Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Elected Judges (HBO)

Published on February 23, 2015

The vast majority of US judges are elected, forcing many judges to pander to the electorate and accept campaign money in order to keep their jobs. This seems slightly troubling…

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  • John Mulligan 4 years ago

    I love these and I hate these. I keep wishing that he will run out of
    material and the show will go off air. Sadly, I imagine this show could go
    on for years. 

  • Drew Noir 4 years ago

    The US is a fucking weird country, and you scare me. 

  • An Abra 4 years ago

    Oh rich white homophobic faggots with power piss me off.

  • ImAnderZEL 4 years ago

    WTF Murica?!

  • rasnac 4 years ago

    Electing judges must be the stupidest idea ever; right next to the jury
    system. 12 annoyed and bored civilians in a court ruled by some schmuck
    elected just because some stupid commercial, making decisions about life
    and death just based on theatrical performances of some lawyers who are
    trained not to interpret law but to be very effective stage performers. No
    wonder american courts look like carnivals.

  • l3oozer 4 years ago

    wrong, the states override the federal gov’t. its called the 10th

  • Jake Harris 4 years ago

    The States are so fucked up. You’re a laughing stock of a country

  • Peter Mosier 4 years ago

    We don’t elect judges in Canada, but we still manage to put some really out
    of touch morons on the bench. And we can’t remove them via the ballot box.
    So not electing judges is an imperfect system too. 

  • shaun thompson 4 years ago

    “freedom” of speech in America has gone too far, having adverts that
    horrific just to “get one up” over someone is unbelievable. that kind of
    behaviour should never be allowed in any first world/civilised country. – *I’m
    Shaun Thompson, and i approve this message*.

  • johnny bozic 4 years ago

    id rather have the american justice system than the european one where
    pedophiles, terrorists, murderers get few years in prison if any and
    afterwards social services, job, housing as an award. yeah lets listen to a
    comedian how the perfect justice system looks like…they seem to be
    experts on any topic.. even Hollywood stars push into politics. O tempora,
    o mores

  • Krist Novoselic 4 years ago

    This is great and really funny! The ads are hilarious!! However, Oliver
    references a retention election with that ad featuring the three terrible
    criminals with their faces obscured. With retention elections, voters give
    a judge a simple “yes” or “no” in what is supposed to be an uncontested
    election. A retention election is part of the Merit System of appointing
    Judges. I think this system is better than electing judges in contested
    races, however it is not perfect. Do a word search for – judges merit
    system – and see for yourself.

  • f mck 4 years ago

    After watching this I am satisfied that America is one of the worst
    democracies on earth. No offence you Americans are starting to resemble a
    middle eastern dictatorship. I see no different between Americans and Arabs

  • mastermason10 4 years ago

    How is it that judges lobbying for donations from lawyers isn’t illegal?!
    Welcome to ‘Merica… fuck yeah?

  • PaperDragon 4 years ago

    Why does everything have to be corrupted? Can’t there be one part of the
    government that just works right and isn’t abused, please? Just one? I need
    to hear this

  • pedrogregorio 4 years ago

    Until our society is educated, these injustices will continue forward. We
    should really focus on our education system in America because I do believe
    the more heads we have thinking, and working together, the more we can
    achieve and overcome.

  • Mujtahid Haque 4 years ago

    At least state judges have to be elected. On the federal level, there is no
    accountability whatsoever.

  • LearnMoreLanguages HarderToBeLied 4 years ago

    the judge is right, GAY IS WRONG.
    do the math
    egg + sprem = human
    simple biology 101

  • Anthony755 4 years ago

    1:57 And that’s not even Bolivia’s flag on the background… it’s Uruguay’s.
    So meta.

  • pugfugly1989 4 years ago

    Wait wait wait… So, rather than have the power to elect your own judges,
    you want the officials you elect to just appoint them? I get the cost
    cutting measures of cutting the middle man out, but you’re getting the same
    results from a different method. Rather than pandering to an electorate,
    they pander to the political elite. We all already know about the
    corruption and underhandedness that goes along with any other appointed
    position, how can the US be sure the other way will be any better? The
    situation is more akin to a game of Jenga, and elected judges are but one
    small piece that both holds up the teetering tower, and makes it less
    structuraly sound.

  • Lex Parsimoniae 4 years ago

    Americans couldn’t stand a life without popular vote. The idea of
    proportional representation, parliamentarian cabinet and judicial
    appointment is just unbearable. It’s a culture thing thus difficult to
    understand for Europeans who are comfy with living under monarchs.
    Problem is, popular vote usually turns ugly.

  • thegreeenbeast 4 years ago

    Seriously?!?! Elected judges by the people? That is even more stupid than
    that jury system jesus wtf how is that country still working.

  • Steve Arthur 4 years ago

    So Judges in the US do NOT need any legal experience?!

  • Carlos José de Souza Junior 4 years ago

    Why Greg doesn’t have a beard?

  • Overlook Edcomics 4 years ago

    445 Judges hate this video

  • Michael Walker 4 years ago

    Did anyone else catch that the flag of Argentina behind Bolivia? Very
    clever Mr. Oliver.

  • Hayley Vickers 4 years ago

    Well, sucks for Roy Moore. The US just legalized LGBT marriage in all 50
    states this morning. Let’s all point and laugh at him.

  • YaBoy Wiley 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who knew where Bolivia is

  • Kristian Kumpula 4 years ago

    Wait a minute, you guys elect your judges? That’s not much different from
    mob justice.

  • Nar Mosis 4 years ago

    I fucking love dill.

  • Leonardo Rivero 4 years ago

    Makes a joke about people not knowing Bolivia
    Uses the uruguayan flag as background

    Still love the show, but….

  • Lapantouflemagic0 4 years ago

    This must be one of the most disturbing things i ever heard about america.

    ps: i’m french.

  • Jake Dragonfire 4 years ago

    Gay marriage is like female circumcision. It’s possible but makes no sense.
    Marriage is a biblical event of the binding between man and woman. I don’t
    mind that gay people want to be together, but calling it marriage is
    insulting to the Christian religion just as much as if you were to make fun
    of a bar mitzvah, or to make fun of the dress code of Muslim women. If gay
    people want to be together, fine, I don’t care, what I do care about is
    when people do something offensive to a certain culture and ask the people
    what was wrong. I don’t hate gay people one bit but I don’t like the idea
    of throwing a religious event when the goal is no where near religious.
    That’s why the majority of Christians are mad. Others are accepting because
    they either don’t want to be judged horribly or they don’t know what
    marriage is themselves.

  • Chris Blake 4 years ago

    I like dill… :(

  • Tom Cadogan 4 years ago

    Holy shit, that’s actually frightening.

  • 666Tomato666 4 years ago

    That was not Bolivia’s flag…

    Oh you sneaky Oliver :>

  • SpiritualFox 4 years ago

    Step One: Make the supreme court elected as well.
    Step Two: Popularity contest/who has the most money.
    Step Three: ???
    Step Four: Best Judge Judy episodes, EVER!

  • Andrew Johnson 4 years ago

    The first country was Ecuador, the second is Paraguay and the third one is
    indeed Bolivia. Yes I have no social life whatsoever 

  • Thomaticus 4 years ago

    Greg Beard has no beard… how disappointing.

  • Anna R 4 years ago

    …. I thought these states were “United”?

  • sam fran 4 years ago

    What is the judge’s job first and foremost? Is it make sure the accused
    gets a fair trial ?? So the innocent person does not end up in prison or
    worse executed because the judge was more interested seeing someone anyone
    killed to make the public happy. Or is it the job of the judge first and
    foremost to sentence someone anyone to prison or to be executed ?

    I would like to see the way the judges are chosen to run for the office
    changed . The local bar pick two defense attorney to run for election of
    two terms only. The defense attorney must make 60 to 70 of their cases in
    criminal law not civil law. [ [not the prosecutor they have a drive to
    put people in prison to win at all cost and have tendency to bend the rules
    to achieve that. ]]
    keep the money for election to no more then $100. per contributors. even at
    that small amount the judge could not sit on a case if any of the
    prosecutor or defendant his attorney contributed to the judge

  • biggpete100 4 years ago

    I agree with John Oliver when it comes to criminal judges…. they should
    not be elected. HOWEVER, we need to see the difference between criminal
    judges and judges who rule on whether a law is constitutional…. those
    judges should be elected. Otherwise, if we have unelected judges making or
    “interpreting” laws for us, that’s not democratic.

  • hyunguk choi 4 years ago

    Obama need to die for good . his existence in the white house make this
    country hotter and dirtier.

  • hyunguk choi 4 years ago

    Michelle Obama and her daughters are making my life miserabele. No wonder
    why she pratend to be Nice won en outside but inside just a fat bitch
    walking like man’s dick. I hate Obama’s follower, stop messing with me you
    obama dick sucking animals. I am a human being.

  • Gabriel Lewis 4 years ago

    I fucking hate these “so glad I don’t live in America” comments. Just
    because you don’t have someone as smart as John Oliver pointing out the
    problems in your country doesn’t mean you don’t have any. As a matter of
    fact, it probably means the opposite.

  • brunilda12 4 years ago

    1.59 Why is there an uruguayan flag behind the south american map? A flag
    you though so little….

  • TheSamuel9464 4 years ago

    Simple destroy lobbying

  • Eike Exner 4 years ago

    And that is why not every nutjob should have the right to vote

  • Javier Mancilla 4 years ago

    That’s not even the Bolivian flag!!!

  • nend Beyond Compare 4 years ago

    That wasn’t even the flag of Bolivia… It was Uruguay’s… (Source: I’m
    From Uruguay)

  • Mrdie 4 years ago

    The Soviet Union had elected judges as well.

    Just saying.

  • Nathan Walker 4 years ago

    Its bolivia but in the graphic, the Argentinian flag was in the
    background……or is it? (it is)

  • Richard Miller 4 years ago

    Honestly I vote for Judges and I have no idea who they are or what they
    think and as they said usually only one option. I often wondered about this

  • conchudo12345 4 years ago

    “At best, it’s your duty.” *YEAH*

  • Ryan LeRoux 4 years ago

    Glad I live in Canada 

  • rollercoaster478 4 years ago

    Last Week Tonight is like a documentary on everything wrong with USA.

  • IgiWhiteman 4 years ago

    Is America really such mess? (honest question)

  • Eugenia Figueroa 4 years ago

    Just one quick question: why did they use the Uruguayan flag when talking
    about Bolivia??? We’re two completely different countries in almost every
    way you can think of. I still love LWT though.

  • MumaKirby 4 years ago

    This show makes me wish Leverage were real. And still on the air. Can we
    get Elliot or Hardison or Parker’s actors to be on the show to just turn to
    the camera and give a thumb’s up or a “We’re on it” occasionally?

  • vidhead85 4 years ago

    I knew something didn’t make sense when Bolivia wasn’t landlocked lol

  • Yewon2001 4 years ago

    I can’t believe I actually disagree with John Oliver on something. Now more
    than ever judges are very important in the legal process as we all know the
    interpretation of the law is just as important as a lot so therefore since
    we supposedly live in a democracy it’s really important that these people
    who have such a pinnacle role in law have some sort of accountability to
    the people.

  • Chris Komaroff 4 years ago

    470 down arrows? Seriously? This is brilliant.

  • Dean Nicholas 4 years ago

    this guy is soo informative, these shows are awesome and anyones better
    informed for watching it!

  • DerpNerd 4 years ago

    Will people ever realise that this 12:43 is the swiss flag and NOT the red

  • jfx230 4 years ago

    I saw an add for paul newbie.

  • DwRockett 4 years ago

    Yay, I knew that wasn’t country wasn’t Bolivia… for some reason

  • partEc4nnon 4 years ago

    I thought Supreme Court judges were appointed by the president and
    approved by the senate. When did we begin electing them?

  • Scott Marino 4 years ago

    I hate the new video player! Post this until youtube changes it back!

  • Nathan Vené 4 years ago

    I realized it was not Bolivia, and FYI, the flag which you put as
    background during the joke is Uruguay’s national flag. XD

  • Vikas Lohia 4 years ago

    What if elected representatives both at provincial & federal level elect
    judges with Proportional representation with single transferable vote does
    ensuring bipartisan participation in outcome?

  • Sanda Ilie 4 years ago

    I’ve just seen all these shows and all i can say is that John Oliver should
    not stay in US….he will soon become the new Snowden,I love the show,i
    learnt alot about the US and now i know that i dont want to go in the US
    that much,and that is a bad thing for US…..take care John Oliver,them
    redneck evil companies are after you…nevertheless….keep going,i love
    the show,and i still cant belive I watched 17 min about infrastrucutre and
    did not got bored…that sais alot about the quality of the show

  • Rusty Shackleford 4 years ago

    Except SCOTUS doesn’t have constitutional grounds for gay marriage. Just
    like they made an unconstitutional decision te reinterpret the ACA (they
    should have told congress to fix that damn abortion of a law)

  • A user is a person who uses a computer or network service. A user often has a user account. 4 years ago

    The judge where I live gets asked if she supports abortions before
    campaigns more than any question her opinion matters on.

  • Magnus Williamson 4 years ago

    Yes John I fucking loathe dill

  • Leonardo Trujillo 4 years ago

    Bolivia… A country you think about so little that you didn’t realize that
    the flag in the back of the map we showed isn’t Bolivia’s but Parguay’s…
    Wait, but Paraguay too is a country you think about so little that you
    didn’t realize that the flag on the back is actually Uruguay’s

  • Klemen Kekec 4 years ago

    Holy shit this guy is so good!

  • Isak Persson 4 years ago

    I like dill :(

  • Pat Matthews 4 years ago


  • Pat Matthews 4 years ago


  • Chandler Kivett 4 years ago

    Where can I get a bumper sticker like Killbrides, for sometimes I feel
    that I know more about the application of law than most judges, who let
    personal feelings get in the way of true law.

  • waveali 4 years ago

    Justus Loughry? What the Christ?

  • Luis Garcia 4 years ago

    In fact… That is not even Bolivia flag!

  • MMA Name 4 years ago

    So much gay talk below is odd to me. Anyway, amazing,enlightening show.

  • Mary Warren Dickens 4 years ago

    Oh Paul Newby, I wasn’t alone in thinking your commercials were

  • Mike Schultz 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but there are monsters where yes a judge does get to say “it’s my
    pleasure to sentence you to death”. Hitler would have been one, Dahmer,
    Gacy, Manson, and many others. I’m sure since it was Russia it translates
    differently but I bet the judge in the Andrei Chikatilo case said something
    to that effect.

  • Mike dN 3 years ago

    Most forms of elections in America are corrupt? In other news Yale
    University study shows that water is indeed wet!

  • Delton record 3 years ago

    Dukes of Hazzard, you are under arrest for having the confederate flag
    viewable in big trucks, or from 5 feet above the ground with an
    unobstructed view

  • Oliver revilO 3 years ago

    All Hail Judge Oliver!!

  • Rish Outfield 3 years ago

    Absolutely love the Purge joke. I hope they make five more of those movies,
    so we can find out the answers.

  • pwnage 328 3 years ago

    Solution: go to Canada

  • Nolza! 3 years ago

    Man, i was rooting for the true Bolivia from the start, but then i got
    really confused when he pointed out the second Bolivia

  • ThisGuy 3 years ago

    That wasn’t the flag of Bolivia…

  • azureATC 3 years ago

    It’s a corrupt system where judges have to “look good” while maintaining
    the justice system. Which generally results in overly harsh punishments,
    because judges that are known to go easy don’t do well in re-elections. The
    American public LIKES harsh sentences. Then it happens to a family member
    or loved one. And your opinions changes. We are a thoroughly stupid people.

  • Coolio ajp 3 years ago

    Judges should not be allowed to get money from lawyers !!!!!! WTF?!! So
    fucking mad about that!

  • Samantha Nickson 3 years ago

    i call my son “justice”, i call my dog “pree-amble” and i call my penis
    “the gavel”. vote for me. BOOM! sounds like a good reason to elect a judge
    to me. LOL!

  • SoccerKing81390 3 years ago

    This is definitely an issue as I have learned first hand. My Mom is one of
    the hardest working defenders in the state, having been among the lawyers
    to handle the most cases. She frequently works very late into the night on
    and consistently works on the weekends to handle each case to the best of
    her abilities. She recently ran for a district judge position against a
    long-term judge. In unofficial statements from other lawyers that deal with
    the incumbent they agreed that he does not have a strong grasp of legal
    matters, often making incorrect legal judgements (which affect actual
    people’s lives). These lawyers couldn’t publicly express these opinions or
    officially support either candidate for fear that the other would win and
    this would affect the outcome of their cases in the future. Outside of
    that, he also broke campaign regulations by using robot calls to solicit
    donations and falsifying actual campaign spending amounts. And yet my
    mother lost to a far less well qualified candidate.

  • Marios Karampalis 3 years ago

    Omg, don’t they must have a law degree and have pass a judge school after
    that to be an active judge in USA? Here in Greece must do that!

  • Marios Karampalis 3 years ago

    So, to be clear, anyone can be a judge in USA? Without at least to be a
    lawyer? WTF?


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