Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prisoner Re-entry (HBO)

Published on November 9, 2015

Former offenders face enormous obstacles once they leave prison. John Oliver sits down with Bilal Chatman to discuss the challenges of reentering society.

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  • manguy2000 3 years ago

    I love how John thinks he’s a strong voice on morals, yet he celebrates the
    killing of unborn children…and think sodomy is a good thing,. Of’s about love…keep making those emotional appeals and drop all
    intellect and reasoning.

    • Goalie Dave 3 years ago

      I think you might be overstating it a bit don’t you? Who actually celebrates the killing of unborn children? Nobody. And thinking sodomy is a good thing? Well that’s just personal preference isn’t it – it depends on how you like to do it! I’m guessing you’re a 100% committed vaginal sex person. Don’t push your sexual beliefs on me!

  • Graceclaw 3 years ago

    Wow, that parole officer is an asshole. Though the dude might have just
    asked his employer “hey can I leave 30 mins early so I don’t get

  • Christian Neihart 3 years ago

    Our criminal justice system has failed.

  • nenafan1 3 years ago

    11:48 … Wut?
    I love this show. And John is a great host, and his writers are usually
    solid and funny.

    That joke, though, made no sense at all. PA is north of the Mason-Dixon
    Line…. The whole southern drawl angle was just plain dumb.

    Rest of the episode was good, and informative as always, however.

  • Deviant Raccoon 3 years ago

    This video will probably be removed from Viacom.

  • Adrian Penchev 3 years ago

    if half of them commit crimes after they are released how can you say that
    there isn’t a increase in crime?

  • Logic Tree 3 years ago

    You can complain about this all you want, but as usual the left has no

  • drpapa26 3 years ago

    Great to see america fighting for freedom abroad while vigorously defending
    it at home…

  • AdvocatusDiaboliFin 3 years ago

    Mmm. Water melons.

  • Jonathan Taylor 3 years ago

    The US legalized marijuana in 1942 to make equipment for the military
    during World War II. Please watch the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For Victory. The
    special tax stamp that is shown in the film reads, “Producer of Marihuana”.
    Today because of the war on drugs, the US has the world’s largest prison
    population and police have military-grade equipment. So the solution to
    this is to legalize Cannabis Sativa again and put ex-cons to work growing
    “Marihuana” to make military equipment for the police in the war on drugs.

  • Shaun Campbell 3 years ago

    Thank you John Oliver and team.

  • Marela9 3 years ago

    2:47… The truth has been spoken.

  • Martin 3 years ago


  • topher793 3 years ago

    Don’t commit a felony if you don’t want to deal with the consequences and
    every state allows you to explain why your conviction.

  • Arthur Serino 3 years ago

    He sounds like a bleeding-heart liberal who wants everyone in prison

  • Logic Tree 3 years ago

    if your wondering why their is a mass migration from the left to the right
    in america today in my generation (millennials) becoming neoconservatives
    this is why. the democrats ruined this country the only bad republicans are
    the famous ones (chaney, bush, nixon, reagan) I SHOULD MENTION THIS IS IN

  • Jacob Jedrol 3 years ago

    Fuck criminals. They get what they fuckin deserve. Stop feeling bad for
    those fuck ups.

  • topher793 3 years ago

    These people act like you cannot earn money in prison. It’s basically
    required in most states.

  • Isaia ben-ami 3 years ago

    Every sinner has a future and every saint has a tomato garden.

  • Urbanfour 3 years ago

    Please do a segment on the way companies use contractors and subcontractors
    to break labor laws. A friend that I work with just got fired earlier this
    week simply because the boss needed someone to take his anger out on, even
    when they went over the cameras it was determined that my friend did his
    job but the boss used the contract as leverage to make them fire my friend

  • Jc Hernandez 3 years ago

    As a former Florida Federal inmate # 64851-004 I am grateful for this piece
    by Mr.Oliver & Co and my hopes are that our system will someday evolve to
    one that actually focuses on rehabilitation instead of arbitrary punishment
    for non-violent offenders and in some cases even some offenders that were
    guilty of a ‘ violent charge. because in Some states if you get arrested
    for possession of a gun or knife that can be charged as a violent offense,
    even if absolutely no one was threatened or injured. In some states if you
    get a drug charge that too can be considered a violent crime . THERE ARE OF
    COURSE EXCEPTIONS. Never ever should child molesters or rapist of any kind
    even be given any kind of consideration. These are crimes that are more
    commonly committed by sociopaths that even ex- convicts like me hold
    extreme prejudice against. They are diseased and they can’t be trusted at
    all. Even if you castrate them .

  • HyourinmaruIce 3 years ago

    The fact that we basically just throw people out into the street and go
    “Good luck!” and EXPECT them to go back to prison is ridiculous and I’m so
    disgusted with this country.

  • sjoly1987 3 years ago

    Give us a direction to fix the system in anyway and I’m with you John. All
    this talk about corrupt systems builds up impotent rage, not a healthy
    thing to grow without some direction to move it.

  • Peter Salamon 3 years ago

    I run out of words to express to you what a great human being you and your
    team are… We need more of you in this world…

  • William .Thorén 3 years ago

    i cant say im for the legalisation of weed, but the unfairness these young
    men and women receives sickens me

  • eneaenea9 3 years ago

    I love John Oliver and his show way too much… His show is the only
    20-30min I get during my week to see that there are still people with an
    open heart. People that think before they act. People that know that our
    systems (corporations, monetary, government) are fucking crazy and we the
    people need to participate to change stuff.

  • Boukje van der Weit 3 years ago

    i found it funny that the time stamp at the clip of Bilal Chatman was 2016.

  • ory browne 3 years ago

    Yes, that is right the guy is a tomato grower. Awesome!

  • Suzuki Nathie 3 years ago

    If you take drugs, you will ruin your life forever. So if I catch you with
    them, I will throw you in prison and then ruin your life forever. Nice

  • bigwingedkuriboh 3 years ago


  • Ken Decoteau 3 years ago

    tomatoes rule…

  • I'm Batman 3 years ago

    Hell, companies even ask if you’ve been charged with a felony, even if you
    weren’t found guilty, it’s still nerve wrecking to check that box.

  • dhskinny3 3 years ago

    Ok what did he do, to go to prison in the first place

  • Josef Faria 3 years ago

    bernie sanders 2016

  • Tony L 3 years ago

    fuck yeah timecop baby 1994

  • Peter Flynn 3 years ago

    This show really depresses the fuck out of me. I’m moving to Sweden

  • Vlad Bayard 3 years ago

    Baskin Robbins knows everything!!!

  • The Coffee Nut 3 years ago

    I never understood why Bill Clinton was so popular. NAFTA, DOMA, hard on
    crime, jesus fucking christ

  • Azrael666Azazel 3 years ago

    It’s time to take the criminal-justice system, burn it down, and start

  • Meme God 3 years ago

    Powerful episode guys

  • Mike C 3 years ago

    Cognitive dissonance for racists and conservatives incoming.

  • jeenyus720 3 years ago

    Damn, thats a well tied tie. What kind of knot is that?

  • DOn Jon 3 years ago

    I have had so many friends who sell drugs in order to pay court fines and
    other court related charges/classes. The amount of ignorance of the system
    exhibited by most people is laughable.

  • Patrick 3 years ago

    You stopped at tomatoes and didn’t let him get to 2 or 3…

  • CunnininnuC 3 years ago

    I’m proud to say that University of Washington: Bothell does NOT ask or
    check if you have been convicted of a felony. Everyone there has, at the
    very least, the opportunity to get a degree (and be buried in debt) and use
    the tools within that institution to find work related to what work they
    want to pursue.

  • Kevin Raper 3 years ago

    This is a serious problem and there’s no easy answer.
    Looking at the glass half full, 50% rate of recidivism is pretty good
    considering the obstacles.
    Yeah for Bilal !!

  • iMeatbag 3 years ago

    Who are the piece of shit scumbags that actually disliked this video? 153
    of you disagree with ANYTHING said or portrayed in this video? Scum of the
    earth and I’d rather have a beer with any one of the 6000 people released
    than any one of those 153 pieces of shit.

  • Anna Darko 3 years ago

    So basically prisoners in the USA get a double punishment. They serve their
    sentences (and as far as I know American prisons aren’t exactly a vacation)
    and they also in many cases get denied a job, a roof over their head and
    much more. That doesn’t seem fair and it’s insinuating that people can’t
    change anyway. So why bother sending them to prison in the first place?

  • MyNamIsJason 3 years ago

    the world is gonna need john oliver

  • Douglas Marques 3 years ago

    Man, I love tomatoes.

  • Rolando Jimenez 3 years ago

    please take the tpp

  • Sarang Jogi 3 years ago

    Another Last Week Tonight episode? Grab the popcorn! That alien sighting
    got me bored for a minute.

  • NomTheFood 3 years ago

    What a bunch of scum.

    I hate tomato growers.

  • Craig Craver 3 years ago

    That was a surprisingly interesting interview and kudos to John Oliver for
    refocusing the conversation on tomatoes. That was brilliant; a skill I hope
    to learn and practice.

  • David A 3 years ago

    What’s up with bleeping out the word fuck? Fuck is just a word!

  • Damon Cassada 3 years ago

    If people are given public criminal records for committing crimes, then
    people should be given public charity records for committing acts of

  • EdgeyvonKarma 3 years ago

    Mr. Chatman is one of the bravest men I have ever seen.

  • Ruan Fernando 3 years ago

    Bilau is Brazilian Portuguese for ‘Cock’, so you can imagine that as a
    Brazilian I laughed every time John said his name

  • TheRazrsharp16 3 years ago

    that guy’s pig/acorn comparison was no more absurd and incorrect than most
    comparisons that John Oliver makes 15 times per episode….

  • Anders Lønning 3 years ago

    It’s important for those who hasn’t been charged and sentenced for a crime
    to take a step down from their pedestal and see how the other half lives.
    Thank you Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for showing that a ex-convict
    shouldn’t be judged by what they’ve done, but who they are trying their
    hardest to be.

  • Dinuial 3 years ago

    Either people come out of prison with a blank slate or we need to turn the
    moon and mars into the next Australia/New South Wales/Virginia
    colonies/insert prison colony here and just transport criminals for life,
    cause this shit is ridiculous.

  • Field Marshal Fry 3 years ago

    please John, some of us cannot keep our hatred of kale in check

  • David A 3 years ago

    FUCK….FUCK…..FUCK…..FUCKING…..FUCK-FUCK! There, that makes up for
    all the Christian bleeps of the word fuck!

  • Sarang Jogi 3 years ago

    Oliver 2016 > Trump 2016

  • Jonathan Seitz 3 years ago

    0:32 Thumbs up for who thought that we actually got a free ice cream cone.

  • patko1610 3 years ago

    HBO logic, censores fuck but fuckbarrel is perfectly okay

  • Excludos 3 years ago

    Don’t worry America. You’re doing well. Keep it up, and you might become a
    first world country with freedom and democracy one day.

  • Brett Friesen 3 years ago

    I love how consistently good this show is lol

  • spreagadh 3 years ago

    Janice’s at it again…

  • Spencer Congdon 3 years ago

    During the Bilal’s response to the last question I almost applauded at work
    with my headphones on. I’m glad I caught myself.

  • Isaac Gallegos 3 years ago

    interviewing a regular person is more interesting than interviewing a
    celebrity. in fact, I was tense watching him hoping he wouldn’t mess up
    because you know he doesn’t speak on television professionally.

  • Cory Stephen 3 years ago

    Cruel irony indeed. I spent almost 10 years of my life getting over a
    felony marijuana possession charge in Oregon, only to have it legal about 6
    months after I won an expungement.

  • Frankie Rae Pierce 3 years ago

    This was fantastic! Grats to John, guests and the staff!

  • Rolfis Rodriguez 3 years ago

    he may get fired tomorrow….and no one will now.

  • Chester Meowzovich 3 years ago


  • Greg Jeckel 3 years ago

    John Oliver knocked it out of the fucking park with this one

  • 17Haru17 3 years ago

    This is sick.

  • Deanna Jackson 3 years ago

    All of this, John. All of this.

  • Sequoya Waring 3 years ago

    Anybody else think that John Oliver sounds a bit west country at 6:41.

  • maxobremer 3 years ago

    can someone explain the image at 9:23 because that graph is above 100%

  • ThePurplemaneater 3 years ago

    Wait wait wait…. “Some people believe the prisoner release is a racial
    deal, that will put Americans in jeopardy.” I’m sorry Bill, I think what
    you meant to say was “lot’s of black people are getting out and that makes
    me, as a white man, feel uncomfortable.”

  • Kip Diskin 3 years ago

    Ok so a good lesson not to be involved in crime. Look at that guy who said
    he had to deal drugs to pay the state. GTFO he chose to sell drugs. This
    Bilal fellow should have taken the opportunity to explain what happens to
    you if you decide to lead a life of crime.

  • TruthAndMoreTruth 3 years ago

    Most employment applications ask if you have been convicted of a felony *in
    the last 5 years*, not the last 14 years.

  • Jamie Hitt 3 years ago

    A person’s record is a person’s record, but it does indeed defeat the
    purpose of paying one’s debt to society. So basically, that debt is never
    truly paid?

  • Richard Spikman 3 years ago

    163 cold hearted mutherfuckers.

  • Jessy Doyle 3 years ago

    apparently not only is it wrong to judge people for things they have no
    choice about, like skin color or sex, but its also wrong to judge people
    for their past choices and actions as well. thanks rampant liberalism!

  • apps smart 3 years ago

    Please make an episode on the extreme hardship faced by those with prior
    sex crime, even for minor ones between two teens, or when a girl lied on a
    dating website. First there is decades of being in the national Sex
    Offender Registry which doesn’t descriminate if one is a violent reoffender
    or one time non-violent one, second there are severe limitations with
    regards to housing, job, or life in general, like not being able to go to a
    museum, library, etc. Those in the Sex Offender Registry are like open
    target for some sickos with their information out open in the Internet.
    There is the uphill battle with regards to being in Post Release
    Supervision for around five years in some states for those released out of
    jail/prison even though they have served their sentence and paid their
    dues. These are beside the hefty costs of the supervision, programs, etc.
    Now most people feel anger when they hear the term Sex Offender and it is
    understandable given so much negativity in the media, but the circumstance
    can be different for each individual and yet people judge wholesomely. This
    matter needs to be address as a society because the human rights of those
    in Sex Offender Registry is stepped on left and right creating a
    concentration camp like scenario. Not much is heard in the media, your show
    can help by shedding light on this issue.

  • thedearnoman 3 years ago

    FUCK U MOTHERFUCKER john oliver. GO suck your penis. I wish you get shot by
    low-life criminals.

  • victor nyorani 3 years ago

    For sure, the justice system shouldn’t turn into a revenge system.

  • knockoutao 3 years ago

    distractingly offended by the jab at Johnny Depp

  • Chris Dodds 3 years ago

    Somewhere in the US, there’s a woman named Janice who works in Accounting
    saying “How does he know so much about me?”

  • IEnjoyBeingNaked 3 years ago

    Can anyone help remind me what the current year is?

  • Zack Nemo 3 years ago


  • Adam Hicks 3 years ago

    John Oliver,
    Thank you for this video. It is informative and reaches an audience that
    might not otherwise know/think about the hardships folks who are
    re-entering go through.

  • H. Bowele 3 years ago

    Wish John Oliver could just drop the jokes and his attempts at humour. He
    is literally the least funny person on earth. He relies on cliches and when
    the cliches don’t seem to work, he always shouts out some lame punchline
    over and over until he forces a laugh from the audience.

    Too bad, because he really is intelligent and honest and capable of real
    journalism. I tend to think of him as a good journalist who also happens to
    be unfunny.

  • only half bad 333 3 years ago

    Grow tomatoes?? That MONSTER!!!

  • Michael Smith 3 years ago

    We all know that educating criminals while in prison is good. We know
    needle exchange programs are good. We know that helping criminals reenter
    the workforce is good. We have statistics to prove the benefits of all of
    these programs. Hell, simple critical and logical thinking lets us know
    these programs are good. The problem is that in the States, political
    decisions are made based upon how they could potentially sound in the news.
    Educating prisoners decreases recidivism by A TON, however, in the news the
    headlines read: “Joe Smith is weak on crime” “Joe Smith wants to help
    criminals more than you!”.

  • The Day Dreamer 3 years ago

    Bill Clinton > Hillary Clinton


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