Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Canadian Election (HBO)

Published on October 19, 2015

Canada is about to have a major election. John Oliver enlists Mike Myers, a beaver, and a moose to give voters some advice.

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  • Patricia Twain 3 years ago

    Dear Mr. Oliver as you stated in your report as a Canadian I am not able to
    actually vote for Steven Harper because I do not live in his riding. So I
    will not be voting for Steven Harper.

  • Salaim Nuclan 3 years ago

    I think the biggest thing to note, is that Mr. Oliver was throwing actual
    Canadian 20 Dollar Bills.

  • orionrei 3 years ago

    While I agree with the points of Oliver, I disagree with the part of
    “allowing people to wear whatever they like”.
    If you hide your face in public, you are hiding yourself from the
    consequences of any type of crime you may commit. That’s what thieves do
    and that’s why it should be forbidden anywhere.

  • Rosa Carol 3 years ago

    If people really think Canadians are the nicest and politest people in the
    world, I don’t want to know what else is out there..cause its sounds like
    the rest of the world are a bunch of assholes LOL. If Harper and Trump run
    North America (excluding mexico) and with hate that Trump has for Mexicans
    and Harper with Muslims …we’re in serious trouble.

  • SassyP17 3 years ago

    This is a really biased piece…

  • Pussykitty Productions 3 years ago

    Wow so good. Love how big John Oliver’s balls are.

  • Ichigo Pop 3 years ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more attracted to Mr. Oliver…

  • pleffman99 3 years ago

    haha that nod to the kanye telethon incident was hilarious

  • Aaron Baneseh 3 years ago

    Didn’t know Canada had its own Tony Abbot

  • Jrock420blam 3 years ago

    I am Canadian and I approve this message. Long live Mike Myers!

  • Xendrius 3 years ago

    Love John Oliver and HBO, they have the balls to expose the criminal
    government activity like drone strike program.

  • Papi Chulo 3 years ago

    on behalf of all Canadians, thank you john. that scum bag has ruined the
    Canadian image

  • frankscrank99 3 years ago

    Thanks for bringing this to light for other countries! 😀 Off to vote out
    Harper (I was going to before this little show anyway) but honestly, as
    much as I do not like the man. PLEASE PEOPLE GO VOTE! I DON’T CARE WHO YOU

  • BlindHurricane5 3 years ago

    Already voted “Justin”! :)

  • Sarah Giron 3 years ago


  • TheHidalgo99 3 years ago

    Covering your face is sending such a dangerous, alarming and threatening
    message to your environment and can’t really be justified (unless acid
    victim or anything like that) by any bullshit reasons let alone religious
    crap. Canada is a free, open-minded, friendly country so show your face
    present it to the world don’t let a bearded old arabic man tell you to hide
    yourself. let’s overcome this religious madness!

  • Volkbrecht 3 years ago

    He’s losing touch a little. Takes more and more words to get to the
    punchlines of his jokes, thus building up way to much tension than could be
    justified by the rather simple kind of humor that he uses. Maybe time for a
    few new writers?

  • Brycen357 3 years ago

    John Oliver and Mike Myers a grateful Canada thanks you for your comments

  • Whesley Hynes 3 years ago

    I hate the conservatives.

  • Austin Folkins 3 years ago

    Aww goddamnit. Now this show will go on a 6 month hiatus. Thanks, Canada.

  • SimpleSock 3 years ago

    If Harper is reelected I will heavily consider moving to the United States.
    It’s a shame Jack Layton passed a few years ago, I think he really could
    have made a difference, but at this point it’s just important to get Harper
    out of a position of power. The guy is running Canada into the ground.

  • SleepEatWorkRepeat 3 years ago

    As if this episode cannot get any better, Mike Myers comes out on a fucking
    snow plow!!

  • FMJ IRISH 3 years ago

    le sigh on apologism for religious extremism.

    Still, Harper sucks.

  • 24Horses 3 years ago

    Americans(writers of this show, not John) making fun of Canadian elections
    is a bit ironic, isn’t it?

  • myadventuresof 3 years ago

    fuck harper

  • Jpudify 3 years ago

    Sounds like Canada needs some…
    *Eagle Screech*
    Democracy. Get out there and vote Canadians!

  • Dave Dead 3 years ago

    something about this seems very biased. was there really nothing better to
    do a segment on? Russia is fucking bombing people but you guys would rather
    choose to do a segment Centred around possibly effecting your neighboring
    countrie’s election? it’s shot like this that makes other countries hate

  • Leon Nat 3 years ago

    Wonder if he will be allowed in the country after this.

  • Ronnie MackRosen 3 years ago

    Stephen Harper has ruined Boston’s most beloved song. Quebec, I don’t think
    we can be sister-cities anymore.

  • Marie Ève 3 years ago

    Thanks for talking about Canadian’s politic! Love your show!

  • aaliyah khan 3 years ago


  • andie eleniak 3 years ago

    Harper got my vote.

  • Soapy Suds 3 years ago

    You know what is not funny? Comedians taking positions on politics they
    know nothing about.

  • musicwarrior 3 years ago

    I like Mulcair, but he is no Jack Layton. Then again, nobody really is like
    Jack Layton.

  • Dorothy Birtalan 3 years ago

    John!!! 1. AWESOME 2. you missed the photo-op Harper did with Rob Ford at
    the big rally last week (you know, our notorious crack-smoking,
    DUI-apologist, profanity-spouting ex-Mayor?). Follows nicely from the
    “marijuana” clip…

  • Abramovich Nadav 3 years ago

    Your money throwing skills are suspiciously great, strip clubs?

  • Bradley Wilson 3 years ago

    Mike Mayer got fat

  • myadventuresof 3 years ago

    you didn’t talk about bill C51

  • Fred RiQue 3 years ago

    Still don’t know who to vote. 

  • eyeonlife 3 years ago

    Labatt blue tastes like urine ? He obviously never tried Budweiser, Coors
    light or bud light. And who the fuck even drinks Labatt blue ?

  • Matthew Agnello 3 years ago

    Go vote Canada! Its our time to make a change.

  • 4l 3 years ago

    This was a great and timely piece, I wish there was more about the C24 bill
    allowing a bureaucrat to strip someone’s citizenship or the alarming powers
    granted to law enforcement agencies that no one asked for with Bill C51 or
    the stripping of funding for the coast Guard, or the muzzling of scientific
    research, or the retreat from a responsible environmental response, but at
    least we got to see the Prime Minister “sing” on HBO!

  • msp3551 3 years ago

    Fuck Islam, Fuck the muslims and fuck the refugees.

  • Sonic Halo Fan 3 years ago

    Save North America, Do not vote for Trump and Do NOT EVER Vote for Harper

  • Buzz Killington (Ippair) 3 years ago

    Just done voting and seeing this I’m fucking dying. xD hahaha

  • Ava Casey 3 years ago

    I voted Liberal

  • Montgomery Bojangles 3 years ago

    Justin, make daddy proud xD

  • shizlaker 3 years ago

    im Canadian… and I found this fucking hilarious. ?

  • Ann Censner 3 years ago

    This may not be very Canadian of me, but also being an Ottawan I feel
    compelled to point out that the photo of “Ottawa” that you showed was
    actually of Gatineau, Québec.

  • Remlap1223 3 years ago

    I disliked this video soleley because you reminded me Justin Bieber exits.
    Thanks John Oliver. You limey twat.

    I will stay mad at you until your next video comes out just because I can’t
    say mad at you.


  • KrustyCanadian467 3 years ago

    Ok so i should vote for harper?

  • elrognol 3 years ago

    I, for the first time disagree with you.
    First, emotional intelligence is as aimportant, if not more important than
    mathematical/Logical intelligence (Intelligence is not just one thing,
    there are several kinds of intelligence, look it up)
    Second, Fuck religion!

  • matiastoat42 3 years ago

    i dont want john to go to jail, but he deserves the fine and i hope he gets
    it. you cant openly and cynically break the law of another country, and
    this law doesnt even seem ridiculous at all! no one should tell you what to
    vote, the law is there to prevent people to force you to vote for someone
    or for having an open influence in your vote or giving you something in
    exchange for the vote. it was fun, but i hope he is given the fine. because
    in the end who is he? he’s just a journalist a guy, not even the prime
    minister of canada is above canadian law. i still love him though

  • Smiley sunshine 3 years ago

    that hotline is for Muslim women/children who need help to escape there
    families or fear for there life’s , a father a second wife and son kill
    there daughters/sister because they were too westernized , who btw went to
    the police many times asking for help but the police did fuck all to help
    four Muslim women, who wanted to be Canadian !!!! and if you don’t think
    need that line then your a heartless fuck and there not reason to have
    child help line either

  • Andy Spark 3 years ago

    So, if a woman came into the bank with a veiled face, what should people
    Like -> its a bank robbery
    Dislike -> it’s a muslim woman
    doesn’t matter, no one knows

  • InfinityX77 3 years ago

    Soooooo…. Canada’s fucked???

  • Tzvi Nightingale 3 years ago

    GO Harper. Boy Trudeau – that’s all Canada needs, its own version of Obama.
    Watch the place tank if he gets in.

  • DIMENTIONS 3 years ago

    Dam… And I thought The United States had bad candidates……

  • Everett Newell 3 years ago

    A vote for Stephen Harper, is a vote for Canada’s conservative party.

    Think about it

  • Jus10Ed 3 years ago

    As a person named Justin, this was a little uncomfortable to watch.

  • The Jenna Pearl 3 years ago

    I voted!!! 😀 Go Canada!

  • Kim Kouri 3 years ago

    !!!!THANK YOU!!!! John Oliver and team for putting this together,
    Canadian’s wilful ignorance keeps this man in “power”. The more he is
    exposed, the better. Hoping for anyone but him to win tonight!

  • Justin George 3 years ago

    now I feel bad for being named Justin

  • Yanai Sabbah 3 years ago

    This guy sucks

  • Revanaught 3 years ago

    Fucking Canada, even if your biggest scandals are tame. One guy peed in a
    mug and another called an electric fence phallic. Alert the media. In
    Britain the scandals revolve around a guy sicking his dick in a dead pigs
    head, and in America it’s usually some kind of marital affair or someone
    rigging an election.

  • GhostDrow 3 years ago

    It is sad john had to dumb this segment down so much just so americans
    could understand.

  • Manuel Mercúri 3 years ago

    John Oliver is aweeeeessoooommeeeeeee!

  • Misypo 3 years ago

    John Oliver always speaks the truth but when it comes to Islam not even him
    dares to tell the truth about that religion, it’s a shame really that he’s
    trying so hard to please it.

  • anthony smith 3 years ago

    Fuck Canada and Canadians…bunch of illegal aliens…

  • Brock Jones 3 years ago

    I personally think that the Muslim veil thing is stupid and I can’t relate
    to it at all. But people wearing the veil thing doesn’t effect me one bit,
    and I will fight for their right to wear it because I want to live in a
    country where no one tries to take away the right for people to do
    something that doesn’t affect others because I wouldn’t want my right to do
    something that doesn’t affect others taken away.

  • Cybele Ophis 3 years ago

    I didn’t even know Harper had a band… wow

  • siriuslycan 3 years ago

    A well made joint looks classy as hell though.

  • Frederic Christie 3 years ago

    Emotional intelligence is a very real thing, John. While we are still
    developing how to quantify and measure it, all the indicators are that it’s
    much more important for life success than IQ. In fact, I would argue that
    politicians must be much better than the median at EQ. It’s basically their
    job to negotiate, manage emotions, and not make rash decisions. If we had
    politicians with more empathy, maybe we wouldn’t be as utterly bollixed as
    we are now.

  • James Kellough 3 years ago

    John, you’re awesome and I think the majority of my fellow Canadians would
    agree! Love this. This one tops your roast of the Canadian Senate scandal
    and I didn’t think that would be possible. Well player Sir, well played!

  • Kevin Harron 3 years ago


  • Yanai Sabbah 3 years ago

    There’s no humour in this video

  • Jonah random last name 3 years ago

    Hisssss my reptilian brothers and leaf a like

  • Damien Ferland 3 years ago

    ZAYDEN! No kidding.

  • Josh Gómez 3 years ago

    this show is excellent =}

  • Peter Hoekstra 3 years ago

    John Oliver disgusts me he’s another mentally retarded left-winged airhead
    that shouldn’t stick his nose into Canadian politics. This is extremely
    biased (just like CBC) and bashes Harper, and promotes Trudeau. Like
    fuckin’ eh?

  • rocker25252525 3 years ago

    awwwwww my name is justin

  • riley stewart 3 years ago

    i love you so much

  • Juan Aguilar 3 years ago


  • summerlytriangle 3 years ago

    This is not related to the video, but would be great for Last Week Tonight
    to have subtitles, closed captions, or a transcript of the video for people
    who are hearing impaired or simply trying to watch in the library without
    headphones. Thank you!! :)

  • Sophie N 3 years ago

    Love love LOVE this! Thanks for doing this segment! Hilarious and so

    We don’t have many political pundits in Canada despite our rich, cultural
    history of producing comedians. A large part of this is that we have
    defamation laws that can conflict with the production of political
    parodies, so our pundits often times have to stay pretty dry.

  • Sayed Jamil (SJ) 3 years ago


  • craxnor 3 years ago

    Anyone else just wanna reach through the screen and give this guy a high
    five when he says something awesome.

  • princeslaer2 3 years ago

    I agree with most of what you said, also impressed with you saying to not
    vote Harper, but I do have one issue with what you said. When you mentioned
    taking an oath of citizenship while wearing the Niqab. So if we follow its
    acceptable to wear a Niqab for the oath of citizenship, we can make the
    assumption they can wear it while choosing what the fate of our country is?
    As you said they can wear what ever they want. So when they go to vote,
    asking for Id is pointless because well, you can’t see their face and all
    they have to do is swear an oath. But anyone can do that, there have been
    male reporters wearing the Niqab and voted all while just pinky promising
    who they are. Or if your a women you may not even have to swear an oath
    because another female reporter did the same thing but not having to swear
    an oath! If you argue they can wear what ever they want to swear an oath of
    citizenship, then an oath saying who they are when they vote is no
    different. But it is so easy to pretend to be someone else and vote for
    them with the Niqab. So no if they wish to decide the fate of the country
    which they have sworn an oath to, they must show their face, simple as
    that, or I as a member of Stereotypical Canadians has every right to wear
    my toque and scarf covering my mouth to my nose for my religious belief.

  • Amiee Ann 3 years ago

    I wish I could vote today, but alas, I’m only 17. This segment was
    hilarious, I have been waiting for John to do a longer segment on Canadian

  • akhiok12 3 years ago

    Amazed at the underlying hate of islam. Lots of the arguments don’t look
    into the history of the western world, when the western world wasn’t so
    evolved culturally and morally. Education along with the ability to think a
    moral code does wonders.

  • farfangled 3 years ago

    emotional intelligence is a perfectly real concept just saying

  • Sonny Masanja 3 years ago

    Very good for having happy election

  • Loominaughty Packs 3 years ago

    That Kanye reference at the end tho

  • scottdpt12 3 years ago

    Disagree with the burka position. It certainly is oppressing of women, even
    if they “want” to wear it.

  • Afonso Brito 3 years ago

    ‘Johnny’s got his dancing shoes on!’

  • Alex-Zander Browne 3 years ago

    We will miss you John.

  • Cal Williams 3 years ago

    Dayum, Mike Myers is living that good life, son! Got fat. And still has his
    charm :)

  • Epic Mobile Gaming 3 years ago

    Vote today, Harper = Trump

  • Mathias Finnegan 3 years ago

    As a Canadian voting in today’s election, I have to say this is one of the
    greatest videos I’ve ever seen.

  • Epic Mobile Gaming 3 years ago

    Vote Today guys. Good luck


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