Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees (HBO)

Published on September 28, 2015

Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.

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  • hzuzana92 3 years ago

    Yes, you find it funny and pretend to welcome each immigrant that comes..
    but they dont come to your country, they dont live in front of your houses
    so be quiet about this topic 😉
    BTW those immigrants choose to come to the exact countries.. if they were
    escaping cos of war they would settle in the first country where s peace..
    just think

  • Braulio E. Almonte 3 years ago

    yea yea, what do they know about crisis, we have 2 million plus Haitians
    here, and we are feeding them, taking care of them and giving them shelter,
    pretty much protecting them from their own countrymen back in haiti that
    are stealing humanitarian help, and despite all that they accuse us of
    being racists and not treating them right

  • hiphopopposomus 3 years ago


  • mikkel jensen 3 years ago

    …. this episode was actully very uninformative 🙂 This was an episode
    that was build up by emotions and very little explination on why people are
    so afraid of the migrant tide… other then economic problems. East europe
    countries have seen wars between religious people inside their own country,
    and that was completly missed.

    its still a good episode, but seriously… This was a very lacking episode.

  • he11b1ade 3 years ago

    You need some sleep …. I haven’t seen you stutter wrong syllables out of
    your mouth more than once in the same episode.

  • GreekFreakyJoker 3 years ago

    Greece had problems with immigrants for many many years and no other
    country helped us in that matter. We got a huge part of Greece that the
    Muslims (who by the way live there for many generations but they still feel
    more Turks than Greeks) are more than the Greeks. There have been news
    where in some of the villages they have bullied and tried to move by force
    Christians. And many of them think Thraki (part of Greece) as Turkey’s
    land. Also we have FYROM or Skopja, trying to take Macedonia’s name which
    belongs to Greece. And many coyntries have acknowledge that. And you
    couldn’t imagine how many crimes have been commited by immigrants, because
    they are not all people who leave their countries because of war, many of
    them are leaving to make easy momey which is impossible to make there.
    That’s how many people happen to been xenophobes.
    PS: Who would want to move to a country where the third biggest party in
    politics is made of Nazis?

  • Dr Avraham Rozenzweig 3 years ago

    WHy all those SO CALLED refugees go to the wealthy gulf nations like Saudi
    Arabia or Katar or United Arab Emirates? These are 100% muslim countries,
    the cradle of islam and there are billion of petrodollars there. Why dont
    Saudi wealthy Sheiksh that spends BILLION of dollars for luxury Yachts and
    submarines wont take those piece of shit refugees? Isnt it mandatory in
    islam to help their fellow muslim?

    You people are so brainwashed. LOL

  • Alexander Zakusilov 3 years ago

    Do you know what reminds me this picture of people on train chanting Allah
    Akbar? It reminds me of young Ukrainians, riding metro train, and chanting
    – “‘Russians (derogatory name of Russian ethnicity), on the knife, on the
    knife”, and chanting “Who is not jumping – he is Russian (derogatory name)”
    while most metro train car is jumping (with few people not jumping, and
    looking very anxious because of behavior of people around them). And note,
    it was before active fighting started on the east of Ukraine.

    Ironically, many of those young Ukrainians probably are against migrants
    and refugees (if it’s not them migrating to Europe, but someone from Arab
    world or Africa). Some are even openly racist.
    Hey, even popular (they have their leader elected as MP),
    military-political (as they call himself) organization “Right-Sector”, has
    published some time ago an article on their official site, saying that they
    are against European left, since European left is committing genocide
    against white population of Europe, by not allowing white people to defend
    their “family values” and their land.

    There was even anti-immigrant and some even openly racist articles in
    prominent pro-Maidan internet newspaper-journal “Ukrainian Truth”

    But western journalists are to busy hating Russia (which do suck, i can’t
    argue here) to notice this.

  • John King 3 years ago

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • P. Rabo 3 years ago

    Geert Wilders is not the prime minister of the Netherlands. Thank god!
    This is not the official message of any Dutch governmental authority; even
    though he, sadly enough, represents a significant proportion of our people.
    The main cause for refugees -or any form of immigration – to be a problem,
    are the populists who use this to spread lies and fear. The truth is:
    without immigration Europe is doomed. We are now investing tremendous
    amounts of money and energy in keeping people out; while we will need them
    very soon.

    For me there is no vital difference between a refugee and people who “just”
    wanna come here to improve there lives. I mean, the west has a long history
    of intervening with people’s lives all over the world. The imbalance in
    this world can’t go on forever. Like with every dynamical system: there is
    a natural flow. But unlike anything in nature, the flow in the global
    economy goes from low potential to high potential. More Euro’s go from the
    poor countries to wealthy, than the other way around. We are taking their
    money and we decide who their leaders are- so, in the end, we also take
    their freedom. And now when they have nothing to loose, they will come
    here. Looking for an utopia and meet xenophobia.

  • Lada Prchal 3 years ago

    Oukeeeej so John and spol… You have valid points. You said what is wrong.
    You can name it, you can do the show and so far your shows were (are) the
    most objective source of information among other propaganda. But – unlike
    in your other videos – I am missing a way how to end this. Which is sad,
    usually you can name the way how to deal with problems and that is why I am
    watching your videos.
    Sou it is my duty to share my opinion (and trust us that we discuss this
    with hommies every time we see each other, we take this quite seriously.
    And no, we are not some hatefull beeings – mostly quite open minded guys
    and girls) how to fight this. I am from the Czech Republic, it is shame
    that the Hungary and the Poland are blamed, the whole V4 group has similiar
    points and I am quite suprised that you didn´t even notice WHAT they are
    standing for and what are the concerns. You just let us seem to be
    xenophobic bastards. I understand that it is really easy to kick into
    refugee-kicking girl. Have you hearded that the guy she kicked was
    connected to Al-kaida? Nevertheless there are several simple steps how to
    deal with this:

    1) Every refugee who enters EU state on the smuglers´ boat is send back to
    the country of the origin (if it is “Save” country by definition) – this is
    a simple fear factor, these son of bitchies (smugglers) should be shooted.
    Or sacrificed to Shai-hallud.

    2) If you want to run away from your country (and as Czech I cannot blame
    him and I understand what is going on there – I mean – there were 250k
    people running from the Czechoslovakia in 68 invasion), board on an Europe
    transport ship with all documents you need. This should be free-cost. You
    want to get the fuck out, let´s give you an oppertunity to fly away from
    war. Nothing wrong about it. Everybody wants to live. Take your whole
    families, why would anyone want to stand somewhere where there are idiots
    with guns and sexual frustation?

    3) EU ships will take you to the ISLANDS. Islands which are prepared to
    take care of you (red cross etc). Where you can live quite savely comparing
    have all rights as every European (as you wish) have and ALL

    4) You want to move to Germany? Sweden (not part of EU but anyway)? France?
    Czech republic (you don´t want to, really, just don´t go here… if you are
    not vietnamies, we love them. Second generation and there is literally NO
    problem with them)? You need to meet the expectations of the citizen. You
    have to learn the language. You have to share the same values. Nobody want
    bad neighbor, nobody gives a shit about Sharia, this is EU and we stand for
    our rules.

    5) Meanwhile the population on islands goes to milions. Quite fast, because
    there is a new society with democratic values and new oppurtunities. New
    fucking country of all people sharing (as you said) bad fortune who is
    willing to do the BEST they can to create a new better live for their
    families, children. With support of the whole fucking world.

    6) If the crysis is done, they go home. If not, they have THEIR new
    sociaty. If they decide, they can live here and do the best, maybe we are
    looking at new Izrael (which I personally don´t like and I – it is really
    just my i guess xenophobic opinion – choosed their land on the literally
    worst place on earth. Why not Siberia? Nobody would fire missiles there),
    or they can ask about citizenship of EU country. But nobody want them here
    beacuse they just arrived and expect to be taken care of. Unles they are
    willing and commited to be a part of Europe. Not a guy who want´s Saud
    Arabia instead of Germany (btw do you know how many imigrants SA took? I
    think nearly none and nobody cares because it is bad for business).

    I am sorry but to blaime us that we just don´t want to have them here is
    not correct. I would welcome anyone with touching story to stay at my bed.
    I would give last money to the guy who saved his family, took them across
    the sea and now is finding new job and who tries to learn our language
    (which is btw one of the most difficult language to learn in the world) and
    hopes that his children will be save here. We are not FUCKING HATEFUL
    You might not understand it (and neither do I from this point of view – I
    was made during the Velvet revolution and was born as first generation of
    “free” Czechs and I was told to never be afraid of standing for my
    opinions) but I was told by mum that this is a new world where we can make
    our destinies and decisions. Previous generation was afraid to say
    something in the school – my dad was excluded from the highschool because
    he said “and that is for the bread!” during WW2 Stalingrad movie in the
    cinema when the convoy was destroyed by the bombers.
    We are really sorry that we cannot just say “welcome to our land, have a
    free cookie”. I think most of the citizens have in mind “Come here, we have
    great cookies. But first you have to earn that you are not hostile to us,
    you share our christian values (and I am not into this but yeah, let him do
    as you want others to do unto you), you want to work and participate in our
    visions and hey, if you got this, we have the best beer in the world, let´s
    get wasted after hard work and discuss why Mohammed is a good guy.”

  • Wha “Mybrewski” Happa 3 years ago

    I usually enjoy Jon Olivers videos but holy shit was this one biased. I
    dont have a bias towards either side of this debate since both have valid
    arguments and one has just a moral advantage but his point about europes
    population decreasing is a good thing. Are people unaware of todays
    overpopulation which leads to mass conssumption which is the leading factor
    to global warming because of how we abuse extensive amounts of rescources
    for our agrisculture?

  • skchoyee 3 years ago

    Bravo Mr. Oliver. Very nice touch at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • TheRafzPLAAY 3 years ago

    Why so many dislikes ?

  • DominusPasser 3 years ago

    A ten co? z tvn-u?

  • François Royal 3 years ago

    12:07 John Oliver is literally arguing for ethnic replacement.

  • Hector Martinez 3 years ago

    That ending, was just awesome. Thanks John.

  • samplx 3 years ago

    That polish guy still has opinions like “women should stay in the kitchen
    and raise kids, nothing else” etc.

  • Martin Šriber 3 years ago

    Poland and Hungary, those two old pals…
    BTW there is difference between immigrants and refugees…

  • eagleeye929 3 years ago

    My wife and I have two children but were still coming to terms with turning
    our third into .1 of a child.

  • Porkrindlove 3 years ago

    Everyone in Europe wants to help people who flee from war, but the ones who
    come to EU now are only 21% from Syria, the rest just from poor countries
    looking for free money, we can not provide for all the poor people in the
    world, let the muslim countries neighboring Syria take care of their
    brothers and sisters….Don’t force EU to take care of them..

  • Jan Kristinek 3 years ago

    Vyjebanec keby sa ti do bytu nasťahovali hovädo nekultúrne .

  • Jan Novak 3 years ago

    For white Europa!

  • ☣ ☆ ☆TheYoloSwagster☆ ☆☣ 3 years ago

    Why are europeans such disgusting people? how many times do americans have
    to bomb you to teach you racist bigots a lesson?

  • Armando Antunez 3 years ago


  • Vasko Dedejski 3 years ago

    1. Why does not he mention The Republic Of Macedonia or Serbia but he only
    mentiones EU members.
    2. Slovakia is about 80% populated by slovaks so you can not expect a
    cristian coutnry to take on a large number of muslim immigrants. Why? –
    Because that area (the balkans+) is prone to interracial wars. We know the
    Kosovo War, The 2001 Macedonian-Albanian conflict, Serbia, BIH and all
    other countries in the region. The balkans as an area is very unstable, and
    mostly cristian populated (MOSTLY), but there are countries in which
    muslims are a majority like Kosovo, Albania etc. Why do those countries
    don’t take them in.
    3. You can not expect for poor countries to take them in, you say Slovakia
    but the unenployment rate is 12.2%, in Serbia is 16.8, in Macedonia it is
    26.8, in Greece 48.30%,plus some of these countries need help first from
    the EU like Macedonia, Greece, Serbia…The EU first needs to help the
    countries that are actually in Europe. If it is the same why don’t we send
    the off to Swaziland??

    Respect the show, respect John Oliver but things are not as they seem from
    distance. @lastweektonight

  • elrognol 3 years ago

    Wow John, this must be your most hate-inducing video EVER. You’re my hero

  • bielochur 3 years ago

    This is bullshit, why should we build mosque for them ? why should we adapt
    to them in our country?

  • Dread Naught 3 years ago

    Get cucked Europe. Majority of refugees are men.

  • Headache Mik 3 years ago

    The girl just come to be in a place of peace. And she demands war against
    I like it!

  • Peter B. 3 years ago

    well, the real problem of Europe is the multiculturalism (what doesn’t mean
    anything else than anti-christian propaganda) and socialism (social
    benefits for everyone – even for healthy people who never worked) and all
    these factors are applied together into every country of EU. Most of native
    Europeans feel responsibility for their descendants – so they are trying to
    earn some money, take a mortgage and other stuff… many of them are
    thinking about having a baby after 30. I’m from Slovakia, and we have a lot
    of gypsies here – the demographic difference is obvious – they just finish
    a 10 years of school attendance with terrible knowledge, and in the age of
    15-16 they make a family. There’s actually two generations of unemployed
    people in Slovakia (they had to have a job during communism era) and – they
    nowadays invented only one job – producing of kids and living from a social
    benefits… maybe you ask, how much money they got for this lifestyle – it
    is around 300 € per month – it isn’t enough, isn’t it? Yeah, so most of
    them is living in garbage, self-made “houses” with 6-7 children who are
    running naked during the winter in houses without electricity, warm water
    etc. – they look like victims of war and i’m absolutely serious now – is
    the majority responsible for their miserable situation? If they chose to
    live like an animals? The minimum wage in Slovakia is 380€ per month and
    the average salary is between 600-700 euros – now imagine, Angela Merkel
    wants the 670 € + (costs for living) per month for every asylum seeker in
    every country of EU! And all of this should be paid from taxpayers money…
    so think about it – i’m not talking about people who deserve the asylum –
    people from Syria – but economic migrants who are 80% of all who comes to
    Europe… think about this … this is the reason why the people of Europe
    are sick and tired of muslim immigration, because in muslim culture woman
    doesn’t work – so she simply stay at home – it is 1/2 of all immigrants..
    In this debate are missing a lot of cultural, religious, and economic
    facts… You cannot compare the muslim or sub-saharan african immigrants
    with immigrants from Vietnam …

  • codak0007 3 years ago

    John Oliver BLA BLA and fucking embarrassing Slovakia. all of us would just
    say KOKOT je to !!! ambiciozny debilko ktoreho zaujima asi ta skladba
    populacie pre ktoru hraje
    preloz si to CHUJ !!!

  • GreekFreakyJoker 3 years ago

    I will also have to say something about the part of Greece’s population. It
    is true that the numbers are getting lower and lower, but that’s would be a
    reason to not have migrants, refugees or anyone. Who wants to be the
    minority in his own country. There have been cases where politicians have
    tried to give political right to minorities that didn’t even feel Greek,
    just to take more votes. Why should people who don’t even like Greeks, take
    part in our political system? Why should people who are Turks should be
    able to vote on matters about Greece?

  • David Jung 3 years ago

    What’s his solution? Increase funding out of thin air for refugees and
    accept them all in? Based on stat about refugees even though there hasn’t
    been a crisis like this since world war 2?? Yes, some refugees in developed
    country can be good and countries that can should accept a reasonable
    number in but this isn’t so black and white. It’s a HUGE influx of people,
    and there needs to be a more world-wide and thought out plan of action for
    these refugees.

  • Crni Terijer 3 years ago

    Not watching Last Week Tonight any more after this biased and amateurish
    excuse for covering an important story.

  • The Mutts 3 years ago

    LOL. I liked the cats part. So funny :-)

  • Matthijs b87 3 years ago

    Since when did Wilders got elected MP?

  • Le Vito 3 years ago

    I live in the Netherlands.

  • That Amazing Nostalgic Memory 3 years ago

    The low birth rate is the main force behind the conflict with immigrants.
    While the immigrants will only bring the Muslim population from 4% – 5%,
    they are producing ALOT more kids than any white Europeans. If this was in
    reverse people would be screaming a threat to the culture but because it is
    Europe, its considered fine. Also, unlike America, Islamic people don’t mix
    into the native culture well. Many streets in Germany and Britain are now
    unsafe for Jews because radical Islamists attack them. These extremists
    even go far enough to want to uphold Sharia law and become disenfranchised
    significantly with the western communities they are living in.

  • Jhanic Satori 3 years ago

    You Americans !!! should be the last people to say something about
    Do you accept people without VISA? then why do you critic other countries?

  • Adam Thompson 3 years ago

    Europe wants its population to decrease. Their population is dense and
    their social programs are expensive. The entire world shares in this
    overpopulation problem. It doesn’t help anyone to shove people where one
    culture has decided to do the responsible thing and decrease its
    population. That’s just as absurd as every other absurdity you pointed out,
    John. You’re asking a continent that is less than 100 years removed from
    social and ethnic upheaval, in some parts less than 20 years removed, to
    accept a continuous infusion of cultural change. Because these refugees
    have no intention of leaving, just like those who came after World War II
    did not intend to leave.

  • Kitty Boss 3 years ago

    Until now, you have had my utmost respect. I have been in awe of you. I
    think you are the best thing to have happened to the US in a long time. The
    best thing to have happened to me even, I used to be blind to so many
    things about the US, you opened my eyes. I was wondering what is it with me
    and British guys ( the other British guy I have loved forever is Thomas
    Hardy, posthumously of course, Jude The Obscure is almost my bible). But,
    today I am very disappointed. Anyone who thinks a Muslim crowd invading
    Europe is harmless, has no clue about real human history. Muslims impose
    their culture strongly wherever they can. You want Europe to be Islamic?
    Then all your freedom and liberal talk is BS.You, I guess, will be happy to
    see me leave, like you were happy to see the guy go,whose second favorite
    soda you dissed lol; but I am heartbroken and scared for human kind’s
    future to see that Muslims that breed like bunnies and have a medieval
    culture, have your support. Highly disturbed Mr Oliver.

  • Patrick Quigley 3 years ago

    kick down that fucker

  • Leon Krug 3 years ago

    The US could take a bit more refugees too, because they were the ones that
    intervened in the middle east since the 1950s, leading to that crisis right
    To be honest: 10,000 is nothing. Everyone knows that. We are expecting
    1,000,000 in Germany this year alone, so taking at least 100,000 refugees
    would be okay.

  • Vintage Michael 3 years ago

    *It’s official everyone*, this has been the second shady John Oliver
    show… *we’ve lost John*. And to be honest I’m not sure we ever had
    Oliver… the good’ol John Stewart correspondent host.

    If it was not for our European and Arab brothers and sisters telling us the
    truth from the front… we sadly may have believed what you are or are not

    Well now you’ve lost creditably John and I already know the money was not
    worth it.

  • We the people 3 years ago

    Typical liberal. John Oliver…. these terrorists need to migrate to
    another Muslim country they shouldn’t come to the west. How long before we
    hear of attacks and or Muslims being offended by this that and the other.
    Muslims do not belong in western countries

  • MaciekTV 3 years ago

    YeY Korwin love him <3

  • Masum Hasan (Mahmudul) 3 years ago

    Respect to you, you Comedian Fool! Hats off.

  • John Marston 3 years ago

    What about the fact that every single country that has accepted migrants
    and “asylum seekers” have seen crime rates go up and tons of white women
    are being raped by these “migrants” and “asylum seekers”? Not to mention
    the countless protest groups of migrants who want sharia law in Europe
    (look up “sharia 4 belgium”). Islam is a sick and perverted religion. The
    religion is a disease and nothing good comes out of it. I love your show
    John, but this is a very biased video. Radical Islam is taking over Europe
    and it needs to be stopped. Maybe once your wife gets brutally raped by
    some dumb towelhead hoping to “spread his genes” then you’ll probably wake
    up and realize what is really going on.

  • Jana Hodáková GALAJDOVá 3 years ago

    Oliver you are ready for mental hospital. You are really obtuse donkey ,
    hehe. Ty kokso, to je cvokhaus.

  • Andrew Czajka 3 years ago

    Leave it to fox news to do nothing but pander and mislead people, I really
    wonder if the people who work for fox know they’re working for the devil
    and they’re doing a disservice to the planet earth

  • extreme 3 years ago

    ok all things aside these people applauding at train stations are just
    retarded on so many levels.

  • SiemkaSiema 3 years ago

    Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Nie spodziewałem się że go tu zobaczę…

  • sno0p3r 3 years ago

    The earth shall tremble when Europe awakens! You know the third time is the
    charm, right?

  • COUGHCOOL23 3 years ago

    So what you’re saying is we should support Assad and restore the rule of
    law to Syria? Got it.

  • scyx 3 years ago

    Once again, John tackles a controversial subject and is logical about it.
    He shows the facts, he debunks the myths, and still there is ignorance. I
    suppose that will never change. Thank you for trying, John. Please keep
    doing so!
    Anyone not touched by Noujain, and what John’s team did for her, is truly
    dead inside.

  • Lutranereis 3 years ago

    I don’t know why the focus on this episode was all about Europe when
    virtually all developed countries (except for Jordan) have done a terrible
    job of taking in immigrants. Particularly the wealthy countries in the
    Middle East that share a very similar culture have taken a grand total of
    zero Syrian immigrants. Almost the whole world has failed to treat these
    people the with the dignity and respect they deserve.

  • Clemente Cortile 3 years ago

    Dear LWT staff, tho it is true that a small percentage of the incoming
    migrants are indeed war refugees, it has been proven that the vast majority
    are just illegal migrants.You’re depicting this mass, that’s illegally
    crossing half of the european borders, as a totally positive phenomenon
    while they’re actually hiding and confusing themselves with refugees,
    making it impossible to actually help those fleeing the war.

    Moreover Islamic integration in Europe has countless historical successes:
    we could all recall how our ancestors slaughtered each other for centuries
    while the extremists are building concentration camp on one side and
    planning terrorist attacks on the other. But that’s in the past, we could
    skip the trip down the memory lane and look at how well Sweden, one of the
    most civilized country in the EU, has been integrating the islamic
    minorities. An astounding success.

    The US, in all its generosity, doesn’t want to take advantage of this
    “positive phenomenon”, and has agreed to take just a very small portion of
    them, but I’m pretty sure that’s because your “new open border policy” will
    welcome your own million of illegal immigrants from south america soon.

    Besides it’s not like the US had any hand in the middle east, didn’t they?

    To be successful, immigration needs to be legitimate by the host countries
    and requires education, tolerance and respect. How would the people of NY
    react if a million John Olivers would wash ashore on Long Island’s beach
    pretending free fish and chips, tea at five, victorian style housing,
    lamenting the lack of fog and preaching that americans should watch only
    soccer instead of any other sport from that day on?

  • XplosivCookie 3 years ago

    This video was a tad one sided, don’t you think?

    Sure there are some people in actual distress among these “_refugees_”, but
    there are a lot of immigrants we’re not exactly happy to see in there as
    well. For example, when someone who has the title “asylum seeker” ends up
    in northern Europe, and then comments to AFP: “I hate Finland”, the natural
    response from us would be “Well fuck off then”.

    I’m happy that Europe provides safety to those who need it, it just seems
    like not everyone who makes that trip has an actual need for refuge.

  • MrVorvon 3 years ago

    As others have already noted, there are a couple of things John didn’t take
    into consideration. The first thing which is so obvious to me is that US
    government started the wars in the Middle East and now it denies its
    responsibility by doing literally NOTHING in the case of the immigrants.
    They should take at least half of the population that needs protection. ITS
    YOUR FAULT US. DEAL WITH IT. The second thing that came to my attention
    after watching this video was John’s remark about the amount of km and the
    determination of the immigrants to go such a long way to the European
    countries. And my question is: are you seriously so blithely ignorant of
    the fact that the border with Saudi Arabia is so close to them? I’m writing
    about this because a few weeks ago there wasn’t a pilgrimage to Mecca and
    Saudi Arabia has a special place for those who want to go there – a place
    called Mina. Do you know what’s there? 100.000 tents with air conditioning
    capable of accommodating approximately 3 millions of people. And they use
    them ONE TIME IN A YEAR. What about that? Flawless logic. Another thing (as
    I am writing from Poland, one of the most conservative nations in Europe,
    at least in the case of the immigrants…): John showed people part of the
    speech of one of the most radical politicians in Poland, who is currently
    below the level of entering the Polish parliament in the upcoming election.
    Last, but by no means least, as you will look at immigrants, the majority
    of them seems to be male, aged 20-40, healthy enough to fight for their
    country, and also should now serve in the army. This is not right. In
    conclusion, get your information from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in
    the most efficient way before you make a biased video, showing compassion
    for those in need and condemnation for those who have doubts of people’s

  • elia jab 3 years ago

    john, its all about the type of immigration..!
    the problem is they would impose their culture and religion upon any
    country that hospites them. they do not mix and they do not accept the
    others. i am not saying leave them to die but this video is very biased

  • MadeInCroatia 3 years ago

    Didnt watch vid, read comments… I am afraid to watch it cuz I ll probably

  • codak0007 3 years ago

    ty neinformovany technik LUNIK 9
    ty babka priemyslu
    I laugh with you but more at your williness to beeeeee and present such a
    stupid show!!!

  • karuca93 3 years ago

    The dumb Americans applauding this biased nonsense. If you care so much
    about them take them all. Europe will gladly pay the transportation costs

  • Jawsphobia 3 years ago

    Very nice segment, especially the end. It would be great to see her

  • Rasectos 3 years ago

    Easy to call for looser immigration laws from your comfortable Westchester

  • Yash Saini 3 years ago

    This is such a biased and one sided story. I cannot believe that john would
    do this.

  • 22180692 3 years ago

    Oliver you are so stupid. Get a real job you moron. :)

  • J_C 3 years ago

    Americans proving again that they don’t know what the fuck they are talking
    about. See, many of you doesn’t even know the countries in Europe, so try
    not give us advices about treating our shit. Oh, and how many arab refugees
    was the USA willing to accept? 10.000? Hahahahahaha….

  • Pieter Ouborg 3 years ago

    Usually I enjoy shows by John Oliver but today I feel like he’s combatting
    this discussion with the wrong arguments. Part because of the duplicity in
    the media (showing the 10% sobstories), part because IMO a high influx of
    people with much different beliefs (religious, social and worldly views)
    than the hosting country will most likely lead to friction. A friction that
    if managed wrongly could light a fuse to a bomb nobody wants to see go off.

  • Paulo Gomes 3 years ago

    It’s easy to talk about this when you’re thousands of miles away…

  • MeebleMeeble 3 years ago

    I guess it would be anti-Semitic to mention how Israel is dealing with the

  • Apethantos 3 years ago

    OK, Particularly Devout Beavers is the name of my next band.

  • DC Resayz 3 years ago

    *They should go back and fix their own problems*
    If you haven’t noticed that rebels have been fighting back for the past
    years, then you should read up on it. They clearly stand no chance, which
    is why they are fleeing.

    *Islam only bring bad things to society*
    This isn’t an Islamic problem, it’s a crime against humanity! People
    shouldn’t treat them as Muslims, but as people. You think these people are
    fleeing war for terrorism, to take over Europe? NO

    *What about the other Gulf countries?*
    They are selfish pigs who only care about their money, so I will not defend
    them in any way. BUT instead of saying “o look they aren’t taking in
    anyone, how evil… We should do the same”, They should do what’s morally
    right, and that is helping those in need.

    Too many people in the comments don’t understand what it feels like to be
    in their positions and only care about their own well being.

  • Will Alcantara 3 years ago

    Right in the feels.. HOW DARE YOU?!

  • Valdo Newman 3 years ago

    so take them to your country. why do you have such big fence on the south?
    smart ass.

  • 0sk1 3 years ago

    When they will start to killing us in the name of Allah – blood on your
    hands you fkn jew.

  • Konstantin Gerolsteiner 3 years ago

    These Muslims have no place in Europe. They’ll integrate much better in
    countries ruled by their fellow muslims. They are scum, leaving behind
    garbage, crimes, and various instances of raped women in their wake. They
    either stay out or we’ll force them out.

  • Floigenkaspar 3 years ago

    How about talking about America’s role in all of this and it’s
    responsibility to take in Syrian refugees. 1500 this year and 10000 next
    year? Is this a joke? They could have at least mentioned that in this bit.

  • Azitock 3 years ago

    All terrorists in europe have so far been 2nd generation muslims.

    It’s not the ones running from ISIS that you should fear, but their
    children born in your countries.

  • Kitty Boss 3 years ago

    The very people welcoming the refugees deserve a few lashes for being
    indecent. Women without headscarves are influenced by the devil to tempt
    the righteous muslim men to engage in the carnal act of love. Stone these
    German women that are waving at you and welcoming you. Show them the right
    way as prescribed by the merciful Allah.

  • LaLaGrunge 3 years ago

    Why the hell should Hungary be obligated to accept thousands of refugees,
    the majority of them Muslim, when they were oppressed by the Ottoman Muslim
    Empire for hundreds of years?

  • Peter Kolodziej 3 years ago

    How is a decrease in population a negative statistic? The world is
    overpopulated as it is.

  • JAMHARDXT Antelo 3 years ago

    this is a test…. it has to be… you must make the best out of it.

  • Atul Choudhary 3 years ago

    Dear John ,It might be a good idea if you do a sarcastic video about our
    Indian(Hindu) Caste System.How a person is born and given a caste ,caste
    basically means a traditional business (it’s a form of neptoism) taken over
    from succession through out the family.How the system was exploited by
    upper caste people for their own good .You might get banned in India for
    that video too(that would be good too ,you may attract a lot of views as
    India is becoming more of a banned prevailing country, a state of India
    banned beef/meat for the sake of minority religion coz, it hurt their
    sentiments, mind it that it is the same minority , owing more than 50% of
    the state wealth ) .How India as a country has followed Eugenics through
    caste system and still being followed majority of the people.How positive
    discrimination for people of neglected (outclassed of the society) is
    enough for 50 years ,even though the 5000years for discrimination is
    nothing for them .

  • Petr Stránský 3 years ago

    Is it that simple? We, people of Europe, are just a bunch of violent evil
    racists – that’s it, right? Fk you, John Oliver, seriously.

  • Tiberian Fiend 3 years ago

    Let’s call this swarthy Islamic horde what they really are: illegal

  • Keukeu45 3 years ago

    C’mon Denmark, don’t you need help to slaughter some dolphins?

  • Riffy 3 years ago

    Islam is the issue here. The thing about Islam, and religion in general is,
    it’s interpreted. The issue here being, in Islam, it tells you to beat your
    wife if she disobeys you, it tells you to execute/murder apostates. It
    tells you to wage holy war (jihad) against infidels.

    Of course moderate muslims have gone and taken “metaphorical” answers to
    these parts of the Quran. This is patently stupid, change the Quran to be
    more specific and not “metaphorical” when talking about BEATING WIVES,

    Islam/ The Quran is a cancer upon society.

  • Man Child 3 years ago

    I think John Oliver should give up his home(s) for those Migrants and Give
    them all his paychecks to prove his point.

  • putridspit 3 years ago

    this comment section ….. *sigh

  • Lujza Milotová 3 years ago

    fakt velmi vtipne neviem ci by ste sa tak smiali keby sa to stalo vam
    akoze fakt hnoj, ani neviete o co tu ide…
    pridte sa sem pozret a potom komentujte

  • Madeleine Arnould 3 years ago

    FUN FACT. Steve Jobs biological father was a Syrian immigrant.

  • L4BT3C 3 years ago

    Fckin hell, never heard such a bad opinions on migrants.

  • Dominik “DomAJNikju” Mládek 3 years ago

    THIS SHIT !!

  • Neto del Toro 3 years ago

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for the video about inhumane treatment of Latin
    American migrants in the US!… what?, what do you mean “they’re not
    working on that”?…

  • barclinxox 3 years ago

    Can John be any less of a shill?

  • Edwin Lizardo 3 years ago

    John Oliver…. you’re one funny sob

  • Xaksia 3 years ago

    As a Dane, I cannot begin to describe the shame I felt when the Danish
    newspaper adds where mentioned and I would like to say that far from all
    Danes agreed with this tactic.

  • TheRLification 3 years ago



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