Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports (HBO)

Published on November 16, 2015

Daily fantasy sports sites claim they are not gambling enterprises, but they seem awfully…gamblish.
If only their ads were more truthful.

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  • Jesse Ginsburg 3 years ago

    Was that the campaign woman from Parks and Rec from the ad in this clip?

  • Jacob Kenagy 3 years ago

    6:27 It says “Gaming License”, not “Gambling License”…

  • belias360 3 years ago

    Fantasy Sports: The current, leading cause of Super-Divorces across the


  • Kael NL 3 years ago

    187 people here play Daily Fantasy Sports

  • only half bad 333 3 years ago

    These fucking ppl are full of so much bullshit!!! It’s gambling!!!

  • Jeff Sydor 3 years ago

    They should’ve gotten Norm McDonald in that last bit.

  • Michael Caldwell 3 years ago

    why is this an issue? of someone wants to gamble their money away let them.
    Jesus for a county that constantly reminds eveyone we have freedom, we sure
    have a lot of trivial laws and rules. let em play.

  • uzah88 3 years ago

    Just let people gamble already. Allowing it in two cities and on
    reservations is just getting stupid now!

  • Brogre Ted 3 years ago

    Do a video on how charity and canned food drive are ineffective. Something
    around charity for next week. Please, read my comment Lastweektonight!

  • Chad Williams 3 years ago

    It really is like a casino and the idiots just raise the profits and fuck
    those annoying ass commercials.

  • The almighty hair God 3 years ago

    I didn’t know gambling was illegal I mean what it’s wrong with it? Plus
    it’s fun and it’s my money right?….

  • Dictator Dog 3 years ago

    6:27 Wait, wait wait… Unless I suddenly forhot how to read, this says
    “DraftKings… has received a GAMING license to operate in the UK” not a
    GAMBLING license !

  • Sandro Buss 3 years ago


  • Paul White 3 years ago

    Holy shit! Wasn’t expecting Seth Rogen to make an appearance.

  • kelley davis 3 years ago

    Hay if dip shit people want to waist there life and money doing this… let

  • laxpaint 3 years ago

    I win big at Daily Fantasy Sports. I don’t play.

  • chasemebaby 3 years ago

    If you bother to pause your DVR & read the fine print it says “this ad does
    not reflect the average winnings, most are usually $22.00” . Bwhahaha.
    That’s assuming the people interest in the product have a dvr.

  • JustEngel 3 years ago

    At 6’25 (I dont know how to do the fancy blue link thing) i dont know if it
    is a typo or what, but it is says gaming license and not gambling license
    like you say in the clip

  • idklolzors 3 years ago

    Seth Rogen keeps knocking girls up.

  • renragged 3 years ago

    “I hope ya kick good” LMAO

  • Kharmazov 3 years ago

    So people like to gamble, just a profound discovery.

  • PureDetroit 3 years ago

    WTF. We should be able to gamble if we want to. Online Poker and Daily
    Fantasy should be legal in the USA. Canada has online Poker and it’s a very
    liberal country. This is the first time I am disappointed by John Oliver.
    This segment looks like a Republican agenda which I am shocked by.

  • GoldeneBremm 3 years ago

    This whole segment doesn’t make any sense. It is gambling because only the
    top 1% (+ a few really lucky) have a real chance of winning? With the same
    reason one could say the US are not a democracy because 1% determine who
    will win the next elections. Wait ..

  • Greta M. 3 years ago

    8:14 How old is that news anchor? Fifteen? :D

  • RPGMendrol 3 years ago

    Thanks, Seth Rogen.

  • Kyle Bennison 3 years ago

    good but forgot to mention that most of the big winners on Fanduel work for
    Draftkings and vice versa

  • avi gutierrez 3 years ago

    This is why I never go to these sites cause I don’t know a damn thing about
    football basketball or baseball

  • 662chillin 3 years ago

    To K.I.S.S.: It’s gambling

  • punchingnuns 3 years ago

    Amy Adams is clearly hotter.

  • Woodenfan 3 years ago

    Oh, Seth Rogen, I gotta watch some of your movies.

  • snomaN Gaming 3 years ago

    6:22 “DraftKings…has received a gaming license”…a typo, or did John
    Oliver misspeak?

  • Theodore Cornwall 3 years ago

    Welp whats phillip defranco gonna say about this

  • Distracted Observer 3 years ago

    If you really wanna gamble stick your dick in a hooker without a condom.

  • Generalissimo Genesis 3 years ago

    did his (personal) accountant did something wrong to him?
    why he keep mentioning Janice from accounting

  • Einomies 3 years ago

    I’ve heard it said that fantasy football is just Dungeons and Dragons for
    those who suck at fantasy and football, and I gotta say that’s kinda true

  • renragged 3 years ago

    On one of the commercials a guy says “If you think you can’t win, you can.”
    and I always think to myself, “but I think I CAN win, so I guess I
    can’t…” :(

  • gunjeet singh 3 years ago

    Its not often John.. but you are so wrong this time.. i bet you didnt
    consult any mathematician before putting up claims.

  • Michael Hadzicki 3 years ago

    “I’m so dumb I need the government to protect me.”

  • jimmy olsson 3 years ago

    Philip DeFranco sold out to online gambling. The irony

  • Joe Smith 3 years ago

    This is legal and playing cards online is not WTF……. B/c the pay taxes

  • Jimmy Rong 3 years ago

    Can we talk about how this law in 2006 that outlawed online gambling was
    snuck into a bill for port security? That law should never have been a law
    in the first place.

    It was added as Title VIII to the SAFE Port Act (found at 31 U.S.C. §§
    5361–5367) which otherwise regulated port security.

  • Kenneth Correa 3 years ago

    The question is isn’t it fundamentally anti freedom to have laws that
    prohibit gambling. It’s your money blow it on what u want.

  • Yo Mamma 3 years ago

    Who’s the actor playing Seth Rogan’s wife?

  • SeanTheOriginal 3 years ago

    85% are losers? It’s *FANTASY* sports; all of them are losers.

  • EnchantressLaina 3 years ago

    * Pauses video * * types “new goof” into search engine *

  • MinorBloodnok 3 years ago

    He’s English, but doesn’t have pasty skin.


  • Cancun771 3 years ago

    “‘Anybody can succeed’ is a bit of a stretch when only one per cent of the
    players are winning most of the money.”

    Also an apt statement about capitalism in general, and specifically the
    economic model of the USA.

    Finally, John Oliver says it out loud:

    The American Dream is a sham, a racket to entice you to play along and keep
    acting and voting against your own interest in a spectacularly massive

  • DelvisW 3 years ago

    State lotteries must be games of skill.

  • ak15567 3 years ago

    I don’t get it. If it’s not a game of skill then how come only 1.3% of
    people win?
    If according to Joe Namath I bet something and win something does that mean
    arcade token games that have ticket payouts gambling? If so then I’ve been
    gambling since I was three arrest me now Joe.
    If I enter a COD tournament with 50 dollar buy in and chance at 500 prize,
    that’s a game of skill. If I put a 50 dollar buy in for poker and could win
    500 that’s a game of chance? Can someone explain that shit to me?

  • Elias Rubio 3 years ago

    Poor Connor

  • Ivory Oasis 3 years ago

    Just capitalism baby! Exploit dumb people for the $$$. Be a middle man,
    skim some of the top! AMERICAN DREAM!

  • Tyler Rominger 3 years ago

    shout out to the 205 employees of FanDuel/DraftKings who disliked this

  • Kake Roo 3 years ago

    don’t rebagliati me man

  • Jonathan Pepper 3 years ago

    The guy from Silicon Valley!

  • nsquezada27 3 years ago

    said gaming license not gambling lincense

  • NegativeProof 3 years ago

    Was anyone else drawing parallels to the economy when he was breaking down
    the success numbers?

    “1.3% win money, 85% are losers.”

    These numbers are so similar to how income inequality breaks down, it’s not
    even funny. I’ve been saying for years that our economy is essentially a
    birth lottery.

  • MutantSentry 3 years ago

    When ever I hear people mindlessly chanting something my brain always turns
    it into “ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!”

  • D'pak Kumar Ch 3 years ago

    Oliver oneliners are better than any Bond :D

  • Blackagar Boltagon 3 years ago

    First religion, now daily fantasy gambling, John is going after every
    activity that people throw their money away on. Daily “Fantasy” couldn’t be
    more appropriately named. #John4Bond

  • Daniel Reed 3 years ago

    I play FanDuel, and I do think that it is a form of gambling. But what I
    don’t agree with is for someone to tell me how to spend my money. I like to
    play fantasy sports and if I can gamble at the same time, then why not? I
    could care less about how the government feels about it. This is just
    another attempt of the government to try to speak for me. Screw that. I
    understand that I am gambling and that I can lose my money. By that, I am
    not being robbed of anything. I hope that nothing happens to FanDuel or

  • HeavenShallTremble 3 years ago

    Hey Jocks, how does it feel to be a nerds bitch.

    I fucking love that sentence, I want do print it on a t-shirt and wear it
    all year :D

  • ASRANILO 3 years ago

    But its legal ! ! !

    Oh I love this man XDD

  • Reika 3 years ago

    Things masquerading as gambling aren’t really new though. If you really
    think about it, a lot of those places that dispense tickets for kids are
    basically gambling for children. I think they just get around it because
    most of the games at least give you one ticket that you can cash in for
    candy, but let’s be real here. Your kid wants the big prize at the top of
    the shelf that costs thousands of tickets and chances are, you are not
    coming back to this location any time soon and your kid wants to put
    hundreds of dollars into the machines to try to rack up that many tickets,
    but they won’t. Every time they lose or they don’t make enough, they will
    come back and keep asking you for money to play more.

    This was also my childhood and we used to go to some of these places
    multiple times, but as we got older we didn’t go as often anymore and then
    those places closed so then we had a pile of tickets at home that were then
    useless. Again, gambling for children.

  • Noah Baron 3 years ago

    John, you’re partially right, but shut up will you! I’m a numbers nerd and
    sports betting is my main source of income. Sure, the average idiot who
    bets money on sports has no chance, but they don’t have to join do they?
    I’d argue that DFS leagues are at least more just than something like the
    Lottery, a game where people are literally just throwing their money away

  • FSrevolution 3 years ago

    Daily Fantasy is gambling, but gambling should be legal anyways, what’s the
    difference between me getting online to play or driving down the road to
    the local Indian casino? (and yes i can wear sweatpants to do both)

    Also John makes it sound like if you play one of these games you are
    totally fucked, when in reality anyone can play these games and make a
    modest amount of winnings, just like if you walk into a casino you can walk
    out with a few hundred bucks and you can lose money, but that’s part of the
    game and if you can’t handle it don’t gamble. If your argument for
    prohibition is that some people can’t handle their shit then we should
    outlaw alcohol and tobacco because clearly some people can’t handle that
    either. Also sports betting has been happening in vegas and online for
    years now and sports is still competitive so stfu about sports betting

  • Kyle Molloy 3 years ago

    I love this show and agree that it is gambling BUT that does not mean it
    should be illegal.

    I believe it should be allowed BUT I will admit, I also believe sports
    gambling should be legal completely as well. People should be allowed to do
    what they want with their money and if it is in the open, those who have
    addictions can get help easier.

    So I believe these two are just caught in a bigger issue of sports gambling
    rather than being so horrible themselves.

  • ShiroiKage009 3 years ago

    That 40% joke was amazing.

  • William Spangler 3 years ago

    The people who win these games are probably the same people who were made
    fun of for playing D&D in high school, by the same people who where making
    fun of them.

  • SpaceManDawn 3 years ago

    So what if it’s gambling? Why is it illegal?

  • Kira B 3 years ago

    Who wants to bet this is one John Oliver video that Philip DeFranco isn’t
    going to feature in Today In Awesome

  • Timothy Johnston 3 years ago

    Okay, two things. First off, the ending of this bit was better than the
    entire expose. Second, what was the point of this expose? We just went from
    “prison re-entry” to “fuck jocks”. Breaking down this down even further, we
    reach several additional points – number one, gambling shouldn’t be illegal
    in the first place, it’s a vice law, and all vice laws are just bitter old
    fucks mouthing off about jazz music or whatever; number two, classifying
    any skill-based game as gambling just because you win money (card games,
    number puzzles, mahjong, etc) is just being a whiny little bitch because
    you’re not very good at it; number three, John, we’re waiting for you do to
    *something* with the fucking horrible haircut, anything at all really,
    please John, shave the sides and spike the top or something; and number
    four, if playing a game so that you win money is gambling then all sports
    and games of all kinds need to be counted as gambling. Really, I don’t
    understand where this show is going anymore. It seems like ever since the
    LGBT video, the show has been less and less about in-depth expose coverage
    about lesser known subjects of great importance and instead more and more
    about whatever the fuck is trending or popular at the time. Ignoring the
    politics of certain segments, and whether or not people agree or disagree
    with them, the show has adapted a sort of “we’re right you’re wrong”
    mentality towards every segment that it does while simultaneously
    condemning people for adapting a sort of “we’re right you’re wrong”
    mentality. I don’t know what is going on, but whatever it was that you gave
    your writing staff for the first season, you need to give it to them again.

  • joshua vaipulu 3 years ago

    … it disgusts me that people will take to the streets to protest football
    related crap, yet we have the lowest voter turnout

  • joeblowmha 3 years ago

    why this nigga teeth so ugly

  • Smooove666 3 years ago

    Why the bleep are they fucking out all the bleeps?

  • etorres504 3 years ago

    “Hey jocks how does it feel to be a nerd’s bitch” I laughed my ass off,
    simply genius.

  • Jim Tiberius 3 years ago

    The Continuing Story of Janice In Accounting :)

  • Noah Melton 3 years ago

    Who is Seth Rogens wife in this video

  • Adam Vener 3 years ago

    Gaming and Gambling are spelled differently John, check your dictionary :)

  • george hancock 3 years ago

    Both of those were crocodiles. I hope that was part of the joke.

  • belacoz 3 years ago

    It’s not gambling

  • shadow genius 3 years ago

    Thats five weeks in a row, Janice don’t give a fuck.

  • Grindstone 3 years ago

    It’s gambling. Who cares.

  • Sander Kamp 3 years ago

    I feel torn. I’m a decent human weirdo, who is sometimes an asshole. Where
    do I belong?

  • Sagan Rox 3 years ago

    John oliver for next bond with beyonce as bond girl.

  • The Fan Without a Face 3 years ago

    Funny, except that crack about the Jaguars. I’m a Jaguars fan and would
    prefer people not take shots at them.

  • Joose Pajunen 3 years ago

    i´ll watch a 007 movie with janice in acounting as james bond

  • Sabrin Islam 3 years ago

    Now this is something I never heard about. Seriously, fantasy sports?

  • Setashi 3 years ago

    Fuck DraftKings and FanDuel, and fuck their commercials and sponsorships.

  • Paul Smeenus 3 years ago

    fucking brilliant

  • 春ねる小野寺 3 years ago

    Okay, I’ve got a question for John Oliver and anyone else that thinks poker
    and fantasy sports are gambling: how are they any different from investing
    in the stock market?

    All of them are matters of trying to have as much information as possible
    with varying degrees of luck. Hell, you could say all of life is like this.
    Most of life’s major events (what school you go to, who you marry, what job
    you get, who your parents are) are largely determined by luck, no matter
    how distasteful you find that fact. Should we just make living illegal

  • sriontube 3 years ago

    My name is Oliver…… John Oliver.. tadaaa..

  • Nick Vrbka 3 years ago

    I really don’t care about gambling just make the fucking ads go away!

  • Eduardo Seifert 3 years ago

    this show is getting more stupid each day

  • jerrybronham 3 years ago

    daily fantasy sites are retarded and if you play them you should die.

  • Setashi 3 years ago

    I’m a Buccaneers fan :(

  • Mike Garner 3 years ago

    We should draw a distinction between a game where everyone loses in the
    long run and you’re attempting to beat the odds (lottery, blackjack, keno,
    slots, etc) and games where it is possible to have an edge if you hone your
    skills (poker, fantasy sports, day trading, etc).

  • Ava, Doom Fangirl 3 years ago

    2:22 this guy has a sexy voice

  • Graceclaw 3 years ago

    Hey! I loved Moneyball!


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