Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: LGBT Discrimination (HBO)

Published on August 24, 2015

This year’s gay marriage ruling was a milestone, but LGBT discrimination is still surprisingly legal. John Oliver explains why we need a federal anti-discrimination law.

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  • jvsinger02 3 years ago

    3/4 of the modern world would stone, maim, kill, harass, and discriminate
    against homosexuals and transvestites, but they continue to state BS about
    being oppressed in the 1/4-th who care enough for their civil

  • Jonathan “Acreteq” Svensson 3 years ago


  • blk jet 3 years ago

    Sodomites and their supporters worship Lucifer without even knowing it. So

  • Art Vandelay 3 years ago

    We all — including gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders —
    discriminate against discrete minority groups, not only on a personal level
    but also as a matter of public policy. There are several sexual minority
    groups who are being kept in the closet by even the most ardent LGBT
    activists, simply because those activists disagree with the practices
    associated with those groups. The pro-“civil rights” argument advanced by
    John Oliver and other LGBT supporters would be easier to accept as valid,
    if it weren’t laden with hypocrisy.

  • Michael Beckstead 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders, the best candidate that’ll never get elected.

  • misinformed222 3 years ago

    Just to add to the craziness of this, discrimination states shown includes
    Michigan. Meanwhile, Michigan is the one state in the U.S. that prohibits
    height discrimination. In other words, your height is more important an
    issue than LGBT equality.

  • Arman Amirkhanyan 3 years ago

    Seriously, stupid non-natural defect is to be considered as something
    normal?! The whole idea of love, as the purpose in human live and, if you
    dig in it, all the emotions, are surviving and reproducing. That’s just a
    fact with all animals, gays don’t make sense in this way that’s why many
    people are feeling that way against them, this is just a basic instinct
    known as “the law of jungle”. So why the do we call the people
    normal. They are anything but and, seriously, there should be something
    done to hill this obvious defect as those people might as good and decent
    as anybody else, they need help with or without their knowledge. And yes,
    many of gay people tend to blame any negative respond to them as
    homophobic, witch is not always truth. In the end I am just afraid to say
    to a gay person who act like a piece of shit something where I would bit
    the hell out of a natural.

  • meronom 3 years ago

    You go Bernie :)

  • MrRobynLover 3 years ago

    Sanders 2016.

  • Ahmed Hemdan 3 years ago

    I KNOW this will sound to some as ignorant but there is something that I
    cannot understand about GAY people and gay rights. To put it simply the
    most followed and practised religions are Islam, Christianity and Judaism
    which do not approve of and prohibit gay or lesbian acts and lifestyles. So
    gay people cant be basically under any of these religions but what most gay
    people believe in, is science and evolution.

    I too believe in science and evolution but what I don’t understand is that
    if evolution supported gay lifestyle within our ecosystem how come that gay
    people cant have kids ? Why haven’t they evolved in order to be able to
    bear children of their own ? EVOLUTION is basically the body finding ways
    to survive and adapt to an environment and its changes. Which easily means
    that even evolution doesn’t support that idea. As John Oliver says that
    being gay is not a choice, which means you are born gay or straight, yet
    scientist haven’t found any proof of that through studying human genetic
    coding if people would prefer their own sex to partner with or the opposite

    And a lot of people from the gay community always say that discriminating
    against them is like discriminating against black people but yet again
    being black is encoded within a genetic code so you ARE born black but you
    cannot be born gay. And being black doesn’t eliminate the possibility of
    someone having children and breeding thus it doesn’t go against evolution.
    Evolution is basically when you enhance aspects of your anatomy in order to
    be able to survive certain conditions and increasing chance of a species
    survival and continuation, which in case of being gay doesn’t occur.

  • Chad Rushing 3 years ago

    You can also get fired from your job for having a confederate battle flag
    bumper sticker. I guess the LGBT community deserves special rights? Freedom
    of expression seems to be a one way street so everyone that thinks gays
    deserve more rights than everyone else can go to the same hell.

  • Joshua Kavevz 3 years ago

    Sadly, I’m still waiting for public opinion to support bestiality, or
    incestial weddings. In the name of progressivity, what other moral
    boundaries should we tear down, how do we define what is moral?

  • FYRFOX198 3 years ago

    Call it by its proper name…SODOMITES….which includes, pedophiles,
    beastiality, and necrophilia…all choices.

  • avedic 3 years ago

    You know….every time John releases a new one of these long segment
    dissections of American Cultural/Political life…I always think to myself,
    “Surely that’s it. What *else* is there to talk about? How much *more*
    corruption, unethical behavior, and systemic abuse could there *be*?” And
    yet…every time I question that, I realize I forgot something. It’s
    actually *stunning* just how *backwards* things are here in America. It’s
    almost like *everything* we do is the *polar opposite* of an intelligent,
    ethical, creative, liberty-minded ethos. It’s amazing we get *anything*
    right at all. ~~~~~ However…when you judge society against our brightest
    and best humans, we appear absolutely abysmal; but when you judge society
    while keeping in mind we’re merely *fairly* evolved great apes…everything
    makes much more sense, and you realize we’re actually doing alright.
    Though, the more aware among us still find progress(despite it’s
    accelerating returns) to be moving at a snail’s pace compared to where
    we’re personally at. We literally have to wait for people less intelligent
    and ethical than ourselves to a) somehow better themselves or b) die. It’s

  • David Bowie Sama Sensei Senpai Sama Sensei Kun 3 years ago

    If it’s his fucking business, his fucking wares, his fucking money, and his
    fucking time, he shouldn’t be forced to cater to someone in a way he feels
    genuinely unnerved by. You should call him a dick, because he is one, and
    you should scorn him, because he deserves it, but you can’t fucking FORCE
    someone to do that, that is sick.

  • trapperwrekc 3 years ago

    If you don’t like how a business refuses to sell it’s services or products
    to a certain type of person simply refuse to buy from that business.
    Instead of voting-in politicians who will point guy-with-guns at people who
    do things you dislike, just don’t give the business-owner who does things
    you dislike your customership (new word).

    The only exception to this should be certain essential products and
    It shouldn’t be legal to refuse someone from buying basic food, water,
    electricity, a working phone and transportation.
    You can easily live without ever eating a cake though.

  • Silver Fox 3 years ago

    Pah leeez most people are “gay” for either A attention or B traumatic life

  • ᚲᚱᚨᛊ ᚷᛁᚱ 3 years ago

    Boy this anti-discrimination crap makes me sick! Nothing is ever enough for
    these people. So much for “land of the free”. Let’s just change the name to
    the United States of Deviant Soviets already and be done with it!

  • GRegBellay 3 years ago

    So… I was interested if anyone eg the baker guy had any retort after last
    week’s show. So, I googled the words “John”, “Oliver”, “baker”, and
    “ejaculate”. Looking back at my search history, I should probably burn my
    computer now.

  • Justin K 3 years ago

    Chose your gender choose your sexuality chose your morals. Next comes chose
    your race. Crazy world we live in

  • 1912 V99 3 years ago

    Pedophiles, incest and people who sexually love animals should also be
    treated equally. They can’t “change” who they are. Why do they go to jail
    or get mental help just because they’re “different”. It is just “love”,
    when is “love” a crime? The LGBT community gets equality but they don’t
    even though they all deal with the same thing, “love”.

  • Zach Brown 3 years ago

    The justification for discrimination against another human being via
    religion is absolutely idiotic. You have the right to believe whatever
    insanity you believe but by discriminating you are pushing those beliefs on
    people, in a repulsive way I might add, and they should not be respected
    nor legal.

  • Peterbu18 3 years ago

    If a neo-nazi group asks a baker to bake a cake for their cross-burning
    event, should the baker have the right to refuse?
    I don’t see why it’s so hard to pound it into people – he is not
    discriminating against gay PEOPLE, he still sells services and accommodates
    gay PEOPLE, what he does refuse to do is bake a cake for a gay WEDDING.

    There is now a religious sect that worships Satan called Satanists, and,
    even though they are mainly doing it to anger Christians and don’t actually
    BELIEVE in Satan, this Christian baker is not allow to refuse a Satanist
    service; HOWEVER, shouldn’t the baker be able to say “No” to baking a cake
    for a Satanist holiday that is the very definition of an “affront” to a
    man’s religion?

  • Moebs Chan (Moobs) 3 years ago

    If is against the law to discriminate against one group, it should be
    against the law to discriminate against all groups. You can’t have equality
    if certain people get special privileges to make them a protected class,
    that is a double standard.

    Your writers are a bunch of dipshits John.

  • Pearl Z 3 years ago

    It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve #fact.

  • Eddie Black 3 years ago

    Wow.. A man politely stated his beliefs and strictness of his own
    conscience and John Oliver turns it into “This man ejaculates in his
    Cakes”. Perhaps this man is being discriminated against. Now, people… go
    ahead and burn me… what horrible discrimination. People in the worlds
    most prosperous, comfortable nation cant get a wedding cake. Truly
    horrible. I wonder what those who are imprisoned across the world for
    refusing to kill others for their beliefs think of this atrocity. I guess
    the big problem plaguing mankind is that the most wealthiest people in the
    most comfortable part of the world cant get the proper writing on their
    cake. It makes the kidnapped children in the sex trade around the world
    shed such tears.

  • Tenzin Samphel 3 years ago

    I almost forgot about the church ah ha aha

  • Joe Suniga 3 years ago

    It’s called being able to refuse service and having your own business

  • Jacob Jefferies 3 years ago

    Is it wrong for hardcore catholic to stick to his belief because other
    religions are allowed to stick to their beliefs?

  • henry monroe 3 years ago

    you should be able to serve who you want

  • yonootz1 3 years ago

    Regarding the baker at 10:00 declining service for gay wedding cakes, what
    if I walk into a bake shop owned by African Americans and I order a cake
    with the confederate flag on it, or even worse, a cake for a KKK
    anniversary? Is the baker allowed to deny me service?

  • Hella Sick 3 years ago

    Isn’t news supposed to be objective?
    Not riddled with paid-for bias and and a long winded soliloquy about how
    all the homosexuals deserve to be treated equal. To anyone who critically
    thinks this is propaganda, and it’s pretty in your face. America is about
    freedom, and that means the freedom to be gay if you want. It also means
    the freedom to not be accepting of gay people. You can’t run a campaign on
    acceptance and tolerance and then go ape shit on your ideological opponents
    with ad hominem insults, it just degrades your credibility and makes it
    seem like there’s no real, credible argument to be made.

  • kmd subs 3 years ago

    Still can’t get a religious republican to answer my one question … Which
    is, out of all the sins the bible talks about, why is homosexuality and
    abortion the only two sins that republicans seem to bring up in public
    debate? Why not talk about banning divorce? Why not talk about repealing
    the 19th amendment? Just wondering

  • Aaron Bartell 3 years ago

    this video has lost my subscription that’s for sure

  • Tim Grayson 3 years ago

    Obviously I don’t agree with someones ethics about kicking people out or
    rejecting gay people from their business. However It is their own business
    and they can run it however they want and nobody should tell them how to
    run their business, if thats how they want to run it then let them deal
    with the potential loss of business but I don’t think it should be illegal
    to tell someone they can’t reject someone out of the business they built
    and created and they shouldn’t be forced to bake a cake or give service to
    someone that would make them uncomfortable. As for the baking a cake for a
    gay wedding all people do is hate on Christians that deny service because
    ‘Christians are always the enemy’ but Muslims do that all the time, Muslims
    will almost ALWAYS deny service to a gay person or couple. Being fired for
    being gay however is absolutely ridiculous and unless their work
    performance doesn’t meet standards or isn’t good then the personal life of
    the individual should be no explanation or excuse to fire someone. Theres a
    lot of discrimination that goes against Christians that I don’t agree with
    there is a big difference between just disagreeing with someone for being
    gay and hating them, disagreement does not equal hate. Anyway, if you are
    gay and proud yet put down an individual or group simply for disagreeing
    with you then your not an advocate for equality your an asshole. Equality
    is basically that golden rule we all learned in elementary school, treat
    others how you want to be treated.

  • Charmaine Phillips 3 years ago

    Is John Oliver gay? Why is he ALWAYS doing pieces on gay discrimination.
    It’s an old theme. You cannot force people to be okay with something that
    they are just not okay with.

  • Michael Robins 3 years ago

    Niggers and gays are destroying society 

  • KidzCentricGaming 3 years ago


  • Wes 3 years ago

    Dear John…

    We need your help. I ask on the behalf of all Americans everywhere… I
    fear Donald Trump is making a lot of progress as an actual candidate. Your
    show is the most informative sorce of news out there. Please, Please do a
    segment on Him. I’ve watched all of his interviews and speechs. The guy is
    crazy and is leaving stupidity easter eggs everywhere for you and your
    awesome staff to find and expose. I may just be paranoid because I live in
    Alabama and he’s all everyone is talking about down here. I do believe any
    education on why Trump shouldn’t be president is not just hilarious, but by
    teaching this you could potentially save the world. Thank you for reading
    this. Sanders2016

    P.S I went to the Trump rally in Mobile and at three minutes and forty five
    seconds in you can hear me and my friends yelling dooooooooouch! and he
    thinks were booing whatever he was bashing so he points behind him at us
    and says “they’re right! ” hahahahahahaah

  • weiberfeind 3 years ago

    God I hate John Oliver more than I hated Jon Stewart, I hate this guy even
    worse. He’s like Piers Morgan. A foreigner demanding America be changed
    when he’s not even a citizen

  • David Stevens 3 years ago

    Radical left brainwashed useful idiots really are hopeless. While the world
    falls apart, they just love to push society apart and ignore reality. Shame
    on you. My God have mercy on you fools.

  • weiberfeind 3 years ago

    The Republicans control the House and Senate so you can forget about a law
    to allow homosexuals to force themselves on Christians.

  • skullkid178 3 years ago

    All i see in the comment section are a bunch of leftist extremists who do
    nothing but generalize the right. You guys are the reason the left is
    shit. Anything is discrimination for you all. Anything to bash and shame
    those who oppose you. Looks to me like the left is acting like the extreme
    right both extreme left and extreme left are shit. LGBT is nothing but a
    movement co opted by feminists just like the long gone Occupy movement. You
    guys can bash the right as much as you want but it doesn’t take away the
    fact that “minorities” can be just as toxic as the enemies they “claim” to

  • Theomite 3 years ago

    Normally, I’m on John’s side, but I kinda felt that the suggestion that the
    religious baker was jizzing in his cakes was a bit of a low-blow for John.
    It felt uncharacteristically abrasive and insulting to someone who hadn’t
    been abrasive and insulting in an interview. Usually John’s barbs are
    proportionate to the virulence of the commentator, but I thought that John
    was relying on aggression rather than reason on that one.

    I hope it’s a one-time fluke.

  • KILLASHNIKOV 47 3 years ago


  • Ben Brown 3 years ago

    What if god put gay people on the Earth to test whether or not Christians
    are actually decent human beings. Satire aside, a great deal of Christians
    are incredible and decent people, an incredible amount are not. Basic human
    rights and human decency trump your need to segregate and debase entire
    groups of human beings. Whether you believe this statement or not, it
    should be the job the elected to perpetuate human decency. If they believe
    in a higher power, that is fantastic for them, as long as they leave their
    religious concepts out of laws that affect specific groups regardless of
    their choices.

  • LilApe 3 years ago

    I am atheist. And i find gays and trannies disgusting.

  • Ryan Kim 3 years ago

    whats disturbing is that some Gay/Lesbian communities also have
    discriminations against Transgeners and Bisexuals too…

  • BOOM 3 years ago

    The only problem I had with this video is the running joke of the baker
    ejaculating on his cakes. He may believe what he does, but that none could
    very well deeply tarnish his reputation more than it may have already been,
    and put him out of business. He is still an honest hard working person that
    did not deserve that joke. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he sued you,
    because that home directly targeted that single person and destroyed his
    reputation. There is a line, and you crossed it by a mile.

  • rusty ray 3 years ago

    NO!! You cannot be fired for being gay, anywhere. EEOC! GOOGLE

  • YiXiong, Joel Li 3 years ago

    How is it discrimination if a business refuses to serve you? As long as
    they are not insulting and do so politely and professionally, is it not
    their right to not serve you? As it is your right to select other business?
    Of cause if the business gets offensive in their refusal, that will be
    slander. They are a business not a public service. Of cause if a doctor
    refuses you, that is abuse of human decency. Or if the public services
    refuse you, that is basic discrimination.

    Also if the company is clearly against a issue or have a particular stance
    and you willing sign the employment contract stipulating that you agree
    with specified stance? How will that be discrimination? Of cause if they
    did not put it in contract that is another matter.

    Take for example, if in a religious organisation, you can get fired for
    being an adulterer because that is against their believes. Should you not
    also get fired if they are against your gender preference and you did not
    report it when you were hired?

    At the same time in a normal money making company, if your boss dislikes
    your gender preferences and no were in the contract did it define that you
    could not be of a certain preference, firing you would be discrimination.

    I am really confused with how America defines and works out discrimination,
    reverse discrimination, personal freedom, individual rights and social
    normals. Seems to be a pot luck or cauldron of who shouts loudest or who
    can pay the most.

  • Thunderboundstudios 2 3 years ago


  • Roy Mustang 3 years ago

    Anyone else think the only reason we actually got gay marriage passed is
    because Russia made it illegal to be gay? I support LBGT rights but just
    found it quite the coincidence.

  • James McCullen XXIV 3 years ago

    Discrimination should be legal against pedophiles so why not gays?

  • jsb480 3 years ago

    All of you are insane..The rest of the world throws gay peeps off roofs and
    here you are saying how bad you are treated here in america..You are not a
    victim of anything!! you preach tolerance yet when someone disagrees with
    you you attack them..This little get in everyones face era is coming to an
    end very quickly ..Instead of screaming about an imaginary war on gays here
    in america you should be thanking whoever or whatever you believe as a
    higher power that you are here and not someplace else…

  • Jameson Daniels 3 years ago

    guys also watch this video:

    *this method really works fine! did extra 300 so far and see how easy that

  • PyrrhoVonHyperborea 3 years ago

    “…’men act like men’ the gayest thing imaginable ” …
    projection much?!?

  • species 3 years ago

    thank GOD i love in Europe…..

  • Nicholas Dedless 3 years ago

    Once again a comedy show has better analysis and commentary than 99% of the
    serious news. Well done John!

  • AMERICA'S TEAM *COWBOYS* 3 years ago

    forget about the bible for a min. how in the hell is it normal for a man to
    get butt fucked by another man and women who have sex by rubbing each
    other?? wth is wrong with people!

  • adpina11 3 years ago

    I like John Oliver and think he is hilarious but disagree with him more and
    more. I’m not a religious zealot, which is the way he painted anyone in
    disagreement. I think everyone regardless of race, culture, beliefs, and
    religion should be treated equally by the government. Which would include
    any government programs, aid, or products. I am not for more government
    regulation telling private businesses what to do especially when these
    people invested their own money and should be able to decide the way they
    want to run their business. The free market will take care of the bigots
    because people will stop using their businesses. I definitely would hate to
    run a business though and deny services to nazis or another inflammatory
    group then get taken to court and more laws get passed telling me I cannot
    deny services to anyone despite it being my hard work and money.

  • puzzle1022 3 years ago

    The harangue against the baker moved from funny parody to bullying. Not
    cool when standing up for a group that’s basically being bullied.

  • Tyler Reynolds 3 years ago

    People have turned off their brains, opened up Tumblr, and said “well if
    you dont support the LGBT community… YOU MUST HATE GAYS!!1!1!1!”

    Let’s please first address the completely degenerate statements from
    Atheist Elitists who claim that any religious right to simply say “we dont
    agree” is considered ‘bigotry’ for not agreeing with something everyone
    calls normal. But you better hate your own existence if you believe in the
    bible (and not, well I dont know, following the ‘completely true facts’ of
    men who could be EASILY lying to you… but because you dont believe in
    God… youll accept these claims from men who lie. Hypocrisy. But I
    digress…) and you better just support everything WE tell you to do or
    you’ll be persecuted (as it said christians would be in the bible hundreds
    of years ago). Its almost exactly as the Nazis did; “Jew’s are disgusting
    degenerates and deserve death. You disagree with our majority opinion? You
    are a sub-human as well!”

    It’s ironic that the atheists are so hypocritical by their own existence.
    1. You believe in NO entities and that we are here by coincidence: this
    forces the same ending that there is NO afterlife and everything we
    progress towards just equals to nothing. Then why do you strive for
    answers? Is it just natural? Well I dont see dogs and cats building
    architecture or striving to find the answers to life. But really… you
    solve all these answers. For what? You’ll just die. Nothing happens right?

    2. You speak of “accepting of all ideals.” But then turn around and bash an
    ENTIRE belief in the name of “justice” claiming they are hateful because
    they do not support gay rights? The oh so accepting belief is pretty

    Anywho… now to move on to the idiots who say, “If you are christian and
    dont support gays… you should re-read the bible.”
    The new and old testimate speak swiftly against sexual perversions (ie.
    sodomy, homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, bestiality… etc). So maybe YOU
    need to pick up a bible and look into it.
    Love is important in CHRISTIANITY (were speaking ONLY of Christianity). You
    are supposed to love and people who say they hate gays but say the worship
    the God of Abraham and Isaac are in the wrong. You are supposed to love
    (not like) everyone. Love is opposite of hate and hate can literally
    translate in biblical terms to “murder.” Because Christians do not agree
    with homosexuality (as we do not agree with incest, pedophilia,
    bestiality… etc) doesnt mean we hate what they do.

  • JDOGMACK75 3 years ago

    Just like being gay is a choice, so should not performing non necessary
    services be a choice.. Emergency room no.. Wedding cake yes.. And for all
    of you idiots who says the bible says nothing about homosexuality… Why
    dont you google it.. It also says things about adulterers, murderers,
    thiefs, liars, swindlers, I dont claim to be some holier than thou person
    but come on.. Research before you make an uneducated statement

  • robert sexton 3 years ago

    If being gay is not a lifestyle choice what is it.

  • The Banter 3 years ago

    oh brother. NOT another video from LastWeekTonight on gay marriage. This
    topic has really worn out its welcome. And, it doesn’t explain a much
    more important issue: Why does the media dictate social acceptance.

  • weiberfeind 3 years ago

    *A gay bar in Collingwood, Melbourne, has won the right to ban women to
    ensure its patrons are not subjected to attempts by predatory females*

    *May 28, 2007 – Gay hotel wins right to ban heterosexual patrons*

    *Chicago Gay Bars Ban Women At Busiest Times.*

  • Karen T 3 years ago

    I love this show, but a small part of me is offended that this British guy
    is sarcastically telling me everything with my country is wrong.

  • ljmasternoob 3 years ago

    Can we discriminate against intolerant people?

  • conwad banana 3 years ago

    The idea that all conservatives or republicans are homophobic, sexist or
    racist is really all made up left propaganda. Conservatives respect
    everyone except the really nutty, far right rednecks.

  • terr debra 3 years ago

    I am a christian i do believe that everyone is to stand in their beleive
    if you believe it is wrong y should you force someoe to do something that
    goes against there believe. its just like a mother getting married to his
    son and they forcing you to support them . omg, let people stand behind
    there believe and dont bully peple to support what they dont believe in

  • loveless348 3 years ago

    No, I do not support Gay Marriage.
    Yes, you are still my friends.
    Yes, I still love you for who you are.
    Yes, I respect you and wish you all the best.
    Yes, I hate blind discrimination against you.
    Yes, I will protect against those who meant you harm.
    No, I do not support Gay Marriage but who am I to judge you?

  • SometimesOriginal 3 years ago

    Well this seems like a perfect opportunity to be hateful. Gay guys don’t
    have a problem with you. In fact you have made the world a better place
    IMO. I also like that I don’t have to compete with you in the heterosexual
    pool. Lesbians are alright. Some I wish still liked dick, but i get it dick
    is waaaayyyy gross. Transsexuals I don’t get the desire to be the opposite
    sex, but you do you It is your body after all.

    Bisexual dudes, fuck you faggots. I really hate you. I dislike the idea of
    you being inside a female that I might be inside after you. If I wanted man
    ass all over my dick I would put it in a man’s ass. Now, when I have sex
    with a women that has had sex with you I have indirectly put my dick inside
    another dude and that grosses me out. Bisexual women don’t bother me.
    Having sex with pussy that has been rubbed on pussy is not a problem in my

    I don’t care who I piss off. I’m not going to picket anything, but I should
    have the right to feel how I feel. I am sick and tired of our society
    forcing shit that I don’t like down my throat. The LGBT community is just
    as bad as the Christian community they both want you to think a certain way
    and hate you if you don’t.

    Let the hate flow…

  • Jorge Gonzales 3 years ago

    LGBT are some of the most intolerant bigots out there. And Oliver, or
    Oliverstein as it’s actually spelled, is just a Jew shill.

  • thomas white 3 years ago

    Traditional marriage is the only wedding that God will recognize, as far as
    discrimination that hasn’t been permitted in Canada for many years,its part
    of human rights, a heterosexual can be fired for speaking against
    homosexuals, Christians are being muzzled for their faith, I wonder who is
    being discriminated against.

  • Naa' Kwame 3 years ago

    You may be a homosexual and thinking being homo is right because you want
    to. But remember what the Bible say. “We have the chance to do all thing
    but all not thing suits us.”

  • ichkanns 3 years ago

    Should gay people be discriminated against? No, but that’s not the question
    you’re asking. The question you’re asking is should the state us threats of
    fines or imprisonment (threats of violence) for discriminating against gay
    people? The answer to that is NO.

  • Veronica Electronica 3 years ago

    I’m sick and tried of British people portraying Americans as dumb
    and uneducated. From sports, to education, to even food, we have always
    surpassed Britain. They come up with all these tasteless and unfunny jokes
    about how “stupid” Americans are to make themselves feel better over the
    fact that they don’t have nearly as successful of a society as America has,
    and that’s a fact.

  • YamiYami17 3 years ago

    So we should care more about our friend than our God? or should we lie
    about how we see gay marriage and say we accept it in front of people
    because that’s apparently the new wagon, and forget that the only one we
    should fear is God?

  • I Was Born This Way! 3 years ago


  • Quetzalcoatl 3 years ago

    Americans are a disgrace to society

  • DJ Deedahx 3 years ago

    LGBT people are still humans.

  • lovelydeath12 3 years ago

    When your are gay In Texas :

  • john taylor 3 years ago

    Wow! John Oliver is really pushing the LGBT agenda, Tranny rights, gay
    rights, this is his new favorite issue. I guess he has to jump on the
    bandwagon now that the satanist media has decided to make gays cool, and
    now their thinking, Hey let’s try and drum up sympathy for Tranny’s too.
    Cause you know, cutting off your dick, dressing like a woman and getting
    breast implants is not a sign of being mentally insane, it just means your
    finally living the life you’ve always wanted!

    I myself have always felt I should have been born a lizard, I’m gonna go
    get lizard surgery with green skin, and if any of you don’t love me and
    accept all my demands then you are bigots.

    Shit is so ridiculous, if you want to be gay, or a tranny, just shut the
    fuck up and live your life, I won’t treat you any different than anyone
    else, just stop throwing this shit in our faces like it’s suppose to be

    Man America really is a shithole, can’t wait until the American empire
    falls! Modern day Babylon!!!

  • Cascaded Volcano 3 years ago

    I hate how people are still afraid of gay people like they’re communists
    and this is the 60’s. To people who are well adjusted and not crazy, gay
    people are no different from themselves and should have every right to do
    what straight people do without worrying about being denied service or
    being told that they’re any number of insults.

  • billyjack70 3 years ago

    I’m not religious and for LGBT rights… but I have no problems with
    private establishments choosing who they will or will not serve.
    Eventually, those around will force them out of business or force them to
    change if they do not agree.

  • Sarah Gawle 3 years ago

    I’m surprised Hillary hasn’t answered this, considering one of her biggest
    platforms is marriage equality.

  • KidMillions 3 years ago

    I’m not religious but in a private business you still have the right to
    refuse, you cannot be forced to endorse something you don’t agree with. Any
    sensible business doesn’t discriminate against LGBT anyway. As you can see
    from that restaurant it’s only backward businesses that discriminate. These
    will die out as society evolves, not by passing new laws.

  • conchudo12345 3 years ago

    “Religious Freedom” shouldn’t mean “If i believe fags are inferior, i’m
    free to bash them”

  • deathtokoalas 3 years ago

    i think the court is wrong. and i’m openly queer, fwiw.

    i’m a canadian, so i’m approaching it from a slightly different
    perspective. but the issue the way i would understand it is related to the
    question of general service v. individual service. there’s a difference
    between walking into a store and ordering a pre-made cake and requesting
    that a cake be made with a specific design on it. while the discrimination
    law ought to apply to the rejection of discrimination on general service
    (walking in and buying a pre-made good), i don’t see any legal precedence
    or coherent argument that suggests that a store owner does not have the
    right to deny individual service, for whatever reason it could possibly
    imagine. it could deny a floral pattern because it doesn’t like flowers. it
    doesn’t have to explain or justify this, and it’s really beyond any legal
    scope to question it. so, it’s not a question of religious freedom, or even
    a first amendment protection. it’s just the basic autonomous right of
    individuals to choose who they wish to carry out business with. the entire
    question is really outside of the scope of law; this case should have never
    even been heard, and the arguments are really not relevant in the context
    of any of the discussions being had. so, i would expect the supreme court
    to reverse this ruling, if it gets there. this is an example of what you
    call judicial activism – it’s not legally rooted.

    i would further expand on the issue as it relates to access. in canada,
    there is a specific circumstance where the court would rule that the
    business must provide service, and that is only if it has a monopoly. that
    would apply mostly to government services. so, you can’t deny a driver’s
    license for this reason, for example. that’s what anti-discrimination laws
    actually exist for. but, we’re talking about wedding cakes on the free
    market, here. chances are pretty high that you can just go to the next
    store down the street. and, that’s what the judge really should have said –
    that the government does not exist to police this sort of thing.

    there’s an irony underlying the situation. you don’t have to agree with
    this guy – i certainly don’t. but you have to respect his rights to make
    his own autonomous decisions and carry out his own autonomous actions.
    you’re the one that’s being aggressive here, not him; you have no right to
    try and force him to bake a cake if he doesn’t want to – and it doesn’t
    remotely matter what the reason is.

  • Ismaiel Aden 3 years ago

    To be honest, i will never accept homosexuality as being natural but rather
    a person’s lifestyle choice. However, people have no right to discriminate

  • MSTe98 3 years ago

    What is the right to refuse service to anyone?

  • The Friendly Fascist 3 years ago

    Once again a comedy news satire wherein half the material is written by
    Jews is getting millennials to march lock-step towards their own
    destruction. Hoorah! Hillary 2016 because WORSE IS BETTER!

  • Grammer Communist 3 years ago

    kek all these armchair atheists forgetting what a protestant is

  • Lucas Temple 3 years ago

    imagine forcing a gay owned bakery to bake a cake with “faggots” inscribed
    on it. If they dont, lawsuit!

    this works both ways, and you can bet people of all sorts will realize

  • rusty shackleford 3 years ago

    I feel that Colorado baker. I worked at a bakery once and every pastry I
    made was part of me. I felt a little part of me inside customer’s stomach.


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