Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: North Dakota (HBO)

Published on October 12, 2015

North Dakota is known for being polite, but perhaps they’ve been a little too hospitable to oil companies.

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  • MatadorCE 3 years ago

    I wish the speed limit was “Let it Rip”

  • Morgan “Mo” Schmitz 3 years ago

    I am from North Dakota and I loved this it was so true. I didn’t realize
    that other places didn’t have those billboards.

  • Javalar 3 years ago

    While this report is generally good, there are a few points of twisted
    logic when it comes to subcontractors. The subcontractor is the one
    responsible for everything, including accidents and worker safety. So it’s
    quite normal that the settlement will be paid by the subcontractor’s
    insurance: that’s why they got insurance in the first place! Oasis has that
    clause in the subcontractor’s contract so that they don’t have to go to
    court to get that money. If it wasn’t like this, Oasis would be the one
    paying for insurance that would cover the subcontractors and the
    subcontractors would charge proportionally less (because they wouldn’t need
    to pay the insurance themselves). So, in the end, Oasis ends paying pretty
    much the same amount in any case. Although I will concede that the
    “indirect payment” method may have an effect on their behavior.

  • Ben Palmer 3 years ago

    1:28 Don’t bleep out fuck lol

  • Brett Keane: Professional Voice Unscrambler 3 years ago

    Stop attacking my family.

  • Topher S 3 years ago

    I nominate John Oliver for all the Emmys.

  • Jay Tee Kay 3 years ago

    @1:28 uncensored forrealzzzz

  • serjeym 3 years ago

    this report is such a lie I don’t even know where to start. for one that
    guy makes over 150k cash after texas, second they ask for over time. third
    gas prices would be at 6 bucks a gallon without north Dakota

  • xbuster3 3 years ago

    oh god i wish the speed limit here in texas was let em rip

  • NaiaraDLCR 3 years ago

    Same f-Ing thing happening in the Dominican Republic with the Barrick Golf
    Company… Politicians sold us, our land, rivers and the Pueblo Viejo
    inhabitants are dying and no one bats an eye.

  • YodaMan177 3 years ago

    The Dakotas mentioned, swell with…pride?

  • Jakomelo 3 years ago

    they missed a “fuck” censor. But this is the internet so why even have them
    in the first place?

  • Victor Gil 3 years ago

    I wish this video was in 4K.

  • Chuffered FUoogle 3 years ago

    #TPP is going to do this for everyone and add the draconian US copyrights
    loose on the world. Guess we’re all going to jail.

  • Scott N 3 years ago

    The bleeping in this episode was terribly inconsistent lol.

  • Brenda Schouten-Beckett 3 years ago

    Fargo is one of my all time faves.

  • Burak C. Yıldız 3 years ago

    Would it be weird to say that I love him? In a completely asexual way, that
    is. There is seriously no video from him that I didn’t like, and I’m
    grateful for the service that he is doing to humanity and the world through
    what he calls a “comedy show” (which we all know is a lie, and it is
    actually a pretty solid news network with a tad bit of comedy sprinkled on

  • FzMonsta 3 years ago

    What is the point of censoring a YouTube video? They didn’t even bleep all
    of the expletives. 1:27

  • Augusto Ramirez 3 years ago

    i forget that he is a comedian until the last two mins of the video

  • Shaun Lewis 3 years ago

    I think he should have also touched on the prostitution problems, high
    housing prices, and overcrowding that affect the regions once small, quiet
    towns. I stayed in the Bakken last summer and it is clearly no place to
    raise a family. It definitely is not much different than the gold rush.

  • Fabian Rivera 3 years ago

    How awesome would it be if Oliver did a senate hearing on capital hill like
    this….. omg

  • Ryan Pinto 3 years ago

    praise be praise be

  • Brenda Schouten-Beckett 3 years ago

    Koch brothers are behind this. They answer to no one and own Congress.

  • RecklessAbandon 3 years ago

    I was wondering why all these videos were up today since it’s Thanksgiving
    and we have the day off.
    Then I remembered that it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and no one cares.

  • TheOldTomster 3 years ago

    Oh-ah, yah this one right here is-ah real good ‘un, eh?

  • farber2 3 years ago

    North Dakota doesn’t have to be business friendly, they have the oil, and
    if you want it you have to go there. Who in North Dakota is giving their
    oil away? You should find out.

  • Brandon Conroy 3 years ago

    He didn’t even mention the complete lack of taxes collected by the state,
    and the resulting decline and destruction of infrastructure in the entire
    region. Towns like Williston, at one point, were bursting at the seams with
    new construction, but no road work, no utility work. Overloaded trucks are
    the norm, destroying road beds in parts of the state with very few
    residents to collect taxes from, thus roads are left to crumble. I won’t
    even get into the ungodly amounts of Natural Gas simply flared off into the
    sky. So much waste, and if the Saudi’s continue to get their way, that
    business will never come back.

  • big guy 3 years ago

    He’s right you know, i mean it’s 2015.

  • Jack Doe 3 years ago

    1:26 They forgot to censor a Fuck. As if it matters.

  • Julian J. 3 years ago

    All this sounds quite similar to how TTIP is displayed in Germany and
    Austria ^^

  • Ross Pit: shark hunter 3 years ago

    PSH! North Dakota is a myth.

  • Free Thinker 3 years ago

    Wireline isn’t dangerous. Come work on a snubbing unit.

  • Vaihox 3 years ago

    Haha, at 1:20 they missed censoring one of his fucks.

  • Skate4daizz 3 years ago

    Mega reverend John Oliver should run for president

  • captainexcabier 3 years ago

    Also, roads have been destroyed, people have been displaced by unscrupulous
    property owners looking to jack up the rents, and people have been
    victimized by the criminal element that’s come along with the influx of
    workers, and the services in place have been too overwhelmed. All while the
    state gives these companies tax breaks and lets them off the hook for so
    many things that hurt this state and its people.

  • Long Yi 3 years ago

    69h straigt *heh* *heh*

  • avedic 3 years ago

    While we’re at it…how about we bring back slavery? Why not? I mean, we’ll
    save tons on labor costs…and the economy will surely benefit.
    Corporations(the only real *people* in America) will do very well under
    such a system. And on top of all that…the Bible fully endorses the owning
    of other human beings as property(*Leviticus **25:44**-46 & Ephesians 6:5*),
    and even lays out rules for beating them(*Exodus **21:20**-21*). Since
    Yahweh(who is also the *exact same person* as Jesus) commanded it, it must
    be moral. I wonder why the GOP isn’t jumping on this new economic program.
    Slavery is right up their alley. And their constituency would probably be
    all for it…as long as the slaves have more epidermal melanin than they
    do. What are they waiting for? *Let’s make America© great…again!!*

  • ZeD 3 years ago

    Do they just pick and choose which “fuck” to bleep?

  • Bdan 2525 3 years ago

    Great vid john

  • Ashley Hanley 3 years ago

    South Dakota is even less known than north Dakota

  • VioGarden 3 years ago

    Hey guys ! Notice my music i hope you enjoyed :P

  • Harry Byrne 3 years ago

    they forgot to censor a fuck you. please do this for all of them.

  • Frankie Velasco 3 years ago

    Episode about diamond mines? hmmm

  • XelsFIN 3 years ago

    I like turtles!

  • Andrew Brandt 3 years ago

    Admiral reference, but “loot-eh-fisk.”

  • Jason Richmond 3 years ago

    How does anyone dislike anything by this guy? A lack of common sense or
    just no empathy for your fellow human beings?

  • JoeBob le Killjoy 3 years ago

    One thing i love about this channel is the inconsistent bleeping lol

  • pyrolee17 3 years ago

    Dammit I knew John was behind this ,I saw that billboard on the way to work
    this morning

  • Pdk 2715k 3 years ago

    I don’t know

  • WhirledPeasFursure 3 years ago

    Great info and vid.. but you forgot to include all the human trafficking
    that’s been happening in those oil fields too..

  • Blake Hardy 3 years ago

    Jesus Oliver! Way to ruin Fargo for me….

  • Nixionhighz 3 years ago

    Anyone here live in North Dakota? How is it over there?

  • Nerd Problem's 3 years ago

    I lived in Williston for three months this summer. Lets just say I would be
    completely fine never visiting that wasteland again. Fuck. That. Place.

  • Tsadik 3 years ago

    I actually work in the North Dakota oil fields, and I can honestly say that
    not only are main oil companies (such as Oasis) skirting around paying for
    accidents, even the sub contractors, such as my company (weatherford), have
    about a million different ways to not accept any of the blame themselves,
    and pawn it off on their employees.

    It’s infuriating.

  • MalkinFan25 3 years ago

    I hope people start investigating this mess in Williston and Western North
    Dakota. I teach at NDSU, and while John Oliver makes some awesome points,
    it doesn’t even begin to skim the surface for how bad things are out there.
    Things like brutal living conditions and even human trafficing are a clear
    and present danger right now. There is research by our faculty concerning
    the work in that area of the state, and it is shocking and heartbreaking to

    I truly love this state, but this is unacceptable…

  • Emma Mattson 3 years ago

    we do know, they are our neighbor state

  • Eddie "JaggSauce" Gluskin 3 years ago

    look at the americans tearing their land apart because they want to
    literally drink the oil asap.
    its times like these that i am happy my country isn’t sitting on top of

  • Cory C 3 years ago

    1:28 …. the censor missed one

  • Brian W 3 years ago

    what John isn’t talking about how many thousands of men (some of my
    friends) will relocate many states away and sign whatever forms and do
    whatever work to make that money. yes these companies are evil but they are
    not kidnapping people off the street and forcing them to work

  • austin garcia 3 years ago

    did anyone notice they sensored fuck twice but l=missed it the third time?

  • Min Lee 3 years ago

    Reducing taxes for oil company to drill the land is like the dumbest thing
    I have ever heard. Oil & gas industry have made trillion of dollars for the
    last decade, they can afford whatever fine and taxes on any day. The only
    reason they are there is because of black gold not the stupid low tax

  • Shubham Phoujdar 3 years ago

    Either the leather chair John uses is pretty noisy or he just farted at
    around 15:15 in the video.

  • SteamPoweredRudeBoy 3 years ago

    Whup, whoever’s supposed to be censoring the “fucks,” ya missed one.

  • asdfasdfasdfasdf4113 3 years ago

    Did you know that Montana and North Dakota got into a war? It got so bad
    that the North Dakotans started throwing dynamite. The Montanans lit it,
    and threw it back.

  • Courtney Ohnstad 3 years ago

    The writing on this show is always so smooth! I love how they tied in the
    billboards into the whole thing.

  • Mark Turner 3 years ago

    What happened to Carlson Well Service, Inc. and Mitchell’s Oil Field
    Service, Inc. then? I agree that the right people need to be held liable,
    but if those companies were contracted then it is their job to ensure the
    safety of the employees and should be held responsible (i.e.
    fined/punished). And also. what happened to Petro-Hunt? It’s one thing to
    make a false claim that no repeat offenses have happened, but if they were
    severely fined/punished for their second violation then the
    “probation-style” law they use for oil companies sounds very reasonable and
    effective. But again, if none of these 3 businesses were held responsible
    then I absolutely agree with the points made in the video. I’m not saying I
    think that these clauses are good/moral, but just some additional food for

  • J Berg 3 years ago

    Corporations always win.

  • ljwalsh11 3 years ago

    I live in Williston, ND!! Thanks for shining a light on the areas we need
    improvement in!! Its pretty scary how unregulated the industry is up
    here!!! Honestly I don’t see that changing. Who is really the protagonist
    in that struggle? Land owners who do not own minerals would be in a
    position to fight for change and of course oil workers but I can’t imagine
    either of them rallying together. The oil workers are typically here only
    until their job runs out or they can go back home for a different job. Most
    farmers that own minerals don’t need to farm and the people they lease
    their land to in order to farm it could make way more money in the oilfield
    so they don’t have to farm for their income. Then someone like me, not an
    oilfield worker and not a land owner would be fighting an uphill battle
    against oil company backed politicians…..maybe I could run for a local
    office and get Williston city laws passed. I don’t know if that’s possible
    but I suppose it’s something worth looking into!!!! Thanks Last Week
    Tonight!! Maybe there is hope for change :)

  • j&m kicks 3 years ago

    fargo starts today, so pumped.

  • 1metiz 3 years ago

    Hehe missed a fuck at 1:30

  • Christian Ehmling 3 years ago

    I love my new home, OSHA would be nice here, and deregulation is okay, the
    problem is is that we should get rid off all income taxes and energy

  • Nerd Problem's 3 years ago

    Oh and people in ND are not that friendly. They are inbred and racist as

  • urusledge 3 years ago

    I actually liked this piece a lot. He highlighted the issues very well and
    without exaggerating. And he didn’t propose any excessive regulations, just
    that indemnification clauses be regulated, which is actually a very
    “conservative” way of regulating a business. Forcing people to pay for
    damages and harm caused to others. They should also pay lifetime damages to
    farmers for destruction of land by the following method: for every year
    that said land is unusable, the farmer will average the bushels per acre
    made on the rest of the land, multiply it by the number of acres unusable,
    and multiply that by the average price per bushel over the course of a
    harvest. If the land is pasture, a similar method for the maximum head
    count of cattle on that amount of land that are typically sent to slaughter
    will be priced and paid out.

  • packerpf 3 years ago

    Thanks John, us in South Dakota hate what North Dakota has become and even
    more so that they are pushing for the XL pipeline to plow through our

  • Percival Mkhuleko Dlamini 3 years ago

    Once again a good piece! Very informative, all this applies everywhere in
    the world where Big Mining Corporations set base.

  • KarmaJolt 3 years ago

    1:23 They censored the first few F bombs but not the last for some reason?

  • KarmaJolt 3 years ago

    1:23 They censored the first few F bombs but not the last for some reason?

  • densek510 3 years ago

    yes at aljasera owners oil sides that never happens …

  • Anthony VP 3 years ago

    Well and oil booms tend to not actually make jobs in the states they happen
    in. Nor do they create money for normal people who already lived there.

  • Eric Bucholz 3 years ago

    We still have the billboards up here in North Dakota…

  • Yusuf Garaad 3 years ago

    South decanada ????????

  • Agent Smidt 3 years ago

    Been to Fargo before, I damn near punched someone because they were too
    nice. I was cursing everyone on the road for “driving politely and below
    the speed limit”. It was like I was like twilight zone. Fuck you nice
    people, I am not going back there.

  • Wolf Armstronk 3 years ago

    Lol I was really wondering what the billboard was about. Great fucking job

  • Calvin Smith 3 years ago

    I think the solution is that all of John Oliver’s fans should quit
    purchasing all oil related products.

  • Sherman Herritt 3 years ago

    Get fucking angry!


  • Adam Stewart 3 years ago

    I cannot believe how scummy these oil companies are holy shit.

  • Kyle Yost 3 years ago

    These companies need some pi from osisoft

  • Tryston Simek 3 years ago

    Mr. Oliver does make several excellent points and being a North Dakota
    citizen, I fully agree. Over the last decade, my state has just let the oil
    companies walk all over us. North Dakota needs to stand up for itself. If
    the state can last through our endless winters, we can stand up t the oil
    companies who are destroying our state.

  • ImAFckingDragon 3 years ago

    Lol, for some reason when I first saw the title I thought it said “North

  • ryfin2000 3 years ago

    A) Pretty much any of the interesting parts of Fargo happen in Minnesota
    B) Considering an accident that killed 2 people and one committed suicide
    later was the “worst accident in over a decade,” it doesn’t seem that

  • Eddie F 3 years ago

    thought he was gearing up for saying that that actually wasn’t north

  • Kiel McCartney 3 years ago

    Honest trailers guy?is that you?

  • TheDtrane 3 years ago

    The collusion between state and corporations is the hallmark of Fascism.
    U.S.A is a fascist country!

  • Michael Blais 3 years ago

    J.O. 2020

  • minerdrc 3 years ago

    1 death every six weeks is nothing. How many ppl die PER DAY from illnesses
    caused by obesity, abuse of tobacco, abuse of alcohol (that’s including
    anything done under the influence) or by abuse of illegal drugs? I would
    say orders of magnitudes.

  • Piper Jones 3 years ago

    I thought perhaps you’d discuss other ways that the oil has affected North
    Dakotans: like the fact that no North Dakotans can afford to live there
    anymore. Rent and housing has skyrocketed, and only those striking it rich
    in the oil industry can afford to make the payments. People have been
    forced out of their homes and communities. Crime and violent crime has
    increased 300% statewide. (And these are criticisms/realities coming from a
    pro-fracking, pro-oil North Dakota native.)

  • helmy elsaid 3 years ago

    Oil company

  • helmy elsaid 3 years ago

    At Dakota


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