Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health (HBO)

Published on October 5, 2015

John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t.

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  • Isaac Riley 3 years ago

    Wow, as someone with mental health issues, this segment calling out our
    politicians has truly made my day.

  • Sad Panda 3 years ago

    The majority of people who commit violent crime also tend to be
    African-American, but you’ll never find leftists talking about that now do

  • Leonardo Renaissance 3 years ago

    More psychologists please! They actually help. Talking in intellectual ways
    helps many people and just talking at all helps.

  • 999theeagle 3 years ago

    Real Esnake agent….. Boo sir. Boo.

  • Craxin01 3 years ago

    I don’t know… I think directly after mass shootings is the perfect time
    to discuss mental health. Specifically, the mental health of NRA
    leadership and conservative politicians. Einstein described insanity as
    doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different
    results. How many times can we keep pouring more and more guns out there
    for any person with a grudge or a chip on his or her shoulder to collect
    and discharge at anyone who disagreed with them on twitter? This isn’t a
    mental health issue, it’s a societal one. We are becoming more and more
    isolated as individuals, we are more plugged into our IPhones and our
    computers than we are our families and communities. We can get all the
    information in the world at the touch of a button, but only select the
    information that makes us happier, not more informed. We all have begun
    living in ideological and political bubblesecho-chambers. And then we
    wonder, “why is that guy shooting people?” Maybe it’s a symptom of a
    broken society with a suicide fetish?

  • Heidi Reis 3 years ago

    oregon shooter was highly involved in black lives matter and referred to
    islamic terrorists as brothers

  • 1234uz 3 years ago

    yup i agree

  • TrulyEvilBob 3 years ago

    Is it just me or did other people think the worst thing about the Bill
    Cosby Coke commerical wasn’t the Bill Cosby was a date rapist but that he
    was pushing New Coke, a vastly inferior soda that almost destroyed Coke as
    we know it? So Bill did two thing horrible I guess.

  • Patrick Binder 3 years ago

    This is extremely narrow minded. Government is the worst equipped to help
    with an individuals mental health. “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m
    here to help… lets see my options are prison for you, steal from you,
    abuse you…” Using government is not charity and it is not helpful.

  • shaun Brown 3 years ago

    A few things. First I loved the segment, but I believe anyone who murders
    someone has a mental health issue. Secondly I hope whoever is elected puts
    a effective amount of focus on the mental health system. Right now it is
    difficult to talk to someone about your problems, and all they want to do
    is pump you full of drugs and lock you up for 72 hours.

  • duckie52389 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for this segment. Most people–average citizens, news
    reporters, politicians–are so quick to casually make a link between mental
    illness and violence without even thinking about (1) is it even an accurate
    or fair assessment, or (2) what damage does it do to people who suffer with
    mental illness? The truth is, it makes people feel better to say that only
    people who “aren’t right in the head” would commit an act of mass murder.
    It’s a misguided belief that is just not borne out in the evidence, and
    even more so, further stigmatizes a population that is already so

    John Oliver has a huge, very attentive audience. He is using that fact for
    the most positive ends, and I really respect him for that. He is such an
    important voice for so many voiceless in our society. He is moving people
    into action and changing the world, even if we don’t realize it yet. Thank
    you to him and all his staff.

  • jeremalaria 3 years ago

    thumbs up for “realesnake agent”

  • mandazzers 3 years ago

    John Oliver drinking game:

    1) take a drink whenever he says “the point is” or “that is a FACT!”
    2) take two drinks whenever it’s mentioned that he is British
    3) take three drinks whenever he tricks you with a graphic – wrong country,
    wrong flag, etc
    4) do whatever you want; I’m a youtube comment, not a cop.

  • Adam Thompson 3 years ago

    I worked in the mental health field for two years and quit. One of the
    reasons I quit was because the system was failing so badly that it was a
    real source of genuine anger for me, and that is not the right reaction
    because the people you are working with can sense that. But I have to
    disagree with John a little bit here. Yes, the “vast majority” of gun
    violence in this country is not committed by people who we think of as
    schizophrenic or “insane.” However, since the majority of gun violence in
    this country occurs in communities where people are very unlikely to
    receive help, I don’t think that it’s fair to say they don’t have a mental
    illness; we really wouldn’t know. It’s probably unlikely that, in Chicago
    for example, every shooting is perpetrated by someone with a mental illness
    like the guy in Oregon. On the other hand, people in those communities very
    likely have what we call PTSD at a much higher rate than any other civilian
    community. If you want to talk about something no one talks about, by the
    way, let’s talk about how many kids in those communities are raped and/or
    beat by adults in their own families. Now tell me you don’t think they have
    a mental illness called PTSD, John.

    And let me just say one more thing. I didn’t appreciate your abuse of
    statistics, John. The majority of mass shootings during these past few
    decades of increased mass shooting violence have had mental illness or some
    other handicapped. The Newton kid was diagnosed with autism and depression.
    The Columbine guys were on meds. The Oregon guy was on meds. The Aurora guy
    was mentally ill despite his plea being rejected. Do we really need to go
    on here?

    And one last thing. Yes, politicians may be using mental health to “steer
    the discussion away from guns.” Politicians have been and always will be
    wankers. Take away the inner cities statistically, or do something to pull
    them out of that pathetic circle of violence they’re stuck in….
    Destigmatize mental illness so that it becomes normal for communities to
    deal with it openly and with a massive network of professionals and
    volunteers. And gun violence in this country will sink through the floor.

  • Metrawolf 3 years ago

    We better get it real did

  • koka558 3 years ago

    My mom actually owns a greyhound and volunteers to allow people to come
    play and hug it. She’s gone to mental health treatment centers to volunteer
    before. She actually does do greyhound therapy :P

  • bordy217 3 years ago

    Didn’t Saint Reagan defund and close the mental health institutes.

  • sowavy24 3 years ago

    If donold trump wins he’ll probably just send them to Mexico 

  • XelPixels 3 years ago

    You abandon God, promote sex and unfaithfulness, destroy families, treat
    kids as victims all the time so they never grow strong by circumstances and
    then ask yourself why your country is so messed up.

    You only face the consequences of your own actions.

  • FeelingThis09 3 years ago

    Everything is a mental issue nowadays. I realize that there are serious
    cases where treatment is required but nowadays it seems like if someone
    does want to do something or fails at something (school, work, home life)
    they can just blame it on a mental illness.

  • EZ64 3 years ago

    Why do I get the feeling most Republicans don’t care about reforming gun
    control or mental health?

  • Josh Evans 3 years ago

    When he said “Someone with ‘Doctor’ in their name”, I immediately knew who
    was coming. Fuck Dr. Oz.

  • Lazeez Karshibayev 3 years ago

    Can you please add captions? I love the things JO bring up very much, but
    my ears stare of his fine brilliant bloody accent…

  • fclavijo 3 years ago

    Exactly: DO IT THEN!

  • Abdurrahmanshabir Shabir 3 years ago

    Why is it short this week????whatever Donald trump and is cotton candy
    hair should do somefuckingthing about it

  • Andrius27 3 years ago

    Totally just got up and poured myself a Coke. Say what you will, Bill’s
    still got it.

  • Andrew Graham 3 years ago

    Having suffered from mental illness, this is hard to laugh to, but more
    difficult still to reconcile.

  • smooshpopper2 3 years ago

    This episode is so important

  • Henrys Dream 3 years ago

    That’s the problem with John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, John Stewart and
    their ilk. They seek to solve issues through the analysis of data rather
    than emotional hyperbole. I mean seriously…how am I supposed to stay mad
    at those America hating lefties now?

  • franghan 3 years ago

    Dat ending tho.

  • Pepscoable 3 years ago

    Wow, this probably is the most eye-opening segment for me done by

  • Sebastian m (alpine1600s) 3 years ago

    The problem with the federal government running a personal mental health
    program is that governments are the worst at representing the individual.
    In short, the government cannot successfully run these programs. Second,
    it’s not their job.
    Mental health issues are as varied as cancer cases. Not all mental health
    cases have violent expressions, but many do.
    In this Post Modern era, the scenario of actually diagnosing who is “sick”
    by only secular means by a subjective meter has presented more problems.
    Blaming violence on mental health isn’t the answer, but removing one
    variable (tool of violence) from an equation doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Elise 3 years ago

    Who would vote for John Oliver if he ran for president???

  • David L 3 years ago

    greek yogurt is not from Greek LoL

  • macgroin 3 years ago

    I love this show 🙂 but…what is wrong with John Olivers thumbs?
    btw…good luck not noticing that from now on ;).

  • Greg Jeckel 3 years ago

    As someone that’s been struggling with OCD since I was 12 [I’m 22 now], and
    being in-and-out of therapy and psych wards for years on end, Thank you for
    bringing this up in such an eloquent, thought-out and well constructed
    manner. This meant alot, John Oliver. Thanks.

  • CommanderPizzaRoll 3 years ago

    I might be confused about this but I am not sure how gun control would help
    anything… The people who would want to murder other people for fun must
    be sociopathic in some ways and those who want to kill will get the guns
    anyways… As someone who lives in a place where everyone has guns I see
    absolutely no shootings take place because everyone can protect

  • LanceFlugerman 3 years ago

    The laugh track makes me very uneasy.

  • Blak 3 years ago

    This episode of the show is terrific. Highlighted the problem in a real and
    clear way, suggested some solutions for starting to improve the situation
    and calling out Dr. Phil. Like with the FIFA state of things, maybe good
    can come out of all of this.

    Also, fuck Dr. Phil.

  • Timothy Johnston 3 years ago

    As much as I love the fact that this segment is bringing to light the
    country’s very real mental health problem that politicians have been
    ignoring for the past since-the-country-was-founded, please do not try and
    belittle the argument about gun control by bringing to light Republican
    morons that only get media airtime because they might say some more crazy
    shit that will keep people from changing the channel. There are plenty of
    moderates and Democrats that are not in favor of total gun control, and the
    idea that mass shootings are not the direct result of an ailing mind is

    Let’s skip the discussion on mental illness, and look at the heart of what
    you really wanted to talk about: guns. There are people out there that do
    not want the citizens of the nation to have access to firearms. The nation
    was founded upon the belief that weapons, and access to weapons, would be
    necessary for the people to be able to rise up against their own government
    if that was the appropriate action. As the weapons of the national military
    increases in size and scale, the people would need access to weapons of
    equal capabilities – after all, the American *rebellion* was nearly quelled
    by the British army after laws were legally passed that required colonists
    hand over their firearms. Of course, we all doubt that Washington and the
    other founders of the nation had WMDs in mind, but at the same time, the
    scale is irrelevant to the argument.

    Of course people with anger management or mental health problems should not
    be allowed to possess weapons. People in this nation often confuse guns as
    the only available weapon because it takes little training or skill to use
    the weapon to minimum efficiency; however, someone that has had prior
    training with, say, a combat knife, could effectively murder just as many
    people as they could with a firearm. After all, knives don’t need bullets.

    In England, the paranoia against killings and murder has gotten so high
    that they have actually banned almost all forms of weapons, including
    improvised weapons such as plastic knives. This still doesn’t stop England
    from having one of the highest violent crime rates in the world, and as
    much as the British census bureau wishes to put spin on the matter, most
    national leaders know that they also have one of the highest murder rates
    in the world. Essentially, the Brits put all deaths into three categories:
    homicide, suicide, and natural causes. If the police cannot find a suspect
    or a murder weapon, then the death is automatically not counted as a
    homicide, even if the death is clearly not natural and not a suicide. In
    America, we do the opposite: if it is clearly not a natural death, and it
    does not appear to be a suicide, we count it as a homicide until there is
    enough proof to declare it a suicide. Suicides by gunshot wound are also
    counted in the statistics for yearly deaths by gun in America, but not in
    several other countries, including England.

    You’re right. Stupid people that don’t know much about weapons or, well,
    anything else, really, will always fall back on whatever convenient excuse
    they can to draw attention away from the issue. But that doesn’t mean that
    people that support guns share their feelings; I guess that is why the
    majority of gun owners are not members of and often vocally show discontent
    with the NRA. And as much as gun control advocates love to press the issue
    of gun control whenever they can, they often do not list compelling
    arguments in favor of gun control or engage in the same practices as their
    opponents. You can list all of the statistics you want, you can drone on
    and on about mental health, but the main proponent of gun control is as
    follows: there is a large, very large, number of people in this country
    that want access to all sorts of weaponry in the case that they feel
    compelled to rebel against their government should ever the time arise when
    the government no longer serves the will of the people. Many of these
    people will never surrender their firearms for this very reason. You need
    to convince them that this will never be necessary again for them to
    surrender their firearms.

    And if you want to talk about statistics, here’s a good one for you: out of
    all of the guns owned by all governments and people in the world, here is
    how ownership is broken down: less than 1% of all firearms are owned by
    criminal organizations, less than 5% by known terror groups, less than 7%
    by known militia groups (there are legitimate militia that operate around
    the world), and around 33% are owned by actual military organizations. The
    remaining 56% of all firearms around the world are owned by average
    citizens. There are around 875 million guns owned worldwide. U.S. citizens
    own about 88 million of those guns. That means that 490 million guns are
    owned by average people, and that U.S. citizens, which includes
    self-appointment and non-recognized militia groups, own 18% of
    civilian-owned guns worldwide. 88 million guns.

    Based on those statistics and the logic of, “Guns are what cause gun
    violence”, then this whole fucking country, this whole fucking planet,
    would be filled with stir-crazy gun nuts shooting up every single thing
    they see move.

    Guns are not what causes gun violence. Just like how idiot Republican
    pundits and puppets try to use mental health as a scapegoat, Democrats need
    to stop doing the exact same shit as a scapegoat for admitting that they
    don’t fucking know how to fix the problem of mass shootings either. They
    might want to start by putting their money with their mouths are and
    sponsoring more of those mental health programs they talk about supporting,
    because rest assured, even in Democrat-controlled states, my autistic
    little brother is still not going to get the help that he needs, and you
    fucks that use the gun debate to avoid different issues and spout your
    mouths off without knowing shit are really starting to drive this country
    to a prompt demise.

  • John Doe 3 years ago

    really you stupid fucking cunt john oliver? Now you’re going to put that
    into the bag of shit we cant say because of p.c. cunts like you? i hope you
    die in front of your family you fucking moron cunt

  • Rude 3 years ago

    yet another good one!

  • Shelby Taylor 3 years ago


  • Lucrecia Belmont 3 years ago

    Thank you John!

  • Brendano Harns (SemiLimited) 3 years ago

    Maaaaaaaan, I gotta disagree.

    I love Quiznos.

  • robek world 3 years ago

    IT’S 2015

  • Proteus Avatár 3 years ago

    *”We need to thunk better about how we does words stuff. We need to get it

  • Hayley Rodgers 3 years ago

    I am grateful for this segment, and I agree with almost everything. The one
    thing I do not is saying that the mass shootings are not a part of the
    mental health debate. No mentally healthy person goes into a place with the
    goal of killing as many people as possible and most likely planning to die
    in the end. That is beyond any realm of normalcy. But that is more on the
    social end of the issue. People feeling broken, unfixable, or fearing
    getting help because of the social stigmas, then brooding on their thoughts
    and getting more and more lost inside themselves.

  • William Turner 3 years ago

    This was good I watched it twice just for the ending.

  • Anthonylv lv 3 years ago

    thanks to john oliver the faith in humanity is not completely lost..which
    is pretty sad.

  • RADIZ2013 3 years ago

    as a Canadian I find the American pro gun people stupid in the rest of the
    civilized world we have proper gun control laws and there are little to no
    mass shootings in these countries

  • chase4926 3 years ago

    The image used for mental health strongly reminded me of the True Detective
    intro sequence.

  • Animesh Mishra 3 years ago

    this man will change us and the world, the baton of responsibility has now
    come from stewart to oliver

  • BooProductions21 3 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to talk about this! I have depression,
    anxiety, and schizophrenia and its extremely frustrating because my family
    does not have the money for many treatment options, leaving my options
    severely limited. Like, its hard to find a psychiatrist that is affordable
    and its hard to find a program that’s not completely booked up. We don’t
    have the money for me to stay in a residential hospital (which I probably
    need) so we’re trying therapy. I have my first therapist appointment today.
    Hopefully it works out well! I also worry about my future a lot because I’m
    never going to be able to live by myself due to my mental health and I’m
    going to have to spend a lot of money on therapy and medication. I’m also
    gonna need a strong support system. I also have a strong fear of getting
    killed by police sometime in the future because I’m having a breakdown. Its
    all just really hard. Thank you for caring though. It means the world to

  • Matthew “Swabby” Sobol 3 years ago

    I feel like John is talking about different people, who still are mentally
    ill, but hes not talking about these spree killers. The term Mentally Ill
    is an extremely broad term, and this segment doesn’t touch into that.

  • Ectowaffle 3 years ago

    Never seen him end a clip so heated damn.

  • botlige27 3 years ago

    that last line hits hard.

  • Calvin Smith 3 years ago

    John Oliver, even the New York Times has admitted that gun control will not
    prevent mass shootings. The majority of these people that suddenly snap
    have clean records. Of course the New York Times probably thinks banning
    guns all together is the solution, but that isn’t going to happen.

  • Einomies 3 years ago

    Ben Carson too?! He’s supposed to be a fucking neurosurgeon, and if I
    remember right he’s done a hemispherectomy from which the patient recovered
    fully! Yet he spreads the mental illness stigma and thinks being gay is a
    choice. What?

    Just goes to show that you can be good at cutting up a thing and/or putting
    it back together without really knowing what’s going on. As long as you
    memorize what part goes where you’ll have no problem fixing a car either
    and you don’t have to know why it goes there.

  • GelidGanef 3 years ago

    Fucktards wanna debate gun violence in the comments, like his two throwaway
    remarks about it at the beginning and at the end were all they got out of
    this video. It’s a travesty that people who have different experiences of
    the world, undesirable genes, or have been repeatedly victimized in their
    lives are treated this way. It’s racism and sexism and kicking someone when
    they’re down all rolled up into one.

    So if you ignored the best show John Oliver ever made because you disagreed
    with him about a different issue, gtfo of the comments.

  • zach kaneshiro 3 years ago

    Such an important issue! Also consider the mentally ill homeless population

  • Tony Tiger 3 years ago

    didnt jfk send his daughter in for a lobotamy?

  • Patrick Shanahan 3 years ago

    6:00 This is par for the course for Vegas. Not too many years back, Sheriff
    Moran was elected on the single platform of getting the sex workers “off
    the streets”. The day after his election, women on this list, along with
    their families were literally herded up and bused one way to southern Cal.
    No kidding, folks. In the eighties.

  • Adam Gallego 3 years ago

    You tell them John Oliver!!!
    “Fine. Do it then! The very least we owe them, is a F*CKING PLAN!”

  • Lex A 3 years ago

    “greyhound therapy”!! THERAPY!?!?!?!
    I can’t believe it! We’ve got some work to do…

    This is tragic!

  • Maya S 3 years ago

    My friend works for a center that houses and provides therapy for sexually
    abusive children, all of them have some type of mental illness and have
    harmed others in a sexual way. Often if the kids insurance runs out or if
    they turn of age they are released as if they have completed their sentence
    and been rehabilitated. If a child has not been rehabilitated and is
    released they are supposed to register as sex offenders or continue
    treatment but that doesn’t happen because the doctors release the children
    as rehabilitated. They save their success numbers and make it seem like the
    kids have been “cured”, when really they are releasing dangerous and sick
    kids back into society and usually back to the situation that led them to
    the center. There have also been instances of abuse like a caregiver who
    broke a kids arm and tried to blame it on another child. Her colleagues
    backed up her story until the surveillance video showed her shoving the
    child so hard when he hit the door as he was falling his arm broke. Almost
    all of these kids have also been the victims of sexual abuse, it’s
    disturbing to think that they are released back into the abusive situation
    when released but they also have to deal with abuse and neglect while at
    the center. So sad.

  • Jonathan “MeTRulez” Caponi 3 years ago

    I know you guys in the US having a problem with guns and everything but you
    clearly need more restriction on them. Just take exemple of, for exemple,
    here in Canada. We can’t have fully automatic weapon. you can’t have gun
    without a class and some very high restriction. You want to buy a gun? Have
    you divorced recently? Have you been in a bankruptcy recently? Have you
    lost your job recently? If you answer yes to any of these question, you
    won’t be able to buy a hunting weapon. You need to take a 2 days class on
    how to act with weapons too. And guess what! No, bad people can’t buy
    weapon like they want. You know why? Because if MUCH more harder to access
    weapon for them too! This is what kind of solution the US need. Having a
    gun isn’t a right (even if your WAY TOO OLD AND NO MORE ACTUAL FOR 2015
    constitution says it), it’s a privilege!

  • Adam Chalmers 3 years ago

    I think we should ban cars in the U.S. I mean, over 32,000 people died in
    car accidents last year so they should be banned.

  • Graham F 3 years ago

    First off, really glad someone is talking about mental health because the
    system is awful.

    That said, saying that most people who commit gun violence are not mentally
    ill is TRUE, however, on the topic of mass shootings, which is what sparks
    gun control, 100% of mass shooters are mentally ill. Not to mention that
    none of the proposed gun control measures outside of the unconstitutional
    and logistically impossible outlaw and seizure of all firearms, would have
    prevented the Oregon shooting.

    Mass shooters are almost exclusively male and male suicide rates are
    through the roof. Stop becoming such an anti-male society and strive for
    true equality rather than overcompensation. We need to cut the crap with
    this “everyone is a winner” bullshit and start teaching children conflict
    resolution because these people just can’t handle the real world when it
    hits them. The media also needs to take more responsibility and stop
    showing the name and pictures of these killers on the news. Other people
    who feel rejected see this as an easy way to both make the world pay for
    how it has wronged them and make everyone know who they are. Each shooter
    inspires the next and it is snowballing. The TV shooter was mad about
    Charleston and the Oregon shooter was inspired by the TV shooter. Media is
    completely responsible for this occurrence becoming trendy and they love
    it. Every time this happens people flock to the news and their websites so
    they would never want this to stop.

  • Tony Tiger 3 years ago

    watching john oliver is some of the best educational material on youtube!

  • Shotgun Mongol 3 years ago

    This is an important segment and all, but one thing I must say something
    about is that we aren’t dodging talks about gun control after a mass
    shooting, we are dodging mental health talks. Do we need some reform when
    it comes to guns? Yes, but not the type that John Oliver is going to want,
    my thoughts on the matter involve getting rid of draconian laws that just
    change the look of a rifle and these dumb ass laws about magazine capacity.
    We do need, however, back round checks for mental health on guns, along
    with many other things. Yes, the mass majority of people with mental health
    problems are non aggressive, but people with metal health issues who ARE
    violent are the ones who are killing people and that statistic about “fewer
    than 5% of 120,000 gun related killings were perpetrated by people with
    mental illness.” is probably wrong, considering that we do not know how
    many of the killers may have some diagnosed mental health issue. Also, even
    if that statistic was true, the people killing other people with guns are
    not responsible law abiding citizens, the criminals are the ones killing
    people with more than likely illegal guns that were brought into this
    country via places like Mexico, who, by the way, is a country that has
    banned guns. So, don’t tell me that talking about mental health after a
    mass shooting is dodging talks about gun control.

  • Isaac Alonzo 3 years ago

    They don’t want to solve it, otherwise they will lose it as an excuse for
    whatever the current issue is.

  • SassyP17 3 years ago

    John Kasich has increased the budget and expanded Medicaid to the mentally
    ill in Ohio

  • Firstname Lastname 3 years ago

    maybe we could make john oliver president.

  • Atul Choudhary 3 years ago

    Nice Show for Normal Peeple

  • Brian Michael Finn 3 years ago

    Therapy is good for people who need it, but that doesn’t mean the
    therapists are good or even know what they are doing. I have met several
    therapists who actually make the problems worse rather than helping. It
    also doesn’t help that the DSM is full of made up illnesses by the
    pharmaceutical companies making normal human emotions and reactions into
    illnesses. True story. But let’s not forget that there is a difference
    between a troubled person and a real mental illness like alzheimers.

  • EnteTweets 3 years ago

    Omg, us is so broken.

  • Count All Your Crows 3 years ago

    As someone with multiple depressive and anxiety disorders, I am so grateful
    for this segment. People look at me like I’m some sort of freak whenever I
    try to speak about my illnesses, as if I’m weak or I’m about to grab a
    knife and start stabbing them. The fact is, I’m simply a survivor of
    childhood abuse and I’d never hurt anyone. I know far too well how it feels.

    I have lost three jobs due to employers not wanting to work with me
    regarding my panic attacks. My family is extremely unsupportive, which
    makes things very difficult because I’ve yet to get the means to move out.
    I have to attend therapy and take my medication in secret or risk losing my
    home. But, of course, the government only looks at the fact that I live at
    home and assumes that I’m given everything.

    There’s basically no lifeline for young adults like me. I’m trying
    everything I know, but at 19, I’m staring down the barrel of having my bank
    account in the red by several hundred dollars because of how expensive
    therapy is. However, if I go without it, I’ll run a high risk of becoming
    extremely suicidal within a month. I’m just so lost and I feel like I can’t
    win. Meanwhile, I’m still the butt of plenty of public jokes and throwaway
    discussions about how “guns aren’t bad, people are.” (As if being sick
    makes me a bad person.)

    I’d just like to thank John for bringing this to attention. It’s a very
    real problem and I know that I am (unfortunately) nowhere near alone in it.

  • Brandon Miller 3 years ago

    Jezz, this show is makes more sense than “real” news.

  • Carrie Williams 3 years ago

    If mental health is the cause of mass shooting, why are they not as
    important around the world? Mental health is common around the world,
    though no gun control laws is present in the US only! Also, putting gun
    control laws helps making sure that people with mental illness are not able
    to get the guns.

  • Taylor Newberry 3 years ago

    I completely agree that we need to do something drastic about mental
    health, but I wouldn’t say it’s an excuse to dodge the conversation on gun
    control. We know gun control doesn’t work, we tried it with New York and it
    failed miserably. Unfortunately I don’t know what the right answer is, but
    a ban on guns is certainly not the answer.

  • ProfesserNutButter 3 years ago

    If we took ALL the guns away in America, people would start killing each
    other with blades, cars, hands, other items.

    It’s definitely a mental health issue. If you took away the gun and people
    will still kill each other then its clearly not the gun.

  • Yvonne Stolterfoht 3 years ago

    good and important topic!

  • theEarlofChip 3 years ago

    A lot of those people who would’ve otherwise been in federal institutions
    also ended up on the street as homeless people. Many street homeless have
    mental health issues that have never been properly addressed, rather than
    just financial or even addiction issues (though these generally follow).

  • Imoleayo Abel 3 years ago

    “Mental illness; the thing actors pretend to have to win oscars.”

    His first sentence did it for me! So so accurate!

  • Vikas Chandrawanshi 3 years ago

    Good work.. But you are getting lazier… Please make longer episodes….

  • ender25ish 3 years ago

    you have to strike a balance, background checks, 5-10 day waiting periods
    are a great start for creating an effectively regulated gun market, getting
    rid of it all together is not an option.

    you cannot take away the rights of people because of the poor choices of a
    few people, thats tantamount to banning cars because of people who eat and
    drink alcohol and text all at the same time.

    but we do need to enforce the laws we have and make our country a safer
    place. banning things like supressors and high cap mags wont make anyone
    safer, meth and coke is banned in the US yet we have a large problem with
    it, banning something like that wont solve anything. you need to regulate
    it or it will never change.

  • Aphreal A. 3 years ago

    “The vast majority of mentally ill people are non-violent”

    Funny because the vast majority of gun owners are non-violent as well.

  • Sean Grizzly 3 years ago

    well said, as usual

  • michaeloptv 3 years ago

    He’s trying too hard on this one. Too many stupid “haha” jokes that don’t
    go with the story. Here’s hoping he gets back on track next week.

  • Isaac Gallegos 3 years ago

    There’s a mistake in this. He says most people that commit gun crimes don’t
    have mental health problems. The reason is it’s because it’s caused by gang
    violence. Gangs and mass shooters aren’t going to go away with the same
    solutions. Most mass shooters, however, have mental health problems. To
    group all kinds of killers and believe that they’re the same won’t stop
    mass shootings.

  • TheBlueOwl 3 years ago

    I watched this literally within an hour of getting off a GreyHound bus….
    Yeah, a lot makes sense now.

  • JDLENL 3 years ago

    That ending was like a bullet. Sharp, deadly, and to the point.

  • Keti Kanchashvili 3 years ago

    Give this man a Nobel prize

  • PinataFreaks 3 years ago

    While I agree that putting the blame of mass shootings squarely on mental
    illness is wrong, it is equally wrong to claim that gun control is the only
    factor involved.
    These things are not so simply you can blame it on one thing. Several
    things come together to cause something like a mass shooting, and mental
    illness is often involved as well.
    Now of course this doesn’t mean that everyone with mental illnesses is a
    potential murderer, since mental illness is a very broad term brought
    together to describe multiple disorders.
    Should we get better mental care for people with mental illnesses? Yes.
    Should we also have tougher controls and restrict access to guns? Yes.
    While we are at it we should also get better at detecting, preventing and
    stopping bullying, as that is often also a factor as victims seek revenge
    on their bullies.
    All I am saying, this is a complex issue, there is no lone culprit in this
    and I get annoyed whenever any tries to claim that, no matter what they try
    to blame.

  • Luger718 3 years ago

    “the vast majority of mentally ill people are non-violent and the vast
    majority of gun violence is committed by non-mentally ill people. … So
    the fact that we tend to only discuss mental illness in a mass shooting
    context is deeply misleading.”

    Is this the same for mass shooters? Its true that most gun homicides in the
    US are gang/drug related and crimes of passion. But whats the percentage
    when it comes to only mass shootings(Aurora, Newtown, Virginia tech etc.)?

    What I think is that our gun problem is a violence problem, our culture is
    obsessed with it. Combine that with poverty, unemployment, high healthcare
    cost, no mental health care and any other number socioeconomic problems in
    this country and youre bound to get bloody.

    Desperation manifests in violence.

  • Lauren M 3 years ago

    “If we’re going to use mentally ill people to dodge conversations about gun
    control then the very least we owe them is a fucking plan.”
    thank you john oliver.


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