Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Doping (HBO)

Published on June 27, 2016

Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.

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  • suraj punjabi 3 years ago

    seriously? u wanna talk about doping? there is brexit the orlando shooting.
    and we are talking abt dopping tonight?? FUCK YOU JOHN OLIVER! FUCK YOU!

  • Santiago Machado 3 years ago

    Van Rompuy’s ass is gonna hurt for a while longer. France will be next, I

  • Julio Espinoza 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early, Messi still wanted to play for Argentina.

  • coolamazon123 3 years ago

    Last time I came this early, the UK was still in the EU

  • Max Garcia 3 years ago

    Who else was happy to hear the Hamilton reference John Oliver made? Anyone?
    No….just me….? ….okay….

  • Anthony Hernandez 3 years ago

    Woah, that chimp thing was nuts.

  • aziz 3 years ago


  • SpraxIAKS 3 years ago

    Anti-doping chaperone. Yeah, fuck that. I’m a grown man. I have some dreams
    of being an Olympic sprinter but I couldn’tt have some random dude
    following me and watching me piss. This isn’t the military, they’re not
    your P.O.

    Fuck off!

  • Hobbiton Huckleshake 3 years ago

    #feminism #crackpipes

  • Pie A La Mode 3 years ago

    all the other important shit to talk about and we get sports :L

  • suraj punjabi 3 years ago

    who else goes to Consumer’s channel after watching a video from this

  • HourLoops 4124 3 years ago


  • Brandon Lim 3 years ago


  • TheKayliekong 3 years ago

    Dope episode!

  • Stephen Kreyenbuhl 3 years ago

    just when I was gonna get off my phone

  • Lawrence Calablaster 3 years ago

    Who else thinks that John is awesome? :)

  • Richard Wang 3 years ago

    That freudian slip of “Thrillary Clinton”

  • gold 3 years ago

    and to think i was going to bed ?

  • Lawrence Calablaster 3 years ago

    He’s not the regulator we need…but he’s the one we deserve.

  • Desperate Sol 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early Britain was in EU

  • AlmostSober 3 years ago

    Rather hear about possible election fraud

  • Lawrence Calablaster 3 years ago

    Bloomin’ onion, anyone?

  • Tiffany Yu 3 years ago

    what a great way to end the night c:

  • runtrat9 3 years ago

    This is how we drug test in the Marine Corps….

  • Kelly 3 years ago

    Oh my god the vanished twin part ?

  • Lawrence Calablaster 3 years ago

    Anybody else remember Teddy Ruxpin?

  • Gentleman Nemesis 3 years ago

    15:10 I get a distinct “Feel sorry for the poor black woman” race bating
    emotional manipulation vibe. Otherwise it was a nice return to the usual
    quality of program after last week’s brexit video.

  • Dick Butt 3 years ago

    who voted to leave?

  • Thomas Baxter 3 years ago

    Doping, not Brexit? #pondermethis

  • King Steve 3 years ago

    I know this won’t happen in a million years but, can the US government make
    an acceptation and let John become the president? Please?

  • Ian Braun 3 years ago

    Be better than God intended ????

  • Ariansiss 3 years ago


  • Kerry Wichterich 3 years ago

    Damn John, back at it again with a FIRE video

  • Lawrence Calablaster 3 years ago

    Hang on! Now You See Me 2 might not be the best, but it’s a heck of a lot
    better than Independence Day: Resurgence!

  • High Kicks Asian 3 years ago

    I can see the sadness in his eyes. Wow Brexit feels bad man.

  • BMWAddict 3 years ago

    Come on John. I need to go to bed but you gotta upload

  • Lawrence Calablaster 3 years ago

    Who else did like Now You See Me 2?

  • butchdeadlift10 3 years ago

    You know what? Fuck sports. I am sticking with cartoons.

  • thepsynergist 3 years ago

    PUSH IT!

  • neothaka 3 years ago

    no short but sweet comment on the Brexit result though?

  • Josh Morgan 3 years ago

    they have got solid golden bones and jet hay hair and their favorite pop
    group is the spice girls and that is right it is the trumps from the
    american election fight. if you like fights that are about luxury and
    nicknames and ovals then this is the right fight for you because it has got
    all of them things in it especially luxury and my best bit in the whole of
    the fight is when the donald the man who flies through the air to kick
    mexicans leaves new york during his beauty therapy course to rush right
    home and go out at night and do the right thing and defend his family
    because that is what people do at new york when theyve got family in danger
    and it is such a shame for him because he just wants to be liked by people
    and when it was at the time for him to start entering the fight for himself
    the media was saying that it was the least presidential thing they had ever
    seen in there life and everyone started saying yeah i know it is such a
    pointless thing to do and it made him feel really upset and he tried to
    shout for them to all shut up but he couldnt say it properly because there
    was so many blaze orange paints burning his lips and so he just stood there
    for ages and then at a later time in the night time when the golden donald
    was calmed down a slice in the night time the flying golden boy whose name
    is donald was in his garden cutting his favorite hedge into the shape of
    mel c from the spice girls and his top secret mexican wife comes into the
    garden and she says ugh stop being so obsessed with mel c from the spice
    girls she is the worst one and the golden boy says yeah yeah yeah tell it
    to someone who actually gives a piss and then he has a deep bite into
    bottom lip for himself to ease his mind and then she says that she is
    having a affair with someone at her work and the flying boy says who the
    bladder piss is it and she says oh i dont know maybe someone who doesnt
    nearly choke me to death with orange paints every day and the flying golden
    donald just looks at her for about 15 seconds and then he says well i guess
    you should know that i am also having a affair as well and the mexican wife
    woman says who would ever have a affair with you and then the flying golden
    does a twenty five percent smile and then he points to the top of his tower
    and he says marisol would and she laughs and she says you are having a
    affair with marisol your tower radio antenna repair woman and the flying
    gold says yep i love her and she loves me too and there is nothing that you
    can do about it so shut up and leave me alone and then he runs off into the
    woods like a nasty golden kicking crab and then right at the end of the
    fight it shows the flying kick kneeling in a hole in the woods that he has
    dug and filled with loads and loads of bright silver glitter and he is
    kissing and licking and rolling through the layers of glitter in the pit of
    silver glitter with his marisol and he is singing the spice girls song 2
    become 1 to it and then the camera goes really up close to his eyes and
    then his eyes do a massive squirt of tears of joy and the glitter is slowly
    starting to become beaming like diamonds on fire from being bathed in the
    flying goldens tears under the moonlight and then the fight just ends
    really suddenly and it is such a lovely ending to such a lovely fight and i
    definitely think that you should have a watch of it because you wont be
    disappointed, not even a slice.

  • Twilord 3 years ago

    How is this about something other than him crying over Brexit happening?

  • Act1veSp1n 3 years ago


  • Emily Mavis 3 years ago

    Fucking every time, how does he do it???

  • GirtonOramsay 3 years ago


  • Arjan Kasapi 3 years ago

    Under 10000 views. Good enough for me.

  • Ranjani Narayanan 3 years ago

    John Oliver: Making my Monday mornings better

  • Frederick Abel 3 years ago

    19:25 that’s the fucking music from the vortex club from life is strange.
    Why do I know this.

  • Phat Tran 3 years ago

    Notification squad!

  • Debaucher 3 years ago

    Everyone knows marijuana is a performance enhancing drug.

  • John McKaffe 3 years ago

    Ok, who was that young guy in the clip at the end? He looks so familiar but
    I can’t place him and don’t see his name in the description…

  • theduhdee 3 years ago

    Hey! I liked Now You See Me 2! Bite me!

  • Squid life 3 years ago

    Instead of stopping them from doing drugs. Give them all the drugs that
    will be fun. (,-,)

  • Charlie Chanyasak 3 years ago

    Bicycle is cool sport, you’re British Milhouse.

  • Ryan Swanson 3 years ago

    Hey, it’s that actor from Veep no?

  • Naysh Jin 3 years ago

    they should divide the olympics into dope olympics and clean olympics

  • Kevin Rosales 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early the uk was still alive n the EU

  • B.A. Chan 3 years ago

    9:11 – 9:12 “fully jacked footlong” that looks like she’s holding Michael
    Phelps member as he gets out of the pool. #OhTheIrony

  • Ivan Delac 3 years ago

    the black girl was also roided, just badly. you muricans are just idiots
    when it comes to this…

  • zigadox 3 years ago

    Will Oliver ever talk about how we all always complain about having to
    watch him at 2:30am eastern time?

  • cory gonzalez 3 years ago

    to think this video will soon be in the millions

  • Killa Rhymes 3 years ago

    Pound dick

  • Rowlo Eightyeight 3 years ago

    Damn this was a funny one…

  • heckler73 3 years ago

    Why not just make another Olympics for the drugged-out? There’s a Special
    Olympics, right? Same shit, different pile.

  • Christian Martinez 3 years ago

    sad truth about sports

  • Crin 3 years ago

    6:30 Thank you for that information. I was eating, I am not hungry any

  • Austin aka ¿Que?Nein! 3 years ago

    you know what I have a simple resolution for this. make two different
    leagues for this; doping and non-doping league. if people want to destroy
    their bodies then let that be on them. just mark every record made on
    doping read “made while using body altering substances.”

  • John Miles 3 years ago

    Lance have to smile. 🙂 After all Tyler Hamilton wife was basically the one
    that told everyone for years Lance was doping.

  • Mei-cree 3 years ago

    You have to let it go

  • Paul Rainwater 3 years ago

    how does this twit stay on the air, I had to mute it once he started
    shouting and ranting towards the end and not once did I even laugh or smile
    at anything he said,… my god this is suppose to pass for comedy and
    entertainment and of all things on HBO

  • Thomas Johnson 3 years ago

    Anyone else think that either A) We should just replace the Olympics with a
    worldwide version of Eurovision that’s just-as-dorky as regular Eurovision,
    B) Make all the sports ones involving badass super-robots; with some events
    being more Battlebots-type-robots and some being more RObot Jox-type robits
    or C) We should embrace the alteration of athlethes and take it to
    Cronenberg-y levels because LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH?

  • Daniel Bras 3 years ago

    When it’s 3:00 am but YouTube is life

  • Victor Stoev 3 years ago

    I was expecting a piece on Brexit.

  • Hendlton 3 years ago

    Why don’t they have a version of the Olympics where everyone can do
    whatever doping they want? That’d probably bring in more money than the
    normal Olympics because more people would want to see the human body pushed
    to it’s absolute limits.

  • Maxwell Chen 3 years ago

    You already got me with the “fully jacked foot-long”. I was just in tears
    for the rest of it

  • SomeReallyUniqueName 3 years ago

    The thing with the twins actually does exist (called chimera or so) but it
    should have been noticed (and thus provable) before. My favourite example
    of how bs it is about doping is when they dropped the allowed number of red
    blood cells or whatnot and all the athletes that had ‘naturally’ high
    levels somehow magically dropped right below the new level. Yeah, sure.

  • Hammad Razzak 3 years ago

    Quick question: why should anyone care? They’re athletes. They have the
    life expectancy of racehorses with about as much societal impact. Let them
    drug themselves until their hearts explode at 35. It’s not like they’re
    useful in any form for that long anyway.

  • XxFinn27xX 3 years ago

    Whaaaat? 16:50

    Your Country will vote between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and you say
    that Putin is a Problem?

    That’s just messed up. I believe Putin is the best option that Russia has
    to offer. Just look at the Nationalist Party of Russia.
    Yeah, they are doping but compared to other issues this is really nothing.

  • JimisJames 3 years ago

    make drugs that are actually good for you legal.

  • Rajat Acharya 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early the UK was in the EU :/

  • Ken M 3 years ago

    4:57 I have never seen a British person laugh like that before..

  • cvc 3 years ago

    I don’t have a problem with doping, it would actually make the olympics and
    baseball exciting to watch for once.

  • Eric Holder 3 years ago

    as soon as he said love the quality dropped

  • Boystan Toytle 3 years ago


  • AJ Sweeney 3 years ago

    I haven’t started the video yet but this is so coincidental that this is
    this weeks video subject and just last week my team had a surprise drug
    testing as well as as soon as Brock Lesner was put on the fight card he’s
    been drug tested 5 times in the past 2 weeks.

  • Shawn Vargas 3 years ago

    why is this a thing? there are no clean, honest sports. Amature or pro.
    Rules are made to be broken. So they do. Olympics are no different. Let
    them juice, so then we can see someones heart explode while running a 3
    minute mile

  • Master Baiter 3 years ago

    True Story: I once had an orgasm while fucking in a Nissan Cube.

  • tylertytywow 3 years ago

    Rich Pound? Not after the British EU referendum

  • Jack Gray 3 years ago

    It’s 12:00 am here, I was gonna sleep. Was.

  • DarkKnightCookies 3 years ago

    I nearly learned something important from this video. Then forgot it all
    when I heard the name “Dick Pound”.

  • KravRage 3 years ago

    Dick Pound, my new porn name.

  • Saint Val 3 years ago

    People should be very sceptical of this show. No mention of TPP for two
    years and a lot of cherry picking/oversimplifications in other stories. It
    still has its value but I watch it with a pinch of salt now.

  • Sebastian Mosur (猛者蛙・瀬芭) 3 years ago


    Why does anyone take them seriously again?

  • Rowlo Eightyeight 3 years ago

    Teddy Ruxby, hahaha dumb nigga said robots

  • Stefan Frunza 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early half of King’s Landing wasn’t blown to pieces by

  • Ashley 3 years ago

    I heard Schuyler and Hamilton and was excited…

  • Joba Fett 3 years ago

    Black chicks are hot.

  • Nothing 2 do 3 years ago

    Mr. John Oliver!! do a SJW andor feminist segment. Teach teh world their
    importance and rational thinking.

    HAHAHA JOKE!! Pls rekt them!

  • LiamEZR 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early, John Oliver was talking about Brexit.

  • Binyamin 3 years ago

    John is mad about Brexit lol


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