Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fifty Shades #NotMyChristian Apology (Web Exclusive)

Published on January 25, 2015

John Oliver apologizes to Jamie Dornan for perpetuating the #NotMyChristian hashtag…sort of.

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  • Pearl Z 4 years ago

    Like this comment if you like John Oliver 🙂 <3

  • MerclessQ 4 years ago

    No one will see this.

  • Rain Day 4 years ago

    Yes. That was such a riveting performance that, im casting him in my
    version of the movie fifty shades of chicken

  • The Grey Fencer 4 years ago

    If he’s not chained to that desk on the first episode, he’s going to have
    some VERY dissapointed fan mail

  • Lemaître 4 years ago

    John Oliver come back! We need your comments!

  • Celeste Rast 4 years ago

    For the record, John Oliver, I’m a virgin mother of 3 and I’d totally hit
    it 😉 lol #notmychristian #johnoliverismycelebritycrush 

  • Leo Miles 4 years ago

    have you at least been cast for Community’s season 6 ?

  • Dex Peck 4 years ago

    Seriously, who are they making this movie for?!?!

    UPDATE: After seeing the reviews…. Apparently the answer is no one lol.

  • Hulkeq2 4 years ago

    I can’t believe HBO and John Oliver get a full audience together for these
    web exclusives.
    Kudos to you sirs.

  • KUTTR- 4 years ago

    fuking tease! you’re in the studio already ! make new show already!
    thanx :)

  • Mike Robbins 4 years ago

    I kind of wonder where the live studio audience comes in for these web
    exclusive clips. I mean do people get tickets and think they’re gonna see a
    full show, then end up getting only a five minute show? Or are all of these
    prerecorded months and months ago after one of his last episodes.

  • plartoo 4 years ago

    I didn’t see regular episode (not the web exclusive one) on Youtube this
    time that John was referring to in this video. Does that mean, they won’t
    be uploaded anymore? If true, that’d be sad…

  • DrakeVagabond 4 years ago

    The next Webisode he posts should be a skeleton chained to a chair

  • Miguel Luna 4 years ago

    yeah, yeah, but I think we are forgetting the main question here, how does
    he look without his glasses?

  • Torsten Huseby 4 years ago

    Walking dead season 5 comes back on that same day.

  • MarioTST 4 years ago

    *Im finally here lol:)*

  • wetmurder 4 years ago

    So John Oliver worked for 15 minutes in the month of January.

  • malcomb bell 4 years ago

    I honestly don’t know why this is being made into a movie. Couldn’t we just
    have the porno instead, and be done with it? XD

  • Jonida Sanço 4 years ago

    I got the “She’s all that” reference right away before he explained it.
    Don’t know if that’s a good thing

  • MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs 4 years ago


    This had me pissing myself laughing 🙂

    p.s – anyone found the cookies I have hidden on my channel?

  • Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg 4 years ago

    teenagers and their fun aunts… what of fun ladies in their 20s? : 

  • Femme Fatale 4 years ago

    I have read the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey and, no, I’m not a middle
    aged mom or a sexualy frustrated teenager. I only read it because I was
    curious. What made 50 Shades of Grey famous is the internet, there’s
    nothing special about the book because there are dozens of adult fiction
    books which are a dozen times shocking and masterfully written. The more
    people talk about it, the more it gets a credit that doesn’t deserve. The
    “Greyssessed” cult will be offended Im quite sure, but seriously, try to
    pick a book other than 50 Shades of Grey and compare, that’s not the
    greatest book you’ll ever read. 

  • Marc Norton 4 years ago

    I have no interest in seeing “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I’m so intentionally
    out of the loop on this thing that when I saw the picture of Jamie Dornan,
    I thought “Hey, it’s that guy from “The Fall”.

  • The God Emperor 4 years ago

    Maybe this will teach John Oliver to not take such long breaks. Seriously,
    don’t be lazy, work at least 10 months outta the year :|

  • Adarsh Nunna 4 years ago

    +Abhinav Radhakrishnan 

  • Kimberly Crawley 4 years ago

    Gawker writes:

    “John Oliver is not happy with the casting of Jamie Dornan as ‘epitome of
    male beauty’ Christian Grey in the film adaptation of popular
    Twilight fanfic Fifty Shades of Grey. Specifically, he’s hurt that no one
    even considered him for the role.

    Note to Universal Pictures: John Oliver is a hot nerd, and he’s prepared to
    do butt stuff in Fifty Shades Darker. He hasn’t read the books, but there’s
    definitely butt stuff, right?”

    Here’s a few points from me, John. My tone is serious, which is appropriate
    because yours usually is.

    1. 50 Shades of Grey portrays domestic abuse, not safe/sane/consensual
    BDSM. Mention 50 Shades to most members of the BDSM community, and observe
    their rage. As a progressive, sex-positive, feminist man, you don’t need to
    be associated with that bullshit.

    2. My late father and my stepmother were/are erotica novelists. Google
    “Morgana Baron,” “Felix Baron,” or “Madeline Moore” if you’re curious.
    (Erotica writers use pen names 98% of the time.) Good erotica has a well
    developed plot, characters, and effective prose- just like good novels in
    every other genre. Not only do responsible BDSM practitioners despise 50
    Shades, so do respectable wordsmiths and readers with standards.

    3. I’m usually a domme, John. You’re… adorable. How can I say what I want
    to say? Perhaps I won’t.

    4. Whatever box office 50 Shades gets, critics are going to bash it, left,
    right, and centre. I want you to have a respectable film career if that’s
    what you want. Vanity Smurf looks better on your +IMDb​ than Christian Grey.

    +*****​ ​​​ +The Femi-Liberal​ +Feministing​​​​ +Last Week Tonight with
    John Oliver​​​​
    #NotMyChristian #50ShadesofGrey #BDSM #JohnOliver #LastWeekTonight #feminism

  • Pablo Morataya 4 years ago

    Why should I pay 15 bucks for a porno if I got Google to help me find
    millions of others for free? 50 Shades of Gray is the most overrated thing
    since the Twilight saga. If this movie makes more money than Age of Ultron,
    it will be one of the worst thing that will ever happen cinematic history. 

  • Bryan Arias Mamani 4 years ago

    HAHAHAHA THE SAME SHIT AS TWILIGHT. It is about internet propaganda that it
    was spreaded all over the world. And of course, those teenagers who does
    not have her first period….lol. Anyway, This kind of movies are really
    profitable. John Oliver you are such a badass hahaha 

  • Luigi Bianco 4 years ago

    Smash the GENOCIDAL anti-White system with a consistent message. Nothing is
    more powerful than sound!
    Africa for the Africans.
    Asia for the Asians.
    White countries for EVERYONE!?
    That’s genocide!
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White!

  • Patrick Johnson 4 years ago

    This nonsensical hyper-sexualized culture will never survive. The scary
    thing is, what will come after it collapses?

  • TheyCallMeGawd 4 years ago

    President: John Stewart
    VP: Stephen Colbert
    Secretary of State: John Oliver
    Secretary of Defense: Rob Riggle
    Secretary of… looking diverse: Aasif Mandvi

    2016 make it happen!!!

  • Thursday121am 4 years ago

    Fake and GAY! There is NOT a real audience. It’s just stupid sound

    Fake and gay video. But nice try.

  • joujou264 4 years ago

    Seriously, though, the 50 Shades of Grey movie sounds like the BDSM parts
    of the Nymphomaniac movies. Are softcore pseudo-porn movies becoming a
    publicly accepted thing now? 

  • Dirk Diggler 4 years ago

    There was this girl I knew in high school. Her name was Linda. She used to
    sit in the seat in front of me in math class. She’d occasionally turn back
    and look at me slightly out of the corner of her eye. Every time she did
    it, I felt overwhelmed. My face flushed and my penis hardened. I didn’t
    know what to do. Every night I went home and I set on the edge of the bath
    tub, and close my eyes as I imagined her staring back at me with that warm
    smile. I would stroke myself gently, moaning as my hand glided over my
    pulsating shaft. But, despite the pleasure I would experience, I was never
    able to come. Day after day, night after night, I masturbated furiously to
    no avail. That is, until one day when I cut a picture of her out of the
    yearbook and taped it on my wall. I put it parallel to my waist and I
    stared her right in the eye as I vigorously abused my penis. Sweat was
    pouring out of every orifice, my breathing I’ve become sparse and before I
    knew it I started to feel a sinking feeling in my head. Just then I felt
    the biggest relief I had ever felt in my life as a fountain of blood flew
    from my manhood , covering the picture on the wall.

  • Kakto Tak 4 years ago

    “I try to provide the fairest, most accurate commentary possible”
    Fuck off, John Oliver. Stick to your jokes, you libtard jester. Unless this
    was one of them, which it didn’t sound like.

  • Sage Forsaken 4 years ago

    Finally women will be able to be duped into buying the unrated version of
    something and get almost nothing extra like us guys were when we were
    younger. Buy the blue ray, 6 months later directors cut, 3 months later
    unrated edition etc etc until you pay for the same film 3 times and only
    every really watch it when it comes on TV and is cut down to bullish:t

  • Hadley Pleasanton 4 years ago

    This tea-swilling limey poofter prefers the British system of justice,
    where you get locked up for calling someone a n*gger or a Paki rapist on
    Twitter. That’s not any kind of country I want to live in, I don’t know
    about you. You just keep your queen, your spanking fetishes, your stupid,
    expensive raincoats, your bad teeth…and your fish & chips deep-fried
    potato wedges; I’ll keep my constitutional rights, thank you very much, you
    two-faced, gun-grabbing. speech-squelching fascist! :)

  • Buckminsterfullerene Coraxprogeny 4 years ago

    Big time lady boner for John Oliver.

  • joseph pulaski 4 years ago

    whats 50 shades of gray? i’ve been in videogame land for so long…..

  • rdelrosso2001 4 years ago

    I think it was around Jan. 2014 I first started hearing about “50 Shades of
    Grey” with not very many details about the book. It seemed that the book
    was this great “Literary Accomplishment” — the 21st Century equivalent of
    “War and Peace”

    Then, I hear the book and the movie are all about “S & M”. Call me
    old-fashioned, but this 60-year-old does not think of “Great Literature”
    and S&M in the same sentence.

  • modurhead 4 years ago

    more like fifty shades of gay

  • Dejan Swiegers 4 years ago

    “a foreign weakling” hahahahaha

  • Connor Smith-Maxwell (Kiiroshima) 4 years ago

    Give this man an Oscar!!!

  • Anner Chisline 4 years ago

    I’m the only one who hasn’t read the books.

  • FuzzMD 4 years ago

    I like how no one mentions the fact that 50 Shades was originally an erotic
    fanfiction about Twilight. I wish I was making that up.

  • rz33rz 4 years ago

    Just Saw The Movie and it Sucks! The Best Part, and I Kid You Not, Was When
    a Teenage Girl Got Arrested inside the Theater for Using Her Phone(
    Presumably to Tweet #NOTMYCHRISTIAN)

  • Aidan Alencastre 4 years ago

    best adition ever

  • labarrepac 4 years ago

    point taken!!! and with a good laugh!!

  • Dukky Drake 4 years ago

    What is “But(t) Stuff”?

  • mathmusicstructure 4 years ago

    As a 35 year old, 280 pound, bearded Canadian man, I can honestly say that
    I think you’re pretty Jon Oliver.

  • Danni Saunderson 4 years ago

    I’ve started reading the book but it was so boring! I didn’t even get to
    the sex part – I thought, if I have to bear reading such shallow literature
    before reading some porn… not worth it.
    The only good thing about it is John Oliver!

  • Daniel Friesen 4 years ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else – before watching the episode. Misread the
    hashtag in the title as #NotMyChristianApology . And think it was an
    episode about people who have said homophobic/racist/sexist things or tried
    to introduce batshit insane policies while claiming that the bible
    supported what they were doing, but were later forced to give a fake
    apology. Along with a call for Christians to (using the hashtag) publicly
    denounce them and their bullshit and reject the notion that they are
    followers of the same religion.

  • Michael Smith 4 years ago


  • skylx08 4 years ago

    Okay, so this is not a book that should be tossed aside lightly? ….It
    should be thrown with great force, tied up and whipped?

  • ManesandTailsOrg 4 years ago

    Hilarious. The film was said to be idiotic and considering that the leading
    lady is the daughter of Hollywood parents I don’t think she could be
    persuaded to do anything beyond being naughty.

  • qiaoshi xue 4 years ago

    For the audition you need to at least take your shirt off!!!!!!!!! 

  • Rehan Shah 4 years ago

    2:05 Did anyone else notice how Nervous he was in macho man impersonation

  • Sofia Black 4 years ago

    John Oliver is #mychristian 

  • manguy2000 4 years ago

    My real complaint is that we are already swimming in porn and our society
    is on a direct and expedited trajectory to hell…how we have to make S and
    M mainstream?

  • manguy2000 4 years ago

    Those pathetic woohoos and screams from the crowd are going to be the
    perpetual sound echoing through the chambers of hell. 

  • The Protocol 4 years ago

    Either way..I am presuming this is going to end in Butt Stuff…Awesome.

  • fuge74 4 years ago

    John should just do his own James bond movie. better sex, wider audience,
    and some erotic escapade ever suburban mom would love to have. call it John
    Oliver in 007: shades of gray.

  • darthcarnage12 4 years ago

    I didn’t think there would be any circumstance wherein I would watch any
    movie in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, but I think I’d have to see the
    sequel if they cast John Oliver and allowed him to perform his own
    rendition of the character.

  • Jay Castrodes 4 years ago

    Is it just me or did John Oliver drop a Community reference?

  • salvaje1005 4 years ago


  • Shelby Moore 4 years ago

    Nah, brah, they’ve had sex before. They’ve just never had an orgasm. 

  • Shane M 4 years ago

    John Oliver should play Q and bring back those badass Bond gadgets and not
    some lame ass radio.

  • aaron wilson 4 years ago

    Fuck the book and the author 

  • Frances Nolan 4 years ago

    Not only is 50 Shades a poorly written book (“I feel the colour in my
    cheeks rising again. I must be the colour of The Communist Manifesto. –
    nice synonym for ‘red’ there, E. L. James), but it portrays the BDSM
    community in a seriously misguided and damaging way. Christian Grey ignores
    Ana’s use of safe words and then leaves her (a completely new and
    inexperienced member of the BDSM community) lying on his bed as he saunters
    away into the daydreams of suburban mums. This book has been worshipped by
    thousands, and has significantly increased the use of BDSM toys. Of course,
    there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying out new stuff but please, for
    the love of all the gods, don’t use this book as a guideline for BDSM. You
    might just find yourself unwillingly sexually assaulting your partner. Be
    safe, be aware.

  • Ian Mickley 4 years ago

    I thought he was going to just start shouting and grunting really loud

  • Christine Villa 4 years ago

    Damn, that’s some pretty good lighting.

  • akaElleLatham 4 years ago

    You know he and Dakota would have better chemistry. He has a sense of
    humor. #ThatsMyChristian #SorryJamieDornan #NotReallySorry #LastWeekTonight
    #FiftyShadesofUgh #hashtags

  • Num43 4 years ago

    The only show on Youtube that has a live audience for it’s taping,

  • frank jones 4 years ago

    Mary: “Yeah this third kid here was also from god.” Joseph: “OH COME ON”

  • Telly Vin-a 4 years ago

    Wow, I thought John was going a completely different direction with this
    hashtag: that #NotMyChristian was the Christian version of the Muslim
    #NotInMyName For “real” Christians to shut down so-called Christians
    doing very un-Christian things…

  • Piriathy 4 years ago

    Wait, an unpeeled carrot? Those can be peeled?

  • Mike Username 4 years ago

    Native Advertising strikes again.

  • Mike Username 4 years ago

    unmarked native advertising… strikes again.

  • Lani Jones 4 years ago

    50 shades of oliver

  • Ginger OConnell 4 years ago

    Too good! John Oliver rocks!

  • SamusAranFan 4 years ago

    Eh 9&1/2 weeks is wayyyyyy better and im a woman 😉 huehuehue 

  • SamusAranFan 4 years ago

    #50 shades of olive

    Go john Oliver lmfao

  • TheF86Sabre 4 years ago

    50 shades of who gives a fuck!

  • Demitrium 4 years ago

    Honestly I’m with jesse cox on this, I wanted an old fat guy. That would
    have been hilarious 

  • TalysAlankil 4 years ago

    Still a better story than Fifty Shades of Grey.

  • pugfugly1989 4 years ago

    Canada desperately need a nightly news show like this or The Daily Show/
    Nightly Show

  • laurentia K 4 years ago

    Imo you are sexier than him, john 

  • StormyKid 27 4 years ago

    how do these movies make so much money if everyone says its not good?

  • Abi Evans 4 years ago

    ~Daily Reminder that Christian Grey is a rapist and Fifty Shades
    romanticizes abuse~

  • Mike Liebertee 4 years ago

    Welcome to 50 shades of Oliver

  • JC Manny 4 years ago

    Oliver… I’ve been a fan for a long time…. most of the time agreeing on
    your coments about issues brought to the show……but when I notice a
    stupid one like this one about “50 Shades of Grey” I was forced to coment.
    Just keep in mind that the author, the director, the cast and now the main
    charactarer has been demonized way too many times by people that klnow
    NOTHINIG ABOUT BDSM and it’s a sad surprise to find you on that same side
    of the fence.

    PLEASE IF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT AN ISSUE you should read about it and don’t
    join the crowd that for the most part it’s made of sad middle age men that
    found themselvs threathen by it.

  • Infinit horizons 4 years ago

    Do you think he got the handcuffs from Kanas’s sex toy auction?

  • ravenofhope 4 years ago

    I was oddly attracted to John’s Christian Grey. 

  • partEc4nnon 4 years ago

    This was CLEARLY Hollywood’s loss

  • mozkip 4 years ago

    He was right,the movie was sh*t #notmychristian

  • Liudmila Pinzari 4 years ago

    Well, one more atheist found. Im glad that time is coming, very shortly all
    his laughs will become into cries. One day when the time comes he will
    realize, of what such a fool he is made out of. How is he going to discrase
    Christianity, God! How can people even watch this? I get so angered when i
    see this type of stuff on Internet. Yet i pray to God to forgive this man
    for all the sins he is casting live. God will take care of him himself,
    when time comes. So let it be for now, everything is in Gods hands. God


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