you are, but there you go.

  • AceandScotch2 3 years ago

    “Teaching sex addict (sic) in schools is really important for obvious
    reasons; no parent wants to talk to their kid about sex and no kid wants to
    talk about sex with their
    Yeah, but that’s your fucking job as a parent. You don’t cop out and let a
    school that absolutely does not care about the welfare of your kid handle
    it with all the wisdom and clarity of the sex-ed videos John just showed
    us; you sack up and do your job as a parent and guardian. This isn’t a
    problem with poor school curriculum; this is a problem with parents who
    simply don’t want to be parents.

  • Catreenah 3 years ago

    There really are families who can teach sex at home without it being
    weird….just be natural, tolerant and very honest!

  • peter urquidez 3 years ago

    and yet we have common core?!

  • Odin1Davis 3 years ago

    i love it

  • Joseph DiSalvo 3 years ago

    Trust me. Kids in Lakewood high school know what a diaphragm is. ;] ;] ;]

  • cjpinto7 3 years ago

    Since I grew around doctors I never had innocence. At the age of 6 I
    already knew about contraceptives and human anatomy.

  • Kavukamari 3 years ago

    to anyone reading this, if you ever see someone wholeheartedly agreeing
    with the statement “no means yes, yes means anal” I urge you to murder them
    on the spot

  • Jeffrey Cao 3 years ago

    I don’t get why parents get so upset when their kids gain valuable
    knowledge. I mean isn’t that the reason you send them to school (other than
    the fact that it’s a law). But seriously, it’s not like they are going to
    be sex crazed maniacs after learning about it (even though all teenagers
    are sex crazed maniacs to begin with). This information can potentially
    save them from a life changing STD. If I were a parent, I love to have
    someone who is educated to teach sex ed to my kids and answer any questions
    they have. I’m guessing that the argument may be “it’s inappropriate for
    kids to know these kinds of things.” So what? What’s inappropriate about
    learning about our bodies? It’s not like knowing these things will stop
    them from making penis jokes anyway.

  • SpaceClaw 3 years ago

    I grew up in Texas,.. who wants to guess how awful the Sex-ed I got was? I
    promise no matter what you guess, the answer is “no, worse”.

  • HeiBlackReaper69 3 years ago

    That one woman came to our school and most of us landed in detention for
    yelling at her saying that she’s full of shit

  • Dreigonix 3 years ago

    Because if you touch each other, you WILL get chlamydia… and die.

  • Kate Speaks 3 years ago

    Ok I live in Canada and I got that video with that stencil bitch… then
    again I went to a catholic school. But yea. Oh and the tape thing with a
    public speaker. Idk if it was the same woman, I was 13 and it was given to
    the kids of the church (yea even that bullshit was too much for our
    CATHOLIC schools, had to do it through the church a saturday morning)

  • Larry Johnson 3 years ago

    Mabel teaching me about what my genitals do… yay

  • Jonathan Dennis 3 years ago

    Penn & teller said the same thing over a decade ago. This was before
    EVERYONE had a phone or tablet.

  • Arvind Kumar 3 years ago

    Please, please talk about Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak. It’ll be
    something all of us have been waiting for ages, especially Malaysians.

  • crazyRyoga 3 years ago

    1:50 Now I understand why Mike from Breaking Bad was always so grumpy.

  • MadMaxx570 3 years ago

    The bitch at around 8mins need a swift kick in the head

  • blackthorn2200 3 years ago

    sup tumblr.

  • Greg Jeckel 3 years ago

    youre ready

  • tim colombiano 3 years ago

    Ironically abstinence is what happened once I was married

  • Suzanne V. 3 years ago

    Fuckin’ love Jonathan Banks. What a hero.

  • razorwireclouds 3 years ago

    murika: more behind the times than the Roman empire


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