Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Infrastructure (HBO)

Published on March 2, 2015

America’s crumbling infrastructure: It’s not a sexy problem, but it is a scary one.

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  • David Mantel 4 years ago

    NEWSFLASH: According to this episode, flying in an aircraft may actually
    be safer than driving through Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. *EDIT*, *I meant to
    say safer than flying in planes piloted by suicidal/homicidal copilots.*

  • FilipFifth 4 years ago

    Two days ago I played GeoGuessr with friends when a picture of a road
    across praerie came up.
    “Looks like states”.
    “No, check out the electrified railroad on the side, that is too high tech
    for US, it would be rather Turkey, Iran or China.”
    We clicked Turkey.
    It was South Africa.

  • Chris Druif (Automated Things) 4 years ago

    America’s gas prices are so low compared to European countries! Remember
    that currently our gas price is €1.519 per litre. *PER LITRE!*

  • Jay Hill 4 years ago

    That chewing bubblegum quote flew over a lot of people’s heads lol

  • Ryan Salvatore 4 years ago

    Immediately thought of you, Tim:

  • Paul Mertens 4 years ago

    As a European, driving in America is a curious experience. It’s like
    driving through the worst parts of Eastern Europe 40 years ago, but
    generally with a better view, in a very loose-fitting car.

  • Benoît FELTEN 4 years ago

    I wish politicians (and not just US politicians) had the clarity of vision
    that John Oliver has on certain issues… 

  • Moni G 4 years ago

    For once we’d have a legitimate bitch about paying our DAMn taxes!!! Some
    have suggested a damn tax, most likely the only way it will get done, but
    not to fix whatever with the money, to FIX ONLY DAMS, BRIDGES, HIGHWAYS,
    That’s one of the big reasons I thought we paid our DAMN taxes! Not to pay
    the wealthy to be a full time campaigning congress. They only legislating
    part-time making custom laws and loopholes for billionaire corporate
    lobbyists & businesses(their campaign contributors),while ignoring the
    safety, heath & well being of the constitutes who elected them (*except for
    the photo opportunities & sound-bytes around election time!). It will take
    a dam catastrophe, or some other horrible infrastructure disaster where too
    many citizens needlessly die before the Congress or the White House do
    anything about it (it’s a going-straight-to-hell shame!). What a racket!

  • Amelior 4 years ago

    *May 31st* is the deadline for the government to renew funding for
    maintaining our highways.

  • WorumFC 4 years ago

    Funding infrastructure is Socialism

  • William Crain 4 years ago

    Oh this is so good about soooo bad, pathetic, and reprehensible to all
    humans everywhere, Capitalism. The problem: there’s no profit in
    maintenance. Hello. It’s the people taking care of their property and the
    fn’g corp/%1’ters see no profit from regular trustworthy maint Not long
    ago, because they corralled the insurance cartel to secure a limit on such
    suits, means low bidding and highprofits who cares about safety, except to
    privatize it. And pursue bigger gains in spite of the fact they may travel
    by such means and forms exposing themselves and loved (sic) ones to
    unnecessary accidents or worse…We should also nationalize Transportation.

  • LittleBoxXx x 4 years ago

    Yes, USA needs funds, how about going to get the fucking money they use on
    WAR? Those trillion dollars used on weapons and wars. America is in the
    hands of fucking retards. And so is this world.

  • likenem 4 years ago

    Legalize pot and tax the shit out it.

  • Laurence A 4 years ago

    Of course no one would call in to that show saying they want a gas tax
    increase. Every tax increase gets squandered. If we knew it would be
    devoted to actual infrastructure improvements, unlike say the “shovel-ready
    jobs” program, then we might support it. But it’s unlikely. And it’s
    impossible that, even if it was put toward true infrastructure maintenance,
    that it would be done efficiently. I think this guy, John Oliver, is very

  • 100Hasake 4 years ago

    Can somebody explain to me the joke about Bill Cosby and the reaction?

  • Jenn Lynn 4 years ago

    I have 2 Uncles and a retired grandfather who were or are all civil
    engineers for the state of California: We should all be VERY scared. In
    many cases, it’s not just “dangerous,” but inevitable. I doubt it is the
    only state in which this is the case.

  • Scott Hamilton 4 years ago

    I just stumbled upon John Oliver’s surprisingly insightful definition of
    ‘infrastructure’: anything that can be destroyed in an action movie.

  • SilverLining 4 years ago

    If local governments would stop redirecting tax revenue from our road funds
    to satisfy central planners’ efforts to build lightrail and other wasteful
    mass transit we wouldn’t have a problem. Progressivism is to blame.

  • gueneykerim 4 years ago

    I seriously don’t see a problem with that. if the US people want to drive
    on shitty roads and die while driving under or on a bridge OR get flooded
    because some dam broke, then that’s their choice.

    It’s a democracy, people are allowed to turn their country into a shithole,
    have been doing that for 50+ years now.

  • IoEstasCedonta 4 years ago

    Where do they get the money for all these big-name cameos?

  • uetzel 4 years ago

    love the duke nukem reference

  • chickendinner2012 4 years ago

    We really need to bring back the tax on the 1% why do they make the most
    and not pay any taxes? A lot of billionaires are even behind this, the ones
    that aren’t crazy at least.

  • Rik Speek 4 years ago

    Americans think their gas prices are high? Wtf?

  • Lorena Infante 4 years ago

    “That upside-down piece of candy corn with a wig” is the best description
    of Trump I’ve yet heard

  • eric vulgate 4 years ago

    there’s too many taxes already. how about instead of taking the money out
    of we citizens, we tax our ‘representatives’? say, 100%? they can just keep
    making their livings off of speaking engagements and insider trading.

  • Chad Hurley 4 years ago

    Texas alone spends 3.3 billion dollars a year on prison inmates. Look it
    up. And this doesn’t include paying the police, courthouses, judges. Don’t
    the Bushes live in Texas? Why aren’t they in jail. Before Bush’s Sadam
    Husain war there was sanctiones for ten years against Iraq which killed
    more than 1.8 million children under the age of 5. from starvation and lack
    of medicine and a host of other items that the US wouldn’t let the children
    in Iraq have. Shouldn’t Bush at least get a slap on the wrist? So someone
    grows a weed in his yard, dries it, rolls it in a cigarette paper and
    smokes it. AND THE COPS TAKE HIM OFF TO JAIL FOR THAT? There is just
    something so seriously wrong, broken about that. The same judges that send
    a kid to juvenile detention for that goes home and sits watching TV with a
    cigarette in one hand and a whisky in the other. Don’t you see? You’ve
    gotten so used to the abuse that you don’t question anything anymore.
    I said this before on youtube. I was arrested by officer Ray Haar lll in S
    FL. for having 3 xanax tablets, prescribed by my doctor for anxiety, in a
    little key chain bottle. The cop took my wallet. Could he have found my
    doctors business card in the wallet and given him a call. Sure. But then he
    would’nt have made an arrest. I imagine that if cops don’t arrest people
    they get fired. Maybe you are saying “poor little you.” But if I didn’t
    know I was doing anything wrong, something just as stupid as this could put
    YOU in jail. I experienced hurricane andrew in 92. Devastated my world. But
    that was something inevitable. Police every day on the news traumatizing
    Americans just to make an arrest, that gets the state money to pay more
    cops and put more people in jail. America has more people in jail than any
    other country in the world. The whole thing stinks. Ask me after the world
    wars and I’d say that I was proud to be an American. Massacring mass
    populations with nuclear bombs was the start of the decline. And now when I
    meet a foreigner here, I tell them, no I’m a Canadian, not an American.

  • Moon Light 4 years ago

    12:36 “If gas prices go back up, we’ll be stuck with super high prices”
    LMAO thanks for sharing bruh

  • BRBallin1 4 years ago

    I feel that the US has too many politicians. They need to cut down the
    number of people in authority or things aren’t gonna reach a decision

  • WhatWillYouFind 4 years ago

    Trillions of dollars spent on a futile and failed war < Infrastructure?

  • Matt Smith 4 years ago

    use some of the lottery mony,we all know its not going to schools

  • Gregory Martin 4 years ago

    Fair report. And the Infrastructure ad was *awesome*. 🙂 Makes me want
    to inspect bridges, draw boring structural diagrams, file plans, etc…

    Actor: We *need* to file plans and avert catastrophe! Then wait 3-6
    months for meetings, budget approval, etc. SIGH…just not sexy man

  • Sales Kital 4 years ago

    i just thought of something that MIGHT help with this issue… take the
    money OUT of the sport stadiums and put it into the roads and other things
    we actually NEED.

  • AdamTheGeek 4 years ago

    The Tappan Zee bridge is being replaced currently. The replacement bridge
    is directly next to it so you can see how construction is going while
    you’re driving on the Tappan Zee.

  • John Wayne 4 years ago

    I only came to see Trump :D

  • AnalThrasher69 4 years ago

    I hope these videos make a difference.

  • Garrett Moffitt 4 years ago

    I’d watch that!

  • Will Sirius 4 years ago

    Where is your tax money? It’s in iraq you dumb fuck war lords.

  • Pro Libertate 4 years ago

    Here is an entirely other suggestion: charge for infrastructure through

    What an incongruous idea… it works for 100% of every useful function of
    society that is actually essential, say, FOOD!

    No one trusts government with producing food. All governments
    systematically fail at producing food. See Venezuela right now – they are
    STARVING, down there.

    Food production is the EASIEST thing in the world. Humanity has been doing
    it since our existence. Until a government touches it.

    So why would anyone imagine that governments can manage infrastructure?

  • bluewolf0617 4 years ago

    A pothole almost got me killed. It was huge and a guy was walking on the
    side of the road, the other side had cars speeding by. A car was on my ass
    and when I slowed down they didn’t slow down. I tried to move but ended up
    hitting one wheel and it blew up. I drove for half a mile down hill, no
    place to stop with the steering wheel turn all the way. Trust me one side
    had a cliff, the otherside cars and a rock wall. When I could stop and see
    the tire it was ripped in half and the rim was getting bend. It was scary.
    Then the next day I hit it with my dad car, I hate that hole and wish I
    could see in the dark that time. I didn’t remember were on the road it was
    because I first saw it in the day, then had to bring friends back home
    around 11. I called the city but it took a month but they filled a tiny one
    down the road in a week.

  • TheFuzzyCreeper17 4 years ago

    Oh dam!

  • Yog Sothoth 4 years ago

    And in my country people bitch every time a local politician manages to get
    roads repaired, because “oh a hole, so what, I need to take a detour to
    work now!”

  • Mike dN 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders anyone?

  • Pillar Kim 4 years ago

    Dam son. I’d actually pay to see INFRASTRUCTURE.

  • Sir Fur 4 years ago

    That CNN guy…Who has THAT MUCH patience for stupid people? If that were
    me, I’d have taken out a home made microwave grenade and exploded the phone
    with it, then pissed on the smoldering, shorted remains…

  • lobecosc 4 years ago

    The trailer at the end was actually good and funny, but their right.

  • The MUTO 4 years ago

    I would see that movie.
    “I’m the best damn inspector in the business…and I’m here to inspect this

  • Michael Lee 4 years ago

    Michael baaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

  • Steven Ramos 4 years ago

    The biggest issues are how poorly the money was spent in the first place
    which plays a roll in how unwilling we are to make any sacrifices to make
    change. If they spent the money correctly I think we wouldn’t have a
    problem with a raise in taxes but we probably wouldn’t have this big of an
    issue in the first place. Either way we don’t get enough bang for our
    billions of bucks You want a way to fix our economy? lets become producers
    again why the hell aren’t we making anything worth while? of course we need
    more ways to find income we are a country of consumers, we help other
    countries and employ them and start unwinnable wars while we struggle here
    at home, it’s moronic. We’ve taken Capitalism which for the most part on
    paper is the best system and totally ruined it and the sad thing is we are
    just as at fault as we are less and less involved, or shall i say a large
    portion of us are not involved.

  • Canyon Nattier 4 years ago

    Why is everyone dissing Trump

  • Dar Ko 4 years ago


  • Lier X. Agerate 4 years ago

    just cut the military funding by 50% and route it to infrastructure.

  • pEf Alien 4 years ago

    i was pretty amazed by this…and i defo wanna see that movie :D

  • David Penn 4 years ago

    I would seriously watch 5 seasons of that

  • Pyro Maniac 4 years ago


  • Jenova Strife 4 years ago

    i would watch the fuck out of that movie ♡

  • Garrett Sanders 4 years ago

    Steve Buscemi in a movie where he doesn’t die? Unheard of!

  • Ovidiu Firac 4 years ago

    “many states are paying no attention to their dam problems”, brilliant!

  • Ian Mackey 4 years ago

    most powerful thing we have for holding back liquids… (insert condom joke

  • luke lee 4 years ago

    I would watch that movie.

  • Rusty Shackleford 4 years ago

    Welcome to American politics. Where its easier to kick the problem down the
    road and politicians who tackle them get demonized

  • YellOhPanda 4 years ago

    I am just waiting for shit to happen so it opens peoples eyes and minds.
    Until then w/e.

  • oda christensen 4 years ago

    12:36 “Super high gas prices” … The average price per gallon in the USA
    is around 2,20$ a gallon. We pay 1,85-2$ per Litre in Norway. One gallon of
    petrol equals 3,7 litres… Do the math

  • pwnage 328 4 years ago

    I guess there was zero dams given

  • Richelle T 4 years ago

    at least they start out ok… some of our infrastructure weren’t even good
    to begin with…

  • Sean McCormick (Seanicus) 4 years ago

    “heart-pounding incremental maintenance” :D

  • Capt. Nemo 4 years ago

    This would have been so much more enjoyable without the insipid and
    insulting laugh-track

  • Go17Gabe 4 years ago

    I find it funny how people complain about taxes but pay them anyways.
    Raise the gas tax anyways.

  • MeAndMyLittleVoices 4 years ago

    I expected the comments to be full of people clamoring for a full-length
    version of the Infrastructure movie… Seriously, I would watch that. I
    think it’s an idea that could actually be done well. :)

  • Tycho Deina 4 years ago

    Anyone else want to see INFRASTRUCTURE? I’d even pay the theatre
    fee…provided that money was used wisely.

  • Jeremiah Payte 4 years ago

    I would watch Infatructure just for the cast

  • CourierZero 4 years ago

    Is that the lady from wayward pines?

  • Brandon Fesser 4 years ago

    Conspicuously lacking is a mention of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge
    collapse which killed 13 and injured 145 people in 2007. It was listed as
    “structurally deficient” since 1990! Those 13 deaths were entirely

  • Wedge Wizard 4 years ago

    Hey america, forget your infrastructure, just go to war permanently! What
    could go wrong?

  • MacGovernor 4 years ago

    Yeah yankees, this is what you get for hatin’ dem taxes. No taxes, no
    fixes. Don’t want government involvement in your life? Then repair your
    bridges and roads from your own pockets if you’re so hardcore libertarian

  • CherryzLove 4 years ago

    I would watch that.

  • Nico Negron 3 years ago

    Hahaha, why does this show love Steve Buscemi so much?

  • MrCOLBSTAH 3 years ago

    Pacific Rim right there.
    jeagers are quite expensive.
    so lets go with a long term building project to keep the giant lizards out

  • Diogenes 3 years ago

    The fund is also raided by non-highway/bridge related things like buses and
    subways. Buses and subways should be paid for by their respective cities.
    The gas tax should go to highways. Non-highway roads should be paid for by
    the cities and counties that they are within.

    Do that and the highways and bridges will have lots of money.

  • terradisiena 3 years ago

    And now I want to see that film so badly.

  • Pearce Crocker 3 years ago

    Has anyone noticed the great pyramid in the top right of the background?

  • Jacob Mieling 3 years ago

    Well thats simple… just say its for war on terror :)

  • Chandni shah 3 years ago

    Cry me a river.. There are places in the world with worst infrastructure.
    Not his best piece.

  • Jackie Whitt 3 years ago

    To bad John Oliver isn’t on the comedy channel anymore. Now it’s pay for
    HBO or catch him on youtube. He would have been perfect to replace John
    Stewart on the Daily Show.

  • Kee Gee Bee 3 years ago


  • Gert Meyers 3 years ago

    If I ever hear an american complain about gas prices, I’m going to punch
    them square in the jaw.

  • Delton record 3 years ago

    80s action and Duke Nukem much bridge inspector

  • Sombra Señor de la noche 3 years ago

    A gag of Donald Trump at Last Week Tonight. Classic.

  • Pranav Gupta 3 years ago

    really, who gives a damn!!

  • JB 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders though

  • The Saber Wolf Duchess 3 years ago

    Anyone else notice the “yays” in the ribbon-cutting videos became less and
    less enthusiastic as they went on? I half expected John to make a joke
    about it: they’ve done it so many times, the initial reaction by now is “Oh
    great, this shit again.” XD

  • 531chaz 3 years ago

    Edward Norton, you are my hero

  • Kahalealii Ted Ishikawa 3 years ago

    (17:23) Blockbuster Movie Trailer

  • metalangel12311 3 years ago

    I’d actually like a bridge set where you can press a button so that it
    breaks down somewhere and then you can fix that problem.

    Hmm, maybe I should try making something like that…

  • Chris Apao 3 years ago

    You are the only one i know, that can show serious flaws in serious
    subjects and make me laugh so hard I almost fall off my chair. Kudos! It
    ain’t easy to teach and entertain at the same time and you do it very

  • nGon- 3 years ago

    6:24 “I don’t wanna say they’re unsafe, but they’re dangerous” either he
    messed up his intonation and actually wanted to “indicate that they’re far
    more than unsafe THEY’RE DANGEROUS” (like that), or he’s really bad at
    avoiding answering the question xD

  • Araxie Rose 3 years ago

    If you want to see bad infrastructure, head down to Costa Rica. Seriously,
    I spent a month and a half there and I wanted to make t-shirts that said
    “Bienvenidos a Costa Rica. Pisen con cuidado” (“Welcome to Costa Rica.
    Watch your step.”). It wasn’t uncommon to dodge 6ft deep drops. I’m very
    tall so I did well there, but I can’t imagine navigating their streets as a
    short person.
    …Which isn’t to say that the infrastructure in the US doesn’t need to be
    improved. I’m just saying, there are worse places.

  • Jon “SimonJester” Tobin 3 years ago

    I would legitimately buy a ticket for that movie. Especially if it went to


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