Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Republican National Convention (HBO)

Published on July 25, 2016

John Oliver discusses last week’s unsurprisingly surprising Republican convention.

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  • Andreas Froby 3 years ago

    Americans, just Google Gary Johnson. you don’t need vote for either party

  • Kyle Anderson 3 years ago

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will
    believe it.” – Adolf Hitler

  • Kirk Huffman 3 years ago

    If you just “go with how people feel” what you get is a society that’s an
    ignorant mob.

  • ерунда сэндвич 3 years ago

    Feeling = trump will win, fact = hillary will win

  • Pinche Chinche 3 years ago

    Still better than Hillary

  • malcolm mckellar 3 years ago

    Republicans and the ufc. Well they both kick the shit out of each other.
    Well republicans make people hurt themselves but they still both involve

  • Camden Libby 3 years ago

    The people who founded the country, made it really hard for any president
    to be anything but the president. Felt like John should know that just on
    the off hand that he actually belives the last part of the show

  • aX Rapture 3 years ago


  • Jason Zucchero 3 years ago

    This logic is so flawed:
    1. Relating a reaction over an endorsement to concealing information about
    a danger makes no sense. Funny thing about it, it ended up being a win-win
    situation for Trump.
    2. Crime is worse today AROUND THE WORLD. Thank you, Radical Islamic
    3. America is in a really bad economic spot, contrary to your belief.
    Manufacturing jobs is at an all time low. The wage gap is higher than ever
    before. And to top it all off, The National Debt is almost $20 trillion.
    I will agree with the arguement against Newt Gingrich though. A politician
    should not be able to create facts. However, this one can go both ways as
    Obama claims the world is in a better state than ever before even though
    there have been more terrorist attacks in this year alone compared to the
    past decade.

  • Justin Fattz 3 years ago

    “He just brought a feeling to a fking fact-fight”…LOL

  • jose alanis 3 years ago

    32% ???? you are so wrong Jhon, it felt like 33% to me. I watched the
    speech again and it feels 33% !feel your math Jhon!

  • Cobalt360Degrees 3 years ago

    Holy fuck America.
    What in the world are you doing.

  • Ronin Dave 3 years ago

    What I took away from the RNC convention was that the small government
    conservatives keep clamoring for is a dictatorship.

  • Jamez Campbell 3 years ago

    Great video. Easily the best sum-up of the convention I could have
    imagined. Awesome job guys

  • MidWestComedy 3 years ago

    it is EXTREMELY hypocritical of Democrats to want facts over feelings when
    the entire point of political correctness and all the bullshit that comes
    with PC culture is intended to do exactly that: protect people’s feelings
    rather than embracing facts. They’re more concerned about colleges having
    “safe spaces” and inexplicably forcing LGBT characters into out media to
    further their supposed idea of “progress” and “diversity” than they are
    about National Security. When did Americans get so thin-skinned that they
    can’t brush off a little insult here or there. Grow some balls America. If
    it takes a little bit of unpleasant action to protect the American people
    then do what you have to do. The people who cry about getting offended over
    trivial bullshit can either leave the country or suck it up and move on
    with your life. Also it’s kinda hard to buy those FBI statistics since
    Hillary already got off the hook with them.

  • Ebon Hawk 3 years ago

    John is is right about all of this.
    Donald Trump is the worst candidate America has ever had, which makes me
    sad that he has come this far.
    And it is exactly why you should vote for him, Hillary is in fact, not the
    better options just because she is the lesser of two evils.
    Europe needed the worst humanity had to offer to realise they were doing
    something wrong and try to fix it (Hitler)
    USA, YOU need the worst humanity has to offer to realise you’re doing
    something wrong, so you can fix it.
    The proof that you need him, to show you your own truth, is the fact that
    he made it this far in the election.
    For the sake of your nations future, Vote Drumpf.

    And he is right about one thing, your nation is more corrupt than it has
    ever been, though I doubt he has any intention of stopping it.

  • Ciggy Bones 3 years ago

    I gotta fart.

  • Wei Ren Lim 3 years ago

    That CNN reporter who interviewed Newt and covered the RNC looks like she’s
    found herself in an insane asylum and the inmates have taken over the

  • Gary Oaks 3 years ago

    republicans: libtards with their fucking feelings.
    republicans: my feelings are facts

  • Zeezke99 3 years ago

    Saying that the average American doesn’t feel safer while the average
    American is actually safer can be credited to the media. If they didn’t
    sensationalize every bad thing that happened then we wouldn’t feel as

  • Matthew K. 3 years ago

    Trumps here trying to convince us he’s going to help with the poverty
    problem, what a load of $&@%, I mean if he was going to help poverty, why
    doesn’t he help us now, especially since he emphasizes being a successful
    businessman with billions of dollars. Now that I’m thinking about it the
    stupid wall is probably going to dig America down further into the hole
    that we were already in.

  • Trystan McClellan (Bardcraft22) 3 years ago

    Every time I hear someone talk about Donald Trump positively at the RNC, I
    just imagine Fuckface Von Clownstick holding a thousand dollars behind
    their back and holding a lit match.

  • Bergen Nicholson 3 years ago

    Pence needs to fuck off. He is our governor and we fucking hate him. He
    sucks. They both fucking suck.

  • Ruby Hong 3 years ago

    What do you mean the Hunger Games. It sounds more like he wants a Purge.

  • Wiremu Koea 3 years ago

    Thank you John for showing me once again how FUCKED UP the world is.

  • alex wilks 3 years ago

    i “feel” bad about orlando

  • Janey Egerton 3 years ago

    Oh, let them bloody Americans vote for Trump and get the government they
    deserve! Who cares? I can’t wait for America to finally self-destroy. I
    just hope we Europeans are wise enough to not let them drag us down with

  • Pea Nut Butter 3 years ago

    This feels exactly like brexit, Gonna love it when the shit storm comes
    haha ?

  • Valar Morghulis 3 years ago

    5:10 he really does ahve small hands hahaha

  • MEll 3 years ago

    Donald Trump will win and your mad. where is your support Hillary video or
    a third party.

  • Alistair Bowen-Davies 3 years ago

    In the scenario that the Republicans lose. That is a death nail. Never in
    US history has a same party followed a double term president. If GOP lose,
    they may finally have to reconsider the entire basis of the party.

  • swaroop kumar 3 years ago

    Next they’ll create a special military wing to fight zombies. Because
    although most ‘liberal’ statistics indicate that zombie population has
    consistently remained at 0, people’s fear of zombies has increased over the
    years. Lol.

  • Mark Burkinshaw 3 years ago

    fuck oh my god. what.

  • LEMON BERRIES 3 years ago

    we cant win if the game is fixed?
    we as a planet not just a country need to gather the world’s leading
    experts in various fields and force them to lead us into the future…
    Instead of just one shit eating ass clown… Not only is the game rigged
    but it’s fucking boring… and I’m not playing

  • BossNASTY killa 3 years ago

    Obama FTW

  • Raussl 3 years ago

    The republican party, where feelings are facts, and facts are a liberal
    conspiracy…brace yourself, (nuclear) winter is coming!

  • Samuel Vielma 3 years ago

    Man that Gingrich guy got me cringing really hard. Fuck that guy!

  • Morpheus 3 years ago

    Newt Gingrich’s face *BEGS* for a HULK-SIZED FIST firmly planted in it at a
    high rate of speed. This is my vision for a greater America. And I want
    Trump to make it happen.

  • Liesbeth van Dijk 3 years ago

    If a presidential candidate openly expresses admiration for dictators like
    Kim Yung Un, Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin then that should make some
    alarm bells ring in our head. The Germans already made such a mistake once
    in the past so be smart Americans and don’t repeat their mistake.

  • Bacon Lord 3 years ago

    Basically, both candidates are complete shit, and we’re all fucked no
    matter what.

  • Shane Fallen 3 years ago

    I subscribed to you because I thought that you had honest commentaries on
    many issues which is usually true, but on a day where the DNC is exposed
    for being corrupt, you put a video out about the RNC which was quite
    honestly nitpicking. If your biggest quarrels with the RNC were that a
    speech writer sucks and Donald Trump allowed Ted Cruz to speak despite the
    fact that he wasn’t going to endorse him then the DNC is already screwed.

  • Julian Velasquez 3 years ago

    I FEEL like this world (U.S.) is coming to an end…thats a FACT!!

  • AJ D'Addio 3 years ago

    Anyone else feeling slightly more terrified

  • Ian Conrad 3 years ago

    C U R R E N T Y E A R


  • Brooklyn Nguyen 3 years ago


  • kght222 3 years ago

    love it how folk like to go with the gut. they tend to forget that your gut
    is where you keep your shit. usually ends up full of shit a time or two a
    day ;P

  • LoLplayer 3 years ago

    Why u never did a hillary clinton video, are u sponsored by them? Hillary
    plotted with the russians.

  • Jonathan Elkins 3 years ago

    I enjoy your show and I have my concerns about Trump but where is your
    break down of the FBI admitting Clinton miss handled top secret information
    and destroyed evidence and still she gets a clean slate when any other
    American would be in prison in the blink of an eye.

  • Pivotlover94 3 years ago

    Since Democrats can’t agree or seem to stop corruption from brooding Trump
    is gonna win hands down… And that makes me really sad.

  • 55thebassman55 3 years ago

    I would’ve loved it if John Oliver made a parallel with how the
    Conservative Republicans used their feelings to create facts, and how the
    liberals use their feelings to create genders. They’re both stupid, and
    they both need to shut up and acknowledge facts. Missed out on a pretty
    good joke there, but alas.

  • ChillsandThrills 3 years ago

    So much hypocrisy and projection in this video.

  • Count Choculạ 3 years ago

    Feels > Reals

  • Jonathan Conk 3 years ago

    That’s America, we don’t care what’s actually true, we only care what we
    think is true

  • Reviews By Me 3 years ago

    when John oliver comes back on your birthday

  • LoLplayer 3 years ago

    too one sided

  • gotmilk 3 years ago

    257 mass shootings this year which is unbelievable but hey, crime in this
    country is down since Obama took office. over 90% of terrorists attacks are
    done by Muslims, don’t worry bro Islam is the religion of peace.
    You want a better system in place to make sure each and every Muslims isn’t
    a threat to American families, you must be a piece of shit racist.. Every
    Muslim has the right to kill Americans and take their homes, I mean that’s
    what the Germans are doing so let’s copy them.
    You people need to watch what these people actually say and not listen to
    someone spew propaganda bullshit.

  • Ant F 3 years ago

    SYRIAN REFUGEES are slicing innocent people in other counties. if you want
    0 deaths, trump is right to ban ethnic groups.

  • DWARFER-_- 3 years ago

    Siding with the left now are we focus on crocked Hillary for once

  • 50043211 3 years ago

    Thats a fact its not a fucking rorschach test :D!

    This feeling BS has swaped over to Europe now. In the last poll they asked
    me 90% about how I feel about the candidats and around 10% of the questions
    where about policies and if and what I know about their qualification. WTF

  • matiman91 3 years ago

    Don’t they usually say that the left only operates on feelings(“bleeding
    heart liberals”)? Well, the republicans don’t seem to be any better.

  • Eamon Lauster 3 years ago

    Looks like those republicans are at it again, ignoring facts in favor of
    how they feel. Damn Sensual Justice Warriors.

  • KVV4U7Z7R37SCHK3 3 years ago

    I feel like if I were to just throw a Pineapple at Donald Trump’s face,
    America would instantly be great again. Who’s feeling it with me?

  • Slaughter619 3 years ago

    I FEEL like Newt Gingrich sucks dick and fondles balls. I also feel like he
    enjoys snorting lines of baby shit off the backs of aborted fetuses.

    and because I feel it, it must be true.

  • sharang rane 3 years ago

    OMG Americans are so stupid. Anyone can manipulate them.

  • Krackatau 3 years ago

    BTW your whole thing on politicians bring able to create facts didn’t
    represent the transitive property, if anything, if say it was the symmetric

  • ShlomoSheckleberg 3 years ago

    I hope you cover the clear corruption going on in the DNC as long as you go
    over attacking Trump.

  • sravan kumar 3 years ago

    Don’t care about Rnc or Dnc but the oliver’s attitude seems a lil’ biased.

  • Peter Chien 3 years ago

    Newt got so much chit come from the wrong hole?

  • Jeffrey Lebowski 3 years ago

    Yeah, well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.

  • Sprinko Man (Sprinkoman) 3 years ago

    Even if Trump became a hands on president, Hillary president would be

  • Meximagician 3 years ago

    Funny, last I checked Obama was the President of the United States, not
    Mayor of Chicago…

  • platypuss619 3 years ago

    I am so fucking terrified of trump being our president. It doesnt help that
    hillary is running against him. We are so fucked.

  • Niceguy781 3 years ago

    Newt Gingrich is right after all, because as we all know, “reality has a
    well-known liberal bias”.

  • Hugo Cardenas Ulloa 3 years ago

    Oh Donald Trump, the brexit of USA.

  • Charles Nicol 3 years ago

    During Obama’s administration the economy has been manipulated to destroy
    the middle market, instead we have working poor and the 1%. And crime rates
    may go down but the heinousness of crimes has gone up, terrorist attacks,
    school shootings, and mass killing sprees is more frequent in Obama’s
    administration than with Bush’s or Clinton’s. And that includes 9/11 and
    the black church burning’s Jon Oliver is twisting Trump’s points. Obviously
    Jon is a liberal why else would he ever make a story about Hilary’s
    involvement in the Bengazi attack? And how her illegal emails disqualifies
    her from being president.

  • James Johnson 3 years ago

    Feelings over facts?!? Wait a minute… Was this the Mormon convention or
    the GOP convention?!?

  • TheDeckinator 3 years ago

    But seriously, Trump or Hillary. It’s a fine mess you’ve ended up with.
    It’s like you can choose your own way to commit suicide.

  • Bernise Anders 3 years ago

    fascists dont care about facts. republicans have moved so far off the
    spectrum their base cant tell what’s real anymore, so they’re supporting a
    fascist candidacy and dont even know it. they all think they’re moderates.

    the hysterical ravings of this convention is truly indescribable, and
    that’s after the mccain/palin ticket, which fucking followed the
    bush/cheney ticket. this party is totally off the spectrum. they’ve lost
    their goddamn minds.

  • Herbivore 710 3 years ago

    This isn’t funny, it didn’t make me laugh, just made me really angry. Is he
    is elected our country is royaly FUCKED. ? ?

  • Herbivore 710 3 years ago

    This isn’t funny, it didn’t make me laugh, just made me really angry. Is he
    is elected our country is royaly FUCKED. ? ?

  • Grey Matter 3 years ago

    Thank goodness, I’ve been going through withdrawals.

  • Regina Tang 3 years ago

    “The world is dangerous and only I can make you safe.” Is exactly what
    North Korea leadersmake people believe…… Did anyone realize that?

  • John Cho 3 years ago


  • Wolf w Eyepatch 3 years ago

    this guy looks and sounds like a cuck

  • Ralin Pally 3 years ago

    This guy is awesome hahahahaha

  • pamela bond 3 years ago


  • Leiram Aellba 3 years ago

    I’m seriously terrified for America
    Guys are you ok come to Canada I’m scared for you

  • Sami Mas 3 years ago

    Sad. US is going down the drain. take things into your own hands American.
    Save your country; vote for crooked Hillary. she is your only shitty chance
    to avoid the shitter possibility.

  • Adam Peterson 3 years ago

    Truthiness. That’s all.

  • Angry Hedonist Demon 3 years ago

    Where can I get the Trump The Apprentice “This is a dictatorship” music
    video? It needs to be a thing!

  • Aiden Howard 3 years ago

    I am a total Trump supporter, but that thing with Newt made me look for my

  • Bumaye HGW 3 years ago

    “These stupid liberals and their facts!!!” – How the hell became this guy
    an important politician in your country?

  • Ashley Cannatella 3 years ago

    This is all just too embarrassing that the American people can be this
    stupid. Well America, we had a good run. I’m out.
    Feelings ≠ Facts

  • Mark Lee 3 years ago

    Guys, I feel like Bush did 9/11, therefore this is true.

  • Rishabh Sood 3 years ago

    Oliver and the media could not be more biased : i smell shit.. I am not
    American but no one wants Hillary..

  • Taco1011 3 years ago

    Paul Ryan, speaker of the House of Representatives, talking about something
    being stuck? lmao the hypocrisy.

  • Emi Bubble 3 years ago

    Final thing to do before going to sleep on Sunday.

  • David Bronson 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton is going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • DieNetaDie 3 years ago

    and Hillary and the Democratic Party are so democratic?

  • shafiqsharifss 3 years ago

    John Oliver for President


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