Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Public Defenders (HBO)

Published on September 14, 2015

The Miranda warning includes the right to a public defender. It doesn’t include the fact that public defenders are highly overworked and grossly underpaid.

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  • SaiyenInlineSkater 3 years ago

    Wait how do you pronounce New Orleans? New Or lens or New Or leah ends

  • HopHaze 3 years ago

    Logical Insanity

  • it'sdom 3 years ago

    So the big question is: who won the fight? Idiot judge? Or the lawyer?

  • uhfnutbar1 3 years ago

    John Oliver is a man of conviction and has fond many flaws in the America ,
    yet nothing seams to change , why is that ?

  • FfejPlays 3 years ago

    What I learn from John Oliver every time he releases a video: the world is
    fucked up and nobody is doing shit about it

  • SuperMathewson 3 years ago

    I hope they bury that judge in a deep dark hole

  • Headrock 3 years ago

    I think the most disturbing part of all of this is that Dennis Quaid is
    still alive.

  • Albador Ali 3 years ago

    god dammit florida…

  • Hunter Paul 3 years ago

    Just going to gloss over a judge taking a public defender out of court and
    beating the shit out of him THEN coming back and calling 7 cases without
    the lawyer present?
    I mean yeah the public defender issue sucks pretty bad, but I’m pretty sure
    a judge being able to get away with that is FAR worse.

  • UnknownUser 3 years ago


  • terrysky83 3 years ago

    Please don’t satirise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth like you did. She’s done
    more for the anglosphere than all of your fellow HBO comedians combined.

  • Timothy Bowling 3 years ago

    that’s ridiculous!

  • chocobros1 3 years ago

    This is interesting, can anyone tell me if this also applies to Canada?

  • Joe Eversole 3 years ago

    Is the problem overworked public defenders or morons who refuse to act
    civilized and stay out of trouble. It is not that difficult to stay out of
    jail. People make stupid choices and then expect others to feel sorry for
    them. I do not. You are entitled to an attorney but you are not
    guaranteed the right to a good one. You get exactly what you pay for.

  • ‫فهد ال مهلهل‬‎ 3 years ago


  • Jpo C 3 years ago

    Florida has no State income taxes morons, so if you are dumb enough to
    break the law, be prepared to pay a fee. Lesson? Don’t fucking break the
    law! Anyways, I moved to Australia, to much Black on white crime in USA.
    Look up, “white girl bleed a lot”

  • Fly 3 years ago

    The great ol USA people.

  • JAYROCK 3 years ago

    The judge who fought the lawyer is still on the bench?? That’s fucked up.

  • BornIn1500 3 years ago

    Tattooing names on his back? No, that doesn’t make him a heroic lawyer,
    John. It makes him an idiot.

  • ImpossibleHope 3 years ago

    I thought debtor’s prison was against the law here in the U.S…

  • ClaTheNinja 3 years ago

    Dear Last Week crew: I applaud your enthusiasm for wanting to make this
    country a better place. But I wish you were more proactive about the
    process of actually making this country a better place. You point out what
    is wrong, and that’s about it. You might provide some slight direction on
    what needs to happen, but don’t do much to help actually get the ball
    rolling. For example, with the Florida judge who hears cases without the
    presence of the public defender, you should’ve told us his name and some
    sort of contact info for the courthouse or appropriate Florida government
    office to contact so we can send letters demanding that the judge be fired
    and replaced with someone who will do things right.

    You all are clearly intelligent and have a great sense of justice. I just
    wish you would use your talents and influence to actually make things right
    rather than just pointing out what is wrong. You are passionate about
    convincing us what needs to be done, so enlighten us on exactly how to
    actually get it done.

  • clownavenger 3 years ago

    I live at home so i’m fine just working 1 minimum wage job while i’m in
    college but most of my older co workers have 2 to 3 jobs and at least 1 is
    full time This is not what i call lazy but they are poor and just by
    talking i can always find out the reason they are in their current
    position. For example one was 2 semesters away from having a college degree
    in computers but she had to leave college to help her mother who was having
    health issues. So she started working multiple minimum wage jobs to take
    care of two people and never got out of that situation.

  • Kalupz 3 years ago

    I was hoping for an episode on the immigration crisis in Europe but I doubt
    it would be done as well as all of the other episodes.

  • Ryan Brown 3 years ago


  • Autrix91 3 years ago

    Muppet fuckability starts with Janice

  • MrLeovdmeer 3 years ago

    America is broken!!!!!

  • Penny 3 years ago

    I usually really enjoy John Oliver, but as a law student I found a number
    of issues with the points he was trying to make

    1. Most cases end in plea bargaining so that the court system isn’t
    completely backed up with cases. Do you realize how long you would have to
    wait for a court date if everyone wanted a trial?
    2. Public defenders try to get a plea deal because they have too much of a
    caseload to take them all to trial
    3. The reason public defenders have such a heavy case load is because there
    simply aren’t enough lawyers that are willing to work pro bono. Most people
    become lawyers so they can work for a firm and work higher profile cases
    while getting paid ten times the amount you would working as a public
    defender. Most public defenders pay is absolute crap, but they do it
    because they like helping others.
    4. Another sad but honest answer is that a lot of public defenders do not
    want to go to trial because they really are not that skilled of lawyers.
    I’m sure there are some absolutely fantastic lawyers that work pro bono
    because they enjoy it, but majority work it because they are either fresh
    out of law school or could not get hired by firms that only want the best
    lawyers. (if anyone watches “Better call Saul” that’s a really good
    representation of a skilled public defender)
    5. Yes the Miranda warring does say that if you cannot afford an attorney
    one will be provided to you, but it says nothing about paying court fees.
    Almost everyone that goes to court must pay some kind of court fee because
    you are using up the time of the court. Most of the time some of the money
    from the fees will be paid to the public defender, so while you are not
    actually paying for a lawyer you pay the court cost that then pay a portion
    to your defender.

    Other than these things I do agree that there are many problems with our
    legal system and they should be fixed. Still had a good laugh though as
    usual from John Oliver, keep it up.

  • Takyr Dai 3 years ago

    Now imagine if 90%-95% said fuck no and stood up for themselves…. the
    game will break lol

  • Joan E 3 years ago

    Blame the sheriffs and police, they are so corrupt and sadistic that they
    will arrest people for grocery shopping. Felony GROCERY SHOPPING !!! ,
    Purchase lemonade with intent to drink it.. Even when you don’t take a plea
    deal because you know your in the right and it’s a matter of principal.
    Yeah, give me a jury trial, if there’s one on it who has ever grocery
    shopped, ima go free. But they don’t give me a jury trial, they keep having
    me return a month later, every month sometimes twice a month. So they can
    make me sit for hours waiting, try yet again with more plea deals, and drag
    it out more when I refuse. Ultimatley dismissing the case when the time
    expires, about a year.

    But even without a conviction, they manage to abuse me for a week in jail,
    charge me 1,000 dollars in bond to get out, cause me to lose my job by
    missing to to be in jail or court, then tag me with a criminal history that
    prevents me from working or getting into an apartment. Yes, no convictions
    and a criminal history. That is all it will say on the background check. No
    detail or explanation. Get beaten raped, robbed and abused by a sadistic
    and obviously corrupt county sheriff deputee or sergent and your the

    Ya know, I can’t read a book in my own car in a parking lot at night with
    the dome light on because I must be breaking into someone else’s car. I’m a
    lowlife criminal scum. Cops don’t care they make their living from crime,
    if I was really a criminal they would leave me be. They know I’m not so
    they come after me every day. Cops follow me into stores and try to have me
    banned by lying to the store manager, owner or employee. But even if they
    can convince another customer to agree to ban me, then they issue me a
    trespass warning. This is how they arrest me for BS

    When everything is against the law, everyone will be a criminal and when
    the laws no longer apply to police, nothing they ever do can be considered

  • Hayley Rodgers 3 years ago

    Do people really think that because someone has a PD they are guilty? That
    is ridiculous. If they have a PD it means they cannot afford a lawyer, that
    is it.

  • ericsbuds 3 years ago

    im so glad I don’t live in florida anymore!

  • Mofudder 3 years ago


  • evrybdysnshwbiz 3 years ago

    what up Kima

  • Son of Abaddon 3 years ago

    Okey, I’ll google Diana + truth

  • Son of Abaddon 3 years ago can I unsee that o_0

  • Ahmed Ramzy 3 years ago

    why do I keep watching these videos ? oh yes it’s because this show is
    awesome 😀 and i am not from america

  • Last Second Chance 3 years ago

    8:00 Your Honor, I’d like to request a continuance. Preferably a morning
    after a night when you’ve gotten laid… ;-)

  • Revanaught 3 years ago

    I am honest to God surprised that only 4 people sent semen to John’s

  • AlrightMiami 3 years ago

    The 5th amendment guarantees my right to speak to an attorney. If I can’t
    afford to, the public provides me with one. The 2nd amendment guarantees my
    right to bare arms. If I can’t afford it, the public should provide me with
    a gun.

  • Silver the Hedgehog 77 3 years ago

    Easily one of the most depressing episodes.

  • Giup Nguoi Giup Doi 3 years ago

    Ask yourself : In a court who is the boss? If you are not the boss then who
    else is the boss in the court? Guest? Do you want to get hurt as like the
    man at 8:16 in video? The best is just said: Yes or No because I feel I
    total lost in a jungle with many Tigers and Lions around.

  • Paul Molina 3 years ago

    this is why im voting for bernie sanders!!! we need a revolution and we are
    gonna have it.

  • Tenhys 3 years ago

    After viewing this three words womes to my mind : Federal Reserve Bank.
    Also known for it’s real name : Central Bank of America.

    As Andrew Jackson would say :

    *”Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of
    the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am
    convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the
    breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst
    you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I
    take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten
    thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin!
    Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that
    would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to
    rout you out, and by the Eternal, I will rout you out!”*

    And once Andrew Jackson did became president of the United States (evading
    an assassination attempt by the way) and closed the Central Bank of
    America, for the first time in the country’s history since it’s fundation, *the
    national debt of the United States of America was reduced to a flat zero*.

    What’s the link with this video ? Simple : the worst criminals are
    innocent, the best innocents are criminal ; criminals have the law on their
    side even when everything point out it should be against them, innocents
    have the law against them when it should stand with them ; criminals can
    afford to make justice out of injustice, innocents can’t afford to prevent
    justice to become injustice, and are charged guilty and forced to pay a fee
    for letting it to happen… But when we get private interests, unfair
    interests, unconstitutionnal interests and irrationnal interests out of the
    equation, things go well.

    That’s frankly terrifying to know that this nation possess both one of the
    most unfair judicial system, the most corrupt militaro-industrial complex,
    the biggest army on earth and is controlled by the most elitist and ammoral
    institution the world have ever seen (FED.) And that since the world’s
    economy is being tied to the dollars ($), all nations on earth are
    inevitably tied to the United States policies… Please, let it be a second
    Andrew Jackson being born. Because i don’t know where this world is going,
    but i’m absolutely certain that whatever the destination is, i don’t want
    to get there…

  • Lucia Willow 3 years ago

    god! America! your public defense system should not operate like a loan
    shark. you’re public defense system seems to be operating pretty much
    exactly like a loan shark. :O

  • Mudita Y. 3 years ago

    Wow. What a perfect system we have! I’m not worried at all!

  • shannon ferrell 3 years ago

    He is so correct!
    I had a case, innocent of charges. The public defender rescheduled me 3
    time’s because I refused to plead out.
    He ended up walking out of the court and left me to another P.D. within
    minutes of my case being called.
    She actually got up and let me speak.
    Judge dismissed
    We do not have a justice system!
    Millions of people plead down for this reason.

  • Coleman Lee 3 years ago

    Clearly an area in need of reform! Increased government spending could help
    the situation some, but that alone would be a Band-Aid. The underlying
    problem is that public defense is a form of price control. Price ceilings
    cause shortages, quality decay, black markets, and often the
    over-consumption by the few at the expense of the many. Despite being
    “free”, there are a limited number of public defenders, and they are
    currently rationed ineffectively. I propose 5 points, based on the issues
    John Oliver has brought to my attention, to improve this situation. 1.
    Require all lawyers to serve rotationally as public defenders in cases they
    are qualified to represent in. This “jury duty” will improve both numbers
    and quality. 2. Provide defendants with free access to a public law
    library, online resources, videos recorded by lawyers, and study time for
    personal legal defense 3. Where possible, reform the laws most frequently
    involved in public defense cases to be a) simple enough for personal
    defense, given a week or month of study b) have reduced sentencing for the
    poor, including public service substitution for confiscations and fines 4.
    Limit the number of cases handled by public defenders instead of granting
    them as an unwieldy right. Rationing could be done through random lottery,
    but I favor prioritizing the most complex cases, most serious crimes, and
    those judged by the court as physically or mentally incapable
    of representing themselves in court. 5. Public defenders are to be always
    paid by the government and never by a private person. If the government
    cannot afford their purchase, they must issue them a bond of credit with
    interest. BONUS 6. Have John Oliver visit Bill Gates and convince him
    to have Microsoft’s develop the perfect public defender, a lawyer AI. I
    have not had much time to think about this, but consider it a good rough

  • Mukerman 3 years ago


    ~~~▄▄██▌█ ░░The Bitchslap TRUCK IS COMING░░░ ▐

    ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░I know a few people who need a ride░ ▐



  • john sims 3 years ago

    There is an easy fix to this problem. Don’t GET ARRESTED……

  • Max Wilson 3 years ago

    This country needs to be burned then rebuilt.

  • Anchor0690 3 years ago

    America is so shitty that even the shittiest places in the world go wtf is
    wrong with you guys ? Current turmoil Syria would be like you guys are so
    freaking inhuman..

  • Rotulino Rolon 3 years ago

    USA “Justice” system… the most sickening evil system ever conceived…I
    don’t believe even Satan can come out something so twisted, evil and

  • apps smart 3 years ago

    US legal system is a big joke. It’s a big vicious cycle that leaves very
    little option for people who fall into the system, even for a non-violent
    “crime.” The situation is worse for people accused of cime involving a
    minor even though a minor may be a whore and seeking older men.

  • TheColdPenguin 3 years ago

    Yay, Kima Greggs :)

  • ResortDog 3 years ago

    Hmmm. Do a lot of guilty people end up in jail? LOL (PS Amen)

  • bulmer13 3 years ago

    Yeah, lately the show is more whiney and less funny. I’m going back to
    watching “Narcos”…

  • Tanmay Pawar 3 years ago

    i hope jhon oliver is ok. this episode was so raw and not entertaining like
    other ones.

  • Noah Dahling 3 years ago


  • goodguy shuckle 3 years ago

    I think he should do an episode on youtubers

  • Humphking 3 years ago

    Sam the eagle will give you a blumpkin for $20

  • Mr.Teacher.McC 3 years ago

    John Oliver loves his Raccoon impression……… and who am I kidding so
    do I.

  • Isaac Alonzo 3 years ago

    So this notification came 2.35 am, sleep is for the weak!
    So not only justice system is failing by using the mandatory minimum
    sentences but also basically the public defendant is more like an excuse to
    say they provide a lawyer. The rich getting out no problem and yet a dying
    poor citizen has to endure constant harassment that cost more to tax payer
    than the actual good that comes out of it.

  • V!RA 3 years ago

    once again JO right on point…

  • James Adams 3 years ago

    Wait, so poor people have rights but the rest of us do not? I’m sensing a
    common theme here: we should pity the poor and be constantly robbed to
    support them, but the rest of us are just SOL.

    And this fool just keeps on whining for his version of reform, when the
    obvious solution is an entirely new system. He won’t talk about that
    because he’s a left-wing shill.

  • Taylor Cope 3 years ago

    it doesn’t have to make fiscal sense when you have a system that wants to
    maintain a gap of oppression on those that are poor and/or non-white.
    there’s an intentional separation because they want those people to know
    their place

  • SaintZ 3 years ago

    Ok I know this is an American show, but come on Oliver give Jeremy Corbin a
    mention. If an American party elected a Socialist to run in the election
    the world would go crazy.

  • Matthew Schindler 3 years ago


  • mathlover101hotmail 3 years ago

    NOOOOOO! My church has closed down.

  • Dirge 3 years ago

    The last part of this video is an excellent PSA for people who can’t be
    bothered to actually watch the show. Would it be possible for LWT to upload
    just the last part so people can share it?

  • Mc Bear 3 years ago

    Ofcourse it was Florida. How could it not be Florida. Lauging my f*cking
    ass off

  • greYelABLE 3 years ago

    public defenders get overburdened with heavy workload, don’t get paid
    nearly enough, and lack the resources to defend people. Also, that judge
    apparently is on paid leave with promises to take anger management class.
    How’s that for justice?

  • Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play 3 years ago

    Fuck the government.

  • Life With Guerra 3 years ago

    Corn on the cob holders, lol!

  • Steven Wilkerson 3 years ago

    John Oliver got one major fact wrong, the system is not broken for it is
    working exactly as designed. See we look at the criminal justice system as
    citizens and thus it seems completely broken. If you look at the system
    through the eyes of a businessman is working perfectly. Open up a prison
    and fill it with non-violent offenders that committed victimless crimes and
    watch the money role in. Invest a little bit of money in local elections
    and magically they start implementing tough on crime policies. Taxpayers
    get locked up for really no reason and then taxpayers foot the bill for the
    profits of the private prison and everything is great as long as you are a
    private company making the money if not your screwed.

    We need to admit that our criminal justice system is not about justice but
    about abuse and profits. Considering how stacked the laws are in favour of
    the police the fact that there are so many cases that results in them
    paying out settlements is disturbing. The reality is that criminal justice
    has become a way to take money from the masses and give it to the rich, it
    is like reverse Robin Hood except for you are also the evil sheriff.

  • Blake Hardy 3 years ago

    Of course it was Florida!

  • Michal Muransky 3 years ago

    What a nice slave system…

  • Darren Menendez 3 years ago

    Thanks for talking about this gross injustice in such a digestible way.
    Hilarious as always >:P

  • Filip Zavřel 3 years ago

    Why is there so many racoons in this show, don´t you know?

  • Quinn Griffin 3 years ago

    Uhmmm, this is Debtor’s Prison which was never outlawed, but given over to
    the states. Furthermore, it is a fact that the states with the most
    incarcerated populations have the highest number of person’s in jail for
    debt related issues the top reason of not being able to pay legal fees!
    Let’s talk about that during the next presidential debate!

  • a Jones photo Graphy 3 years ago

    Sad fucking Merica.

  • gabriel kelderhouse 3 years ago

    you should do something on the family courts like in my case where I pay
    half of everything I make the child support then my ex wife takes me to
    court and I can’t afford an attorney and even though I have hours of tapes
    of mental abuse to my son because I don’t know the procedure because I
    can’t afford an attorney the judge takes away all my rights to my child for
    no reason and then chastises me because I can’t afford an attorney

  • Retro Housewife 3 years ago

    Is there a private jail system in Florida? Somebody is making money…

  • mijzelffan 3 years ago

    No ace attorney reference, I’m disappointed.

  • DallasCowboyFan95 3 years ago

    Florida just took the title from Texas for being the most backward,
    retarded, corrupted, state in the Union.

  • googlejse 3 years ago

    what can you expect from a police state

  • Lethabo Matlala 3 years ago

    Now that…that’s some straight-up bullshit!

  • jovifcp 3 years ago

    usa is so fucked up. thirld world country.

  • Steadystrike 3 years ago

    that raccoon joke is ironically racist

  • Drilling4mana 3 years ago

    Three cheers for Debtor’s Prison…?

  • Milton Martinez 3 years ago

    constitutional as fuck!!!

  • Jay Russo 3 years ago

    My reaction every time I watch John Oliver: “Hahaha, wait, shit,
    seriously…? God dammit…”

  • Ma St 3 years ago

    Cant Florida just float away.. what a fucked up state!

  • Dr. Ny Har Rut Hotep 3 years ago

    I’m glad that I’m not living in the USA :)

  • Shandra Cosgriff 3 years ago

    “Of course it was Florida!!”

  • Jay Maloy 3 years ago

    I think everyone is starting to realise that the greatness of America is
    all just propaganda.


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