Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Goodbye, RadioShack (HBO)

Published on February 9, 2015

RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. We’ve helped them create a farewell message.

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  • matthew rappaport 4 years ago

    John Oliver is back ..thankfully and he gets this #Radioshack gold !!!!

  • Jason Montgomery 4 years ago

    I still own and use that clock radio at 1:50.

  • Pablo Morataya 4 years ago

    We still got Best Buy

  • Vic Vinegar 4 years ago

    I’m really tired of this fucking censoring bullshit. You’re on HBO!!!!!
    edit: I know this is only censored on Youtube. I’m bitching because it’s
    not censored on HBO but it’s censored here. Listen, you shouldn’t be
    watching this if you’re a kid in the first place. And secondly, the bleeps
    are jarring and take me out of the whole thing. It’s not that I love
    cussing. But I’d rather hear the cussing than the censoring. 

  • William Anderson 4 years ago

    I say good riddance. I am REALLY disappointed that they didn’t even
    address the reason why Radioshack went out of business………..their
    fucking prices were ridiculous. They put Best Buy to shame for fucks
    sake. $35 for a 6 foot HDMI cable? Eat shit and die. 

  • Nori Takei 4 years ago

    LOL Did he pick his nose at 3:11 ? did any one catch that???

  • DLord227 4 years ago

    Radio Shack deserves to go. I was told by one employee I couldn’t use a Y
    connector on my power supply for my PC because it would cut the power going
    to each connection by half so instead of 12 volts output from each of the Y
    connector they will only produce 6v each. Had another try to explain to me
    why I should use CDs instead of DVD’s for my videos because they were
    cheaper. And you wonder why they are going under?

  • G- Man 4 years ago


  • a Jones photo Graphy 4 years ago

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • james turd 4 years ago

    I was more sad about blockbuster.

  • midlifecrisi hates Google + 4 years ago

    Now I have to wait until thursday to watch the full episode.
    Just one of the many small sacrifices I have to make by being British.

  • Pseudo 4 years ago

    I’ll miss RadioShack because there really is no other local place where I
    can buy individual electronic components (resistors, transistors, etc.) for
    projects. Sure, the prices were still ridiculous as with anything else
    RadioShack sold, but I thought about it as sort of express shipping. I
    could either get my parts now for a higher price, or two days later at best
    with a lower price. 

  • razorbackblood06 4 years ago

    Radio shack was a good place to go to find LEDs and other electronic
    components for hobbyist. Guess we’ll have to find an online retailer to
    fill the void now.

  • lordeisschrank 4 years ago

    for whatever reason, this “it’s ” line is brought up quite often
    when someone is trying to make a point, like that’s an argument.
    I don’t get it

  • Onward Legions! 4 years ago

    People paid that much for a car phone in the 1980s? 

  • Kim Jameson 4 years ago

    RS was/is the place to find say, a 9′ DIN to RCA cord with a mono adapter,
    on a Sunday afternoon, after an hour of frustrated looking at Wallyworld.
    Yeah, the price might have been a little higher, but they had one in stock
    you could take home to solve the problem. That will be missed, here in the
    Hinterlands of Forgotonia.

  • Jackmonster3231 4 years ago

    I don’t get the animosity towards radioshack. Whenever I’ve needed
    accessories for consoles, computers, phones, and ect, they’ve given me
    decent deals. Perhaps those of you complaining about their prices have
    never heard of sales?

  • Sumonebody 4 years ago

    Some of your videos are only available in the US, fuck you John Oliver, you
    backstabbing traitor, I hope England declares war on the US (again) and you
    get caught in the crossfire. Modern day Guy Fawks.

  • Eric Martin 4 years ago

    “Corporations are people, my friend.”
    – Mitt Romney

  • Ritabrata Majumder 4 years ago

    Watch the full video, it’s hilarious! +Avik Chakra Viorti +avikbellic911 

  • Madonna McClure 4 years ago

    I think this is hilarious! Be forewarned, there is some pretty bad language

  • Walter Pavlik II 4 years ago

    I worked for " The Shack" in the early 1990's. I LOVED their stores from my childhood. This is sad in a way. They couldn't find a path to remaining relevant in the 21st century.

  • Alireza Sefati 4 years ago

    “one day you too will be obsolete” great inspiring quote for Monday 🙂
    Seriously I think RS had a good run. The managed to stay in business so
    long after their sister store compUSA and other electronic stores went out
    of biz.

    Speciality stores are dying slowly

  • Slick Show 4 years ago


  • Mediocre-Motorcycle-Modifications 4 years ago

    Sprint Locations? Please explain?

  • markbotplus 4 years ago

    Barnes and Nobles is next. I’m surprised they are still around….

  • Michael Spitzer 4 years ago

    In the 70s and 80s I loved Radio Shack and they served a unique function ,
    but they did not fit in the modern world….. 10 years ago I was asking how
    they can remain in business ….. they have no unique product or service
    Nobody fixes electronics or does kits any more …… there are better
    places to get a phone …… you buy batteries at grocery store,
    There was just no reason to go to Radio Shack any more

  • kxmode 4 years ago

    I’m an electronic hobbyist. The only place to buy capacitors and resistors
    in Sacramento is Fry’s Electronics (which is like a 30 minute drive away;
    I’m serious!), Metro Electronics (which runs on potato time) and Radio
    Shack (which is like Bike distance away)… PLEASE DON’T FORCE ME TO BUY
    RESISTORS AND CAPACITORS FROM FRYS!!!! The store on Northgate Blvd is run
    by a bunch of self-delusional smack heads!!! :(

  • ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven 4 years ago

    Radio Shack was founded not just on “consumer sales” of “consumer goods”,
    but also on selling electronic COMPONENTS. Of course, that was back in the
    days when people understood that you could FIX THINGS, and you didn’t need
    to “just throw it out and get a new one…for 100 times what it would cost
    to just fix the part that broke.”

    A good example is a heater that died on me a couple weeks back. All that’s
    wrong with it is the fan motor died. I can’t find the fan motor. It’d
    probably cost $10.00 or $15.00. I could open it up, replace the fan motor,
    and have a working heater again.

    Instead, I had to spend $80 on a new one, plus tax, so we’re looking at
    just shy of $100.00.

    Sure, that’s better for corporations…but I’d have much rather have just
    fixed what I had here already. My half-hour replacing the SINGLE worn-out
    fan motor would have been considerably better FOR ME than the 8 hours worth
    of work that I was forced to waste, because I simply can’t find that SINGLE
    replacement part.

    Understand that the death of Radio Shack is symptomatic of the current
    “everything is disposable” culture.

    Also understand that this idiotic viewpoint is going to change…and a lot
    sooner than most people think.

  • Moon and back 4 years ago

    RadioShack.. Blockbuster.. Revco.. My childhood is out of business. lol

  • Mareritt 4 years ago

    Radioshack: Where we should be sad the business is closing, except it was
    staffed by the worst customer service possible no matter which store you

  • mdr48371 4 years ago

    Until a couple years ago, you could buy blank 8-track tapes right off the
    shelf at Radio Shack. Of course, you could also buy individual electronic
    components like resistors and diodes.

  • BrighamTalks 4 years ago

    Radioshack, the store that sold you electronic parts, cables components,
    that you needed to use, repair, and maintain your electronics, is now gone.

    Instead we have the Apple store, where you can buy black-box electronics
    designed specifically so that the average person *can’t* repair or maintain
    them. And Best Buy, where a simple cable that should cost a dollar costs
    you thirty bucks.

    Our generation has more electronics than any before, and yet we don’t know
    how they work, let alone how to maintain or repair them. Instead we just
    buy new ones (at ludicrous prices) every time they break.

  • Steven Alpert 4 years ago

    Things that could have saved Radio Shack: Videogames, Wide Variety of PC
    parts, Larger selection of car media systems, consumer devices like Nest
    Protect/thermostat/dropcam or chromecast, roku, etc. a large selection of
    unlocked / rooted smartphones. Really could have helped them.

  • BinkieMcFartnuggets 4 years ago

    It was the word “Shack” that ultimately did them in. No one wants to go
    into a “shack.” Nothing good ever happens in a shack.

  • Half-Nerd Half-Something Else 4 years ago

    So RadioShack is dying now. This is really a symbol of dark times for a
    tech nerd like me. Although most people know of RadioShack as an electronic
    store in actuality it was a store that gave you the ability to repair your
    electronics and appliances as opposed to throwing them away and buying a
    new one.

    This is probably the most dangerous part of our culture in my eyes. This *everything
    is disposable* culture is dangerous in the fact that we all have these
    wonderful electronics but no way to take care of our stuff or repair it
    when its broken.

    Electronics aren’t the only things that we have forgotten how to repair.
    How many people are left that know how to repair their car, or fix plumbing
    and electricity? Does anybody even still know how to make clothes anymore.
    The users have been losing power for decades. I finally live in an era
    where being a nerd is cool but these nerds today have no skills whatsoever.
    We didn’t just play games, we used to build them. We would never allow
    corporations to dictate our culture and remove our ability to be self
    sufficient. Electronics were fucking expensive.

    So I bet you’re asking what does this have to do with black people.
    RadioShack leaving takes away the ability of nerds everywhere to be self
    sufficient. I know there are black nerds out there who know those feels.
    Electronics ain’t cheap and it’s regrettable that I live in an age where
    nerds today use technology everyday for everything but don’t understand how
    it works. Back in my day you would never sling $400 on a new Xbox when it
    died. You popped that bitch open and repaired it yourself with your own
    parts that probably only cost $30-$40.

    Sorry. Maybe my age is just showing.

  • Ronald Gainey 4 years ago

    Once again, I’m not overly worked up over The Shack’s demise, but this
    cracked me up. You can skip to 1:40 if you just want to see the ad, which
    is pretty damn funny.

  • Jonathan Perez 4 years ago

    Ha, going out like a boss!

  • Andrew Currie 4 years ago

    This is pretty great. 

  • thescaredshadow 4 years ago

    I think the Goodbye Message could be improved if the last line was “Goodbye
    and suck on our 34mm Cable, you MotherF*%kers!”

  • Diamond Joe 4 years ago

    Never thought I would ever see the F-word “censored” on HBO!

  • Scott Arrington 4 years ago


  • Troy Windhorst 4 years ago

    *Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Goodbye, Radio Shack*

    Finally, a property farewell for Radio Shack.

  • Mike Odonnell 4 years ago

    i worked for that p.o.s. company back in 1985 . They wanted me to ask
    people the last 4 digits of their social security # to set up their mailing
    list database . I would’nt do it so they gave me the boot . Can I have the
    last 4 digits of your Social Security Number ? lol

  • Dirtynicker911 4 years ago

    I don’t like that people say they are glad or happy that Radio Shack is
    going out of business when they probably don’t even shop there. For me,
    Radio Shack was always good for those odd items that your typical store
    never had like weird fuses, cords and cheap phone cases that i needed now
    rather than waiting to buy online, if i could even find it online!

  • John Skelley 4 years ago

    Does that include all the stores that are called “The Source”?

  • Mrlz56 4 years ago

    Ah. Radio shack, It used to be you could go in there a buy a decent stereo
    system and all kinds of electronic parts and resistors etc. Then they
    started selling cell phone contracts. The salesman made their money on
    commission . I went in there many times waiting at the counter to pay for
    something and just be ignored because all the sales people were busy with
    cell phone customers. Radio shack didn’t make anything ,all Merchandise was
    subcontracted out to Asian companies and they put Radio shacks name on it.
    I think if you wanted any service all you would have had to do is say, who
    wants to sell me a cell phone. Radio Shack died a long time ago, this is
    nothing new.

  • scjones25 4 years ago

    The thing is, anything you could get at RadioShack, you could get at Amazon
    for half the price or less. I don’t care how long a company has been
    around, if they can’t compete in price or convenience, nobody’s going to
    shop there. Bye bye RadioShack! 

  • QueenofAntarctica 4 years ago

    Why is the store by me still open?

  • Vignesh Senguttuvan 4 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTub

  • Robert Hamm 4 years ago

    Must have been fun to be that voiceover guy.

  • Bunny Cop 4 years ago

    *Looks at Fry’s Electronics* Sorry, Radioshack. We had some good
    times…but I found someone else…

  • Tech Set 4 years ago

    Qt doesn’t some idiot buy radioshack and lower the prices I mean is the
    Society so stupid I mean come on due

  • Susie Fontenot (Dyingsins) 4 years ago

    Radio shack was a good company. 

  • Marty Hawker 4 years ago

    I agree they SUCK theyr prices are to dam hi! Good ridence radio shack.I
    was treated way shitty.Now somebody else gets my money.

  • cheyenne kelly-moll 4 years ago

    where I live we had a radioshack and I really needed a specific cord for my
    desktop and thought to myself.. oh i’ll just walk up to radioshack!… I
    got there and to my disbelief it was just gone, just gone. they were
    actually really helpful and always had what I was looking for. It’s a

  • stealthballer 4 years ago

    Radio Shack lost it’s way. Anyone remember when you could go into a radio
    and shack and buy the parts to steal cable? Those were the days. I made a
    decent bit of many putting those together when I was a kid. Then one day
    the evil manager told me he wouldn’t sell me the parts anymore because he
    knew what I was doing. Then they stopped carrying the parts entirely and in
    their place was a crappy remote control car that was twice the price of
    another store.

    Doesn’t take an economic theorist to see why they failed.

    I still have a Tandy, was one of the cuter names.

  • Roflbaum 4 years ago

    Standard General in conjunction with Sprint bought the RadioShack name and
    intellectual property recently. RadioShack will remain open with the
    majority of its stores having a sprint team working inside with them.

  • iBakeMyOwnCake and Bob 4 years ago

    Lol. who else likes the anthem?

  • Alex Thomsen 4 years ago

    that last line, was that from homealone? the movie he plays, to scare off
    the pizza guy.

  • LT Gen Klink 4 years ago

    Die in a fire Tandy, die in a fire.

  • Jerry Liang 4 years ago

    An interesting way to say goodbye.

  • mastermill79 4 years ago


  • Mare Clydesdale 4 years ago

    The Radioshack at my town’s mall covered up the sigh so it spells “adios”

  • okrajoe 4 years ago

    Alas, poor Radio Shack! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of
    most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now
    how abhorr’d in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

  • jackofallspades98 4 years ago


  • RockmanVX 4 years ago

    Wait, you needed to buy a separate cable to plug in your NES?

  • TheSkipscamper 4 years ago

    Radio Shack. At least it isn’t Best Buy!

  • Nancy M 4 years ago

    Love this one!! And I’ll miss Radio Shack. 

  • dragonkeeper19600 4 years ago

    Last time I went into RadioShack was to buy a new cable for my headphones.

    Now, my headphones have bluetooth.

    Oh, the march of time is relentless to us all.

  • Jackie chan_WTF 4 years ago

    Holly shit!!!! $1,399.00 for a in car phone?!?!? Gotta love the 80s. lol

  • Amber Higgins 4 years ago

    Not all radio shacks are gone. The one by my work is still open! I
    think Last Week Tonight with John Oliver needs to get all the facts right!

  • Ryan Rizkalli 4 years ago

    Radio Shack, Noooooo!


  • Vet Tech Geek Girl 4 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    I ❤️Radio Shack.
    My local radio shack isn’t closing, thank god! 

  • bill o'brien 4 years ago

    Why the fuck are your new videos not available in Australia #praydownunder

  • Beta Maxis 4 years ago

    Radios are still in cars so still relevant. It was always the ‘shack’ part
    that bugged me. There’s never a good feeling associated with that word, it
    implies crappy quality. Maybe if a jealous person calls your dad beach
    bungalow a shack, but that’s it.

  • orlock20 4 years ago

    About three years ago my hand calculator died so I went to the mall across
    the street from me. The only store that sold a hand calculator, not even a
    scientific calculator, was Radio Shack. That mall also had Sears, Target
    and Office Depot. I was completely surprised that the other stores didn’t
    carry such a thing at the time.

  • Whatu Sayingangsta 4 years ago

    1:20 was so funny it made me cum! LOL

  • childrenhumor2 4 years ago

    I was more sad bout circuit city

  • Gelo Galvez 4 years ago

    AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR…. Get it? (homealone)

  • awesomeguy914 4 years ago

    RadioShack always had these sick RC helicopters.

  • Tegan Davidson 4 years ago

    I love how both the examples in the farewell ad are from 1 year and 5 years
    before I was born lol 

  • Abby Yomie 4 years ago

    There is still radioshack in my country

  • Otakumasim 4 years ago

    Radioshack is death, long life to Sparkfun!

  • TheOrangePuff 4 years ago

    I went to a Radio Shack yesterday… I bought some new headphones and a
    speaker set.

  • Blake Stephens (Knowlessman) 4 years ago

    …Damn. That voiceover guy whose name I probably should know but don’t has
    a helluvan angry voice. Frankly amazed I’ve never heard it before.

  • Mike Jones 4 years ago

    Laughed my ass of when that goodbye video was going

  • Alexis Everhart 3 years ago

    As an employee to the old radio, this was one of the best videos I’ve ever
    seen XD

  • johninsalisbury2010 3 years ago

    ouch a 30 pack of batteries.

  • The Green Kingdom 3 years ago

    My uncle bought radio shack


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