Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Medicaid Gap (HBO)

Published on November 2, 2015

The election in 2016 decides our new president, but the one this year could determine whether many Americans will have healthcare.

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  • John Smith 3 years ago

    How does a colonoscopy cost $8000? That sounds crazy. I’ve been told they
    cost between $500-$1000 but that was maybe 5 years ago. Maybe prices are
    skyrocketing. My plan’s premium when up from $96 to $320 a month to comply
    with ACA, but the tax credits should cover some of it. But my income is
    variable so I might get disqualified in the middle of the year.

  • Acularius 3 years ago

    In the time that you’ve spent on this stupid election, god forbid the
    exuberant amounts of money thrown into it… we’ve already gone through
    ours (Canada).

    You have a modern information network, use it for god’s sake… This
    election should be about 6 months long.

  • weardo05respond 3 years ago

    sandshrew is that you?

  • Enjoku Espada 3 years ago

    You crossed a line tonight John Oliver. Nobody fucks with pangolins.

  • HConstantine 3 years ago

    That is an attractive goat.

  • Ciaran Cassidy 3 years ago

    The atrocious lack of compassion in the conservative elements of America is
    really sad. They make America seem like such a harsh unfriendly place. That
    is of course the probably inaccurate view of a guy from Ireland. All the
    same even with our economy in deep shit (recovering) I wouldn’t dream of
    moving to America.

  • Dorian Grey 3 years ago

    even costa rica has free healthcare i dont know how you gringos still quiet
    about republicans putting dicks in your asses

  • Chris p 3 years ago

    Usa what a horrible country

  • ZipplyZane 3 years ago

    One ridiculously cute animal, that is!

  • Rene Henckens 3 years ago

    I’ve been watching this channel for a while now and everytime I see a
    special like this, I wonder how the US is still not invaded by a nation
    with a shred of common sense. Look at the specials on Mental Health, the
    nuclear stockpile, stadiums / highschool football teams, LGBT rights, bail
    / public defence, the TSA….the list goes on and on. I truly dislike the
    EU-government and how this are going right now, but I’ll choose the EU over
    the US any day

  • Christopher Larkins 3 years ago

    Also should be mentioned that Mississippi is so poor that if it expanded
    Medicaid over three fourths of the states population would be qualified for

  • Shlomo Shekelberg 3 years ago

    IT’S 2015 Y’ALL!

  • DrGodfather14 3 years ago

    Before obamacare passed I couldn’t afford health insurance. Now I can’t
    afford health insurance or the tax penalty. Thanks a lot, liberal assholes.

  • Tyrfing42 3 years ago

    I live in Florida, and a few months ago I was visiting my dad, listening to
    him complain about his medical expenses.
    About how much of a mess Obamacare has made out of everything.
    Except our state is fighting against Obamacare!
    Yeah, the people who rejected Obamacare are blaming the Obamacare that they
    refused for the problems with the medical system.

  • Jeyan Mahmoodi 3 years ago

    Shit I live in Virginia

  • Rebecca Johnson 3 years ago

    Want to hear something scary? As a single adult with no kids, I don’t make
    enough to get health insurance from the exchanges and I can’t get Medicaid
    because it wasn’t expanded in my state … but I could if I got pregnant.

  • Véronique Bourgeois 3 years ago

    I don’t understand how the USA still doesn’t have free health care. In
    Canada you complain of stomach pain you will get a colonoscopy just to make
    sure nothing is wrong. At 40 a woman automaticly gets a Mamogram for free.
    At 50 both men and woman get colonoscopy every year. If we need a surgery
    or a proceadure we don’t pay anything out of our pocket. MRI, CT Scan,
    cancer treatement etc. I’m saddened that resident of the US might die
    because they don’t have insurance.

  • Arrynek01 3 years ago

    FADE IN. Dentists for free. “RUN!” FADE OUT. “What do you mean by
    ‘insurence will cover your apendectomy.’ ?” FADE OUT. Coming to America,
    this Winter. In hospitals near you.

  • youssef “yifire” issa 3 years ago

    It’s so funny to watch American politics

  • Damon Cassada 3 years ago

    I don’t feel like eating my artichoke anymore.

  • Darkion 3 years ago

    It seems that in USA you don’t pay taxes for Healthcare and Education but
    you pay Taxes for the military.

  • phigu198 3 years ago

    Welp, the USA is a contry made up of absolute idiots. You should have
    stayed a colony…

  • Clone 3 years ago

    I always love watching this show to realize that there are better places to
    live then America. Although tell almost anyone that lives here that America
    has serious flaws that can literally ruin Your life and they’ll just
    disagree most of the time and shrug it off as Me being a un-patriotic
    asshole. People need to open there eyes. Not saying everyone, but anyone
    who still thinks We have everything here should study up on other countries
    more and compare them to America.

  • bigraviolees 3 years ago

    The GOP mass murder via deregulation , health care denial and war
    mongering. ISIS cant touch these bastards burden onto this nation

  • woahdereboy :D 3 years ago


  • Bain Malum 3 years ago

    I love living in Sweden! Sure we have some problems and issues here too.
    But nothing like this. Man what a relief.

  • TahliaEspen 3 years ago

    John Oliver for president

  • Bob ap Bob 3 years ago

    Amazing how many so-called Christians think that denying people health care
    is some how in line with the Gospels.

  • MushyPlushie 3 years ago

    I’m glad I don’t live in Washington. There’s no way I’m that releasing my

  • Julien Grimard 3 years ago

    Everytime I watch one of these videos it reminds me of how lucky I am to
    live in Canada.

  • markog1999 3 years ago

    “they’re turning the American dream into the European nightmare”

    the nightmare where every man woman and child is looked after by the
    government they elected, and can live with the peace of mind that they will
    be looked after if they get sick.

  • Semper Paratus 3 years ago

    That Bevin bell burn, though!

  • Asher Mitchell 3 years ago

    I live in Mississippi. I am deeply embarrassed that the man nominated to
    represent our Democratic Party is a complete joke. He was elected simply
    because his name was the first of three on the ballot and most people did
    not know who any of them were (the other two were at least qualified
    lawyers who were running credible campaigns). On behalf of the sane people
    of Mississippi, I am really sorry.

  • Jessica N 3 years ago

    The poor Americans who don’t have the government taking care of their every
    need and actually having to help themselves out.
    Has anyone realized that if the government pays for something, it comes out
    of your tax dollars? If they want to spend more, you have to pay more…

  • TheDtrane 3 years ago

    The european nightmare is immigration and refugees not healthcare. But they
    will get there soon enough.

  • ljmasternoob 3 years ago

    Dick Black is a white guy so either he stood to close to the stove or he
    belongs in the adult video section for people he probable doesn’t believe
    should be allowed to marry.

  • Zachary Laborde 3 years ago

    No love for Louisiana’s gubernatorial elections I see.

  • Eshy 3 years ago

    I’m pretty much on the edge of medicaid as a student living by myself. I
    think I’m about to get pushed out of the medicaid range as well, its a load
    of horseshit.

  • Pupusa Monkey 3 years ago

    I get the feeling that America’s quality of life would be on par or better
    than most European states if republicans didn’t exist.

  • Fightneit 90 3 years ago

    the dirty little secret he wont tell you is that the entirety of the
    problem comes from conservative republicans. they. are. the. problem.

    FOR FUCK SAKES AMERICANS, GO VOTE DEMOCRAT! i hate the dems, but you’ve got
    to vote these people out of power.

  • Emil Guillen 3 years ago

    or the poor people gap

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments 3 years ago

    I like the pangolin :-(

  • Gurkirat Masaun 3 years ago

    just move to Canada

  • MidiPunk 3 years ago

    Big problem with the Kentucky election is they’re both douchebags.

  • Aoba-kun 3 years ago

    How DARE you make fun of the majestic beauty that is the Pangolin? Take it
    back, fat.

  • TTillahFK 3 years ago

    These are just soo consistently good. Probs to the entire team behind this.
    You guys are brilliant.

  • SpeedOfThought1111 3 years ago

    Any man that still voluntarily chooses to have his nickname be “Dick” is a
    complete idiot in this day and age

  • Carla Sullivan 3 years ago

    Curious, what defines a goat as attractive ?

  • cesar malabrigo mujica 3 years ago

    If all of these videos don’t make you appreciate your own country you have
    a big problem.

  • amazin ecuador 3 years ago

    On minute 13 Oliver goes in!!!!!!!!!!

  • balin32 3 years ago

    for all these ppl complaining about not having enough money for insurance
    or the doctor, I would be interested to see how many times they go to
    starbucks a week, how fancy a car they drive, what designer clothes they
    have, and so on. its not always clear cut of someone saying they don’t
    have money and them being very poor.

  • Jim Massey 3 years ago

    I love John, but what he totally leaves out is the main sticking point with
    conservatives. The federal “free money” is currently only through 2022.
    Since nobody seems to know if it will continue after that point, the adults
    in the room are justifiably afraid to accept the changes when the long term
    cost of all the additional people on Medicaid could easily fall right back
    to the state. As he often does, John presents only half the story.

  • Alex Meyers 3 years ago

    This really is appalling. The politicians who oppose these medicaid
    initiatives for ideological reason are human medical waste. Only America
    could be so rich and so callous at the same time.

  • tdkl 3 years ago

    The land of the free and brave, keep rocking all that money on foreign wars
    instead of taking care of your citizens USA !

  • Oddball XP 3 years ago

    Whoa dude slow down. Pangolins are adorable. Cut em some slack!

  • Damon Cassada 3 years ago

    It’ll be just like Futurama, with Jack Johnson and John Jackson.

  • EZ64 3 years ago

    Pandolins are adorable!

  • Mauro Perasso 3 years ago

    Who the fuck can be called “Dick Black” … for fucks sake! and he’s a
    politician… the irony is just too strong….

  • Isaac Alonzo 3 years ago

    Come on John! You’re telling us that rich republicans want the government
    to bail them out and give them money but somehow they want to keep that
    from happening to poor people? Is that what you saying?

    Yeah, I totally agree.

  • Joshua Evans-Lowell 3 years ago

    If you’re curious, poaching has turned Pangolins into one of the most
    endangered animals in the world. John should really do a deep dive into

  • Xanifer26 3 years ago

    A Taste of Dick Black is now the number one searched album on YouTube.

  • thetheoryofrock123 3 years ago

    Lol Europe is a nightmare its pretty much been taken over by Muslim.

  • Kaiser 3 years ago

    It’s because our politicians would rather protect businesses and financial
    interests over the lives of people as we bow down to the “almighty dollar”
    in America. Health Care should be considered a basic right provided by the

  • ThePikachufan1 3 years ago

    this is why I like Canada and our free healthcare

  • Richard Thompson 3 years ago

    Does Mississippi have open primaries? Because that would explain the
    Democratic nominee.

  • A Paolucci 3 years ago

    I think even people against Obamacare realize that free healthcare for all
    citizens is a good idea. But giving them free healthcare just for the sake
    of free healthcare isnt the answer. The American medicaid system is grossly
    misused, and the point is we shouldnt just extend that to cover everyone
    when it is a bad system. A new system needs to be put in place. Also, all
    the Europeans complaining on here, your entire continent is smaller than
    our nation, its a lot easier to set up a plan when your country is the size
    of New Jersey… Leading to the idea that these things would be better
    handled on a state by state basis rather than a blanket law covering the
    nation… But in the meantime, Ill be giving out free colonoscopies in my
    garage if anyone wants to swing by.

  • Christian Neihart 3 years ago

    I think I’ll have the European Nightmare over this travesty any day of the

  • chasemebaby 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah better hope this show never becomes “Last Night Today” because
    he will be laughed…. off the air. John is the Truth.

  • VJRainbowPuddle 3 years ago

    John Oliver is fucking incredible! May he live long & prosper!

  • Eric L 3 years ago

    The US needs a purge of its entire political system, it needs to impose
    term limits for all offices, and it needs to make lobbying a crime. This
    bullshit is absolutely ridiculous, and it makes me ashamed to be from this
    ass crack of the world.

  • hugh g rection 3 years ago

    at least in America streets are constantly being fixed for no reason. Taxes
    well spent. (Fucking SARCASM) our healthcare system is a joke.

  • Daniel Twiford 3 years ago

    Best show there is

  • TheBIGJake111 3 years ago

    The gap exists, however expanding Medicaid is not the fix. The reason our
    healthcare is so expesnive (as well as college) is medicade/medicare.
    Privatize everything, and police it for corruption.

  • User Name 3 years ago

    Damn Gerald…

  • Peter Mogensen 3 years ago

    Looking at this from an European perspective, it’s pure insanity the way
    republicans behave here.
    A very close relative of mine went to the doctor a few months ago and was
    immediately sent to colonoscopy. 3 weeks later the tumor was removed and
    the patient was up and walking. – including all tests to show that there
    were no spread of the cancer.
    Everything courtesy of the national Danish single-payer healthcare system.

    When such a system dollar-for-dollar is more cost effective than the
    american healthcare and nobody – regardless of income – ends up in the
    situation described in the video … then what depraved moral is needed for
    these states to on purpose send millions of people out in such
    situations??? … pure insanity.

  • Eric L 3 years ago

    I once went to the hospital without insurance (huge mistake), and they
    charged me $60 for an aspirin and $20 for a pair of disposable rubber
    gloves. The total bill was around $1,200 for about two hours. If you don’t
    pay, they turn it over to credit agencies and it effects your chances of
    getting loans or renting places to live. But thank white Jesus that I live
    in the best nation on Earth…(That’s sarcasm for the few that can’t
    comprehend it).

  • pieniaurinko 3 years ago

    Ridiculous looking? Maybe. But sooo cuuuuuuuuuute! 

  • Ketchard Muschup 3 years ago

    Al Gore would be better than a blonde lawyer and jewish socialist. Then
    John Oliver shot you down when he said he aint runnin.

  • Unicorneyelasers z 3 years ago

    Wow. Every time I see a story about the health care in America it makes me
    so happy to be Canadian. I can’t imagine the horror of needing medical
    attention and having to choose between receiving it and a sustainable way
    of life. Crazy.

  • Mostafa Halawa 3 years ago


  • Trevin Lang 3 years ago

    I live in KY. Wasn’t going to vote tomorrow. Now going to vote tomorrow.

  • MrTJPAS 3 years ago

    Whenever I come to these videos I always see people in the comments saying
    “Glad I don’t live in the US” and stuff like that, as if these issues are
    nation-wide. They are not always though, as is clearly shown in the
    picture at 5:55 it’s only certain states that decline Medicaid, while many
    others are expanding it to be like Europe and Canada. It’s like saying
    “Glad I don’t live in Europe, look at how right wing they are in Hungary.”
    So yes, all states would do well to expand Medicaid, but to say the entire
    country is wrong for it when there are in fact many places in the US doing
    it right (or trying to) is an overly broad way of thinking and

  • Jats 3 years ago

    The statist circle jerk is real

  • MrsRonaldo713 3 years ago

    Poor Robert Grey

  • erttheking 3 years ago

    So basically the states that don’t want to expand Medicaid are doing it
    because they’re mostly red states and anything a liberal came up with is
    obviously evil.

  • Elron Pr0ject 3 years ago

    Ah yes i will just sit here in nightmare europe and wait until your next
    civil war.
    But better hurry if the kebabs keep comin (btw thx for that) we will have a
    damn crisis ourselves.

  • BajiBunny 3 years ago

    Mr. Black’s name must’ve put him through hell in highschool.

    Black, Dick

  • 57Strudel 3 years ago

    Here’s what I find interesting… the guy in Mississippi spends no money on
    his campaign and everyone’s appalled and amazed. Why is it that an election
    should be about money, anyway? … I know that’s what it’s come down to,
    but really, should it be?

  • newgirlde 3 years ago

    I can relate to being in the Medicaid gap in Virginia. It sucks to be told
    you make too much money for Medicaid but being unable to afford insurance.
    And then you don’t get enough hours or don’t have a high enough position at
    your job to get insurance from employer.

  • wcjeep 3 years ago

    It’s my understanding the initial ObamaCare Medicaid subsidy would run out
    within a few years. The long term costs are placed on the states. This was
    necessary for the GAO long term cost benefit.

  • Rana Oubary 3 years ago

    John! your show is amazing!!! Here’s an idea how this is still a thing or
    even legal, Toddlers and Tiaras!!!!!!

  • Brianna Rinaldi (adabbadon) 3 years ago

    i’m watching this from a mcdonalds in west virginia and at the goat part I
    just glanced around and nodded. no more information needed.

  • Jacob Ferreira 3 years ago

    Actually the Republicans are right. The money given is stolen from the hard
    working people of america, to people who “need it”. I’m not saying if it’s
    right or wrong, I’m just saying how it is. Government funding doesn’t pop
    out of thin air. Maybe if we didn’t have so much taxes (I know we don’t),
    the following could have put money into their savings and insurance….

    I guess this is what I get for being an individualist and not a

  • Chris Moore 3 years ago

    When John said Dick Black, it just reminded me of Jennifer Anniston in
    “We’re the Miller,’ a big black dick!”

  • nerosedahs 3 years ago

    Seriously, the West Virginia goat joke?

  • Silver Garmore 3 years ago

    Don’t let their identical DNA fool you. Matt Bevin and Bat Mevin differ on
    some key issues.


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